Anna Dello H&M

“I like an unexpected thing”

Anna Dello Russo, with her unique personal style, has always employed the Man Repeller philosophy of dressing for ones self.  In fact she thinks we shouldn’t try to seduce others, rather we should seduce ourselves with our fashion choices.  Upon sitting down with her at the Plaza Hotel yesterday after checking out her accessories collection for H&M she told me, “I think you absolutely have to dress for yourself, you are to seduce yourself.  If you do not practice your fashion, you will not understand how many possibilities you have, and sometimes when you let everything go you can seduce yourself.”  She went on to tell me, “I like unexpected thing, sometimes if you are too much in control you are going to lose the edgy in fashion.”  Essentially what ADR describes to us hearkens back to the basic idea of dressing solely based on personal taste while disregarding external influences.

She designed this quirky accessory collection with a customer in mind whom she describes as “a crazy woman, a woman enjoying life and fashion, a non-conformist.”  She effusively stated, “Young, I like young and I think young people have even more of this attitude.”  With this young clientele in mind who do not fear experimental and off-beat fashion choices, the collaboration with H&M gave her free reign to create something accessible to that demographic.  ADR likes that H&M “always looks for something new,” and she saw a void in the mass market for interesting accessories.  “Accessories personalize your style in and it is really easy if you don’t want to reinvent your whole world you can just put on an accessory to change it up.”

Her collection offers pieces ranging from embellished sunglasses and charm necklaces to pointy gold boots and hard shell luggage for “the gypsies who work in fashion.”  ADR saw the collaboration as an excellent challenge to engage in something different especially as the only non-designer to create a line for H&M.  When asked why she did not design clothing for the collection, her response was plain and simple: “Because clothing is my religion.” I suggest we follow her divine law that “Fashion is a declaration of your own freedom”… so have fun, wear what you want, and enjoy it so much that you find yourself utterly seduced.

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  • Can’t wait for the accessories!!! But a clothing line would’ve been even better!!

  • Reptilia

    I think you absolutely have to dress for yourself, you are to seduce yourself. If you do not practice your fashion, you will not understand how many possibilities you have, and sometimes when you let everything go you can seduce yourself.” AMEN! She is so smarti, beautiful and stylish!! I love her!


  • Farha Kharadi

    Amazing words said by an amazing women!

  • Nuit Hernandez


  • Julie

    Great fashion philosophy. Unexpected is always unique and implements the “cool” factor! However someone needs to feed her a cheeseburger . . . or maybe they don’t – she may lose her man-repelling appeal.

  • olivia sacha soyons ouf

    anna is the ultimate MR! shes amazing.

  • Serena

    Cant’ wait for her collection!

  • kcomekarolina


    xoxo from rome

  • nataliechirsitna

    Thats a great relation to fashion! i love it, and i really like the accessories she made for H&M!!

  • Kate Block
  • Jennifer Tamborini

    Anna is amazing <3

    The Celebrity Look

  • now that’s a style philosophy I can relate to.

  • Jennifer

    I’m not feeling that dress on her, but she’s right: Dress to seduce yourself! Why should we give a shit what other people think as long as we know we look and feel good?

    xo Jennifer


  • Sharon

    I’m curious how her whole collection looks like!

  • ADR is the best. Saw some pieces on H&M’s facebook and they look awesome!

  • Cynthia

    “Fashion is a declaration of your own freedom”… so have fun, wear what you want, and enjoy it so much that you find yourself utterly seduced. — Having that quote framed!! Lovee.

  • An act of style

    She is so fierce and crazy cool.. Love her!

  • Liz

    Great post 100% agree with everything!

  • MKP

    I CANNOT WAIT, she’s amazing, every time, without fail

  • Breakfast at Cindi’s

    She is so fabulous and down to earth, gotta love her. You remind me so much of her : )

    at Cindi’s

  • laima hareer

    great dress

  • The Fashion Bastard

    She’s pretty darn amazing!

  • Rebeka

    It’s funny you wrote this, because I was actually thinking about her earlier and how rad she is. I can’t wait to get my hands on some of her H&M pieces!

  • Love this, very inspiring!

  • XeanaFashion

    I watched video with Anna Dello Russo! She is great dancing! And accessories look amazing!


  • Anna Dello Russo is amazing! I can’t wait to see her collection.

  • as if i were to take a fashion shower before work

  • Um Blog Fashion

    It’s so true, it’s my philosophy!

  • I absolutely agree with her opinion on fashion, even though I’m too lazy to seduce myself. Her video for H&M made me shiver though, her accent and all the gold and the latex and.. she said fashion is supposed to be uncomfortable! Whyyyy…

  • aga_mendes

    ADR and her style are amazing, It is true fashion. Her “film” for HM is really icredible.

  • Eva Kraaijeveld

    Love the idea of seducing yourself and dressing for yourself!

  • Just gotta love ADR!! Tweet to me… @ohjenb or Instagram @ohjenb

  • Renata

    I completely agree with Anna and you Leandra. We should dress to ourselves and not to the sake of others. That’s why I like your blog so much. You express that, you’re not afraid of trying, I really identify with that.

  • she is right , i think that you must not consider what other people think cause you must dress to seduce yourself !

  • ptyfashionista

    Anna Dello Russo has always been an inspiration. I wish i could get the collection but I live in Panama must settle for buying it at ebay.

  • Bladyblahblah

    Fashion is a declaration of your own freedom… thats a good one. I’m going to quote that when people tell me fashion is stupid or mundane.

    • ImportKT

      when people tell you anything is mundane, run away very fast. they simply don’t try hard enough.

  • love her, love the collection, consider me seduced!


  • Alex Moresco

    Love her! I cannot wait to get my hands on her new collection.

  • Chelsie Moss

    She makes great points! I cant wait to see her collection.

  • Chelsie Moss

    p.s: That dress she is wearing is TO die for, just wish she had a little bit more stomach or something…

  • just josh

    when one looks like they may pull a muscle by lifting a fork to their mouth, one is allowed to question their choice in all things tangential to living.

  • I like her philosophy ! I think the most important thing when you dress up is to feel good when you look at yourself in the mirror !

  • Maria

    Leandra, fall is just around the corner and I have no idea how to dress! Please, could you help a sister out and do a new series on layering? Best, Maria

  • T.Nosti

    Bloody hell, this lady needs to eat something! Skin and Bones. Not a good look :/

  • Maison Seine

    For those who love Anna dello Russo, we’re waiting for you just right here: 😉

  • Michelle Jailine

    adore her! hope i look as badass as she does when im her age!

  • I love the emphasis on dressing for one’s self. It’s a mantra that should dictate fashion but has been lost. Kudos to ADR – love your interview.

  • I can’t wait, there are few pieces i hope i get my fingers on!!

  • CJ

    I love Anna! Such a legend. Everything she wears is seriously a piece of art that I would love to buy and frame and only wear if I was going to the grammys or a really fucking chic dinner. Hot damn.


  • Ida Eerola

    Totally look forward to the collection, specially the sunglasses, ahhh, what a treat!

  • emily.lin.desil

    not sure that that dress is seducing me, but she’s right that if it makes her feel more attractive to herself that that’s where the real power of fashion lies. i’d rather have fun with my style and wear what makes me feel amazing than feel like anyone else’s mannequin.

  • IamGFAB

    ADR, you say it so well.

  • Rosa {rosaandfox}

    She is so right! Now I am forever going to think to myself when choosing an outfit ‘Dress to seduce yourself’ Such a great philosophy! x

  • Fabita Punk

    a little bit scary

  • Mistoni

    I’ve been a passionate advocate of this industry for over 14 years but I can’t digest the ‘dressing for oneself’ analogy when clearly Anna, a beautiful woman of the ‘Baby Boomers’ generation has such obvious body-weight issues, subscribing to a ‘child-like’ physique is best scenario. Sorry Anna, I appreciate your professional advocacy on all fashion related matters but that ‘waffle’ is hard to swallow.

  • can’t wait to get my hands on this stuff

  • eva

    i think she would look better with a little bit more fat, she seems a bit scary :c

  • RDC

    That’s what im taking about fashion should be free with no rules personal style is such a expression of one’s self and ms Anna is the definition personal style and fashion freedom

  • M.T

    well that’s true but sometimes it’s really hard to do because peaple are so scared of what somone who think,but in the end, hell who cares it’s not about them its about ourselves

  • JaneS

    It is hard to respect this entry or the designer when she obviously has a serious anorexia health issue. She needs serious professional intervention and you perpetuate this by posting the photograph.

  • The Fashion tale

    I love this picture !!!!

    Chloé <3

  • michaela

    I completely agree with her views on fashion. The worst thing is to overhear a woman say “I don’t think my husband/boyfriend will like it.” This infuriates me beyond anything else. Women should dress for themselves and treat themselves to amazing clothing because at the end of the day you are your own best friend. ADR has an amazing personal style, that most likely frighten many men, but at the end of the day she is telling a powerful story with her clothing and leaving a mark on the fashion world. I also wrote a post about her awhile back


  • JaneS

    I post an honest comment expressing concern for the obvious and my post was moved to bottom of the Comments List. She clearly has an eating disorder which is glamorized and endorsed by posting this picture. Surely, there are other promo shots that could have been used.

  • babs

    I love Anna and her style, and while presuming quite a lot, it bums me out for real that she appears to have an eating disorder. I hope she knows that she’s super rad at any size!