Picking Out Music

Tunes, tunes, good tunes.


Around a long rectangular table, Georgina Chapman sat with her partner Karen as they gleamed over at a board that at the time contained 35 looks–these, the ones that would show the following day at Vanderbilt Hall where the duo would host their Spring/Summer 2013 fashion show in Midtown New York. Chapman sat with a computer by her side, looking over the music on her screen.

“We’ve been working with Rene four years,” she told me about the man behind the tunes. According to her description, Rene, whose got a knack for matching music to vibes and subsequently clothing too, comes into the studio a few weeks before the show, takes a look at the clothes or what is there of the clothes, absorbs the alleged concept, gathers inspiration from the designers and conjures up the perfect tunes. In this case, there was an inevitable and quite obvious air of Bollywood about the music he had projected.

The two Marchesa designers sat side by side staring at the model board while listening to the music through the entire soundtrack, (a combination of five songs, some more understated and staccato than others, a couple more interesting, lively and loud,) timing each song with the speculated seconds each model would spend walking.

“What do you think?” They asked me. Rene had seemingly nailed it on the head. The soundtrack spoke to the irreverence and old glam about the collection. It was hard to suppose anything but bright pink embroidery along with the tunes brought forward.

My eyes began to wander down below the table. Chapman noticed and was quick to squat down on her knees and explain to me that the plastic boxes I had grown fixated on contained samples of the fabrics she had used for the show.

“They’re all from India, each and every one,” she explained. This particular embroidery had caught my eye, instantaneously watching the graphic illustrated version taped to the paper at bottom right become 3D couture fabric rendered a feeling nothing less than romantic.

And when the fabric finally became a dress yesterday at 5PM, I couldn’t help but think about all the bright pink this season has mandated. It’s like a collective homage to Lisa Frank is making strides and in this case, splashing a dose of debutant too. As for the rest of the collection, come back soon…I’ll tell you all about it.

To inspire Georgina’s next project, click me.

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  • Neon pink, Lisa Frank! I love it already! Can’t wait to hear about the rest of the collection.

    I’ve never thought much about matching music to runway shows. I love this little insight!

    P.S. you rock!

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  • mimi

    Would love some Bright Pink embroided shorts. now thats whats up

  • XeanaFashion
  • Christina

    The collection sounds beautiful! And how inspirational when more senses become involved to create an entire experience 🙂

    Christina, bohemianwild.blogspot.com

  • Gabrielle Pedriani

    It’s fun to think of how I would have used the pink fabric, and then to see how they did it. Few are as lucky as you and get to see the seedling of inspiration. Very very cool. And…inspirational.

    Interesting switch up in writing style. Definitely showing your chops. You’ve got skills all over the place. Not fair.


  • It’s true – music can completely change the whole atmosphere or feel of a show, interesting to hear a little more about the creative process behind it all! 🙂

    B xwww.phoandchips.com

  • Alice

    It looks so beautiful and whimsical. 🙂


  • i love that you’ve included us in this behind the scenes glimpse into georgina’s world. such a beautiful story you’re crafting about the gorgeous dresses she’s crafting.


  • Théa Unknown

    Great article!

    Théa Unknownhttp://theaisunknown.blogspot.fr/

  • Dear Lilith

    Great, and inspiring photos


  • moiminnie

    I felt as if I was reading a wonderful bedtime story, you described the atmosphere perfectly. http://www.moiminnie.blogspot.com xx

  • What amazing talent Rene is! Great post!


  • kcomekarolina

    wow!i love these photos!

    xoxo from rome

  • ooo..fierce facial structure on that lady! I know I’m a little late, but can I suggest musics as well? https://vimeo.com/49111229 from Grup Ses Beat, I think they’re turkish, their stuff is perfect for chillin’ by the pool.
    Have I said that I love embroidery? And I love that particular coral pink? I want it, and not necessarily in the form of clothes.


  • I really like your writing style here. I love that you brought us behind the scenes at a time when it’s so busy for designers and anyone else working with them probably can’t even hear their own thoughts, and here you put us into a calm and quiet moment. The calm before the storm. Plus I love Marchesa!!!

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  • anna

    I’m totally in love – and addicted to – this blog! You are such a wonderful writer. And so inspirational.

    xx anna

  • Asia Carter

    I love the writing here and just your coverage of fashion week in general. It is clear that you know your stuff and it shows. It is not just about outfit posts and photos of yourself, you really do approach it as a reporter would!! Kudos to you!! More bloggers should follow suit.

  • Not their best show yet superb nevertheless.

  • Belén cavas
  • I love it! All the senses should be seduced to evoke the greatest of emotions. Which would mean compromising your self-assertion = success at work http://www.myotherself.com

  • Dusty Petals

    It’s amazing how much we take for granted the work and effort that goes into matching music to runway shows. I am always absorbed in the show and forget that the music is taking me on a journey just as the collection. Great post.

  • Jully Erikson

    I’m so in love with your leather women dress shirts!!! This blog! You are such a wonderful writer. And so inspirational.such a beautiful story you’re crafting about the gorgeous dresses she’s crafting.

  • Deborah and Gabriel

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  • That pink lace is to die for! I need it in my life asap


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