From Valentino

Une petite histoire.


At around 2PM today just outside the Hotel Crillon, I dropped my phone. It wasn’t my fault: I saw Alber Elbaz (Lanvin,) sitting at a restaurant wearing Carine Roitfeld-esque Star Wars shades, looking like the most majestic living specimen to grace the European Union.

It was a small drop. A tap, if you will. But when I bent down to pick up the device and found that the screen had gone black and blue–the sort of “technical glitch” that all but assures you there will be no saving point, I shrugged. After all, I’d let out a giant, “je t’adore, Alber!” and he reciprocated the sentiment. (Wouldn’t you? If only to shoo the yelling American girl?)

In ten minutes I’d head into the Tuileries for the Valentino show I’d very much been anticipating–after three years as an intern/assistant, the full circle that left me sitting at this show was still hard to grasp. And without a phone, instagramming would render effectively impossible. I stopped to think about this concern and felt sorry for myself. On the one hand, I was sad–I knew the collection would at very least lend insight into the Spring wish-list my footwear cravings would mock up. I could have had the opportunity to photographically jot that down, unobstructed view et al.

On the other hand though, it was just Instagram. Shouldn’t I have spent more time worrying about a potential rescue plan had I been kidnapped or stabbed in the left ovary?

I was left to do nothing at my seat once I arrived–the realities of my social awkwardness were hard to mask without something to tap on. I looked to my left, looked to my right, waved hello at some familiar faces that likely didn’t find mine all that familiar and then my seatmate took my, well, his seat.

Yes, Patrick Demarchelier and myself were seated in the same spot. In my mind’s eye, this was Valentino’s way of asking me to sit in his lap and though I wouldn’t do that, I would let out a giant yell starting in a quick, “je t’adore” one more time.

He wasn’t all that keen on incessant phone checking which seemed to work in my favor on this one occasion. For just this moment, I could agree and sympathize with the romance of his ostensible strive to preserve real interaction. (Here imagination gets the best of me.)

And when I watched the show through the lens of my eyeball and not camera, the fairy tale I knew Valentino would be came to life. It was real.

There were lucite rock studs and Cinderella wedges crafted for people who hate shoes but enjoy a high instep. Plastic rain coats, minaudieres, jackets at shorts length, laser cut leather detailing and the quintessential touch of Valentino’s…panache.

Moral of the story: I’d tell you to text me something interesting, but I will not get it. Instagram hiatus or social experiment number two, rather, seems to be officially in tow.

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  • Jasmine Alvarez

    such a fab story! sorry about your phone 🙁


    So feminine, simple and desirable. One of the best collections so far!

  • monkeyshines

    wonderful pieces!


  • antheapena

    such a thrill to see & be with in breathing distance of icons, phone/schmone. Replaceable, not those moments. Great sharing as usual

  • Alexandra

    That is a major bummer about your phone (I can’t live without mine for more than a few seconds, it seems), but maybe you’ll be the beginning of a backlash against constant screen time and a rebirth of real one-on-one connection. Can you imagine?

    By the way, congrats on your full-circle moment!!! Amazing!!!

  • Bonnie, Clyde + Marni

    Pure perfection!! Sorry about your phone 🙁

  • Stuffen

    I am so sorry about your phone. But I like the way you write. 🙂

  • Eva

    Great story but so sorry about your phone…But that blue dress, i love it <3!!

  • Sharon

    Gorgeous collection!

    Will you please
    vote for me in the Esprit Style Battle!

  • mfashionfreak

    i really enjoyed reading this!


  • sometimes technology ruins life right? well not this time – manrepeller 1 — technology 0

    ♥ ThankFifi

  • derniercri1025
  • giselle

    wow how amazing to see all those iconic people

  • Loving how you incorporate story-telling in all your posts, it makes them even more interesting!
    I really enjoyed the collection, every single item is beautiful with intricate detailing and thought behind it. And the colour scheme is perfection!

  • Tribute tothe Tribe

    The burgundy jumpsuit is gorgeous!

  • TheModernAnonymous

    I think that this collection is pretty awesome. I love everything about it, but most of all the colours. I’m in love with Valentino!!!

  • tony

    Hey, I think this store has similar clothes, and cheaper than other stores 🙂

  • Ah the effects o’ Alber! I will never forget
    the first time I saw him, like in the flesh and all! It was late at night in Paris outside the store
    on Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honore. Well we were outside the store, he was in the windows working.. do you remember the heads that Lanvin did? The weird/beautiful alien heads? Well anyway he was in the window, putting together the display surrounded in heads. He waved. It was the most wonderful terrarium experience of my life!

  • Eva

    Seems great! Valentino rarely goes wrong and you are lucky to have seen the show 🙂

  • Law Moda

    that white suit is to die for.

  • capucine

    unE petitE histoire, it’s feminine.

  • Emilie

    Wow! I really like the color scheme in this collection. Tan, burgundy and pale blue is an unexpected and chic trio.

  • Roser Lou

    Well darling.. you haven’t got your phone at that moment but you have the opportunity to see Alber Elbaz… not everybody has this opportunity! 😉 I hope you enjoyed the catwalk!


  • Amber Jade

    Je t’adore Leandra!

  • danielle

    i could visualize this entire thing the way you described it. and as much as everyone loves it, i’m not a huge instagram follower. so as long as the internet doesn’t implode, i’ll happily still read your stuff here.


    i am a burgundy bitch!:)

  • bellaconscience

    you are very funny, love your writing…and please do tell, was it sad to see Mr. Valentino to be sitting on the sidelines?

  • The only Valentino show I ever saw (& will likely ever see) was this summer through a secret back window of the Hotel Salomon de Rothschild (totally legal, I’m sure). The terribly horrible view was unphotographable, so I had no choice but to just stare, mouth agape.

    I cried.

    In hindsight, I think the non ideal view actually made the show more effective.
    (or not, but it makes me feel better to think it did).


  • malena
  • Karen Yuan

    Potential social awkwardness aside, I think dropping your phone was a blessing in disguise. How else will you completely appreciate the genius that is Valentino? Although, I will be missing your photographic ramblings on instagram! Don’t leave us for too long.

    x karen

  • Nuria Muro

    The colecction is fantastic, gorgeous, and many other adjectives.
    I hope see you in my blog.


  • B.

    Always fun to spot people you admire !
    Beautiful collection
    new outfit post

  • DaNa

    I fall in love with this beauties!

  • Belén Cavas Hernández
  • Belén Cavas Hernández
  • marta

    beautifull collection!
    sorry about your phone…it was great to read it!like your post!

  • Seriously, I would have reacted the same way had I been within screaming distance of Alber Elbaz.

    On another note, I need (NEED) that clear trench and that white number on the last photoset. Valentino, you do not dissapoint.

  • Good luck on the instagram detox. Will need to search the interwebs in order to get a closer look at those Cinderella wedges. I wonder if they make your feet smell t the end of the day, or if they get foggy if you’re on the run. I am clearly unfamiliar with the properties of lucite footwear.

  • Lucrezia Germini

    but please take off the captcha code!!!

  • Lucrezia Germini
  • thepantherstophat

    Socially awkward? You don’t seem socially awkward to me. How disgustingly dependent on our phones we have become…long gone are the days of a simple phone booth and a beer to keep us happy, keep up the good work 😉

    Mucho love from Milan

  • keiko

    I loved this post! I would be so distracted without a phone and capturing everything on my iphone…I guess for a moment, you got to enjoy the show and your seatmate without any other distractions… was it like not having caffeine for a day? 🙂

  • sweetalk

    you are very right to be flustered when you met Alber Elbaz …. Apart from the fact that he is a creative genius I am in awe of him for being the first designer who has decided to applaud getting old instead of shying from it … He uses older ( I am talking 60’s older) faces and likes wrinkles and white hair … I take out ‘my chapeau’ to you M. Elbaz …. at last a designer who appreciates real women and makes us feel good …….

  • Great post, the positive part of not having a phone to capture is that you capture it with your mind and get to see all of it, sometimes I feel that it is really rude people get caught up instagramming or tweeting they forget all together to pay close attention to the designers hard work and creativity!
    It will be on line at some point anyway, so why not enjoy the show?

  • Macie Rae

    Loved this post!

    amen fashion xo.

  • Daisy Nguyen

    LOVE the head to toe burgundy Valentino jumpsuit!

    XOXO-Daisy Nguyen from PS BANANAS fashion blog:

  • fashionisserious

    Valentino mio amore! If we choose a dress at random we’d be immediately like princesses. But very very traditional; the most original piece was the red jumpsuit. Amazing also the plastic trench. Ok, I love him.

  • Christy Fields

    Love Valentino! Very simple, but classy.

  • hahahaha you are so funny! I am so glad you had a great time even without instagram.

  • Same thing happened to me during NYFW- on like the 2nd day out of the week right before Venexiana a cab driver stole my iPhone and I was left with no Twitter/Instagram access for shows the rest of the week. Worst feeling ever.

  • Chy

    Nice collection by valentino

  • amazing collection! and don’t you just love a good schooling in the things we can live without? if i were to text you it would probably be your thoughts on the ways in which social media is ruining our lives, but i’m far too busy instagramming for that.