The What I Wores

All the clothes that are fit to print


Which could effectively also work as a pun called, “The What I Wars,” but I don’t like to compete, especially when the competition in question’s adversary is myself. I’m not even sure how to preface this post. It is a very dark and narcissistic moment to find yourself googling your own name and scrolling through the images to wonder how many from the previous days you can find. It reinforces the theory that google search bars are more private than underwear drawers and safety deposit boxes. I’m not proud of it but…ask and ye shall receive.

Scrambled together in the above and below, photos I collected from around the web for your viewing pleasure. Some are good, some are awful but mostly they’re just, I don’t know, me. Above: leaving Theyskens’ Theory. Maje t-shirt, Ostwald Hegalson skirt, Rebecca Minkoff sunglasses, Jennifer Fisher necklace.

Irony, oh irony. When I saw this shirt at American Apparel I laughed and rolled my eyes and did this weird thing with my tongue that tends to signal confusion before I yanked it off its hanger and took it toward the register. Part of me felt like a drug smuggler, but most of me recognized the silliness of this shirt–obviously, we don’t all post the same stuff–even though I did hope I’d find several variations of these photos that were taken on Tuesday to write a story called “I’m So Irreverent, What’s Up?” Black and white graphics look great with anything. A double cheers if the graphics in question muse funny or at very least, controversial things.

Outside Alexander Wang, all signs point to vagina in an Altuzarra blouse, Sally LaPointe shorts, Adidas x Opening Ceremony sneakers, Celine purse and as you know, pants–they are a trend of the past.

Meanwhile at Lincoln Center–a spot that has unquestionably become its own parody of fashion week–more a tourist attraction and haven for aspiring street style starlets to have their “moments,” than the original epicenter of shows: a Marni skirt, Proenza Schouler clutch and Dannijo off-the-hand-chains. Maybe you remember the Preparations video. Holding on to my clutch and wearing lots of accessories in Tommy Ton’s peripheral does work.

Outside Rag and Bone (where 309 West 33rd has professedly become the unofficial hall-de-Fashion-Week hosting Theyskens’ Theory, Phillip Lim, Rag and Bone and Edun this season–I don’t mind feeling so close to my mail, there’s an enormous post office on 8th Avenue.) The skirt here is Rag & Bone, the cropped top is Miu Miu, the hand-chain is Mark Henry and the lucite clutch I am certain I won’t lose is Reece Hudson.

Meanwhile, by Yigal Azrouel, I’m just minding my own business, crossing a street because people are telling me to, regretting my decision to wear long sleeves on a 90 degree Friday, contemplating the previous athletic nuns and enjoying thoroughly, the birds of paradise creeping up my legs. Though it don’t matter, I fucking loved this outfit. Heat aside, it’s comfortable. Isabel Marant tee, Rebecca Minkoff pants, Jennifer Fisher necklaces.

Oh baby, here’s me twice. That’s going to happen running down. At left: Givenchy tee, Marni skirt, Alaia heels. At right: the sunglasses are Ralph Lauren but you already know everything else. Everything. Everything. Everything.

At Rachel Comey at left, a Steven Alan blouse (I fought with my per-man-friend over it. It’s his, which should in effect mean mine which he did not understand but now does,) Cut 25 shorts, Isabel Marant heels and Shipley and Halmos sunglasses. At right: American Apparel tee, Christopher Kane x J Brand pants, Dannijo necklaces and Ralph Lauren sunglasses.

And here. At left, an Opening Ceremony blouse, Christopher Kane x J Brand jeans, Christian Louboutin heels and a Serpui Marie clutch. At right: Alaia heels but you know the rest, I know you know.

Finally, I wore this dress twice, conceivably the same way, because, well, look at it. At left at Tibi and at right celebrating the relaunch of The Cut. Tibi dress, Equipment blouse-around-waist, Altuzarra heels. At right: Brian Atwood heels and an American Apparel denim shirt. That bag is Valentino.

Photos via New York Magazine,,, Zimbio, Harper’s Bazaar, Streetfsn, Elle, Happy birthday!

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  • Alison

    Leandra you are the most confident woman I know. You are such an inspiration to me to wear whatever the hell I want that makes me feel good!!

  • Styleclouds

    Fabulous outfits! One of my favourites is the R-Shirt ” All Blogs post the same”. When I saw this the first time I nearly fell off my chair! So funny – love it! xo, Christina

  • that AA (non alcoholic) tee shirt is hilarious….. while, yes, some bloggers do have original voices and content, the reality of it is, it is hilarious to see how many bloggers do, indeed, post the exact same shit. if i see another peplum blouse from zara i may scream.

    googling oneself is like farting….. we all do it. and if you deny, you lie!

  • Natali

    Love the Alaia heels outfit and JBrand jeans one too! Wonderful, love your style!

  • You looked great ‘repeller!

  • moiminnie

    I can’t get over the “all blogs post the same” shirt. Seriously, so amazing. xx

    • jas

      its on sale at american apperal right now 😀

  • Definitely a lot of you 🙂 I do like how the looks are different from each other.

  • Mkp

    You always look amazing, and not in a snobby fashion bitch way but in a “wow she looks hot and like she’d be fun over margheritas” kind of way. The flares are amazing!

    • Madeline Akers

      Hahaha, I totally agree!

  • Putri Soe

    Hahhaha! Nice. If i’m famous i’d probably look up my name, too. To see if i did anything embarrasing that is.

    —————————————————–Putri SoeSUPERNICE

  • Lindsay Dugan

    The Alexander Wang look is perfect. perfectperfectperfect!! lovelovelove.

  • sandra

    what did you wear to marc jacobs???

  • This post reminds me just how much I love your style. My favourites have to be the ‘all blogs post the same’ tee and the Isabel Marant tee paired with the Rebecca Minkoff trousers.

  • Alexandra

    You look like a zillion dollars. The Marni skirt is my fave, followed by the stripe skirt. All your mixing is genius. Now you get to rest? xo

  • rhodawong

    you make everything look chic!

  • zesiku



  • twoparter

    I love everyone of these outfits! The shirt of American Apparel is so amazing!


  • That blog shirt is amazing. I want it.

  • Joana Gomes

    Your looks are, unsurprisingly, all amazing..!

  • GirlintheLockerRoom

    Hand chains are intriguing, but how do they feel? Do they impede movement, writing, holding a cup of coffee?

  • Karyn Wisselink

    You totally totally rocked it this fashion week. Kudos MR.

  • Jill

    You look like you’re having the MOST fun with dressing yourself! Loved all of it, even if I wouldn’t wear half of it. 🙂 Great job!

  • Me Gusta o No Me Gusta

    The vagina-green -short look it’s by far my favourite. What I specially like of your style it’s that you don’t disguised to be photograph, you dress as yourself and your outfits are wearable for all of us. Stylish and real. Real fashion if you like.

  • you’re the only blogger whose posts I actually read. (instead of just browsing through the pictures, which I alsooooo do) i loveyoooouuu you’re so cool

  • Just Me

    It’s easy to say “aspiring street-style darlings” when everything you wear is a loan or given for free. Street style does not exist anymore.

  • Sketch42

    Applause girl. You make it all look so cool… Ok, now gimme those green diaper shorts!

  • monkeyshines

    stunning looks!


  • Nuit Hernandez

    oh Miss… you were on fire! awesome outfits, esp the gorge Rebecca M pants!!!!! TO DIE.

  • jas
  • I love that “All bloggers post the same stuff” shirt! I saw that shirt in stores and may have laughed out loud. And your flowered Rebecca Minkoff pants are fabulous!

  • you looked FABULOUS! SO bummed that I did not get a chance to bump into you! Great looks!

  • Grace Huang

    i enjoyed readying every word of this. love your style and sense of humor. you’re awesome~


  • Hilary Shanks

    You’re a badass.

  • Melanie

    I’d have to say my favourite is the AA top outfit! It’s great! and I’m glad your man friend realizes his things are now yours haha they need to learn soon or later!

  • Not So Gentle Reader

    I think that recent New York Times article on blogs/street style photos says it all…

  • I literally loved every outfit, and I KNOW my boyfriend would hate every single one of them! Haha! Seriously shows you that men (most, not all, there are a few of you good ones out there!) don’t know what the hell they are talking about!

  • Sweetalk

    You Look amazing !!!

  • I just loooooove that colourful skirt! <3 Too bad it's quite expensive 🙁

  • Christina

    Cute Rebecca Minkoff flares!


  • Alexandra

    On second look, I love that none of these pieces (aside from maybe the current Isabel Marant heels) have “current season hot piece” tattooed across it. Instead you’ve found a bunch of standout pieces that let you be you without needing to say “I know what’s hot this season, and I bought one of each.” Radness.

  • Kx

    Love your effortlessly chic and practical style! Great outfits! Kx

  • TeuntjeVDW

    You are the best dressed of NYFW! 🙂

  • Christine Kim

    Love every outfit! i love how you dress for yourself! That’s how it should be!

  • farandwild

    you really nailed it, what are you like a style blogger or something?? and that isabel marant tee paired with the rebecca minkoff bell bottoms, i fucking loved that outfit too.


  • Going to get myself that AA T-shirt on blogs. It’s so ironic hahaha


    The Artistically Challenged Fashion BLOG 🙂

  • Eva Kraaijeveld

    Awesome outfits and love the blog tee 😀

  • Kelsie
  • Lorena

    hey, great outfits….from one post I found many details about you ;)) I will follow you with bloglovin. Kisses,Lorena!

  • meganrose

    well now all blogs do post the same stuff…blame it on trends and the trendsetters; one of them namely you! 😉

  • Sharon

    Your outfits are awesome!

  • Rayne S

    I really love those Sally LaPointe shorts! Bahahha all signs point to vagina.


  • Uschi

    Lovely, each of them!

  • Jennifer

    You had some amazing NYFW looks, but I don’t think that was ever going to be questioned 😉

    xo Jennifer

  • Andrea

    ahaha i love the AA shirt about the funny 🙂

  • schizzoid

    Where is the lucite cuff from in your Rag & Bone outfit?

  • Afton Baily

    I LOVE that shirt making fun of bloggers. Alas, so true…

  • Breakfast at Cindi’s

    You look great in ALL of them as usual. Love your sense of humor : ) Can;t wait to see you on fashion police tonight : )


    Breakfast at

  • eva.715

    you are a fainomenon !!

  • Nat

    Many blogs do write the same stuff, or at least, the same sort of stuff- but the Man Repeller stands alone. Your honesty, authenticity, and fearlessness make the Man Repeller one of my favorite blogs. When I saw your American Apparel tee, I laughed, because in so many ways, it speaks the truth. Thanks for inspiring me to step outside of my comfort zone!


  • Rosa {rosaandfox}

    You look great! You have such a unique sense of style and yes I cannot wait to see what ‘controversies’ that t-shirt sparks! I want one for myself! x

  • Tracy
  • Andrea

    You are too cool for words.

  • odessatseng

    Love all the looks, you are super creative an most importantly your self!

  • I would love to explore your wardrobe!
    I definitely need that Ostwald Hegalson skirt in my life!


  • Kesly

    I love your t-shirt… After self reflecting on myself and my blog, I came to the conclusion that most of the blogs actually post about the same thing (in this case, it’s NYFW). P.S. I am also so obsessed with your Opening Ceremony blouse <3

  • Yuka
  • amy

    i love you for that T shirt!

  • emily.lindesil

    So, I was a little bored this afternoon, but ended I having SO much fun this seeing which of these I could best approximate with my own wardrobe…the one that turned out best was a mock-up of the first look with Maje T, Ostwald Hegalson skirt, and Alaia heels. I used a J. Crew v-neck, a Japanese vintage print skirt with a silk obi wrap that I borrowed from a kimono, and either Miss Sixty ankle-wraps or Miu Miu booties. The runner up: a little while back I made a pair of shorts a lot like those Cut 25’s out of a pair of jeans that had gotten ragged around the bottoms, so I paired them with a men’s Ralph Lauren top I inherited from an ex and some patent kitten heels – and it looks smashing! Now…which to wear out?

  • Jenaly Enns

    holy moly…I LOVE every outfit. I just want to snatch them of your body and wear them myself!!!!

  • fashionablecollections

    Fab outfits, “all blogs post the same thing” love it and so true


  • Asia Carter

    You effn killed it!! By far the best I have seen of the street style. You just so effortlessly continue to do your thing and absolutely nail it every single time!!

  • Shirley

    I have been lusting after the Sally LaPointe shorts since they were just a twinkle in her eye (aka when I spotted the photos on So the big question is, how can a lady get a hands on a pair from her? Unbeknownst to her, my mother is indeed up for grabs as they say.

  • Catherine and Greer
  • So refreshing not to find a compilation of alleged “hot trends this
    week”. Even the designers’ names can’t scream loud enough to moderate
    these outfits impact at first sight.

  • Glykeria Roilides

    I loved every look but particularly the miu miu top and rag and bone skirt ensemble, which is my favorite as fas as street style photos of this fashion week go. They’re all so individual and unconventional and very chic. Glorious!

  • thefashionultimatum

    I die. You are the best dressed woman in NYC.

  • A Couples Gallery

    The shirt of American Apparel is very cool.

    We’ve just published our first streetstyle-post from the VFNO in Berlin and Düsseldorf:


    Deborah & Gabriel

  • Kate

    I really just love your style, love the marni skirt, the “strange” shorts and those rebecca mink off pants!:)
    xx Kate

  • Fabita Punk

    So much beauty 🙂 You look fantastic


  • Your style is just absolutely amazing! An inspiration to all of us!

  • Arzu
  • Robín

    All blogs post the same stuff and all men, we are the same…nothing equals so much (good) literature as (good) literature. How could we not be aware of it in the old almost forgotten times of the paper readings?

  • Kara

    Love the outfit you wore to Rag & Bone! My fashion week outfits revolved around lots of monochromatic looks (all navy, all denim, etc.)

  • Lucy

    I really enjoy your writing style! Very fun but informative 🙂

    Love Lucy x

  • Aulona

    I love, love, loveeee your style and of course your writing style!

  • Aulona

    I love, love, loveeee your style and your writing style as well!

  • alisi.claire
  • Kate Block
  • CJ

    You always looks good so I might as well not preface this comment with “you look good” but then again that’s what I just did. Shit. I love the vagina shorts…a lot of my teachers unknowingly wear skirts/shorts/other heinous things that seem to direct all roads to the vag. You do it better than they do. I guess that should be expected. I also pretty much totally enjoy the “all blogs post the same stuff” shirt because it’s true that most blogs are the same…pretty photo of girl with sweater and shorts in front of rose bush. Thank god I’m a guy. I seem to have a little less competition in the blogging world. Still, I’m not exactly sartorially relevant. I shall remain living vicariously through you and your denim diapers.


  • I LOVE the you wore the same Tibi dress TWICE during Fashion Week and are WILLING to post SIDE BY SIDE PHOTOGRAPHIC EVIDENCE of it!! You are the bomb and more relatable now than ever, even with your still insanely high fashion wardrobe. Kudos kudos. Can you tell how excited this made me by the annoying ALL CAPS??

  • Those RM pants are amazing!

  • Such FUN. Yes, this applies to this particular post, but also your blog in general. Thanks for the updates on the latest, the creativity, and above all, the entertainment!

  • Larissa

    love your smile in that last photo!

  • cristina

    want the flower necklace!

  • Fashionista

    I saw you on fashion police!! you were so cool~

  • justafan

    What else is there to say? You’ve got style!

  • ajdhm

    I saw you on Fashion Police. You mentioned 3 shows you loved during fashion week. The last designer you mentioned showed slim pants with flowing tops and jackets. What is the name of that designer? I replayed my DVR about 10 times but couldn’t get the name. Thanks for your help.

    • Leandra Medine

      Prabal Gurung!

  • guest

    you’re a magician.

  • I am interested to what did you do before you began blogging?

  • Awesome pictures with perfect outfit. Specially i like your heel shoes, it looks so unique, stylish and comfortable. Thanks for this interesting sharing.

  • empress_T

    Bit late on the bandwagon here but the Rebecca Minkoff flares are not sold on Shopbop anymore 🙁 know where I may get them? ps I live in London. Merci!

  • Karla Romero

    love all your looks

  • The Style Lion

    Like your style & Love the American Apparel shirt! You’ve got me thinking…

  • Swetz

    I love most of yr outfits, how much man repelling dey maybe , dey r so chice…respect

  • Cynthia Needham

    Just read your book and loved it…recognized myself. I work in retail for a company that has a definite style…which I try to fit…but…well….just don’t. So…I try my best to be inspiring. Best two comments from customers….1. Sometimes I come in just to see what you have on…and comment 2…Sometimes you look a little costumey (and I do have themes sometimes when I dress) but it’s never over the top.”
    Thank you.