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The most magical days of the year


Though it’s over, it was notable and in an effort not to inundate your mind with “whimsical” captions that effectively amount to nothing more than the newest of broken recordings, “don’t wear pants!” I reckoned treating London Fashion Week as though it were a student body, perpetually drinking tea and ready to graduate would render more engaging. I was likely wrong but I did learn that reviewing collections remotely with the mere use of a “most likely to [insert action here]” is rather sufficient. Starting with Meadham Kirchoff I give you:

Not only Mickey Mouse’s more beautiful counterpart marveling in her own fame across the pond, but The Best Use of Accoutrements. Look at that hat, those earrings, that necklace, that Shrek-sized peplum over brocade pants. Lest I forget a ribbon crown and the secret bows riding up Figure 2’s legs.

If the former images are not convincing enough, however, this one should accurately identify why the collection wins best use accoutrements, paying attention–also–to the puppy gnome, cupcakes and dinner wear in rear vision.

Meanwhile, at Louise Gray, while clashing prints are an ongoing motif worth mentioning, the award in this collection’s honor goes out to the makeup. Yes, Louise Gray wins Most Authentic Homage to Madonna. Papa don’t preach, okay? I’m keeping my fucking baby.

At Ashish, where kitschy irony rules and Reebok sneakers join the neo-roster of fashion applicable, a single shoulder overall half jumpsuit that ministers numeric wonders and one sequined denim hybrid…thing grands this collection Most Mathematically Apt.  As far as I’m concerned, fashion week only exists in the UK.

It would be cruel to disregard this fairy though and so Ashish also wins Best Interpretation of Chanel’s 2009 Yeti at The Discotheque.

In other collections that win two superlatives: Acne, with, primarily, Most Likely to Become “It” Graphic of the season. Collages are very hip right now, after all. I speculate layering hats will be hip too. And on just a wearability note, khaki drop crotch skinny trousers with ankle slits are precisely what will instigate my rescinding of the previous, destruction of the pant.

The second superlative is awarded in celebration of Tiniest Sunglasses Residing on an Adult Temple Ever.

Markus Lupfer takes the Most Likely to Give Good Advice Without Even Uttering a Word award.

Burberry Prorsum wins Most Interesting Diversion from Fall. It’s refreshing to see a fairly serious collection take a turn for the fanciful. Metallic shirts, metallic bathing suits, white spring capes? It’s a nice parlay from dark pencil skirts and pom-pom hats.

I wanted to give Mulberry, Most Committed Salute to Monochrome if only because a green tweed oversized motorcycle jacket is unanimously wearable but still novel with lightweight cuffed trousers. Then I remembered what Mulberry really deserves which tends to happen through the seasons.

And thus: Best Use of Livestock with a Mullet Bearing Poodle, duh.

Finally, Peter Pilotto. Initially, I’d had him down for Best Footwear of London Fashion Week–which would make sense, Nicholas Kirkwood can effectively do no wrong but as I moseyed through the collection, admiring the cascading ruffles, unapologetic use of color and print and the below cropped peplum, I reassessed my power to knight.

You see, just when I’d grown certain that the peplum must die, Peter Pilotto resuscitated the pervasive silhouette. Key items to note include: a. an affirmation to nipple baring, b. multi-colored knit work, c. layers of ruffle at the peplum’s hem that are unlike a vagina but parlay into a fupa and d. scotch tape. Kidding about D. Yes, this wins Best Collection of LFW, period.

Now, let’s go look at Prada.

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  • Elisa

    It just struck me that London collections resemble and mirror the city’s street style the most, out of all fashion cities. It’s not unusual to see people dressing like this in London, and in a way this is what makes London fashion week so endearing, and a bit student-y. Everyone wants and tried to be part of its in their own way. Ashish made me want to pile my hair and tie it with a scrunchy, who would have thought!

    Elisa – Wandering Minds fashion

  • I am just so much more impressed with everything I’ve seen from LFW than NYFW on literally every level. Loving the Lolita-esque turn M-K has taken. And that Mulberry collection is everything! Monochrome forever.


  • Amalie Espeland

    so freakin awesome!! the details are genius. x

  • elena

    is so repeller


    Check out my blog :


  • What a refreshing read! Our vote goes to Markus Lupfer 🙂


  • Hilary Shanks

    Lfw is always the best.

  • Markus Lupfer might have me looking a porky sausage wrapped in foil…but I’m willing to take that risk for those shiny pants.

  • liz

    a lot is verys 80s! So much Mickey Mouse next season!


  • Maraleth Herrera

    I never thought metallics and sequins could be manrepelling. Just have to be paired with Seinfeld-esque white sneakers et voila!

  • Kate

    Haha, love your choice of ‘superlatives’ 🙂


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  • zesiku





  • Madalina Tita

    wow! this are all great looks…love the bow outfits and the skirt from the Collage look…



  • Amazing pictures of amazing clothes! Love the Chill – Tee! xo, Christina


  • The Peter Pilotto jumpsuit is amazing! Markus Lupfer can do no wrong, my fave is the lara lips tee!

  • Eva Kraaijeveld
  • farandwild

    couldn’t agree more with your superlative for the peter pilotto collection. fingers crossed spring 13 marks the return of the fupa because mine’s ready for action!


  • Nat

    Seriously LOLed at your deeming of Acne the superlative in celebration of “the Tiniest Sunglasses Residing on an Adult Temple Ever.” And I had a hunch after viewing the images of the runway show that the Peter Pilotto collection would be your favorite…



  • Malak

    I love the mulberry collection http://afterbusiness.blogspot.com

  • fashmongers
  • Hannah

    Haha It’s so awesome how you gave them all superlatives. I completely agree with each and every one of them. Peter Pilotto wins all.



  • monkeyshines

    fun textured pieces!


  • Hahah I have been laughing out loud for this entire article. This is great. My favorite might be “an affirmation to nipple baring,” hahaha.

    • justafan


  • Things I learnt I needed from this article: the incredible nipple bearing peplum, an oversized poodle rocking a mullet and anything Markus Lupfer
    Metallics, monochrome and mickey mouse.. Thankyouuuu London


  • Olivia Sui

    aha this is too brilliant! i give you manrepeller BEST fucking writing for lfw


  • Umm I fucking need those silver Marcus Lupfer trousers. Slammin’! Get in my life.

  • The Provoker

    I LOVE meadham and ashish, I predict me wearing so many of their shit! LOVES IT. I just posted up round 2 of my many many snaps from London Fashion Week, I even snapped Tommy Ton for a change lol!

    xx nathan.niche

  • Nikola Mitrovic

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  • fashionisserious

    Burberry runaway: amazing. I love that sort of English style, even if I’m Italian. Split personality.
    I like your blog, because you are enough crazy. Mine is young, but “serious”..not too much, I’m afraid!

  • mimi

    I love logo tees. this post makes me happyyyyy hihihi

  • Elena May

    you’re so right, fashion week does not exist outside london. it’s all so creative; I miss it so. (and so many bloggers seem to ignore it). also, meadhoffs is just too perfect.


  • sketch42

    My faves are Louise Gray and Burberry, but what the fuck is Meadham Kirchoff thinking. I just dont understand.

  • fashionresidence.com

    Mulberry are my favorites! giveaway at fashionresidence.com!!

  • fashionresidence.com

    I love Burberry! My number 1! GIVEAWAY!

  • Stevencoco

    Best. London. Fashion. Week. rEVIEW. eVAAAH.

  • Nikola Mitrovic

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  • Opposite Lipstick
  • justafan

    Didn’t my grandma crochet that top?

  • TKW knowsit

    Love Fashion. The shoes, logo tees. Great. But a third of these fashions look like somone reached into their 2 year olds dress up box, and threw on whatever came out first. Very unique fashions. Keep up the good work. I expect to see some fashions that blow me away =)

  • I feel like the 90’s are celebrated a bit too much here, but those hats are simply inspiring! Great write-up. 🙂


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  • nataluya85

    cray cray!


  • dany

    love peter pilotto’s collection, the whole show looked like a visual explosion!

    xxo, dany


  • London does it best



  • Azalia Martinez

    Peter Pilotto takes me on a vivid mushroom trip! Viva fungi fashion!

  • skepticfeeling

    overall half jumpsuit is my favorite… It simply rocks, even though these outfits were kinda crazy but it’s beautiful, sexy and practical… I would wear most of these styles without hesitation… Some designers show outfits that cannot be worn in a daily basis, actually that can never be worn except on Halloween…

  • WOOW is all i can say!

  • V @ thefashionfridge

    This is such an ingenious and funny way to break down and review fashion weeks. Props and snaps!


  • I’m just.. well.. The unicorn/rainbow/pug/cats/hearts collection a friend and I are working on for Lisbon FW looks absolutely regular next to some of these.

  • WannabeLondonGirl

    Best review of LFW I have ever read. I LOVE the Tatty Devine Jewellery on Louise Gray and disco dancing pants at Ashish

  • Erica

    Cute! I love jumpsuits and I don’t care if they repel men! http://www.socialbliss.com/emoody/spring-2013-jumpsuits-GUZTCOBU

  • Malinda Frances Knowles

    loved this post and your ‘awards’!

  • sera

    great post