Like the French

Short and messy, s’il vous plait.


I forgot how to type. Standing away from the internet these past two days have proven rather challenging but like most things that are hard, taught valuable lessons. On a more marginal note, I learned that the circumstances of our generations “short attention spans” are actually just a testament to the effects of compulsive mobile device checking. We can concentrate, I felt it with my own brain. More important though, the internet is like a really sexy abusive boyfriend. No matter how badly we know we’ve got to get away from it–even if for a little, we just can’t live without it (him.)

That sage advice aside, let’s talk hair.

Image via BFA. Aurelie Bidermann, Jennifer Fisher, Mark Henry rings and bracelets. Vena Cava dress.

And camera lenses. But mostly hair. This is perhaps not the right photo to dive into this topic but it’s horizontal and romantic and you’ve seen my hair enough times to know what it looks like (intentionally frizzy, shoulder length.)

I went for a haircut toward the end of August and anticipated that whatever direction I gave to the stylist would get lost in either his French accent or my poor description skills.

“Cool looking with as little maintenance as possible,” I said as I rubbed my scalp and shook my head from side to side.

Diego, the hairdresser and stylist at Roy Teeluck salon, laughed.

“Short and messy,” I told him

“Like the French,” he complied. At last, he agreed and started to snip.

I started to panic while he was chopping. Feeling the hair come off my head and subsequently watching it fall to the ground gave me the shakes. I didn’t know why. It certainly wasn’t my first haircut (I’ve been known to snip up to 5 inches in the comfort of my own bathroom.) It was then that I realized women are…funny.

It seems like our hair is one collective security blanket, something we can use as a mask to hide behind and play with during uncomfortable situations. Whether or not we want it, we use it and grow attached to it. Which I suppose does make sense–it does after all grow and remain attached to us. I thought about women with pixie cuts and respected their self-reliance.

One hairdresser once told me, “the difference between a good haircut and a bad haircut is two weeks,” but is that really enough time to grow your blanket back? Likely not. Here are women who have abandoned that and dismantled the ability to lean back on head heavy external details for a couple of months, at least. I longed to be one of them.

Meanwhile in real time, when all was said and cut, I was content. Abby, the colorist, glazed a few strategic patches of hair (the natural highlights behind my ears are actually not natural at all,) and my hair looked precisely how I’d pictured it in my head. (I couldn’t resist that pun.) I’d wash it, spray some Surf Spray into it post-shower, let it air dry and look like Alexa Chung (if she had a uni-brow and zygote feet.)

I couldn’t help wonder though if my decision to chop to shoulder was only a means to preserve a sliver of my security blanket. I’ve never pixied, how would I feel? Miserable? Powerful? An unusual marriage of both? This begs the question: how far should one go for the sake of a social experiment?

Shall I balls to the walls and cut my mane to androgynous heights?

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  • Elisa

    Ah hair… short hair is a great idea until you actually do it, and subsequently spend the next 2 years of your life growing it, and then bored with yourself decide to maybe cut it again. A vicious, vicious circle. I’m so bored with hair. Sigh.

    Elisa – Wandering Minds fashion

  • two weeks is more like the difference between a bad haircut and….. a slightly grown out, more shaggy bad haircut….

    i have been in a hair “rut” if you will, for about three years, but the idea of chopping off the locks or abandoning the bangs sends neuronal twitches all over my brain. security in an unstable and tumultuous world is a glorious thing.

  • Oh, I just got a do and color. It’s more extreme than I’m used to – I feel like I’m playing someone else! But it’ll be fun to match my outfits to my new “someone”…and it does grow out.

    I say, go as far as you need to in order to get out of your comfort zone. And, of course, post pics!! 🙂

  • Hair is most definitely a security blanket! I am white knuckled every time I go to my stylist, and I’ve been going to her for 6 years…and she’s never done me wrong! I say kepp your hair, it’s part of your look!

  • India

    French hair is the best, perfect combo of messy yet chic.

  • Kelli

    I like this post. Just recently, I broke up with my controlling boyfriend of 2 years, and then I turned right around, walked into a hair salon and cut my hair off!!! I had no intention of doing this before the break up… but I felt the need for spontaneity, to reclaim a part of me. I felt free. To others, it seems silly, I know. After all, it is only hair. But to me, it symbolized confidence, and a choice to be the woman that I want to be, rather than what he wanted me to be. It has been nearly a month now, and I intend on keeping my new locks, however the color may change soon 🙂 A girl must express herself!! By the way, I think you are lovely. Keep on writing.

  • I shaved my head in March of this year and I’ve never looked back. It was a little scary, but really freeing. I blogged about it. 🙂

  • c.crespo

    You’re right, you have to be pretty confident and comfortable in your own skin when you rock a pixie cut! No “curtains” to hide behind. Do it!!

  • deadwood

    keep ’em! what else could I say? I’m French, the Alexa style.

  • May

    My hair was my security blanket! It was almost waist length, and then I shaved it for charity! Was the most liberating thing I’ve ever done and sooo manageable now!

  • M.

    If you think you’ll want it back in any reasonable amount of time, be willing to endure at least 3 or 4 really fucking awkward stages of post-pixie growth. As a stylist, I’m always enthusiastic about change and, of course, I think you’d look great with short hair, but Diego can’t put it back on your head after its all said and done. (start with fringe maybe?) GODSPEED, MR!

  • I don’t know. Why would you want to cut your blanket off in the first place? I think when trends come and people follow it’s a horrible mess. Certain people really do look wonderful in short manes, but to do it because it is a trend or cutting edge or whatever other reason–eh, doesn’t seem very french to follow. (oy vey + quel dommage!) either way, you are always fresh and fabulous, and your messy mane offers so much fun and versatility. i don’t know.. i wouldn’t kill it for the cause.

  • Well aren’t you a clever girl? I agree with you completely and I actually trust only a few hairdressers with my hair (even though I am sure so many more could do just a good a job), but I tend to panic a bit when I see it going wrong… and so I have resulted in cutting my own hair now that I moved to Mexico (although my English hairdresser gave me some valuable lessons before!).

    Your post is also directly applicable to America’s Next Top model (over) dramatic makeover episodes.

  • lorenzo

    I always think that your hair is the perfect match to your clothing. It is cute and styled enough to not be over the top, and lets your personal style show more! I love short hair, but it’s such “a look” to me, almost like an accessory, and from experience, I know it requires a lot of work! But good luck in whatever you do!

  • Margaux

    i cut off eleven inches of hair LAST EASTER and still regret it – even though my hair is “long” now, it’s nothing compared to where it was. also, i could never go too short because i (sigh) totally have a bald spot. it’s okay, i’ve accepted it. tough life.


  • My hair was mid-boob length when I had it chopped into a pixie cut. It was the best summer decision I have ever made, and made scarves look so much better in the winter. DO IT!!

  • Lisa Simone Daniels

    chopping my hair this afternoon, fun.

    La mode brux

  • me

    (i definitely perceive my hair as a security blanket: kind of a Samson & Deliah thing. my mom used to cut my long blond hair pixie-short when i was a kid & i’d be devastated / traumatized when people mistook me for a little boy !)

  • I thought my hair was my security blanket,until recently when I got tired of my own picture in the mirror.Googled some hairstyles for few days,went to my hair stylist and said “Cut it all off!”. I never felt better in my life!Now I’m myself and I truly regret for not doing it earlier;-)

  • Dana T

    I think taking your hair to new heights (couldn’t resist the pun either) coincides with the very essence of your “man repelling”. There’s a lot of supporting evidence that the majority of men are attracted to longer hair on women. More importantly though, I think you would rock a short messy bob due to your low-maintenance hair nature. However, as experimental and daring we all know you are with fabrics, we haven’t really seen the same in the hair and makeup department so maybe it isn’t something that is very “you”. 

  • norulesjstbeaut

    I truly feel that hair is an accessory. If you don’t change it, switch it up, or allow it to change with fashion, trends, etc. then you’re stuck in a “rut”. I say cut it off. It grows back, and if that takes too long you can always “socially experiment” with extensions.

  • LolaPaola

    I had the same debate with myself the past few weeks, and thanks to my amazing hair dresser I didn’t go through with it. Even though I LOVE the pixie cut / look, it is SUPER high maintenance, way more than shoulder length or longer. It’s easy to picture oneself with the cut looking perfect, but always consider your hair type and texture. Boring but true.

  • Wilhelmina Miltonburn

    Do it. For sure. Because is there really a reason not to?

  • Rach

    I’m ALWAYS confused as to why fashion girls never have, well, fashion hair. And OBVS not “fashion” in the choppy fringe and $12.99 streaky plum coloured highlights sense, but in the actual, Katie Shillington, statement making sense. Long-haired girls do cling to their manes like a hairy security blanket, and I think it might be ultimately because although hair grows back, it’s still a commitment to whichever statement you’re making – unlike clothes that can be peeled or laughed off. Also, you have to have excellent bone structure to pull short do’s off and not all cheekbones were created equal.

  • I can certainly relate to hair being a security blanket… it was never shorter than shoulder-grazing until my junior year of high school, when I went “drastic” and cut it all chin-length. It was liberating, and numerous times since then I’ve been pixie short, various colors (ranging from nearly black to platinum), and have even streaked purple. I love the fact that I can express myself–both personality-wise and style-wise–through my hair and that if I don’t like it, it grows back! Is growing it out after a pixie cut a challenge? Sure is. It gets frustrating when the style is more mullet than cute, and when you can’t do anything to keep it out of your face short of wrapping a towel turban around your head (which doesn’t cut it at my workplace).

    But it’s hair. It grows back if you cut it. You can change the color. Heck you can even change the texture. For as many women who proclaim “ugh I HATE my hair”, you’d think more would be adventurous and say “let’s change it up!”.

    That said, I quite like your longer hair and the versatility it gives you when it comes to styling. While I think you could likely pull off a pixie-short androgynous cut, I’m not sure it would suit you as well as longer hair does. Though, speaking from experience, short hair would most definitely be manrepeller-esque :insert eye-roll here: Seriously… if I had a dollar for every guy that assumed I was a lesbian each time my hair was short, I’d have a nicely padded savings account (or maybe a Coach bag instead). Many men abhor short hair on women. Thankfully, my husband isn’t one of them.

  • I wouldn’t recommend chopping your hair for a social experiment or to prove something to yourself or anyone else. Chop your hair if you would like to experience a new hairstyle, chop your hair if you desire a new look! Perhaps ease into it with a layered bob? When you feel good about the choice head to the salon for a new do!

  • naty

    Last september I cut my hair boyfriend style, and i can tell you : i was completely naked, without any security blanket left! it felt very strange indeed not to have anything to play with, or not to be able to hide your face behing some hair curtain. But many people told me it looked very good on me and, weirdly, they were impressed to see a girl cut all her hair. Personnaly, because of how i dress I preferred it shoulder length, so i’m making it grow back (though, one year later, my hair is still above my shoulders). But I had wanted to do it for so long, and i’m definitely glad I finally did cut my hair like a boy, just to see how it would look 🙂

  • Amanda

    You can do it! Repel all the menz!

  • maura

    I think you should go for it. I recently went from long, messy layers to a super short pixie cut. It was something I had wanted to do for years but I was always afraid, mostly of what other people would think. I forced a friend to go with me for the haircut because I was worried I would need some support afterwards but I didn’t need it. I felt so free, so empowered, and so “me” with short hair. Yes, it takes a bit of time to style (read: put smoothing cream in it, let it air dry, add sculpting gel if i want more style. So not much work at all) it but it looks so much more put together than my long messy hair ever did.

    That being said, make sure you consider your hair type and face shape. My stylist says that if you look good with your hair back in a ponytail then you’ll look good with short, androgynous hair and I agree.

  • Charlotte

    Go for it!! Full-on androgynous! *supports*

  • Domonique

    I agree I equally have respect for self reliant pixie cut owners…do as you wish and I’m sure you’ll make it work 🙂


  • kjmshopper

    What’s wrong with a security blanket? IF your hair happens to be it, then who cares? Why would you want to wake up in the morning, look in the mirror, and feel disappointed or worse when you have enough to face in a day? The first thing I thought when I read this was whether or not you considered the way you dress a security blanket. I mean, it’s fantastic but would you be willing to dress really, really shitty just to show the world you’re not encumbered by it? That would be SO disappointing. Cut your hair if you like; I can’t imagine you not looking cool. But if it makes you happy to have it long, keep it that way.

  • I love your hair and I don’t think you should chop it drastically. It becomes such an integral part of who we are – a part of our identity and things.

    Plus, this new ‘do sounds perfect!

  • olivia sacha soyons ouf

    I just booked my first haircut in almost two years and it’s tomorrow! I’ve let it grow down to my belly button and even though I’m only planning on cutting off a couple inches, I’ve been secretly dreaming of chopping it all off to a bob. I just don’t have the guts to let go of my blanket just yet. I think I’d cry.

  • alcessa

    You know, I think most of us look much better with a pixie cut. Unfortunately, it is not men repelling at all, at least my hubby couldn’t help himself and had to … tousle it (it is actually called “wurschteln” where I live) regularly (he is allowed to). “Used to” because I let it grow a bit (think the blond Victoria Beckham only I am not) and now he doesn’t really feel like playing with it anymore …
    I really cannot have my hair cut short every month, I’ve got texts to misspell and shades of grey to read, but I guess I’ll return to the pixie some time again soon.
    It’s much more fun than any other hairstyle PLUS my definition of a blanket (of course I need those, too) is a nice, comfy cardigan/T-shirt, like, with real colors and as many natural fibres as I can lay my hands on/put my money in. Grass green. Teal. Burgundy red. Royal blue. Hair is no comparison to that …

  • Michelle

    I think it all comes down to the chin you have. I have a weak chin, too short a cut only highlights it.

  • I think your hair is lovely. It has that low-matience rolled out of bed perfection. That being said if you’re leaning towards a change go for it. I had too many bad, I’ll just call them androgynous for lack of a better word, haircuts in high school, including one that left me looking like an angst ridden, punky Molly Ringwald. Point of this run-on? I didn’t cut my hair for years after. I hit hair the safety zone of my 20’s I just let it grow and grow. Eventually I had to face all my teenage fears and hit the chair. One of the best decisions ever. When you want a change it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks.

  • I used to have really long hair and just recently cut it in a pixie cut. It was one of the few best decisions of my life. It is so easy to maintain and I feel like I can try out more hairstyles than I could with my long hair. Having short hair also gives you a sort of confidence that you would never have hiding behind longer hair. It’s like people look at you and say “Damn, that girl has balls.” So I vote yes on getting an androgynous cut!

    • I miss having a pixie cut, that was the best haircut I did, and I was always afraid it would make my face look fatter, but you know what I had some of the cutest hairstyles come out of that cut, and because i walked around convinced that i look good, nobody could tell me otherwise.

  • Aja

    I agree. Hair is like an essential tip off to any well put together outfit. If the hair is off then count it all a loss in my opinion. When we as women can move away from that stigma and take more risks with our hair, we will then be better equipped to overcome the “my hair makes or breaks me” stigma. As of now, I am not quite there yet.

  • Whenever I air dry my hair and go out I tell people it’s “Man Repeller Style” but it never looks as man repellish as yours does T_T but it does the job haha


    The Artistically Challenged Fashion BLOG 🙂

  • Why not? You only live once right and since we aren’t talking about anything that will result in a death or serious injury I saw #yolo! Cut it, and see what works,Personally I think you would look nice with hair above the shoulder, it would still look good messy, but even if you ironed it straight i think it would look really nice, maybe an angled cut, longer in the front, a bit shorter in the back.

  • Selena

    I’m shocked that you are that self-concious about your hair, you are the man repeller! You shouldn’t care, you do what you feel is best. no matter what your hair looks like, we’ll all still follow you. just keep that color, natural looking is best and low maintenance

  • Alicia

    Your analogy of the Internet to a sexy, abusive bf is amazing…as is your hair cut
    (recently got the same style) & B&B Surf Spray. Go with your gut on the length! Hair grows, so I like to always think of it as a work in progress.

  • farandwild

    blame mermaids, rapunzel, or botticelli’s venus but i love long hair on a lady. don’t get me wrong, i totally admire the balls it takes to go short but there’s nothing quite like a gorgeous, flowing mane in my book! but maybe that’s only cause i’ve got no balls?


  • Irene

    I´ve just had my hair cut and I regret so so so much… 🙁 I need to be connected to the internet to overcome that tragedy.

  • Alex

    I love the way short hair goes with your style! It is perfect!
    I started playing with the idea of cutting my hair recently too! I’ve had it long and blond for ages but I’m thinking I might need a change soon! I would definetely go for short and messy.
    xoxo Alex

  • Short hair is chic! But like you explained, easier said than done!

  • Alex

    I love this blog, but as of late some of the writing has been ..harder to follow? Serious blocks of colloquial text are great, but this post and your recent “afterthought” on street style are even better. You make your journalism profs proud.

  • Alisuca Ivan

    i can’t believe you even thought about going there. please don’t cut it.

  • M

    Yes! I have had a pixie cut and i loved it! Very liberating, and it grows back so quickly anyway.

  • sketch42

    The shoulder length hair is so-wrong its right. Its the length all the religious girls who wore skirts in yeshivah had their hair, and wore with headbands.
    Because its so curly, I could never have short hair, and i wear my long furry alpaca blanket with pride.

  • Alice

    I think you should just go for it! Go pixie and never look back! I personally like to grow my hair long (ish), so that I can have my hairstylist chop it all off. My moto in life (well one of my motoes, anyway) is you never should cut your hair the same way twice. You might hate yourself during the first couple of days (it’s the “Oh my f****** God, what did I do!!!”), but once you get used to the short haired girl staring back from the mirror, I guarantee you’ll be pleased with the turns of events. It’s one of the few times you can look at your fellow women and say: “Yes, you might be gorgeous and have gorgeous long hair, but I have the confidence to know I look awesome without it! Hell yeah :)!”

  • Jennifer

    I have anxiety about getting my hair cut so I usually do it myself. At least then I know it’s my fault and I didn’t waste money! haha

    xo Jennifer

  • Megs

    Short hair changes the look of your style. It can make you rethink some outfits, unless you’re going for a Ziggy Stardust/ Tilda Swinton kinda thing. I had to restyle a lot of my outfits after cutting off 13 inches and getting a pixie cut. I say DO IT for the sake of adding a new level to your style!

  • PrincessManners

    Some of the most beautifully feminine women ever (Halle, Audrey) and many other beauties are more striking with short hair. You have beautiful eyes and bones. Be your badass self! I have prominent neck scars from a car accident, and my boyfriend loves that I rock short hair anyway.


    that would be quite interesting to see…

  • Cat

    I think there is only one question to worry about here: How man-repelling will a man repeller go?

  • Ai-Ch’ng

    While a pixie-cut requires lots of attention, a shorter version of what you presently wear, a choppy, wavy bob at ear-lobe level or just above, with various, apparently random layers and varying lengths that allow your natural wave to go wild, would look pretty fabulous on you.
    Such a choppy, wavy, uneven (even asymmetrical??) bob would give you the neck-baring, heart-freeing experience that pixie-cut devotees sing about – without two weekly salon visits – and still afford you the luxury of chopping bits off yourself in the comfort and convenience of your own bathroom.
    I’ve done the big, (self) layered chop a few times before, and really enjoyed it. And, like all the girls say, it grows back 🙂
    Having said that, you being you, such a cut could never make you look androgynous even if you tried; you would just look really funky in an I-don’t-care-what-anyone-thinks-because-I-feel-happy way.
    And did I already mention that it grows back?

  • let me start with this……this is my first time reading your blog! love it!
    next, it is an amazing feeling having no hair on your neck or shoulders…i urge you to try it.
    shoulders and necks are extremely sexy, and considering i am a professional in the industry…i can chop it for you!!

  • I had long hair all my life, and always felt it was part of me, and never imagined myself otherwise. I had no problem playing with color, had it everything between black and super blond, and texture, and different lengths … but it was always long. It was a matter of long or longer. 3 years ago I just decided to chop it off, to an asymmetrical bob, with my right side super short, and I really loved it! I felt great, and the freedom of washing and drying my hair in 10 minutes was something new and amazing! I loved touching it, and loved the feeling of a bare neck. It was so powerful and FUN! i am growing it back now though, as I really missed my lovely girly locks. And I don’t mean the short hair was not girly, it really was, but a different kind of girly, a wilder, freer, stronger girl. I am going back to my delicate girly now, with wavy hair and all 🙂 I think it is a good idea to just go for it, and try. You will get to discover a new you, and who knows, maybe you will like it more, and feel like that is how you were always supposed to be. Do it! I feared my hair will never grow back, or at least it will take 10 years or so, but it is already long.

  • Mslsearch

    You can’t go wrong at Roy Teeluk. Had the cut of my life there in 2005! Still jonesing for it. You always look wonderful, hip, funny, cool, thoughtful and RIGHT FOR YOU!! Plus you are hilarious and smart to boot. Love your blog. Keep it up. Xoxo from SF, Cali.

  • m

    Wrong use of begs the question…

    • sarah

      how so?

  • Security blanket hahaha. Couldn’t agree more.
    As for “like the French”, how funny is it that right now all the French are obsessed with surf spray “like the Americans”. I’m French, so I’m allowed to make generalities over a couple particularities seen around me.
    Hair’s undergoing globalization. Confusing, yes, highly confusing.

  • Greer


    But hey saying that might make you want to!

  • I think your hair suits you wonderfully, the lenght and the color. I think it would be cooler to play a bit more with color rather than chop the hell out of it.
    I should know, I was victim of an involuntary mullet years ago, and it took me 4 years for it to get even. Scared of hair stylists forever now. As if the mullet wasn’t enough, they also gave me spikey bangs and spiked up the hair on top of my head. I looked like an angry pineapple.

  • je2eb3l

    It’s just hair. It’ll grow back. Go for it.

  • Glykeria Roilides

    ‘The difference between a good haircut and bad haircut is two weeks’; in which meantime you can practice the wearing of a nice turban or even better, a certain hooded cape I noticed at the Alexander Wang show… You can find a great chance in every misfortune.

  • Amy Arisse
  • Fabita Punk

    My hair is such a mess lately…no matter what i do it always looks like i was in the 80’s LOL
    I’m doing a GIVEAWAY HERE–> Just in case you want apply 🙂 $50 FREEBIES + SURPRISE GIFT + NECKLACE

  • Aya

    Go for it! I think you have a good face for it!
    I went pixie and at first I felt really exposed, but then I felt empowered and started loving my face. I saw go for it. I bet it would look amazing on you. Plus, less hair means more focus on accessories!

  • do it! it’s JUST hair! and totally risk free b/c it Always grows back.

    Cancer was my ballsy hairdresser of choice that made me look like moby for a year (i actually ended up meeting him and got a ‘twin pic’ out of it so can’t complain). As my hair started growing back (evolution: GI-jane–> angry britney –> stella tenant –> twiggy…) i basked in compliments of looking so chic and rocking a confidence that others only wish they had [mind you I didn’t usually mention to them why i really had to chop it]. But it did give me a new confidence, a new personal style (and fantastic excuses to spend it all on missoni + pucci scarves for my head – try mixing those patterns with your outfit!)

    so, do it. it grows. you grow. and its a fashion challenge 🙂

  • Dena Stern

    I have been thinking a lot about hair recently because I am about to start my chemo and lose it all – (ridiculous, I’m 29, wtf) and my wig maker said to me “girl, I get it, it’s a big deal, hair is to a woman like penis is to a man, it’s a huge part of your identity” – that said, go to a wig shop and try on a pixie and see if you like it – just because hair is a big deal does not mean you weren’t meant to be Edie Sedgwick….

    • carol

      I cut my shoulder length hair to a pixie about 18 months ago, and the compliments are increasing as I creap even shorter. There is an inverse relationship…the shorter my hair, the greater the compliments. I get about 3 compliments from total strangers every week. Now, I will say, I live in Dallas which is the land of long blonde hair with big fake boogs, neither of which I have. My pixie helps me to stand out among the crowd; otherwise, i am just another brunette with shoulder length hair. The trade off…i do have to get it cut about every 5 weeks and if your hair grows fast, you might need to color frequently. it only takes me a minute or so to dry with just some style paste to add texture (think Halle Barry). BUT, I do have to wear eye makeup or it can look a little masculine.

    • PaperGownFashion

      Ok, I know this is from MONTHS ago but I just read it & I hope you’re doing well! I’m almost 26 and lost all my hair to chemo 3 years ago and as shitty as the chemo part was, the no-hair part was AWESOME. I could wear crazier makeup and giant earrings, and when it started coming back in, I kept it barely-longer than buzz length until about 6 months ago, when I started letting it grow a little longer.

  • Cut it all off! I just took the pixie plunge — best hair decision ever. I’m always getting compliments, plus it’s low maintenance & completely chic 🙂

  • Sylvie

    Only go short if you don’t have weird cowlicks. Otherwise it is HIGH maintenance…read daily bedhead/flat spot fixing. Have you ever noticed that you “lose power in the chair”. The hairdresser gets you thinking you are a freaking fashion model and and the new trend would be great on you…and you believe them! Then you get home, cry and tell yourself, WTF was I thinking letting that low budget hairdresser practice on me. This is all wrong!

  • justafan

    Hair…touchy subject! Mine is falling out due to Systemic Scleraderma. But, I’ll keep it as long as I can to the last stran. Yes long, I can sit on it, so I keep it a poytail/braid. All you women who complain about those “bad hair days”, just appreciate what you got, work with it and pray you never loose it!!!

  • Charlotte

    I agree with the majority of the comments, you should do it! Now I have to be honest – it is not man repelling at all. So that should not be the reason you want to do it.

    So here comes my story to persuade you: I had super long, wavy hair. It was pretty, but looking back on it – it wasn’t me. My reason for cutting it? Being a twin sometimes asks for serious changes. So, I’ve decided to cut it so I would finally get different comments than: unlike your sister, you have a very round face. Well, thank you m’am.

    I started with a short bob and I’ve had many different types of bobs after that. Then, after some serious googling and blogging I went for the pixie cut (I have to say all those Parisiennes made it more easy to take the plunge). The frase “Go hard or go home” kept popping in my head while my hair dresser went all Edward Scissorhands!

    But, I’ve never felt more confident and never did I receive more compliments from both women and men. I’m now letting my hair grow again, because I miss wearing a braid or a bun. But that’s the beauty of it – it grows back and you can cut it off anytime you want.

  • I’m curently struggling with whether I want to pixie or just shag my hair. I’m cutting it to at least chin short, but it gives me anxiety. Haircut in an hour and a half. Eeee.

    • I DID IT. Eee!

      • Gosia

        I don’t know how did you look before, but now you look great, very feminine and classy! :))

  • jenae b

    i like your blog a lot and think you have a good sense of humor but i don’t think the analogy of an abusive boyfriend is really appropriate or acceptable, especially considering the number of young girls who read your blog 🙁

  • JustJules

    I’d say no. No, actually I’d say hell no. My medium length brownish redish boring hair is my security blanket and my drug of choice. As I was losing a lot of it recently to thyroid issues I thought, well maybe I should just lie down on the train tracks and call it good. Thankfully it’s coming back. So, do you want your security blanket to be a wash cloth? Because that’s how it will feel if you cut your hair. Miley Cyrus is playing it cool, but I bet she cries before bed everynight screaming “where the F’ is my hair?” Don’t be Miley Cyrus. Keep your hair.

  • Anna Turabelidze

    Is it normal to be asking that same question to myself (Shall I balls to the walls and cut my mane to androgynous heights?) every other month?

  • Victoria

    i think hair, ain´t that important, i´ve cut it ike a thousand times, i´ve let it grow.. it´s actually pretty funny, i mean… when you cut it everyone seems to let it grow and you feel like oOMG WTF did i just do to my hair… but when you let it grow, you feel like I WANT TO CUT IT FOR GODDAMN haha the reality is that women ARE funny.. we just care too much.. unless you are like a big star then YOU HAVE to care too much.. because if you don´t people is going to! haha and the truth is no one likes when they do not so nice commets.. and the hair it´s like the cover of what are you wearing, what are you doing… it´s what defines you… so if my advice for a hair cut it´s if you are not sure.. go to a wig shop and try them ALL then you´ll now what do you like.. if you ARE sure, and just cut it.. you are gonna regret it at some point… conclusion IT´S NOT A BIG DEAL.. or at least that´s my last thought.. haha LOVEE YOUR BLOG, just saw you in the Fashion Police, AMAZING. Sincerely, a Joan Ranger!

  • The first pixie cut I ever got, I was in junior high and had an androgynous physique and facial features and and such, felt like a boy and unattractive the whole time it took until it grew out. As I got older, I held onto my hair as a security blanket and the shortest I ever went was a asymmetrical bob (which was actually quite short, the back was undercut with a razor). Then it grew out a bit and when I was traveling in Asia, I pixied my hair. For a variety of reasons.

    One was that I was traveling on my own and when I had previously done so in Europe, I was constantly harassed by men and I thought if I cut my hair to be something that men find unappealing, it would be easier for me to travel (it actually worked, though I’m not sure if I was harassed less because of cultural differences or the hair).

    Another was that as I got older, I started making friends and getting involved in organizations that are very hippie dippie at their core and challenge societal ideas. I made a number LGBTQ friends and was introduced to new ideas of gender and identity. I wanted to know what it meant to have “unfeminine” hair as an adult woman. I was interested in people’s reactions and to challenge my own identity as being a heterosexual, cisgender woman and whether or not I could detach my identity as a woman from what has been identified as feminine.

    The other reason is that it really is just bloody hot in Asia in the summer and I wasn’t exactly traveling in luxury. I didn’t want to deal with wearing a hot hat that I could not take off and having to deal with washing a curtain of hair in traveling situations where a shower is not always an option.

    It’s been almost a year since I chopped it all off and in my experiences, I’ve actually grown more confident both as a person and as a woman because of it. I can’t hide behind feminine locks and people see ALL of my face. Because it takes so long to grow out, I had to learn to be comfortable with it and quite frankly, I love my hair. I think I look better with short hair than I did with long hair. As for reactions from other people – most people like my hair and I get a lot of compliments on it. I definitely don’t attract a certain type of guy because of it…..and I’ve found that I attract much older guys because of it. It has been an interesting social experiment. I’m in the process of growing it out simply because I want long hair again. But…it’s a difficult process and I might just chop it all off again.

    Anyway….wigs are a good option when you have pixie hair but want long hair sometimes. 🙂