Hate To See You Go

Read some fashion week rhetoric, yolo.


But man oh man, I love to watch you leave. With day 0 and day 1 over and out, here’s a brief recap detailing the runway events of the yester…days.

It started yesterday at 4PM when a very pregnant Rachel Comey debuted her Spring/Summer 2013 collection at Pier 59. The show opened with a sleeveless white shift dress and continued following a pattern of several oversized white silhouettes including one particular jumpsuit for either the thinnest or consequently most pregnant repeller. (Note: this sentence took twenty minutes to finish because my perman-friend shouted resiliently from the couch behind me, “I know more about Scott Schuman than you do.” What is that?) In a seamless transition to grey, black and then to pink, blue, even green, the collection told many stories about several different girls.

Part kooky, part elegant, whole girly and cool, she’s the best friend you wish you’d had in the era you wish you’d been in. And, well, yes–she’s got vagina fever too. (See: strapless party goer at left.)

This morning at BCBG Max Azria, where blogging kindred alike infiltrated a big chunk of the front row, one synchronized story was told. With a color palette that tended to abide quite strictly by the bounds of white, black, salmon and a muted–almost grey–blue, this collection seems fit for the quintessential fashion editor, fashion week bound and ready to kill it. “Kill it,” I say. This just in: my vernacular takes a turn for the deficient.

But kill it she will, trust me. With leather harnesses and dark rugged over-all (as in, she could not be a farmer in those clothes,) details amid lady-like crepe dresses–it’s the disconnect most alluring outfits look for. I was particularly keen on the influx of pseudo negligees and mid-length dresses and skirts. Harem pants were had but most importantly, I think this collection may have been a re-enforcing testament to the return of tie belts. See also: Veda.

Shortly thereafter, Richard Chai did Richard Chai and reminded us that mini skirts are still okay. This is always a fun one to watch–the soundtrack tends to get a heart beat pumping and the notion of watching wearable clothes at a runway show feels, I don’t know, accessible. Loads of bare midriffs and barely there sheath dresses (“nipples are in, but mine are out,”) composed this show and if I had to guess who he was designing for I’d say Sporty Spice but only if she was also starting a fashion blog. Really articulate shit right there.

There was also, I should add, some real pleasant bead-work and lame(insert accent here.) It all but screamed, “I’m blinding you and I don’t even care because this is so good and you are aware of that.” This would inevitably come followed by, “yeah.”

And at Kimberly Ovitz, serene music and loads of white smoke opened the show. Most models wore Siamese warrior cuffs along each arm. The typical drapery and expert layering evident in many of Ovitz’s collections found itself here. Seemingly though, in a softer tone. The models walked barefoot across a clay runway and not even one white hemline was tampered with in the process. In my mind’s eye, this collection is made for the girl who knows what she likes but isn’t necessarily consumed by capital F-Fashion. She’s something of a warrior of the mind.

For quicker updates in realer time, tune in to Manstagram. And with that, my glassy eyes and I bid a good night.

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  • monkeyshines

    stunning looks!


  • asweet

    Smashing coverage… Especially on Ovitz. Brilliant.

  • Difficult rhetoric to read through, but oddly enjoyable at the same time. Enjoying your take of NYFW.

    Visit my blog at: FarytaleBlog


  • CheersCharlie

    great review of the fashion shows! loved the Ovitz review the most.


  • Jennifer

    Gorgeous collection!

    xo Jennifer

  • Bonnie Clyde

    Ovitz… beauty

  • Greer

    If I were Ovitz I don’t think it let my beautiful white babies anyway near that clay shit (although it looks really fun to walk in).


  • Kay Jaswan

    I’m loving this floaty, looser fitting garment shape-my diet will be quite happy with this non-restricting silhouette. Awesome review Manrepeller!

  • Sharon
  • too bad I missed Ovitz show that runaway i sick ….and what about Nikolas K ? any coverage??

  • Eva Kraaijeveld

    Awesome shows and collections <3!!


  • The BCBG Max Azria collection is absolute perfection!

  • Greer

    See this is why I keep coming back to your blog and am subscribed to every social media outlet you have. Nobody else has such a take on fashion week!


  • DaNa

    Great selections!

  • The Provoker

    gosh so amazing, I love the shimmery shorts or skirt from the first collection, I appreciate the couture-esque gowns with cut outs and laces, but most fond of the color palette and texture choices from Richard Chai, shiny things make me smile 🙂

    xx nathan.niche

  • ClosetCravings

    Lovin’ Kimberly Ovitz’s show. I desperately want to walk barefoot on clay now.
    Satisfy Your Cravings For Celebrity Style and All Things Stylish and Sweet

  • zesiku


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  • laima hareer

    the long white lace maxi is to die for!


  • Lisa Simone Daniels

    Very much in to the BCBG Max Azria, thank you for sharing this!

    La mode brux

  • Caity @ Moi Contre La Vie

    Thanks for the update and pictures, a great succinct review of Day One!

  • mariposa fashion blog

    Beautiful pictures. Tks to sharing!
    xoxo from germany

  • Comey brings out my girly. And still loving this sport thing glad Richard Chai is keeping it alive.

  • nataluya85

    great pics for sure!!!!! loving most of what i’m seeing so far from NYFW.


  • Such a so nice collection !


  • Chelsie Moss

    Great looks! I loved the HONOR show, with all the great textures(I have pics on my site if anyone wants too see that show). Cant wait for more! -C


  • I only like the Kimberly Ovitz and Richard Chai show and hated the BCBG show.

    • Giselle C. Thomas

      I’m curious to know what you hated about the BCBG show. I really liked the juxtaposition of the materials and the feel of it. I really loved Kimberly Ovitz’ collection (it’s more resort like — I’m from the Caribbean) 😉

      • BCBG is about the silhouette. Yes he kept with his flowy aesthetic however the cuts, fabric and layering is complete unflattering and not versatile. Being that BCBG is a commercial line I don’t see this translating for mass consumption.

  • Namrata Kedar

    For all of us who cant be present at the fashion week, this is a good update!


  • there’s a little something for everyone in here, and by everyone i mean me. the girly girl in me is loving the richard chai. the elegant lady is really feeling the rachel comey. the party girl needs that max azria collection like now. and the warrior woman in me wants to live in kimerly ovitz. but enough about me, me, me and a big thanks to you, you, you for documenting this for all of us, us, us!


  • Glamour&Gin

    Oh man, am I really loving the Comey line. I like how it’s so varied and yet somehow still cohesive. I’m having a really hard time deciding which one I like the best though. Like Far and Wild said, there’s something that appeals to me in almost every peice featured here. It’s like style over-stimulation. (Over-style-ation? what?)

    Either way, I’m so glad for this update! I would kill to be at FW right now.

  • Nuit Hernandez

    Ovitz = Genius!!! gorge collection!

  • I usually judge fashion as “what I’d wear if I had money” or “what would I wear if I had insane amounts of money”. Some of these outfits fit into these categories, I am surprisingly attracted to two white outfits in particular. And it’s the worst kind of white for me, so I’d look terrible in them even if I could afford them. Damn it, Universe!
    Back to posting pics of my cats, brb.


  • love the sparkly sweater, it’s like reptile esque…
    – Nancy

  • Farha

    Love it… I am really liking the cuffs!


  • V @ thefashionfridge

    YAY the Man Repeller’s Fashion Week analyses have started! Always excited to see your take on one of the biggest events of the year. Lady boners, come at me.


  • NoOneSpesh

    Love the little Clueless refrence! You’re post is so “evoking”!

  • I love your commentary to the point where words are unfit. Wonderful look at NYFW! Thanks for sharing, Leandra.

    xo Maya