Day Three Recap

I didn’t proof read, save yourself.


Sweeping theme of New York Fashion Week: white show openers. But leave it to Alexander Wang to embrace the white, deconstruct it, put it back together, and produce the right shoes. Define right however you please, this is the exact “sandal boot,” fashion has been waiting for. Considering the influx of barely there makeup and casual messy hair, a sticker strip running through the hair lines of his models seemed a novel idea.

And novel it was–the strips on the blonde girls glowed in the dark–the photo at right depicts the end of show, pre-finale, when the music went down and the clothes began to glow. See what Scott Schuman was able to capture here. See also, Jen Kao.

And as for the clothes, bermuda shorts, cut aways, very little transition black and white to virtually anything else. At second photo left, find a helmet/baseball cap hybrid hat that so perfectly had the model emulating a human blow dryer. I overheard a couple buyers talking about the collection and the consensus was a very definitive “buyable, sellable, perfect.” There you have it, folks.

Over at Milk Studios, Ostwald Hegalson showed his spring collection. A continuation from Fall, these are perhaps the skirts that most editor dreams are made of. I am particularly keen on that dinosaur and the combination of a geometric pink and red.

Then there was Tibi. It’s interesting to watch a collection become the sartorial version of its designer. Yes, I do believe this is one chocful of bits Amy Smilovic will swear by. It seems this collection becomes more minimal with each approaching season. I couldn’t help think new classic upon watching the pale blue, white and black wildly modern (but only in the same way 90s classics are,) silhouettes walk on by. Per that stomach, I suppose it’s ab time.

The king of mid-length skirts continued to hold throne yesterday at Derek Lam. It was interesting to see a collection play with conventionally fall-appropriate colors and dub them ideal spring wear. Somewhat refreshing, really. The cropped over-sized trench at left will likely render wildy useful and the bare-patent-midriff at right is more at speed with women who don’t engage in hourly pilates courses. Per the shoes, one of each please and thanks.

Ah, Thakoon. I’m elated to see layers making their fantastical comeback and a pseudo-homage to his Spring 2010 collection. That combination of sheer lilac and white wasn’t exploited at all enough during its predeceasing season.

Sunday closed just after Zac Posen at Tommy Hilfiger. Both iconic American designers held their shows outdoors–the former at Lincoln Center and Hilfiger on The Highline. At Zac, a star studded front row and model line-up (Naomi Campbell, Isabelli Fontana, Lindsay Wixson, Joan Smalls, Hilary Rhoda, Coco Rocha,) almost made paying attention to the clothes a bit difficult. Well, not really, the abundance of embroidery, appliques, mermaid silhouettes and formal bustiers left most of the audience out of breath. And when Coco closed? “Dead.”

At Tommy Hilfiger, I sat next to his awesome-ass daughter, Ali. We collectively gushed over the striped suits, glorified pajamas with structure . “Never enough,” she said, I agreed. And for the tent dress, you can’t see it now but this is the sort of garment made for repellers like us and the girl more concerned with general sexiness too–the entire back is bare, open and adorned by gold cross straps. There is an air of pride that comes with all of Hilfiger’s shows. Maybe it’s the quintessential cable knit, maybe it’s the choice of colorway but no matter the situation, I can’t help leave his venue proud to be American.

Yes, I went there.

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  • EmerJa

    Difficult to choose my favourite…I like them all!!!

    • Alexander Wang’s sandals are exactly the SAME as the ones from Tufi Duek s/s 11!!!! TOTAL RIP OFF!!! ,WE HAVE MEMORY DESIGNERS and WE ARE NOT BLIND.

  • Nahid

    You didn’t need to proof read! xx

  • Elisa

    Wow I’m in love with the Tibi collection, great simple but structured silhouettes, and all that pale denim combined with black is to die for. A great selection, but really the Alexander Wang head strips freak me out!

    Elisa – Wandering Minds fashion

  • Luna

    absolutely lovely photos and commentary–mr wang has absolutely done it again! enjoy yourself darling x

  • Natali

    Wang and Tibi are my favorites with an accent on Wang, that collection is a pure perfection!

  • nataluya85

    wang is again amazing, but i also loved thakoon, zac posen, and tibi!


  • Oh maan wang wins EASILY! LOVE the way he put pieces together 🙂

  • An act of style

    Oh my god, Zac Posen.. Loves it!


  • Liz

    Oh Hi! Amazingness has struck

  • The Provoker

    Alexander Wang’s silver raglan effect tee/top is perfection, I want my clothes to look like they’re floating around me too! and glow in dark? well… If I like shimmer, I’d like glowing.

  • freed mode

    love these outfit .
    follow me in my blog and subscribe no hesitate 🙂

  • incredible converage MR – love your writings and images

    ♥ ThankFifi

  • B.

    I love how tommy keeps finding re-interpretations of his classics.
    I also love the TIBI 9O’s vibe
    new outfit post

  • XeanaFashion

    Ostwald Hegalson is favorite !


  • Sharon

    Alexander Wang was mindblowing!

  • Alex Moresco

    I love the playful school girl outfits and the gowns at Thakoon! I would die to be there right now. So amazing

  • ASparklyHanger

    I liked Wang so much more than his fall collection!
    Check out my new blog:

  • Morgan Liti

    Obsessed with the Zac Posen looks you posted above – omg the tutu corset and the appliqued dress!? dead.
    Thanks for such a fab recap. Still living vicariously through you ni NYFW.

  • Chelsie Moss

    Amazing fashion on Day 3!

  • monkeyshines

    wonderful collection!

  • Great stuff! As NYFW progresses, the clothes are getting more interesting. Can’t wait for Marc Jacobs tonight.

  • Susan

    I love the A Wang collection, but I love the collection by Giles, too. But, yeeaaaaaaaaaaah. Have funnnnn :))

  • Nuit Hernandez

    So much goodness!!!! wow………………. but Posen’s collection honestly made my heart skip a beat. I just LOVE tulle.

  • Ida Eerola

    God the slashed/cut-out leather at Wang looks stunning

  • Absolutely love the Alexander Wang collection. It has got to be my favourite show from NYFW so far!

  • the cutouts at alexander wang are unreal. i want every single piece. he is the total master of wearability without being all the gap about it. the gold dress at tommy hilfiger makes me happy to be alive much less american. and zac posen was the spectacle that this fashion week needed. all hail queen naomi!


  • emily.lindesil

    well obviously that tutu bustier, ooh la la…Posen KNOWS what a woman wants and what looks good on her – ’nuff said!
    and THAKOON! I’m not sure why clothing inspired by maids’ outfits would inspire me so, but I can’t help but imagine that such a whimsical dress as this would come with a whole army of bluebirds and other adorable woodland creatures to help do the chores.

  • Thakoon always delivers. Le sigh. Completely obsessed.

    xo, – WIN three dresses!

  • Eva Kraaijeveld

    Love the Wang collection and great skirt at Tibi!

  • did you happen to convince ali to bring back “rich girls”?

  • laima hareer

    the white outfits and the second last outfits are amazing

  • Tufi Duek S/S 2011

    Leandra — in reference to Alexander Wang’s collection (especially the shoes you commented upon too!), please look at Tufi Duek S/S 2011. Full of laser cuts, boots with straps that crawled up the calf, and EVEN had similar styling! (here’s a link to the youtube video by on Tufi Duek: It’s astonishing and sad that Wang will get so much credit for a boot that’s already been made.

    • Bia Carminati

      Ouch! Sad…

    • Gitanas

      It is really annoying to see how great creative designers can copy other designers in this OBVIOUS way….the same boots, the same hair line styling….ugh its just nauseating, then He gets all the credit. I am sorry he should be confronted with this!

    • I was hoping someone would bring this up! When the word “novel” was used to describe the styling I almost died. What a shame, Wang. 🙁 My first (and only) pair of designer shoes are his and now I feel regret.

  • Greer

    Ab-time indeed, the only depressing thing about spring is coats and jackets and knits and knits being no longer wearable. And leg shaving. Wow Leandra how the hell did that not come up?

  • V @ thefashionfridge

    I actually love all of the collections that showed on day three. Even without the lighting gimmick, Alex Wang’s collection is amazing anyways, Oswald Hegalson’s quirky-cute collection is right up my alley, and Derek Lam’s mix of prints and textures are sooo goood.
    Looking forward to day four!!</a

  • Danielle

    Loved alexander wang! Now here is a workout to help your rock these looks
    The Nutrition Vault

  • Isabela Falcao

    wowwwww Alexander Wang’s sandals are exactly the SAME as the ones from Tufi Duek s/s 11!!!! TOTAL RIP OFF!!! shocked………….

  • the curious cult

    Alexander Wang nailed it on the innovation front. Tibi on the wearable simplicity side. Olivier Theyskens did big things at the Theyskens Theory show too!

  • AWANG Sucks

    How is A Wang considered ‘fashion’