The Boot is Back

And it’s chunky cheese.


Ding dong, the boot is back. And while this probably should be a story about knee-high boots becoming relevant again (it’s not fair to say they’ve gone out of style but have certainly in the last half-decade taken a backseat to the now pervasive ankle boot, but still, see: Givenchy, Alexander McQueen, Gucci, Proenza Schouler et al,) should be is never the proper motivation to do anything.

When Balenciaga first introduced these nut-crackers three seasons ago, fascination of the abomination (see: Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness,) consumed me. I didn’t want to like them but I couldn’t help it. The relationship was similar to the one I first had with Isabel Marant’s glorified skater sneaks: I don’t know what you are and I don’t know that I will want to know what you are five minutes down the line, but right now I think I have to have you.

It’s vicious, really.

In this instance, a two year buffer and reintroduction has perhaps solidified my dedication to ownership. After all, when a chunky heel, abundant hardware and inconsequential cut-outs all but speak to you from the heart, saying something along the lines of, “we know we’re ugly, but you’re ugly too. So let’s be ugly together; it will be beautiful,” you can’t rely deny that, now can you?

Humph. That could have been a perfect kicker, but then I saw these. In absolutely no effort to debunk the rhetoric above, hey, these Alexander Wang fairies are cut out too, and feature more color ways, see: yellow. They’re just more lean–which some people prefer, and accommodate inklings of that familiar hardware. Price wise, they’re a fraction, which doesn’t make them cheap but does certainly accentuate the fiscal heftiness of figure A. … ??? !!!

Back to the drawing board.

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