Season’s Limbo

On seashells, sweatshirts and September.


Premature chatter about scarf weather is stressful. Has no one the proper respect for a notoriously subtle, dichotomous September? Sure, the initial crisp bites of wind start to infiltrate the air but there’s no denying what feels like the most tangible residue of summer. As Katy Perry once so eloquently put it, “you’re hot, then you’re cold.”

Enlightening, really.

Now, the only remedy to confusion so trivial, is the subsequent celebrating, accentuating, literalizing it. Below find some really serious photos of myself doing effectively nothing but suggesting that you try pairing a mens sweatshirt with the American flag scrambled in various APC scriptures (wind bites) with a floral mid length skirt that comes equipped with built-in slit (accoutrement,) and seashell sandals (tangible residue of summer.)

I for one would also use an-impossible-to-lose minaudiere. Figure the bag portion of it your head, the gold chain your neck, and the lucite bracelet a choker. Or better: a turtleneck.

It’s a precious time: sweatshirts and mermaids can only successfully co-exist sensibly for a very short period. And a marriage like the one demonstrated that scrapes two olds to make a new which will ultimately celebrate climactic limbo certainly beats buying ambiguous fall wears that render irrelevant faster than Lindsay Lohan at Ungaro did. (This tired joke at once seemed appropriate again considering the recent revelation of a new Creative Director.)

Finally, here’s my head shot. The end.

APC Men’s sweatshirt, Peter Som skirt, Reece Hudson purse, Alexander McQueen and Mark Henry rings, Mr. Dannijo necklace, Charlotte Olympia heels. Photos by Naomi Shon.

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