In The Studio

With Marchesa’s Georgina Chapman


I spent an hour at the Marchesa studio earlier this week. Walking into a dimly lit studio where familiar faces (see: Tabitha Simmons,) stood around a model being fitted, Georgina Chapman, one half of Marchesa, wearing a long white blouse and leather pants with flats, sat on her knees pinning a hemline. “Should it be this length?” She asked the bevy of stylish English girls around her.

The purveyors of sharp frozen memories, Canon have commissioned five celebrities to create and direct their own short films. They will, as Canon hopes, prove famous film director Ron Howard’s theory that, “everyone is creative.”

Among the slew of five personalities, none other than Marchesa’s Georgina Chapman. This is how I found myself staring at the inner workings of the composition of one of the most anticipated shows of New York Fashion Week. While the film has yet to release–with four days until show time, there is bead work to be had–I’ve partnered with Canon in the preliminary process to capture Chapman’s design inspiration and learn more about the runway process from the devil’s mouth and action, using a Canon 5D SLR.

Ironically, the same camera used to capture the details of my Marchesa-dress-laden wedding. I do enjoy a wholesome full circle coming to fruition. Have a look at some of the pictures, from her work station, just below.

A photo of Audrey Hepburn on the infinite inspiration wall. Here’s hoping at least something is modeled after the extensive fabric covering her upper half.

A swatch of the bead work–something I learned is carefully sketched and then created in house at Marchesa on 26th street.

A model getting fit in the distance, some fabric and bead swatches in focus. There is an undeniable air of Bollywood about this collection–Chapman mentioned that she’s quite taken by the aesthetic qualities of Indian culture: the vibrant colors, masterful sewing, stitching, beading and hemming. When asked how about the design process she stoically explained, “we’ve been working on this collection since last Fashion Week.”

To inspire Chapman’s next project, see here. Ah, the anticipation grows.

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  • erika
  • Hannah

    It looks like it’s going to be stunning. I can’t wait to see what it turns out like!


  • emily.lindesil

    a beguiling Audrey blossoming bird feathers goes to Bollywood…oooh sounds bewitching! can’t wait to see the beautiful results…

  • lexie

    wow can’t wait to see it!

  • it’s always interesting to see behind the scene!!!!

  • laima hareer

    can’t wait to see the collection, loving the concept

  • moiminnie

    Love the inspiration and the sketches. Being a fashion/textile designer myself, I did a collection inspired by India a while ago, so to see this is much appreciated. Thanks for posting! xx

  • interesting…

  • Esther Jeon

    love the inspiration board! i absolutely love audrey hepburn (:

    Esther xx

  • Love that picture of the sketch and the beading. I think it’s easy to forget how much work goes into things – especially when so much nowadays is cheaply made. Glad to see the label is living up to its reputation.

    Some great angles here. Dunno whether it’s your photography, the outing-motivator 5D, or the space itself, but these pics truly make the studio look as romantic and cliche as I want it to be. Can’t wait to see her film one day.

    (PS: Thank you SO much for taking a pic w/ me at Paige the other nightl You totally fulfilled all my fangirl dreams. And sorry about the Forever 21 scarf. Even the French mess up sometimes.)

  • Lotus Blossom Design

    Wow what an hour that must have been! I can’t believe you were able to steal some shots of her inspiration boards…amazzzzzing.

  • Dida Trendy Now

    You are so LUCKY to have been invited to tha studio!!!
    We are dying of envy right now!
    Visit our blog for more trends 😉
    Besos from Ecuador
    Diana and Daniela

  • Sharon
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  • Those beads and that last picture make me very anxious to see the new collection. I love intricate, beautiful embroidery. Also, thanks to my Bangladeshi neighbours love for Bollywood musicals and constant replays of the respective soundtracks, I think I will be down with whatever Oriental shenanigans Marchesa will come up with. It’s embedded in my brain now.

  • I love the universe and the inspiration board here ! So nice !

  • The Provoker

    You’re so lucky, the studio is fab with all the details and embroideries, such texture candies! Also a canon 5D, damn that’s a good one!! Oh btw, if you want to know what went down at London’s Fashion’s Night
    Out you got to check this out, there’s a funny pic of me with Matthew
    Williamson even though I look odd so don’t judge lol-

    xx nathan.niche

  • nataluya85

    anything inspired by bollywood has got to be amazing!!!!!


  • I also really like the typical Bollywood colors. And the inspiration board.
    Thanks for sharing these with us. Always nice to get an inside look!Love, Jolien

  • Christina

    If the inspiration is that beautiful, I can’t imagine what the final product will look like!


  • watch out naomi shon, the man repeller is getting pretty good with a camera!


  • megan

    How amazing to be there and see it for yourself! Her inspiration board was so…inspiring! Hope you had a great time. Enjoy the rest of fashion week! PS–I really dig your blog! xoxo, Megan

  • This is the stuff I love to see, behind the scenes! Thanks for posting!!

  • Natalie

    How dare you post about wearing Marchesa at your wedding and not put a pic?! Pretty please?

  • Floatstardust

    So special!

    Wanna float with us?

    xx, Sonia & Angie

  • thanks for the reminder that i need to to my fashion design homerwork instead of surf the internet. I wanna be on her level!!!! 🙂 **back to work**