Living Pants Free

Pants: who needs ’em?


I distinctly remember receiving emails toward the end of high school and in college that would notify students which teachers planned to conduct their classes in paper-free environments. The phrase always resonated with me. “Paper-free,” it sounded so quirky and the implications/opportunity for good puns were vast. Does the paper in question include that of the seaweed variety? How about rolling? Looking back though, “paper-free” none but pales in comparison to the realities of this Fashion Week where age of the pants-free environment is coming at us and sparing no sympathy for chub rub.

It’s a sort of untapped, unspoken trend that we’re all watching and wondering what to resolve: the anti-disestablishment of outerwear? But what about pockets? Warmth? The masking of hairy thighs? It wouldn’t be fair to neglect the source: in 2011, I paid homage to the Europe-laden runway shows of 2010, see: Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga and Dolce & Gabbana, where in a more formal capacity, legs were bared and normal sized women were confused. See the 2013 New York-centric interpretations below.

Hey! Let’s play the free association game: no pants, Beetlejuice, in red, foot straps, comb-overs, 1962. My opinion toward Marc Jacobs is a biased one–he’s one of the few New York designers (more precisely, in fact, as Ingrid Sischy put it on Monday night, “authentic New York kids”) that indefinitely bat for a team that celebrates an offbeat, perverse and often maniacally strong woman. When he says no pants, I say “Uni-K.”

At Theyskens’ Theory, the disregard for uterus covers is consumed differently, perhaps even somewhat more digestible. Sheer sheaths layered with sheer blouses will point to well groomed vaginas and it will not be abrasive. On another note that still circulates around hair: we (or at very least, the Into the Gloss team) will all wear wigs, like the models at this show, to match Olivier Theyskens and his new-do in the coming seasons.

At left, Marc by Marc Jacobs (where Jacobs seemingly took a cue from himself and catered it more keenly to either the Japanese market or a slew of tribal gatherings that point to doo-rag-etry,) knickers are more colorful and come with a scarf around your neck that will supply creative improvisation should your legs get cold. At Diesel Black Gold (right,) the bare midriff is exposed and exploited and a black caged skirt that is actually more of a sarong-with-belt implements a similar layering tactic to that of Theyskens’ and makes the inevitable a bit easier to absorb.

As for me, baby steps. I’ll start with this pair of thick satin shorts, complimented subtly by floral sneakers (the remedy to fashion week running even despite a disposable car, hey Absolut Tune, thanks) and see what happens…I don’t promise you won’t catch me streaking down Wooster again though. Image via NY Mag. Wearing Sally LaPointe shorts, an Altuzarra blouse, Adidas x Opening Ceremony sneakers, Celine purse and bracelets that run the gamut.

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  • Hmmm. I guess it’s time to start doing squats, or risk missing out on the Great Pantless Spring of 2013! Also (and sorry, this is kind of off topic) it was great meeting you on FNO. You looked great. 🙂

  • free to be pants free is one of the greatest and most glorious beauties of life in america!

    (see that great classic 1970s cultural reference pun?!? slap me high five)

    • Leandra Medine

      You are always my favorite.

  • Eva Kraaijeveld
  • Joana Gomes

    Looks like it’s no pants from now on..!

  • your look seems amazing from what we can see – need more though…
    loving all your fashion week writings and will confess that yours are the only ones I am bothering to read

    ♥ ThankFifi

  • Maraleth Herrera

    I wish this trend could spread to Central America, with this heat wave I can’t think of nothing better than be pants free…Hmm maybe I will start it

  • monkeyshines

    refreshing looks!


  • emerja

    I love how you write, it always makes me smile:) I like your option, the satin shorts are awesome and the sneakers too:P

  • Natali

    Love your outfit! Great sneakers and pants!

  • Really? Whatever…

  • Adela S.

    Great way to repel men on public transport.

  • thefashionultimatum

    Leandra, when are you going to design your own line?!?!!

  • haha i´m sure you can pull off the bare legs Lea! and dance with flamingos as you do. as always, love your writing. i always imagine a cool British narrator reading your words! 🙂
    XO Jannine

  • alex moresco

    This trend slightly scares me
    Designers are not being practical with this!

  • XeanaFashion

    I like your sneakers! It is so comfortable as opposed to heels!


  • Great outfit, loving the shoes.

  • Amanda

    Seriously, you keep on inspiring me again and again! You are truly some kind of genius.
    Love from Sweden

  • I love the Marc Jacobs look, but just wish the hot pants were long pants! Also, his model looks like she actually works out and tones and doesn’t just starve herself. Good stuff.


  • Liana

    this causes as an issue for me..what am I to do with all the pants I own!

  • Daisy Roadster and Coco

    I saw your entire look via Fashionologie, great idea to live with no pants !
    Daisy Roadster and Coco

  • I’d rather chose your version than the no pants at all version!! xo, Christina

  • danielle

    pants free, way to be. you kicked ass on this one.

  • Hannah

    So awesomeee…I want to see more of what you wore during fashion week though!


  • Finally a good excuse to hang out without my pants at home. It’s the best.

  • I hate pants! this is like my dream every day wardrobe…no pants haha


  • i think with legs like the various ones pictured above, why not embrace this trend? life is too short for pants anyway. at least while your goods are fresh.


  • The Provoker

    Great practical look and still repelling in the oh so fashionable way! Of course the obligatory celine trapeze is needed here lol. Say bye to pants and shorts, we’re gonna bare it all! Oh, do check out my take on a Neo-Amish look, perhaps a potential pre-LFW look?

    xx nathan.niche

  • esm

    where can i buy the shorts online?

  • Malak
  • read the CNN piece on you! way to go kid

  • Fuptastic

    Recognized your Fupa in these shorts on honestly wtf before seeing it on TMR… not sure how to feel about that one…

  • Leslie

    damn we are two birds of a feather. pantsless girl was my high school nickname. anyway, i definitely got the impression that the marc jacobs show is the officiator of spring 13 trends – stripes and high-fashion t-shirts worn with teeny bottoms and tricked-out flats. we’ll see!

  • Leslie

    ps the vag triangle on those shorts

  • emily

    first thing i take off when i get home

  • love it!

  • bahaha love uni-k! Murray Hill?

  • Jully Erikson

    your look seems amazing! I love shorts pants, its very comfortable and easy to wear.

  • Karen Yuan

    Those sneakers are ah-mazing! i really need to get my hands on a pair, alternative to the Isabel Marants that everyone and their dog has.

    x karen

  • solara

    um, the comment “designers are not being practical” hello, much of runway fashion is NOT practical, the point is to be inspired and make practical versions of what you love and wear them your own way. i love pants. i’ll wear them. but i also want to be braver about baring leg, so this is a good time for me to go for it, but i’ll my bits covered. i’m not a prude but flashing vag is not really city-friendly. or too friendly, depending. but practical is not the point of fashion. fabulousness and gorgeousness and fun-ness is. & you are awesome!

  • Christina

    Pants free is the way to be!


  • Opposite Lipstick
  • Felicia

    One of your best outfits ever.

  • JayDave90

    Great way collection!!

  • Martha

    hm… i remember you once trying the “panties look” on the street!! and i find it really audacious!! you girl are not afraid to try what you’re selling,. But who knows,
    what is mas replling today maybe man attractive tomorow,
    In the mean time i’m glad you don’t give a shit!!

  • Adam

    This is great stuff!!!

  • Alexis

    Amazing. Lovee the sneakers.

  • meet me on the sunny road

    It’s funny – if you hadn’t started the article with pants-free outfits I would have thought your satin shorts were shockingly short. Now they somehow seem normal. I do find it strange how fashion is taking towards nudism. First the see-through blouses and the bare nipple craze, and now this. I wonder how will be dressed in a few years (or rather, how we won’t be dressed). Not very man-repelling, I would say! And the worst of all of this is that I am writing this all whilst wearing a see-through blouse and ridiculously short shorts.

  • Bria

    great way to get raped, or groped. No bloody way in hell, I’d rather wear short shorts or something to cover my crotch! Talk about being slutty!

  • Jenaly Enns

    love what you are wearing!

  • I love those shorts on you though! Like LOVE them!

  • Stephanie Feeley

    I don’t think I could ever try this trend no matter HOW popular it got. I myself have been living pants-free for about two years now, but that means that I choose to wear only skirts and dresses. I’m hiding my ‘normal-sized-woman’ thighs under a-line skirts instead of pretending what’s under my jeans could ever be ‘skinny’. So I personally REALLY hope this doesn’t become mainstream. The short-shorts were/are bad enough in my opinion, because most people who wear that look don’t do it as well as you do. Frankly, those satins on you are to die for. But most women in short shorts I see on the street just make me want to die.

    • SarahStrong

      I think women of all sizes can wear short shorts! like every style, there is a right way and a wrong way for everyone. If I’m feeling chilly or my thighs are feeling shy, I throw some leggings or patterned tights under my shorts, that is definitely a flattering and fun look on curvier women, I think!

  • I think the pantless trend is another step towards female liberation, you know, along with the whole Slutwalk thing. We should be able to wear see-through everything and no pants whatever the hell we want, and that should be nobody’s business but our own. And the designers agree with this evolution, whoop whoop

  • Blackn Olive

    Those shorts are friggin sick! love the friggin sneaks as well

  • If I owned a celine trapeze tote I think my life would be complete
    Oh well, I will live vicariously through you!

  • Grace Huang

    oh how i would love to live pants free and be in cute/sexy underwear all day long… if only~


  • V @ thefashionfridge

    “Normal sized women are confused.” You got that right…..

  • Kali-Renee’

    I really like this look. It’s unconventional but it works so well! Love it!

  • Fabita Punk

    I could never wear something like that were I liive….people is so nasty =S


  • If men start going pants free and donning speedos only, I’m out.

  • lafilledanvers

    Such a cool outfit!

  • rozer

    lovely pics with fashion mind

  • Saint Allison

    Pants free is the way to be;) ha- I love this article!

  • Katie

    pants are a bit ridiculous…

  • Lola Reggy

    I am liking your shorts!!


  • Nads

    its a POP – Pants of Party

  • paola

    is it true that those shoes run very large?