On Bartending

Really, that’s what I am.


Sartorial Bartending is, I am sure, a term I’ve used before. But isn’t it just somewhat endearing to liken the act of combining outfit-centric prints to mixing drinks? It should be noted, after all, that the outcome of both tends to leave onlookers in the same shape: dizzy.

And while most my endeavors leave me (us?) in more layers than one should want to count, this video is about quality, not quantity. You see, what’s lovely about mixing prints doesn’t lay in the number of layers (see what I did there? Lay-ers) you can built onto yourself. Rather, the creativity you can implement using as few as possible.

With fashion week a mere several days away, and a pertinent 90 degree Saturday beating sun down our backs, here’s a short video tutorial to recognize the aforementioned: a melting pot that leaves a vertically striped blouse, horizontally striped shoes, burnt orange printed cropped trousers, houndstooth shades and a polka-dot denim hat–brought to you exclusively by the one and only: Naomi Shon–indigenous to (subjective) excellence.

Maybe sometimes less really is more.

Background tunes by Dracula Palms compliments of a certain Handsome HaimTopshop bralette, 10 Crosby Pants, Equipment blouse, Fendi mules, Ralph Lauren sunglasses, Urban Outfitters hat.

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  • Laura

    WOW! Loooove the video ❤

  • handsome haim is the dj of my dreams. and you look like a real dream girl in the video, love it! next time more pete though.


  • StyleNonsense

    Sartorial Bartending, I LOVE IT! HAHAA, I Need To Mix Prints MORE, Me Thinks!

  • I love this video; it’s so full of personality that you can’t always see in pictures! Your outfit, of course, is fabulous and I’m envious of your closet selection. (I spied those Peter Pilotto shoes…)

    P.S. I’ve determined in the course of that video that I would just love nothing more than to be your friend. You seem absolutely delightful and so so fun!


  • Nevena

    Cool video! Love it (:


  • Kate

    Thanks for being you. Also, the slow motion at the end was a nice touch 🙂



  • Miami

    Incroyable. You had me wonderin’ at first with the ball cap, but I can see how that was the exclamation point.

  • Hannah

    Gah I wish we were friends! If people in my school figured out how to just kind of “let loose” with their fashion choices like this and not be so worried about what everyone else was wearing it would be such a more pleasant place. I love those crazy pants by the way.



  • Sartje

    I love this!

  • V @ thefashionfridge

    I love how everyone’s talking about mixing prints! I’ve loved print-mixing for a long time, so I’m so glad that I’m seeing it more and more often.


  • Pip

    I love how you mixed your prints here and left it simple and not too busy! You are so fab! xx Pip


  • emily.lin.desil

    Mixing prints and patterns – my favorite crime of fashion! From now on I will never do this again without a great soundtrack to accompany.
    Anyway, loved video and definitely eying those lovely 10 Crosby pants (the colors and pattern make me think of Norton Juster’s “The Dot and the Line” for some wonderful reason).

  • Betsy

    what song is that??????

  • Natali

    HAHAHAH! This video is so much fun!! Great outfit too, I like those pants very much 🙂


  • María Belén Acosta Meana

    I think anyone that follows your blog wants to be your friend, you´re so much fun! I loved the video! You actually remind me of my own craziness sometimes, as in this video.

  • Such a cute and fun video! You are the mix master!

  • Uschi


  • call me debbie

    Please, please spare us and make more of these beauties!!! The victory-dance-I-am-the-best it was a total bliss, aha

     In Whirl of Inspiration

  • Loved this video and I also loved how you mixed the different prints together and still made it look amazing!

  • Emilie

    Such a great video – you always mix different prints together so well! Love the Equipment striped shirt. Keep making videos! 🙂

  • Anneka

    What a splendid vid! Question: don’t your clothes get dusty, living out in the open?


  • Cassandra Too

    Great video! I am jealous how you does mixing of prints so well!

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    See you there! 😀 backtofive.blogspot.combacktofive’s twitterxoxo backtofive

  • Putri Soe

    i love the part where there jumps a tampon on it! hahaha nice vid!

    —————————————————–Putri SoeSUPERNICE

  • Litazinha

    the mixing of prints was great and not many people can do it, it becomes a mess!

  • TeuntjeVDW

    You’re a hero in mixing prints! xx.

  • Eva Kraaijeveld

    Awesome outfit and video! You make me laugh on this boring sunday:D


  • Sharon
  • Hahaha great and funny as always!

  • Michaella W.

    You are the coolest person in the entire universe! Geez, I’m jealous.
    xx Michaella http://fashionableunicorn.blogspot.com/

  • Dear Man Repeller, YOU LOOK COOL. As always.

    This has nothing to do with your post really, but I was just wondering what your favorite book is? I need something new to read. (I just finished Naked by David Sedaris, thank you!).

    • Leandra Medine

      Try The White Album by Joan Didion! (or another one by Sedaris. They just get better.)

  • LOL Tamp on the end…my face was probably 2 inches away for the screen thinking “is that a tampon” hahaha

  • Cristián Pavez Díaz

    Mixing prints is awesome and you do it so fine!! Loved this post!!
    Greetings from Santiago, Chile.

    Twitter: @cristianpavezd
    Facebook: http://on.fb.me/uywe6X

  • VotreAmie

    Yup. That was amazing. A fine mix of prints from t to b indeed!!

  • Hahah love your energy – and of course, amazing outfit! 🙂 x


  • Robin Nicole

    Tampax pearl, twinsies! You put things together so well, and by the look of your dance moves I’m sure a night out with the man repeller is a lot of fun lol.

  • Ekebelparis


  • I love how all of your posts are so entertaining
    – Nancy

  • Fab Silberstein

    hahaha you’re as cool as ice cream. and WANT the pink sunnies by the way!

  • doodie

    PS- looking for a pen pal?
    -your biggest girl crush

  • Namrata Kedar

    Haha! Hilarious video, but you made a point! Sometimes its not about layering. Its about getting the look right in as few layers as possible.


  • Nastassia

    Loving the MOVES, Leandra! Could you please tell me what nail polish you’re wearing on your toes? Love that shade x

  • This is such a refreshing video, you should run sartorial bartending lectures!
    Yet i must express my disappointment when seeing your pedi and realizing your toes all match! “Match”?! Is that a joke?


  • emily

    can someone please help me ID the yellow and orange poppy skirt?!?? i love it. let me know!

    • Leandra Medine

      They are YSL!

  • Think I just OD with laughter after the tampon 😀

  • LOL dying. How do you make such amazing outfits!?!?!?



  • Maria Onorio


    Maria Onorio

  • overmycloset

    Who says fashion is all about your best angle, best light, best arrogant look?? NOT you!
    Great video, sure makes me want to dig my closet searching for that pattern redemption 🙂

  • PinkCheetahVintage

    Right on with all the dancing and music!

  • lafilledanvers

    “Less is more” is the most untrue quote one can think of. You made that clear

  • Lola

    This video made my day, thank you. xx


  • Ewa P

    wow, how many beautiful things, clothes, shoes, I’m impressed 🙂 great color styling and most importantly – you can see you have a very good sense of humor 🙂

  • Anialysis

    You’re just awesome.. there is nothing more to say…

    Ania from Ania’lysis

  • Fantastic look! So glad you went with the black/white sunglasses to! Just the right kick for such a fun mixing prints outfit.

  • Bladyblahblah

    Will you please be my best friend? Also those pants are crazy.

  • fashionablecollections

    hahha LOVE the tampon in the end. Great outfit.


  • Christina

    This is exactly why I love prints for summer! It looks like more of an interesting layered look without all the sweating!

    Christina, bohemianwild.blogspot.com

  • anon

    You look stupid. You have an ugly face. even though you’re rich, everyone knows that Jewish girls are UGLY. Die jew.

  • Where can i get the tampon lmfao…. great!!!

  • Janean Mann

    Yes, please who is the lovely soundtrack to this nice vid?

  • Emily

    Where are your chunky rings from? I’m in love.