Good Grief

On helping those effected by the wrath of Sandy.


It’s hard to imagine New York under water or even without power. As citizens, we’re taught invincibility. But making my way above 39th street this morning where the only remaining power in New York City still flickered, I couldn’t help liken the current climate to what felt like the direct aftermath of 9/11. Crowds of residents infiltrating the sidewalks, strangers attempting random acts of kindness, one unified conversation, a fight for the same cause. That exact brand of kinship that seems to manifest only in the wake of disaster.

Yes, Hurricane Sandy’s devastating wrath debunked whatever trivial comic relief I sought yesterday. Sincere apologies if my homage to (not-so) famous Sandys had offended anyone. This is a terribly grave situation and should be treated as such. I feel very grateful for having been able to seek shelter uptown and figured using this WiFi for anything less than an effort to help begin the restoration process would render effectively useless.

I’ve therefore included a link to the American Red Cross website where an ample selection of options to donate whatever you wish can be given in the name of helping those in the New York area left tragically defeated.

Should you wish to, you can simply text REDCROSS to the number 90999 or take a look through this list of aid groups offered by CNN earlier this evening. My mother also wants you to know that should you need a place to stay over night, our doors are open.

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  • Being/Elliott

    So Sweet. Praying for NYC.

  • KT Kearney

    G’luck to you! As a Hud V resident we were fortunate- coupla gusts and some twigs! Thanks for using this as an opp to help people help one another, sometimes that’s the most important part of being a human

  • KT Kearney

    Here’s to hoping you and all yours are safe- lotsa of people from my area (Hud V!) are workin’ hard to make sure life gets back to norm! Thanks for takin’ a minute to help others get help…crazy important these days.

  • Great post..I’m in admiration. This is all so sad.

  • Mandy

    Great post! Thanks for caring!

  • Haley

    So that gave me shivers. Thinking of you guys!

    – a sister from up north.

  • love from scotland to nyc

    ♥ Thankfifi

  • lavieenliz

    love from LA!

  • Marta

    You really are amazing!! I love reading your blog because you´re not just a girl that looks pretty in the clothes,but you´re a really smart girl! Your post of yesterday was funny because nothing had happened at that time,but today’s post is pretty clever! 😀 Funny when things are funny and serious when it need to be more serious! I’m a Portuguese reader and I love to read your american way of seeing things (and dressing!)! I hope that everything gets into normal in US 🙂 🙂

  • Royal143

    not to be mean or anything, but nyc includes brooklyn. And we still have power. Its still sad though about what some people are going through.

  • brijetblog

    I just read your previous post about Sandy and everyones comments. I am from Queensland Australia, almost every year we are effected greatly by tropical hurricanes and just 2 years ago Brisbane looked just like NYC does now, I knew alot of people who lost everything. Humour is what will give people the strength to begin the healing process. It is practically a rule in Australia. Letting your personality come through in your writing, especially when it’s so public means that someone will always get offended. Of course you weren’t playing down the tragedy that people have endured. My heart and thoughts go out to all my dear friends in NYC right now, the people of New York and everyone else effected throughout the East Coast and Carribean. xox

    • Greer

      This is beautifully written, I’m from Brisbane too and I could’t agree more.

  • Hemingway and Handbags

    So sorry you all are going through this. If we could, we’d send a giant private plane and all east coasters could come over to Cali for a giant sleep over. Prayers are with you 🙂

  • Eli1223

    Ditto. NYC and manhattan include the blocks above 59th street and Harlem had power the whole time. But yes, let’s all band together and rebuild.

  • priscilla j. p.

    I’m stuck in Chinatown till Sat ( flights have been canceled twice) …
    would you happen to have a washer and drier you could let us use? That would be awesome! – Stranded Californian and fan Priscilla j. p.

  • StyleNonsense

    How Lovely! It Must Be Terribly Devastating At This Time! Keep Praying!
    I’ve Also Got A New Post On My Blog!

  • Belén Cavas Hernández

    News says that everything is ok now in New York. is really true??? Everybody was joking in twitter about Sandys so…Sense of humor is very important.

    Anyway im so worry about the people who have gone wrong with the hurricane.

  • Felicity

    It’s so sad, I was absolutely shocked watching the footage on the news. I feel terrible for the people who’ve lost their homes and belongings. Bless your mum, what a doll xxx

  • Laura

    Love from Miami !!!


    Hi! I’m from Houston and know too well the effects of a hurricane. I was without power for two weeks after Hurricane Ike. Luckily I was able to stay with my very good friends that had a generator. In those two weeks we stood in lines for everything – to enter grocery stores, stood in lines for ice (for the ice chest of food and our cocktails), stood in lines for gas (for the generator). But we had a great time together – what choice did we have – we had no cable. 🙂 Anyway, it was tough but we made it okay. Hang in there it does get better. In the mean time, keep your sense of humor. It’s what kept us going.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and all affected.

  • lessie

    I love you, and i’m not just saying that. I literally cried when you offered help for your readers and fans, even though i’m not from new york, not even from the US i am so worried for all of you and i pray you are all safe and unharmed. I feel so impotent because there’s nothing i can do from here to help. I am so sorry for what you’re going through and i really really hope this doesn’t last long. As always, i love reading you, this is why you are my favourite. Keep on being amazing Leandra.
    Much love from Argentina

  • disqus_HAiFBAhi6H

    I am from Puerto Rico and we do get lots of hurricanes every year. We’ve had many that have left our little island devastated for months but we always get right back up because of our humor, laughter and way of enjoying every bit of life even though destruction is around us. Your post yesterday was very funny and sometimes people do need the humor in times of eminent danger. Hope everyone in NYC is safe and I hold this tragedy close to my heart being a true New York lover and witness of many tropical disasters. xo

  • Greer Clarke

    This is a beautiful article, with a fantastic message. Not too heavy, not too light. You’re a gorgeous human spirit as well as a great dresser. I live in Australia so I’m about as unaffected as you can get, but my prayers go out to all those affected and all those people helping out others.

  • mSneakPimp

    You’re pretty awesome!

  • Thanks for sharing this info about red cross, HUGS from North Carolina.

  • Morgan Liti

    You’re so awesome – both for your generosity and your humor – and your sincere efforts to help out your readers who weren’t as fortunate through the storm is the sweetest! Lots of positive (and dry!) thoughts headed your way and for all the East Coasters going through a massive recovery effort. I <3 NY!


  • Marina Casapu

    When I think that we were kinda disappointed that nothing “interesting” happened to us (Boston area)…such fools. I had tears in my eyes seeing footages of Jersey shore under water and of that horrible fire in the Queens neighborhood.

    • yeah i was really startled and upset by the pictures of saw of NY, Jersey, the Caribbean. Someones entire front building was blown away. it’s litreally a free for all to see inside their apartment. When i think of how hard it is to find affordable living in NY, and how they will have to pack their stuff and leave or had they been in the rooms and been harmed. The people who did die, the animals. it’s a lot.

  • Maria

    My english is not good! But you really,really are amazing! Here is not hurricanes… But,is very sad whatching in tv. Love and prayers from Brazil. Keep on being amazing Leandra. Always reed your blog and you is very funny! And now is very conscius person. xx!

  • Thinking of you all

  • Eva

    Happy to hear you are okay. The red cross is doing an amazing job and love that you dedicated a post to them! Good luck! xx

  • Emma

    My heart goes out to all those affected by hurricane Sandy. I honestly can’t imagine what your all going through. Hang in there guys and lets hope it passes soon. i also have to say what a lovely mother you have! Xx

  • the (un?)social butterfly

    You are amazing, Leandra. To open your doors like this — that´s more than kind, that´s courageous. I am grateful for your offer, even though I do not live in NYC.

    I have a good friend that lives in NYC and while she still had WiFi, I called her on FaceTime yesterday and we had a nice time together online while I could hear the wind outside blowing incredibly loud. We did make fun of the hurricane, though — don´t feel any guilt about your humour, except maybe for having included Sandy Cohen from the OC in your list.

  • seaandswank

    Glad you are ok and able to take shelter somewhere with power – and for the record, I think it’s good to lighten things up in potentially grim situations!

    Sea and Swank

  • Nicole Kile

    Love, good vibes, and donations from Iowa.

  • Aww this is really sweet for you to take this seriously. I couldn’t really bring myself to joke about this when it first hit because i knew that people had died or were injured in the caribbean where my family lives. I don’t think people understand the impact these storms have until it reaches our soil. Thanks for posting this and getting people to donate!

  • TeganG

    I can’t believe the know-it-all, do-gooder, knob jockeys that are criticising you for your post. It was written in relation to NYC (not Haiti so pipe down whoever criticised you for not acknowledging the Haitian deaths) and it was before any of the tragedy struck NYC. You don’t need to acknowledge every death in the world before you write a blog on, in a nutshell, wearing pyjamas for a week. At the end of the day this is a humerous fashion blog and Leandra shouldn’t have to kotow or beg forgiveness for a little humour before an event proved to be more drastic than anticipated.

  • Like u but don’t love u

    Okay, maybe i’m cranky because tribeca will not have power until Saturday and there’s all this destruction around but reading your posts pre and post sandy makes me question why i read your blog at all. I know you’re only a fashion blogger so what did i expect? Well, i used to enjoy your intelligent, satirical deconstruction of fashion but recently your smugness and your intense fan girls has made this site a growing shrine to you and, god forbid, someone criticizes you. Oops, my batteries are out….

    • Rochelle

      really? on a relief post?

    • KaliH

      Stop questioning and just stop reading this blog if you feel the need to vent your menial frustrations on this platform. This is a PERSONAL STYLE BLOG, leaving your shrine comment without its seemingly intended bite. You want the news head somewhere else.

  • NY’ers live in a unique city and they are resurfacing like the Phoenix once more with a strength that is uniquely unprecedented. nothing close to that “brand of kinship” that you describe perceiving in the streets ever happened in Miami. you have put this city at shame again (not that I am proud of living down here anyways).