The Cow’s Moo

Because cat’s pajamas are a little overrated.


My idea of enduring Olympic spirit 2012 is first and foremost, likening female swimmers’ upper bodies to Balmain shoulder pads. Following that, a look into the merchandising of various London-based web boutiques. The process isn’t very Olympic on surface level, not very much on an existential level either. Regardless, here’s what I learned while looking at London based boutique, Brown’s Fashion’s site: Thai women with Anna Wintour/Dora the Explorer hybrid haircuts are greater than us, and have really compelling names. Especially when spoken out loud, like Moo Piyasombatkul, for instance, enter her eponymous eye-wear brand: Moo.

Yes, it’s the cow’s moo.

They seem to specialize in reintroducing the stimulation fashion once depicted, now just sort of somewhat grazes. It’s kind of like that “fuck, why didn’t I think of that” moment when you step into the notion of accessorizing an accessory as simple as your sunglasses. Is there any good reason you haven’t yet added pearly worm like figures to your rims? I can’t get past the quirky accents. They’re reminiscent of the Spring McQueen shades but just a little less…frilly, girly, Midsummer, shaka laka. I am fairly keen on this pair, a set that ensures if you didn’t have a uni-brow, you do now.

More so, however on the pair photographed first. On the one hand, they’re a glimpse at what would be George Wipple’s eyebrows had he lived on the North Pole. On the other, seamen, again here, I’m not talking about boat pros. It’s kind of like John Lennon took care of a looming erection and the end of said erection resulted in a release that landed just above his shades. It dried, thus creating a very interesting and thought provoking…set of accoutrements to adorn his ubiquitous frames. Maybe, just maybe, it’s the Something About Mary fashion equivalent.

The sunglasses are far easier to digest in GBP formation. In dollars, they range from a cool $450 to $550 and while that’s certainly no stipend, there’s something to be said about investing in the flourishing creativity of a young artist. Still, they’d probably make for an interesting DIY endeavor, One I’d likely leave only to the ladies of Honestly, WTF.

Personally, I love the sunglasses. They’re original and interesting–very clearly made with love, good conversation starters at very least. But it’s tough to digest such a hefty price tag. The fact of the matter is, they’ll probably endure more use than our favorite high heeled shoes, see: Charlotte Olympia seashells, so why the cloudy restraint?

Common sense?

But what’s that?

Tell me what you think, I have to know. Lam ba da.

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  • Fkh

    I think there cute and would be a great conversation started but the price makes it just not worth it! 

  • VotreAmie

    I looove the second pair, the unibrow pair. Those are BOMB. I am certainly smelling a DIY project.

  • Tina

    I will admit that I pay high prices for sunnies, but around $500 is typically my limit if that really is reasonable.  I know I need my ass spanked but hey Tom Ford is forever calling my name! From a new designer though, no I will not pay that much for sunnies….

  • I love the unibrow pair! They kind of emulate my grandpa’s natural brow structure, but hey, I’m all for that sort of thing… I’d love to see how they’d go over in my high school though!


  • marinacasapu

    I like the first pair!!

  • Those are some COOL sunnies! Love the first ones 🙂 GO USA <3 !!!

  • The second pair of sunglasses are awesome!

  • Seekingstyleblog

    I walked into forever 21 and it looked like London threw up in there. Not a bad thing, but kind of crazy lol

    xo Jennifer

  • ugh, second pair. all the way. diy that shit, asap.

  • you are too trendy! love it!

  • Nah, I’ll just get some basics at Claire’s boutique and hot glue some items from the bottom of my junk jewelry draw to them.

  • abigail lind

    remember when the dollar used to be worth something?  that was great.  and until that happens again i think i’d rather put my money where i won’t lose it in the form of seashell shoes instead of in quirky sunglasses i’ll inevitably leave in a cab.  not that they wouldn’t look great on a cabbie!


  • Claire R-M

    My aunt is called Moo, and she’s Thai, and she’s fabulous.

  • Patricia


  • I love the first pair of sunglasses!

  • nil

    I think these booties Sienna wears are great investments however i cannot find the maker and i will go mad:( could you help me. I have been searching for them like crazy. thank you ever so much. 

  • touchkajal

    funny… but wearable? 😉

  •  The glasses are stunning but, unfortuntely, $$$. I wished I had $500 to waste on them! 😉

  • oh these are defo fun!

  • ha. whipped jizz on John Lennon glasses. that’s attractive! only you would have the balls to write what the rest of us were thinking.

  • Sarah Glaser

    Not sure I get these oober-expensive statement sunglasses.  Your description is entertaining and fun as always though!  🙂  Only a select few can pull these off without looking a little …off.  I’ll stick with my classic Chanels, thankyouverymuch.  Keep up the good work, love your posts and your blog!!

  • I´m so IN to the first pair of sunglasses.

  • Re: first pair – they’re everything I wish my Saturday night was/will be/ugh. 

  • Most definitely!!!

  • “My idea of enduring Olympic spirit 2012 is first and foremost, likening female swimmers’ upper bodies to Balmain shoulder pads.” LOL! #DEAD #RESURRECTEDI dig em, John Lennon jizz and all, especially the first pair although I usually go for the dark sunnies. They go a long way with the Leiber bags I inherited from my papa + the Prada bags I inherited from insomnia.  

  • Aitana

    I love the first pair but they are very expensive to me!!!^^


  • Mady

    love the shapes…a perfect pair of sunnys is hard to find…


  • Doni Brown

    They’re pretty cool, but a bit expensive. As you said though, they’d make a great DIY project!  

  • Doni Brown

    They’re pretty cool, but a bit expensive. As you said though, they’d make a great DIY project! 

  • Cristián Pavez Díaz

    The unibrow pair is stunning!!!
    Greetings from Santiago, Chile.
    Twitter: @cristianpavezd

  • SSS

    Glad you finally discovered her! Always thought her quirky style would appeal to you!

  • gaowmichelle

    completely in man repelling genre. both are fug. both are overpriced. and somehow you want to wear it.

  • Sydney

    I love them. They’re so crazy but cute!


  • LJC

    seriously, the first pair of glasses are to die for!


  • Diana

    sunnies with a chance of clouds?

  • monkeyshines

    fabulous piece!


  • Oppositelipstick
  • venicakalambay

    The White Pair Are HEAAAAVENLY!

  • Alexa Curtis

    I love unique sunnies. They add so much to an outfit. The first pair is my fave.


  • Camillafranek
  • Those are to die for! HUGE LIKE

  • Kristen

    Those are freaking awesome. I’m going to go get my own pair of Lennon-esque shades now and BEDECK.

  • Ploy

    Thai pride ahoy! Our names are beyond comprehension and so are our fashion ventures.

  • These are cool pair of glasses though I hope its not so expensive as well! However this one looks different and unique!

  • Anniewear

    first ones are amazing. but hefty price tags are never fun. If I could I would (though)

    X, Annie

  • Clare

    They should rename the pearly ones Lenon Jizz.  😀 

  • laure

    I love the first pair!! so cool

  • Umblogfashion

    I love the first ones!


  • Syl

    I have a pair of Moo, they are super cool but also super fragile cause they are made of porcelain… 
    I already broke the middle part..
    The new collection is  dope, you ll see!


    i am feeling the first pair!:)

  • The Provoker

    I do remember seeing these and thinking they’re cute with a bit of baroque vibe, but then again it’s very DIY..

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  • Vanessa

    Those glasses are so cute! Yes, the style would probably be able to DIY by Honestly WTF girls! Love it!


  • These are some very awesome glasses! ❤ em!

  • a.n.a.l.u

    They are not amaaaaaaaaaaazing, maybe are fun and pretty but not TO-DIE-FOR, so for me is a to-not-buy-for. but it looks like a DIY project to try!

  • italianchick

    Maybe it’s because of the way that we value sunglasses, almost in the sense that we take them for ranted and dont give them as much importance. Insted when it comes to shoes we are able to better understand the beauty of them, becasue its almost a traning that as women we have been put trough, therefore give them higher value regarding the price.
    My personal view on spending money in this kind of situation is “If i love it, why not?”
    I’d rather spend a bit more and everythime i seem my reflection somewhere with those sunglasses on fall in love always a bit more, than regret not being asble to feel like that.

  • i have quite…impressively wild (yes… that’s a nice way of putting it) eyebrows, so these would inevitably make me look like i had 80s moustaches on my eyes, but i love them ever so!

  • Anna Dobrzańska

    cat’s pajama? mine is a total pervert then, he sleep totally NAKED!