Trends You Must Try

Not trying to bully you with that, though


Team, I’m doing it. I’m going there. I know you are likely sick to the bone of New York Fashion Week coverage but it is important that you recognize what is coming. It will at very least make for good table talk with like-minded spirits.

Take the following scene for example: You’re at P.J. Clarke’s with a man in a suit. He chows on steak, picks at fries and speaks about the capital asset pricing model. He asks your opinion. Your eyes twinkle. “Sandal boots are really in next season,” you offer. He shrugs, wipes his mouth, leaves cash on the table and walks away. Ka-ching!

But if that doesn’t sound lucrative enough, these particular trends often include baring body parts previously dubbed unbareable. Don’t try and grammar police my ass on that one, I am deliberately punning like bad jokes are coming back in style.

Hey, what a perfect parlay into what is actually coming back in style. Starting with the most fruitful of the bunch:

All hail the bare midriff. Should I have eaten a five dollar foot-long for dinner last night? It was my first experience with the sandwich chain and I was quite pleased so I’ll answer the rhetorical and say yes. Tuna gut, if anything, will add to the man repelling allure of an all exposed belly button. From left: Peter Som, Marchesa, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Edun, Band of Outsiders (face paint acknowledgement,) Marc Jacobs, Charlotte Ronsom.

Meanwhile, still at Band of Outsiders, also at Altuzarra, Alexander Wang and Charlotte Ronson, nipples are in…ours will be out. Yes, this was the ongoing mantra of last week. Yours can take a turn for the similar. Do you have nubic hair? Mull that over.

I’ll skip the rhetoric on no-pants–it’s been heavily indulged–and jump straight into next season’s preferred method of if-you-have-to-wear-pants-at-least-wear-shorts bottom covering. They’re loose and Bermuda and show no sign of what could be a shapely ass which is fantastic. From left: Ruffian, proving converse and knee length shorts get together like a horse and carriage (but not in the politically incorrect animal abuse capacity,) Alexander Wang, Peter Som (these are from a steadfast collaboration with Ernest Sewn,) Mara Hoffman, Tommy Hilfiger.

And on your head, braids or streaks or a purple uni-brow pointing at your nose: it’s like Frida Kahlo traveled to Mars and all she came back with was intergalactic facial hair. Speaking of, see the red cloth weaved into the wrap around braids in figure 4? Season of the Frida. What’s it gonna be? French braided pig tails clipped up and adorned by crystals? A veil by Peter Som and some streaks to go with it? How about pink ones a la Oscar de la Renta and Karlie Kloss (punk tendencies fused with 50s beehive, it’s a brilliant disconnect.) And there’s Naomi Campbell just doing Naomi Campbell.

And over your hair, an array of compelling hats. Not just hats though: at left you’ll see the athletic nunwear I’ve been preaching since the Friday before last (Yigal Azrouel.) Just above it a blue python helmet from Jeremy Scott for more ambitious military marshals. Karlie Kloss rules the world in a coral hood at Rag and Bone, Jen Kao adds dimension to her aesthetic with multi-colored baseball caps. At DKNY it’s kept pretty simple but at Alexander Wang, oh, Alexander Wang. These models looked like human blow dryers. I saw it with my own two eyes. I can’t wait to get my hands on you. Concussion? Not here pal.

And finally, from uptown to downtown, anatomically–of course, the shoe of spring is not a sandal, nor is it boot nor is it pump nor does it make sense. From Hache, Alexander Wang, Altuzarra and Skaist Taylor, what we have here are bandals, or soots, or neither of those terrible hybrid words trying to depict what this is. An interesting compliment to a plain old mini skirt and notable debacle for those who like pants. Perfect, however, for Bermuda shorts, which is nice and timely. The end.

Collages by Charlotte Fassler.

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  • Elisa

    Bare midriff, again? It seems that the cropped tops have gotten shorter actually, don’t like that. I much prefer the nipple out trend, now that’s more interesting. Bermuda shorts, hm yea I could give that a try.

    Elisa – Wandering Minds fashion

  • I love those shoes, especially the white ones by Wang!

    Fashion Agony blog

  • Kendall Saretsky

    I want to try them all! SOO amazing! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I can’t help but grammar police your spelling of Charlotte Ronson.

  • kirbybee

    Couple of things. Loving the bandals/soots. I’m definitely getting on the hat bandwagon, hat hair be damned. Pretty pumped about the shorts, makes windy summer days so much easier and less flashy, and I mean flashy! And in closing I’m thinking double nipple piercings, hey if you’re going to get them out, at least accessorize them!

  • can’t fucking stand the bare midriff, but I’m embracing the hats with both hands. or should I say, with my head?

  • moiminnie

    The hats, the midriff and bermudas are right up my alley!

  • Chelsea

    You literally made me laugh out loud (in my cubicle) at this post. Especially at intergalactic facial hair. You’re just too awesome.

  • Thank the lord – midriff exposure is back! I can’t get away with bermuda shorts, but at least part of my body will be fashionably current. Boo-ya!

  • Nikola Mitrovic

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  • liz

    i love the Marc Jacobs Mickey Mouse sweater!

  • Pauline

    Damn… It ain’t going to be easy…

  • Shannah

    Leandra your writing style is even better than intergalactic facial hair and bandals and soots and nubic hair put together. You consistently make me LOL (in the literal sense of, indeed, laughing out loud) and that is why your fashion blog is my all-time favourite. Kudos.


  • Meh… can’t see myself ditching pants. I love warmth too much, and my skinnies are too important for me to ditch! ๐Ÿ™‚ Call the fashion police. I dare you.


  • So….i’m the only that’s gonna talk about you having a footlong for the first time? I think more than anything i’m embracing the sandal boots, because i’ve always been into that gladiator, Amazon foot think. I’m not sure whats going on with that last pair the taupe ones, but i’m getting as flustered as when my cat sees a bird outside and fevishly tries to claw his way out of the glass to get it.

  • modelovers
  • when we wander

    It’ll be fun to see the man repelling extravaganza that goes on as a result of each of these…well besides the belly bearing and nip slips!

  • The Style Predator

    Altuzarra’s are the NEW F**k me boots.

  • Liz Ash

    love your blog! perhaps top your outfit off with a couture biker jacket?

  • Brooke Allen

    yay i wouldn’t have wanted to read about the spring fashion trends from anyone else!
    brooke @ what2wear

  • monkeyshines

    fabulous trends!


  • Farha

    Idk about baring the midriff trend.. girls gotta eat

  • Chelsea Arnold

    Love this post, one of the few original posts for Fashion week! Glad the midriff trend is still about next year! x

  • Christina

    I can deal with bermuda shorts, even the occasional midriff sighting.. but the nipps? Why the nipps…


  • Jasmine Alvarez

    Thank god the bare midriff is back…cropped tops are my guilty pleasure

  • farandwild

    i’m burning all my pants and growing a unibrow.


  • Bri Wang

    I’m caught between buying some more cropped sweaters online or searching the directions for Bojangles.
    Nevertheless, can’t wait to try out some of these. Love this post!



  • Guest

    Nips have been out ever season, that is not a trend thats just braless models

  • Eva Kraaijeveld

    Nipps = no for me but yes for the cropped tops and bermuda’s!

  • danielle

    i’ll send you a check for $5 if your next outfit post has nipples. YOU WON’T! jk. i might sport that look with a cool bra, sans the nipples. nobody needs to see these areolies. nobody.

  • alice

    Shoes are gorgeous… but it looks like I should really plan for a winter abbs workout ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Stacy

    I like only braids but for me it’s all-timed trend which I like and wear soo often that actually don’t care if it’s in trend. But the others of collections…nothing interesting actually….these shoes nice BUT every not a very tall girl MUST remember: such shoes make her shorter and it’s not cool!

  • Sharon

    I love the sandal boots!


  • Che

    Mixing prints and fabrics perhaps? I must have seen at least 10+ collections that have done that

  • Everything looks great…except those shorts mmm not my style AT ALL.

    I’m doing a GIVEAWAY HERE–> Just in case you want apply ๐Ÿ™‚ $50 FREEBIES + SURPRISE GIFT + NECKLACE

  • you’ve made such a cool selection. and the wang heels are absolute favourite. smoking perfect

  • Jenny

    I think the shoes are the best part.

  • Jennifer

    I think the only one I can get on board with is braids haha

    xo Jennifer

  • Breakfast at Cindi’s

    I need to get my belly in shape because I love the bare midriff trend.



    Breakfast at

  • love it!

  • Julia Percia David

    In my opinion, completely bare midriff is an ugly trend. Not because I don’t think midriff can’t be beautiful but more because the bottom waists are going lower and lower. I like the version were you can see only the coastal zone or from under the breast until two centimeters under the navel but not more. But that’s just a question of taste.


    Julia from

  • Greer

    Frida Frida Frida give me more Frida

    • miriam hernรกndez

      yes, frida!!! <3

  • Alice

    are the 90s coming back? cos i’m only 25 and the idea of dressing like a spice girl kinda excites me but kinda disgusts me too

    • Brianna

      I sure hope the 90’s are coming back! Considering I’m only 17 and missed my chance to grow up fashionably in that era, I’d love to see others finally appreciating my favorite decade for fashion (and music!). But seriously, 90’s grunge-chic? That needs to make an appearance sometime soon.

  • StyleNonsense

    I’ll Have My Midriff Out At Any Given Opportunity! Loooove The Cut Out Details In Those Shows Too!

  • Mee

    Showing nips and midriffs is not manrepelling. I don’t need more weirdos coming to talk to me! I just had a truckful of redneck teens screaming at me tonight!

  • Gugu

    I like bamdals

  • oh no. bare midriff. please, no. it is not good on soooo many women, and even if you can rock it, it can be so trashy lookin. and not in a good way. but the boot/sandal, hell no. i will not get on that trend train. some of the new stuff is gorgeous, and as always, some is god fuckin awful and i hope to NOT be seeing it all on the streets anytime soon. but it’s better than the ubiquitous lululemyawn yogabot look that i’m over.

  • & i love you man repeller. you rule. i’m a drop crotch pant wearing woman, hoping to find the man who loves and loves/and or at least tolerates my crazy fashion with a smile.

  • Fashion Lover

    I love all these outfit but I guess I am the more conservative type. Just not adventurous enough to try these outfits myself.

    Fashion Lover

  • Namrata Kedar

    Haha. Love this post! Witty and informative at the same time!


  • Sandaloots!!!

  • -_- I can’t accept this…ok I can only accept the boots but the others…


    The Artistically Challenged Fashion BLOG ๐Ÿ™‚

  • ajit

    nice designing…..
    ultimate ..

  • Ivi Cornelsen

    Amazing post Leandra! Such a good way to see all the hotest trends together!


  • Echidna

    If I am a woman I would be wearing the expose nipples trend. I want to try femme fatale slut chic. People will be in awe with my nipple.

  • alexiaki

    I think you are right to the point and the sandal boots are really awesome. There’s one more trend on the bags I think and that is the return of the 90’s little hand held bag, I bet you have a better name for it though.
    check out my post “the end of the clutch” if you’d like

  • Anna

    Dear Leandra,

    You probably get told this often enough, but you are absolutely adorable, quirky, hilarious. Half the time I can’t tell if you’re kidding or not, but that makes it more fun. You have a great writing style and fashion style. Would really love to meet you someday!

    xx Anna

  • i do like the bandal soots but i so also wonder what the tans lines will share?

  • Mag

    Back to form, repeller!

  • miriam hernรกndez

    frida, converse, belly, transparent blouses, green jacket <3

  • Nikola Mitrovic

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  • Betty

    Karlie Kloss’ beehive is magic. In a perfect world I’d rock that hair daily. Possibly an even bigger beehive a la Marie Antoinette.

  • Sketch42

    OH man Im so sick of fashion week talk, but this was actually pretty comprehensive and informative. My thoughts: Midriff: there is a trick to it, you only need to have a toned upper stomach to wear this, you just pair with high waisted anything… Nipples cant really happen in real life, but you will see these tops over bathings suits and bandos, Shorts – no brainer, love the loose and long variety. Streaked hair I hate with a passion. Hats, no opinion. And BANDALS! YES bring on the bandals! Looks like spring summer should be pretty fun!

  • Nikola Mitrovic

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  • justafan

    The Bandals are cool with the exception of the white…I remember wearing something similar in the 70’s without the heel. They’ve just taken the Gladiator Shoe and moved it to the knee, I’m pretty sure I saw the girls of Valhalla wear the same thing! You can never go wrong showing a little skin, but unless you’re spending a romantic night at home or you’re going out for a “Gang-Bang Night”, the show your tits shirt won’t be appreciated by your hubby. The shorts are boring…capri anyone?

  • indee

    ah sweet mystery of life i’ve finally found you

  • Loving the collages! Much better focus on everything. I do remember spending a good 2hrs on one, can be a bitch if it’s not high res images. And for the boot/sandal YES YES YES.

  • gabi

    Fuck yeah let’s get weird.

  • Tamar

    Midriff and nipples…pretty much a standard day on my style blog. Love your coverage here though, directional dressing at its best.

  • Amira

    dude, you are awesome!

  • Carmen

    Saw you on Fashion Police, Luv U!! LOVE LOVE the pics! felt like I attended these shows..

  • Daisy Pena

    You’re hysterical, bless your writing! It always make me smile and no, I will not be trying all of these trends, but at least one. I shall bare midriff..and perhaps, a nipple or two? I dunno. I’m still debating on that one, my boyfriend seems kind of excited.

  • bandals and kahlo returns from mars…ahh looking at them with googly eyes!

  • Mona sharaf

    so so happy mid driffs are coming back! I saved all my tops from the 90s because I knew they would be coming back eventually. Finally all those ab classes are not a waste. I was wondering what the heck the point is of having a nice stomach if it is completely covered unless I’m on a beach. I think this is also a great motivater for people to get back into shape.

  • annikatibs

    i love a.wangs t-bandals <3

  • Rebecca

    You have great taste:) Check out my shop for great VINTAGE.

  • Monato

    love the bandals and

  • in my opinion, the alexander wang hats don’t make the models look like human blow dryers as much as off-duty welders