Sheer Shades

Give your eyes something to look at.


Does anyone else feel like the climatic rug has been forcibly slipped from under our feet and the labor day tag looming a mere five hours from here was essentially slapped onto a weekend that’s come far too close to its antecedent Memorial Day? …No? Well, you don’t know what fun is.

Should you find yourself among my camp of cynical believers though, here’s an interesting way to reason with an (abrupt) end to summer: sheer lenses. Because, you see, what we can expect from changing temperatures is weakening sun power thus allowing our eyes to indulge is less functional, more interesting for the sake of cool-factor sunglasses, enter the below.

I stopped by Barney’s after a meeting early on Tuesday morning and recognized the abundance of these lenses (photographed at left) by Oliver Peoples residing on an eye length shelf. Coincidence? I don’t believe so. (Right credits at bottom)

I tried them on, all four pair, several times before recognizing that I quite sincerely looked like a very high end child molester who has come to New York City as a photo-developer (see: One Hour Photo,) with no intentions to molest more children, perhaps even obtain a construction job where I could potentially continue on wearing sheer lensed glasses, though it should be noted, a deep and dark urge would still manifest within. Upon further inspection of the scenario I’d mocked up, it was clear that I must have the glasses in question which, of course, led me to think about trends and what have you.

I’m not all that off with this sudden craving, in 2011 DSQUARED2 previewed their amber lenses during a Spring show and the following Spring season, Missoni gave the pseudo-shaded lenses a go-ahead.

Lest I forget a certain Louise Gray, who falls into the new age of amber lens (at left,) too.

Remember a pink pair of Key Hole shades by Ralph Lauren? I was proud to recognize that unbeknownst to me, I’d conceivably been on trend. Still, I figured, this is a good one to share, if only because it beats them resort-centric reflective lenses. The ones that inevitably give the beauty shot-purveyors one more reason to wink at their, you know, reflections.

Sunglasses at top left: Oliver Peoples. At right: pairs in descending order by Super, Nasty Gal, Asos, Topshop.

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