The Boot is Back

And it’s chunky cheese.


Ding dong, the boot is back. And while this probably should be a story about knee-high boots becoming relevant again (it’s not fair to say they’ve gone out of style but have certainly in the last half-decade taken a backseat to the now pervasive ankle boot, but still, see: Givenchy, Alexander McQueen, Gucci, Proenza Schouler et al,) should be is never the proper motivation to do anything.

When Balenciaga first introduced these nut-crackers three seasons ago, fascination of the abomination (see: Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness,) consumed me. I didn’t want to like them but I couldn’t help it. The relationship was similar to the one I first had with Isabel Marant’s glorified skater sneaks: I don’t know what you are and I don’t know that I will want to know what you are five minutes down the line, but right now I think I have to have you.

It’s vicious, really.

In this instance, a two year buffer and reintroduction has perhaps solidified my dedication to ownership. After all, when a chunky heel, abundant hardware and inconsequential cut-outs all but speak to you from the heart, saying something along the lines of, “we know we’re ugly, but you’re ugly too. So let’s be ugly together; it will be beautiful,” you can’t rely deny that, now can you?

Humph. That could have been a perfect kicker, but then I saw these. In absolutely no effort to debunk the rhetoric above, hey, these Alexander Wang fairies are cut out too, and feature more color ways, see: yellow. They’re just more lean–which some people prefer, and accommodate inklings of that familiar hardware. Price wise, they’re a fraction, which doesn’t make them cheap but does certainly accentuate the fiscal heftiness of figure A. … ??? !!!

Back to the drawing board.

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  • elisaeymery

    I really can’t wait for the knee-high boots to be completely back…but yea they’re not quite there yet. In the meantime I’ll continue to indulge in my ankle boots obsession. And these shoes are insane.

    Wandering Minds fashion

  • Rhiannon Lorenzo
  • fpepper

    I love them both; but they’d look fucking ridiculous on me! These are for long skinny legs I think (they’d look good on you!). Ugly shoes are completely the way forward; I think it’s underdog empathy syndrome! x

  • Amanda | Binks & Franny

    That yellow is divine!


  • OMG. These are gorgeous!!!

  • Denise McKnight

    Amazing, love the versatility of the Balenciaga. The utilitarian look, the chunky heel, it’s just dying to be worn with a lace dress.


  • The Alexander Wang cutouts are  super cute!

  • the boots are brilliant. have been craving these forever. so happy to hear they are back again

  • rhodawong
  • both are gorgeous but may be slightly impractical for most wardrobes & city living.. though they add a dimension of grit & charm, I’d be apprehensive to choose this style over a distressed moto boot. 

  • zesiku

    “we know we’re ugly, but you’re ugly too. So let’s be ugly together; it will be beautiful,”

  • I still haven’t get over those Balenciaga boots. The moment I saw it, animal instincts kicked in and, like you said, I just HAVE to have it. Those Alexander Wang babies are kind of ugly, but they work. Just jolie-laide.

  • Omg that boot. I’m scared to even press on the link to direct me to them…don’t want to cry at the fact I can’t afford them.

  • Great post. I always find that the more confused I am about a particular shoe (or any piece of fashion really) the more I can feel this gravitational pull towards them. Like they are somehow telepathically asking to come home with me. Vicious indeed!

    Kris xx

  • Great post. I always find that the more confused I am about a particular shoe (or any piece of fashion really) the more I can feel this gravitational pull towards them. Like they are somehow telepathically asking to come home with me. Vicious indeed!
    Kris xx

  • Em

    Pretty cool boots but I’d definitely prefer them in high heel form. However, if those boots are made for walking, I suppose high heels wouldn’t be ideal. Lovely post, as always 🙂

  • Great shoes!

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  • The Balenciagas look like bionic geriatric shoes.  Definitely a look worth rocking this season.  

  • Chelsea Holmes

    Wow.. I’m not really sure whether those are the ugliest or most fantastic shoes I’ve ever seen before. Either way, they’re genius! 

  • Me Gusta o No Me Gusta

    A couple of brands here in Buenos Aires are already copying them, so sad they can’t come up with something new, but I might get my hands on those punky boots!

  • These boots are fantastic!

  • ClosetCravings

    I still obsess over those sweet Balenciaga babies. Olsen-twin approved.
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  • Charlie

    You say the boot is back BUT WHERE?

  • I love both pairs and especially the boots on the first photo! They are so unique 🙂

  • Liz

    the first pair are intense!

  • Doni Brown

    I would be satisfied with either one of these. I’ve been thinking about getting some for a while. 

  • I could see Alexa Chung wear the alexander wang pair with a mini skater dress. Get them in yellow I want to see them on you !!

  • The Provoker

     I KNOW! I saw this Balenciaga boot in Selfridges and was like is this new or old?! That’s a blast from the past, these babies are sooooo fabulous but they are damn expensive!! I’d get them but I don’t like no wearing hidden socks cause for these you kinda have to go nude feet… sighhhh lol

    xx nathan.niche

  • venicakalambay

    I Adooooore Those Boots, The Side Profile Is Craaazy!

  • Jeffrey Campbell does something pretty similar to the Balenciaga. The Balenciaga is a little more understated and subtle (if possible with what is essentially the Adams Family of shoes) though. 

    • Robby Does Dallas

      I own the JC’s and love them!

  • gaowmichelle
  • I love the first pair the most!




  • Nyerie Adourian
  • Amazing so glad they bought them back. Its great when a designer can put a spin of originality on a classic shoe. 
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  • Style-Squared by Z&M

    i hate the first pair but then i am in awe with the second pair!!!wow!!!want, need, have to have!!

  • Jenaly Enns
  • Eva Kraaijeveld
  • monkeyshines

    fabulous pieces!


  • love the first pair!

  • SCOUTfanzine

    Love the first!

    SCOUT fanzine

  • the Balenciaga’s are like waaay over 1000$ which I find totally insane, so I went for a cheaper version by Asos. must do the deal!

  • Emily

    Forget the Alexander Wangs, I still want the Balenciagas!! Still on my wishlist sidebar thingy on my blog, which has never been changed…

    Emily ooo

  • I love those A Wang’s, it’s like half boot, half sandal.

  • her persona

    love both these shoes

  • Silvia2326

    Ame mas las Alexandra want

  • Silvia2326

    Ame mas los alexander wang

  • Elenka Montesinos

    Was a lurve at first time, but in a forbidden way…why the heck are they fucking Xpensive huh??!! 

    If someone wanna sell theirs im EUR 38 size. Contact me!  (wink wink**) 

  • I regret not buying those Balenciaga boots so badly! Yes they may be kind of ugly, but in a good way.

  • “We know we’re ugly, but you’re ugly too. So let’s be ugly together; it will be beautiful.”Two uglies make a beautiful, just like two wrongs make a right. Or maybe that’s not the way it goes.

  • Belén cavas
  • I love Balenciaga anything but how would you wear the cheesy nutcrackers?

  • Chris

    though I could be convinced for the second ones, the first pair dangerously reminds me of Robocop…

  • no amount of bucklage and cutouts will hide that fact that these are modified pilgrim shoes.. thanks for that bitchslap of ugly, jacobs.

  • It’s like you took the style thoughts right out of my head on every point made! The cutout boot seemed like a total contradiction, yet now that it exists, I’m pretty sure I cannot live without it! Thank you style Buddha;-) 

  • Winta Beyene

    These Alexander Wang killin me!!

  • VSP

    Balenciaga is genius!

  • Julia Percia David

    Love the way you write! Always a pleasure!


    Julia from

  • Emily Jane

    God, these boots are just so heinous.  I think you need them.



  • I dont know what the fuck to think. 

  • nataluya85

    those Wangs are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • If I were a secret agent I would use the Wangs, but if I were going to bring down the house charlie’s angels drew barrymore style, I cannot think of better shoes than those Balenciagas…. so naturally I’m going to have to go with the first pair. 

  • Alimoresco
  • WhiteCloset

    God, loooooove those boots 🙂

    WhiteCloset Fashion BlogTwitterFacebook

  • Robby Does Dallas

    I have the JC Balenciaga inspired boots because my money is just too funny to put a purchase on them. I have worn them so much they’re scratched beyond repair so I will be getting a second pair before old man winter arrives. Surprisingly I’ve gotten stopped more than a few times to get the deets on my JC’s. Like you I always thought they had a face only a mama could love, who knew?

  • Dima

    Do they still sell those Balenciaga boots? If they do then can someone post a link. Thanks 🙂

  • Georgia Walsh

    I’ve always enjoyed ugly shoes. Especially thick soled, sandals that seem to serve an orthopaedic  function… I’ve got so used to the comfort factor too. Now ugly is everywhere, the only logical thing to do is to completely go in a different direction and start wearing thin strappy stilettos’ everywhere. It’s pretty much going to suck.

  • Though I don’t like the 1st Black boot, The second one is quite unique and seems very comfortable. 

  • I feel like kicking ass in those Wang’s..

  • Christina

    Don’t get me wrong, I love a chunky boot, but when it comes with the ’90s hefty heel I think I’ll pass and go for the daintier version 🙂


  • Guest

    I couldn’t help myself for the chunkiness and  got a Zara version of the Balenciagas… I am in love with their divine stompy utilitarian fugliness – Go chunky!

  • Lauren

    so obsessed with those boots! they’re so perfectly manrepelling.
    need them for school – why not repel those high school boyz

  • Natalia T

    They’re sold out EVERYWHERE. And being posted on eBay for £2,000. Ugh.

  • ShannonLouiseVintage

    Jeffrey Campbell have done a pair EXACTLY like those balenciagas. Cheaper by far and barely even different. Problem solved!

  • city

    thanks for sharing.