Life Aquatic

A moment for Prada, please


Do you think the infamous Jaguar Shark wore shoes like these? (This is a Wes Andersen reference, call me for further explanation.)

Inexplicably, they seem fitting. Now, I’m not sure how delivering coverage on Miuccia Prada’s endeavors flew over my head this season but there is a very important question to be asked in conjunction with the footwear (I figure if the Furkenstocks of Celine are dubiously dubbed footwear, so too can aquatic sock/shoe hybrids.)

The question being, what the fuck?

Yesterday, I tweeted that socks are only chic when worn ironically. What I meant to say was that they suck with sneakers–for a handful of reasons but primarily because stinky feet are charming. Why rid yourself the seamless capability of procuring charm? On the other hand though, they’re (socks) great with sandals, toe caps, on knees and at last, as shoes with thong straps alienating your big toe and allowing all the littler ones to gang up against it, as Prada would suggest.

I can’t tell if they’re satin or leather but ultimately, it doesn’t matter. I am far too busy coming to terms with the internal quarrel staring me in the space between my toes. My eyes tell me not to like them but my heart, oh reckless, nonsensical heart, just can’t help it.

And here I thought my relationship with aquatic socks ended on a trip to Cozumel, Mexico when I was 12 (15) and still enthusiastic about snorkeling (in three foot water.) Once I saw a swordfish which was actually just a gold fish and that was the end of sea-career, but I digress.

Is the affection because Prada shows us what we don’t know we want, effectively begs us to want it and then slaps a price tag on it that leaves us mourning the circumstances of our existing wardrobes–which, by the way, were perfectly fine before what we didn’t think we want had even been a twinkle in the designers eye? Remember the melting rubber Mary-Janes from last season? I just don’t know.

My loins, they quiver. Save me.


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  • lavieenliz

    sick! Life Aquatic is one of my favorite movies! I really like the shoes!

  • Purple Paparazzi

    That is some serious footwear….totally Man Repellerish!!!
    xo Amber
    Purple Paparazzi

  • No thank you, I find this MMMxJapanxOrthopedic mixture completely unappealing. I was so disappointed with Prada’s collection this time, but then again, there will be those that say “Oh it’s Prada! I love it!”. Seriously, how can these make anyone’s loins quiver? I guess their charm has just completely passed me by.

  • You know, I like your aquatic footwear parallel here. It probably makes more sense in real life than my initial thoughts, which had to do more with sartorially preoccupied female ninjas. Shameless linkage here:

  • Catherine and Greer

    first of who in gods name is jaguar shark secondly yet again another amazing post.
    Shameless linking (bribery- if you visit you will receive 100 dollarrs in monopoly money)

  • fashionisserious

    Oh, Prada mio amore…but this time a bit too kimono and ribbons. Aquatic socks? Yes. Also socks for walking without making a sound. But it’s better, instead, that women are heard more often…

  • monkeyshines

    interesting trend!


  • Felicity

    This is where we must draw the line, Leandra. Down girl! x

  • AlexsFashion

    meeh-I think they’re just a little off…I mean they might be nice once or twice but would you actually wear them more than that often?
    xoxo Alex

  • Interesting at first, but no thank you at a second glance. But as I said – interesting. 🙂 xo, Christina

  • I can’t stop looking at them. What is this feeling…

  • Goldstein

    Dear Man Repeller, if you are in Tel Aviv and have a few minutes, I’d love to chat with you about local collaborations. I work for a prominent brand agency and know there are many opportunities within our market. Is there a way to send you a proper email? Or is it your agency we should contact?

  • My Pomp and Circumstance

    It is hard to appreciate these Prada snorkel shoes. I can not get over the thong’d part–had that not occurred, the leather socks would relatively normal! But Prada does eschew the ordinary, so quiver away!

  • Millie Cotton

    on the right person this could definitely work in an ironic but great way

    It’s a LDN Thing

  • i really want to like them. i appreciate the art and creativity of it, but i think they’re just…. so ugly. would not wear, and i’m a miuccia shoe fiend.

    • Not even Miuccia’s pretty-ugly aesthetic can save these shoes.

      • Nathan Moy

        totally!! I agree, I think Miuccia’s running out of ugly things to make pretty, now they’re just pretty ugly. #LOL

  • The first one looks funny cuz its like as if you are not wearing shoes just socks…but i like the second one though. very cartoonish

  • Addie

    the first pair would get so dirty on the ground! I would wear them if I got them for free, for sure.

  • Bonnie, Clyde + Marni

    I like the high heels only!!

  • Alyssa T

    Words have escaped me on this one…. I can’t tell if I like them, or if they remind me too much of a 60 year old male tourist with sandals and brown socks? Who knows…

  • Denisa

    Really interesting style.

  • Sarah

    I wear my flip flops like this when I’m taking out the trash and am too lazy to take off my socks. It’s not very comfortable. I also can’t wear those running socks that have individual toes. Unless they made me faster…then I might consider it.

  • Lotte E.

    Thank you so much for your blog, Leandra. You take fashion and write about it in a funny, inteligent and interesting way. I found your blog about one month ago and I’ve been totally obsessed with it since day one. I have never seen anything like it and the concept is so creative and original. I’m only 15 years old, and I’ve heard many times that I don’t know anything about life, but I think I know enough to say that your blog actually has changed my life. It has made me look at fashion in a different way. I have realized that fashion is not only fashion, it’s science to. The fact that some trends that women like is man repelling, that’s actually science. It feels so wierd saying it, but I think realizing that has made me grown a little bit older mentally, and now I actually can’t wait till I finish upper secondary school, because I just found out what I want to study when I finish; Fashion. Thanks again.

  • EQ

    i was expecting the first picture to be some couture outfit resembling the blue uniforms with red hat from the movie.

  • Unterhosen

    No one self-respecting MR could be saved. They must be bought and Praded. Maximum astound points.

  • Jenny

    These shoes are so unique! I wonder if I can find anything like this on Who Brain…

  • Sketch42

    Please just run. This is beyond. More like the Miss Piggy limb boots from last year than those mary janes. Actually looks like those frog feet you see people wearing around the city.
    Do those shoes even have a sole? they look like slippers. If you find a way to make me like this, I swear I will never question you again.

  • Daisy Nguyen

    LOVE the little flower appliques!

    XOXO-Daisy Nguyen from PS BANANAS fashion blog:

  • Anna Turabelidze

    I love your writing…you are amazing…and no, prada did not convince me on these..

  • Jess Pellegrini

    Love Prada shoes! they remind me of these I saw on socialbliss

  • Cirque de l’Atelier

    You gotta love these Prada shoes for their craziness!!

    We picked them to be a part of our craziest shoes of all time

  • You’re fucking brilliant. I mean that.

  • sflany

    I ‘got’ the sparkly Mary Janes of last year but don’t quite get these… yet… or maybe never.

  • They are so ugly I can’t stop looking at them. I may be in love.

  • Maira

    Leandra, I’m from Brazil and it’s my first time writting here, just to say that I love your blog!! Your style is a big inspiration!

  • XeanaFashion

    First shoes look so unusual!


  • Opposite Lipstick
  • should we ask her or ask geisha ?
    Karl Lagerfeld brooches give away …..

  • Mandy

    I can concede that these might look cool from afar……but up close, I would just want to yank that sock out of those poor toes!! Prada needed to take it one step further and cut the socks before the toes start, just like those great pedi socks you wear when you’re stupid enough to have a pedi in winter!!

  • e.heart

    some delicious weirdness going on there. what i’d really like to know is how do those shoes deal with cobbles? or are they reserved for feet that have never come into contact with a european historical city centre? hm.

  • No explanation necessary – any W.A. Reference is thoroughly appreciated.
    As for the aqua sock weirdness, they’re giving my toes claustrophobia.

  • Maya

    sympa 🙂

  • Catherine and Greer

    another wonderful post. I love you more than my mother- some say creepy? I say ‘what a compliment!’ 😉 shameful linking GUILTY

  • Jennie

    Just say no…they’re ninja shoes. You can order a pair of ninja shoes online or get some in the city and glue whatever cute bow on it an whala! After that if you love the look then buy the prada….this is just a bad idea…not to mention the price tag.

  • Dev

    I have a deep feeling that these shoes were just for the catwalk/editorials and would not make it to stores. Thetre is just no way that anyone would were them on the street with no soles. Not London anyway. I think the sandals will have the detachable sock.

  • JoJo

    There needs to be a whole discussion on the MRing amazingness of Wes Anderson’s styling. Miuccia has noted and been inspired. Prada Resort last season was Margot Tenenbaum like in parts.
    Ah, the Jaguar shark. Brilliant. Steve Zissou is a hero.

    Me, I loved every bit of the Prada show. Crazy in love and dreaming of many things. You don’t have to wear everything. Some things are just to look at and wonder.

  • mary sue

    these shoes are really fresh. Shocking to the eye yes, but also super fresh.

  • radarlily

    Really Like This!*_*

  • madeleineHolth

    I got ugly toes as fuck. Totally rocking them, if my toes fit. //

  • vittoria gallacci

    I wish I could, but I really can’t. they’re so kids’ school!

  • Christine

    really like the image that, instead of clinging and revealing like socks-with-sandals usually do, the look of these makes the same kind of statement as a men’s shirt: who gives two cents how slim my ankles are, motherfuckers? got to respect that.

  • Stella

    They look like [Japanese] tabi socks to me – just in colours other than white or black. I guess this means I can now make my tabi in fancy colours and patterns to wear with sandals now. 😀