Shopbop Short

Where launching can–and does–mean so many things.


It’s like the week that keeps on giving…video content. I’m so happy to be part of the Shopbop redesign launch video, featuring none other than a certain Chris Benz flying through “my window,” and into my bedroom where I am (quite obviously) video chatting with the DANNIJO hookers. I’m also particularly keen on Phil Oh’s sandwich-laden cameo. And Thakoon‘s general existence.

Never mind that though, free shipping by way of human cannonball is a serious service to contemplate beating.

Nifty folk, folks.

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  • Natali

    Congratulations! Love the video!

  • fabulous things

    This ad is seriously cool! And seriously funny!

  • Morgan Liti

    So amazing. Loving all the fashion week videos – super fun. Do you think you’ll consider in-home styling sessions by way of human cannonball in the future? If so, please include me in the beta testing. I’d be all over that s*&%.

  • Hilarious!!! Love all the designers, bloggers and photographers packed into one video.

  • monkeyshines
  • <3

  • benz is such a cutie!!!:)

  • love Love LOOOVE this! Looking good, Leandra. xo

  • Yes! I love everyone in this video!

  • the garage starlets

    That’s sick! I love it! lol


  • Sharon
  • LS

    genius!!! love it. > eastern euro fashion

  • WNY

    Awesoommee!! Xo

    – –

  • What?!!! Marvelous!!!

  • Adeola Naomi



    awesome shoot!

  • Which Clothes Today
  • Kate Block
  • Eva Kraaijeveld
  • sketch42

    Ha, I LOVE this. You were the start girly!

  • XeanaFashion

    Cool! Funny video!


  • laura

    this is seriously awesome!

  • Brillant!!!!!

  • GinFromL

    Cooooool stuff! Looks like everyone had a lot of fun doing this video

  • Svetlana Zmukic

    Amazing, amazing, amazing! :)))

  • Greer

    hahahahah this video is so great!!!! By the way, I saw you on Harpers Bazaar Australia’s website and realised I’m not the only Australia who know you exist! Everyone loves you!

  • Well, that was complex! My boyfriend was hearing the sounds of the video and he was very confused, I thought it was sort of fascinating. All the internet fashion celebs and good ol’ Rachel, so close yet so far…

  • Hannah

    This is awesome! I love every bit of it.


  • i love this so much my brain hurts from being fixated on it for the past hour! amazing video you star!


  • Pauline T

    This is genius, omg x)

  • Oh my god, this is hilarious.

  • AJ B.Hughes


  • The Provoker

    this is HILARIOUS! love your expression when Chris Benz just came crashing in…

  • Uschi


  • Joyous east designs

    uber awesome!! Super fun and makes fashion approachable!

  • This has a lot of heavy hitters in it – WOW!! LM, you seriously should go into acting.

  • esther

    so creative … and you are the star!

  • nataluya85

    do you know the song that was in the video? i know its vietnamese but do you know the name? i gotta have it!!!!! love the video you’re hell-arious as always!


  • nataluya85

    NM its a khmer song just found it!

    • Guest

      Yep, it’s “Penh Chet Tae Bong Muoy (AGo Go)” by Ros Sereysothea. Glad you enjoyed it! We definitely enjoyed making it. 😉 – SWELL

    • Yep, it’s “Penh Chet Tae Bong Muoy (AGo Go)” by Ros Sereysothea. Glad you like it! We definitely enjoyed making it. 😉 – SWELL

      • nataluya85

        so obsessed with the song now and the video made me laugh hard! chris benz looked so cute after he crashed haha!

  • Lisa B

    i love this…what a great shopbop ad!

  • Brita

    Super creative and I love the people featured!

  • Courtney

    Ha!!! I love it. No so man repeller are ya, you stylish thing?!?!


  • freakin love this

  • V @ thefashionfridge

    My mom: Are you listening to Indian music?
    No mom, I’m watching people getting flung into the air through means of a human catapult.

  • hahah loved this! Hope you’re having a good week at FWNY

  • The Style Engineer

    Such a fabulous movie, creative and beautifully done!

  • fashionablecollections

    That video was really too cute. Love it.


  • Mickey

    Amazing video! Love it!)))

  • Nat

    So many cameos! And such a unique concept for a video. Love it!



  • Marie Hanna

    WOw… Love it!!