Getting Ready

And an FNO public service announcement.


























Scott Schuman’s lens knows what’s for breakfast.

In an abrupt transition from pool side to Abe-Lincoln Center bound: hey, how’s this photo for a charming dose of fAsHuN wEeK inspiration? It characterizes that seamless marriage of what is unarguably “chic,” or maybe romantic about fashion, (see pink sleeves peeking out of a white sweater, flimsy, novel shorts and more tough belts, elegant sandals in kookier colors,) to it’s coming-of-age step-sister, fun (see: the now ubiquitous Prada smoking lips held up against real lips–that are not my own.) Isn’t there just something magical about it all?

And onto the events of Fashion’s Night Out. Ah, the eve of many partnerships. Consider this an unofficial summoning to join me Thursday night at the Paige Denim boutique (71 Mercer Street,) between Spring and Broome from 6 to 7PM. We will talk about interesting things and look at ripped jeans and drink champagne and really enjoy ourselves. Following that, we will hop scotch over to Grand Central Station with Bobbi Brown where maybe, just maybe, I will learn how to apply makeup once and for all. 7 to 8. It wouldn’t be the same without you there. That speaks for both events. More on this tomorrow, but: come on! Yeah! Friendship!

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