Moda Repeller

Or Man Operandi. Whatever.


Excuse my nasal drip and the unfortunate circumstances of my face. I’d love to write both of which off as effects of mild illness but I’m not sure I can on the latter. Oh well. Hey, have you ever wondered what stepping into a Moda Operandi shoot would be like? How about the subsequent assassinating of what is otherwise a fairly calm, seamless and elegant production? Well, I did it for us and here is what I learned:

1. M’O commissions models with good senses of humor, see: boob grab. 2. Horizontal stripes are great, but vertical ones are better. The combination of both: best. 3. Mickey Mouse is the most consistent famous figure on planet earth. He couldn’t overexpose himself if he tried. 4. Marc Jacobs SS 13 purses are also lunch boxes, not that I tried to gauge the utility of that with my lunch or anything. 5. Pants are over, people.

Now, in other news that may register somewhat jarring: I apologize for omitting from Fashion Week coverage the early winner winner chicken dinner of Paige Denim’s Fashion’s Night Out Uniquely Paige contest. FNO was a real good time with real good people and lots of frayed indigo. Congratulations to instagram user, AllergictoVanilla. If the circumstances of your handle are literal, I do hope free jeans will make up for the lack of cake batter infiltrating your digestive system. Call me at midnight.

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