French Favorites

Volume One


It almost seems easier to “cover” the international fashion weeks remotely. Indulging in the immediate nature of’s coverage and the simple task of searching a hashtag (see: #celinefurshoes, #celinebirkenstocks, #margielasinuscuffs,) on twitter or instagram are no digital feats I take for granted.

Insight I can offer given the first hand experience this Paris Fashion Week has provided include the pros and cons of both. Pro of Paris: time is not the enemy. Con of Paris: It is not New York. Pro of New York: It’s familiar, which is subjective, and never very lonely. Con of New York: It is not Paris.

That mutual con isn’t supposed to be some obscure observation that points toward existentialism, there’s just something to be said about recognizing and appreciating the art of the fashion show–this is something Paris offers. The shows are thoughtful, grandiose productions and though that’s translated to New York, the authenticity and romance–maybe even nostalgia, that Paris offers remains indigenous to the city. It does get lonely though and that’s something not even the quietest of New York Fashion Weeks can combat–there’s an art to the collective hustle of New York and tends to ignite real kinship and ship and canoes and ship.

All that said, here’s a bit of what I’ve seen, liked, not seen, loved.

I appreciate that Isabel Marant‘s recurring constant is the seamless and easy transition from the following season. The vibe and silhouettes rarely change–they’re just updated. Hawaiian prints and studs (the inspiration included Elvis and Las Vegas,) were smashed onto her signature silhouettes and one particular white cropped top (at right,) told me: cha-ching. Also, the chokers.

And the shoes: I can’t speak to the left hand slant toe but there’s something very nostalgic about these. They’re wrapping up the sensibility of 90s runway culture and shooting it out of a big ass gun that renders everything “new.” Call me if that doesn’t make sense, we’ll talk it out.

At Maison Martin Margiela: The sinus cuffs.

This is a sentiment I tweeted. I tried to prove my thoughts with a photo but recognized shortly thereafter that sinus cuffs are invisible to even the most naked of filtered eyes. It was hard to demonstrate with words any other way and so now I must ask–do you know what I mean? To the right I imagine what will happen is you will try to shield your eyes from sunlight and then you will fail.

Per the clothes, this show came directly after Isabel Marant and because the studs, cropped tops, easy dresses, exciting prints and interesting shoes all but light up Coachella flash bulbs in my head, I went to Margiela with camping trips on my mind. When I arrived, I was happy to learn the collection very well accomplished the actual camping portion of the trip. Why pitch a tent when you can wear one? Why?

And from before the start of my trip: the two lightest highlights of Paris Fashion Week included a. Balenciaga flamenco skirts.

See: left. B. Balenciaga embroidery, C. Balenciaga bare midriffs and subtle cut-outs at large, D. white sleeveless lab coats. E. French hair.

And then there was the most eclectic highlight of the week, and you just let me know if I’ve allowed Jordan Catalano to infiltrate my thinking process and let it spill over to my general disposition far too aggressively:

Dries van Awesome (Noten.) This collection is oozing with personal style–carefully selected for you.

The sheer skirt and pant details and combination of embellished (body obstructing) low waist pencil skirts (note the irony in that description) paired with the various sheer, silk, organza plaid blouses feel fresh. Don’t they? It’s so simple, and wearable, nothing here seems very novel. It’s easy to consume and yet feels so exclusive, new, luxurious. Maybe it’s the wearability factor and the collections luster lays inΒ  the idea that decompartmentalized all of these pieces (including the sheer tent maxi suit) seem so simple.

Yes, step into Dries and quietly, you rule the world.

Or at the very least, your own universe. Up next: Celine birkenstocks.

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  • Alexa Strautmanis

    Is it weird that as a long-term contact lens wearer the thing I like the most on this page is the sinus cuff? I’m not usually a bifocals kind of girl but the cuff looks soo interesting I don’t care!

  • Meelena L

    I have to agree with the Drie van Awesome! I love everything they do!


  • James Pouliot

    Yes, some awesome stuff this week in Paris. Kudos for you for putting together such a nice website and I’m loving your input.

    Check out my new blog post at

    Much love,


  • Che
  • Sharon

    I’m so proud Dries van Noten is from the Netherlands!


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    giveaway on my blog!

  • Reptilia

    Isabel Marant…<3 My favourite!!


  • the dries collection was amazing but what else is new ya know? same with isabel marant, she really kills it with that instant wearability. and i totally agree with your assessment of new york vs. paris. paris is simultaneously the best place in the world to be alone and the worst place in the world to feel lonely. but what i wouldn’t give to be back there!


    • the best place in the world to be alone and the worst place in the world to feel lonely


      then again, I think I could bare being lonely if I were wrapped in that sleeveless white trench

  • NinaPapaioannou

    Dries Van Noten is inspiring! Love what I can do now with a sheer plaid shirt!

  • monkeyshines

    gorgeous pieces!


  • Flo LaBrado

    The hair at Martin Margiela is beautiful (even If i do prefer a little more dirty hair).

    Dries van Noten looks chic and awesome and wearable and nice enough to cancel out my dirty hair. If only this were all affordable to me. However, I could totally see some of these pieces worked in to your manrepelleness. Maybe because it almost seems as if someone designed such a collection after you inspired them.

  • StyleNonsense

    I Personally HATE The Margiela Accessories! HAAA, But I Loooove Dries Van Noten.

  • lavieenliz

    Yes, sinus cuffs are finally in!!

  • Christine

    Love the writing, always a pleasure to read your blog.

  • Emilie

    The Dries Van Noten collection is my favorite! It’s too bad I’d have to rob a bank or sell a kidney to get my hands on a few items. πŸ˜‰

  • Rachelle

    I love the shoe and the two first looks the most. Enjoy Paris!

  • Um Blog Fashion

    I also love the Balenciaga flamenco skirts! And the plaid blouses of the Belgian fashion designer Dries Van Noten are so cool!

    Liliana from Um Blog Fashion

  • Oy, I don’t get it. So can you give me your number so I can call you and talk about it?

  • Tales on Trends

    I LOVED this year’s Balenciaga… lately it was disappointing me a little bus now: WOW!!! i didn’t know that peplum could turn into ruffles so brightly… πŸ™‚ INCREDIBLE TO SEE!
    And i don’t really have words for Dries van Noten: AWESOME! Such a mixture of fabrics and motives and still elegant and classy! Insane!
    Anyway, i’m not a fan of Isabel Marant.. i think she’s more a stylist than a designer… i miss some renewal in her collections… even if they become the LATEST trend from minute 1.

  • Little Red Book
  • martha tirefort

    My favorite is definitely Dries Van Noten!! The mix of fabrics, prints and cuts are always signed bye his unique style!

  • Eva

    Love the Dries van Noten collection and that Balenciaga cut out look is so gorgeous! Love the shape of the skirt!

  • Bonnie Clyde

    I want everything!!!!

  • Elena May

    in a weird way, the gold sinus cuff is just so beautiful….
    were you in the COS in the marais the other day? if not you should be warned there’s a particularly convincing lookalike on the loose

  • I can already tell that by next spring I will be desperate to get my hands on those Isabel Marant sandals!

  • fashionisserious

    But the Lord says: “That nobody touches Margiela”!

  • when we wander

    Fashion shows are obviously known for their eccentricity, but while these outfits are artsy and unique, you are so right, each of the pieces together or individually, are so wearable!

  • Elizabeth Myer

    dries vn and balenciaga steal my <3

  • olivia sui

    the dries collection is amazing! ah the plaid and the sheer! i can see man repeller wearing all of this!

  • bellaconscience

    great coverage of runways…thank you for bringing it to us

    Please feel free to follow us on:

  • Laura

    The Balenciaga and Balmain collections are a work of art, sculpture at its best. x
    Paint me in the landscape

  • Madalina Tita

    cute collection! love the white/black asymmetric skirt…


  • stephycallahan

    Thank god Balenciaga brought sexy back. Here’s a little tidbit on stepping out of your cube and flogging in Paris

  • you should have written a disclaimer before posting the picture of that toe. now it keeps haunting me.

  • Cecile

    I am a true Parisian, and my favorite is Yves Saint Laurent !!
    Cecile from

  • V @ thefashionfridge

    I always love reading your diagnosis of fashion week. It’s so different, and unlike any other website. You have so much character and TRUTH behind your words, and you never fail to make me smile. Thank you so much.

  • Kailonn Cooksey

    I laughed so incredibly hard at the hook-toe! Your commentary is genius!!! Love your site—and I’m a man!!!

  • Christie Bradley

    Sinus cuffs…oh dear! Somehow I don’t think that look will be taking off anytime soon.