Power of the Gaze

A DIY so easy, there’s really no other crafting option.


If you’re familiar with Manstagram, the personification of inanimate objects like magazine covers and salt/pepper shakers by way of adhesive-googly-eye insertion is no new revelation for Man Repeller. To provide a little background though, the fascination started in early August when jack-of-all-trades, Charlotte spent one lonesome Saturday afternoon at Blink buying googly eyes which she subsequently turned into a skeletal masterpiece. The following Monday when we convened, not tired of seeing the black and white 3-D circular shapes bop up and down, she put googly-eyes on everything. This included her forehead which we later learned was cause for minor break-out.

“I think I’m bringing the sensibility of Paris to the United States,” she said.

I didn’t get it and inquired further, she didn’t get it either and so began our quest to make the world a more interesting, albeit cryptic place.

First, we took to my sunglasses. Taking into consideration the fond reception toward the floral porcelain attributes of Dolce & Gabbana’s Fall 2013 sunglasses, I imagined googly eyes could open a different door for like-minded women with a passion for quirky accoutrements that suggest seven facial eyes of different shapes.

Then, it was to the Dannijo red stringray cuff I’ve been wearing all summer. It’s sweat proof and therefore ideal only made more exemplary through the advent of a straight line comprised of, you guessed it, googly eyes. In matters of the other bracelets, most are from Greece though one is Leivankash and the hand chain, Mark Henry.

Hey look, a smiley face made of eyes! The yellow python box purse is an ideal stand-alone made only cooler by incorporating falls favorite trend: a smile. That’s not corny and ironic, smiley faces are now a thing. Following refrigerated “cool” shoes, an oven depicts the hot, hot steam implied here.

I would argue that the perfect white tee is harder to come by than satisfying companionship and so when I found this tee, I held on for dear life until the pocket was masked with copious stains, most of the coffee variety. Afraid to wash it–running a full day without knowing I could wear it was something I could not cope with–I did what anyone smart person would do and covered the pocket in different sized sticky eyes.

Finally, there was a hat–Duane Reade branded and perfect for an exploratory journey, see the Danger: Keep Out labels that couldn’t keep me out right behind me. And when all was said and stickered, this is what I looked like. Now, on a scale from one to ten–ten representing the cusp of insanity, how crazy would you say I look? It’s like an unspoken repel-o-meter, signaled in a language only we can understand made more clear by the power of an empty gaze.

Tom Ford sunglasses, Phlox NY python purse, NSF tee, Altuzarra shoes, Isabel Marant pants.


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  • Clark

    This is awesome!!!!!

  • Guest

    Amazing article. I saw Rob Pruitt’s ‘101 Art Ideas You Can Do Yourself’ at Palazzo Grassi last year in Venice and I remember well that the 72nd idea was: ‘Put googly eyes on things’. I found that it is also perfect for gifts. Last time I picked a book by Hanif Kureishi (not Buddha of Suburbia unfortunately but the rather depressive Intimacy) and as the book cover was too boring, I added googly eyes to the face of the guy. TA DA! It was telling a sad story, yes, but at least everytime you closed the book, you had a smile on your face thanks to the man with googly eyes… PS: Can you lend me the yellow purse for the upcoming fashion week? #thankyouverymuch

  • Nat

    What a quirky idea! I would say worn together, you look pretty damn crazy, but if you rock the googly-eyed pieces separately, it totally works. Yet again, you reveal to us your ability to turn something borderline creepy into something cool!



  • Yigit

    Amazing article. I saw Rob Pruitt’s ‘101 Art Ideas You Can Do Yourself’ at Palazzo Grassi last year in Venice and I remember well that the 72nd idea was: ‘Put googly eyes on things’. I found that it is also perfect for gifts. Last time I picked a book by Hanif Kureishi (not Buddha of Suburbia unfortunately but the rather depressive Intimacy) and as the book cover was too boring, I added googly eyes to the face of the guy. TA DA! It was telling a sad story, yes, but at least everytime you closed the book, you had a smile on your face thanks to the man with googly eyes.

  • Modelovers

    Awesome Look!

    Giveaway on my Blog http://www.modelovers.com

  • the googly eye purse reminds me of something out of pee wee’s wardrobe…. maybe named “pursey” or perhaps “percy”…..

  • VotreAmie

    The googly eyed shirt and bracelet are my favorites – Who doesn’t love a set of googly eyes!? Genius idea!

  • eliseschmalise

    I would imagine the extensive “eye contact” would make any awkward silences that so often incorporate themselves into everyday conversation even more spectacular. This awkwardness could only be complimented by the ever convenient cricket. I find that it mirrors the whole “wear sunglasses indoors at night” giving the wearer a sense of power a la ” I see you but you can’t see me”. So on the insanity scale I give it a 12 because there is pure genius in this madness. Bravo

    My profound apologies for not having a blog to promote… Yet.

  • Kate

    I would say ‘just crazy enough’ 🙂



  • Gussie

    ahaha classic man repeller is back. i likey!

  • Candy

    You are too much, girl! I actually really like the googley eye pocket tee. Crazy and cool!


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  • I was secretly hoping you’d wear the peep toes, whilst actually making them “peep-toe” (i.e. googly eyes on the toenails).

  • You could make googly-eye buttons if you combine this DIY with my DIY on how to make jeweled buttons! I know you want it! http://wp.me/p2jzG1-i4%5D

    Big Kiss and Bigger Diamonds,

  • Morgan

    omg. the tee and sunglasses are so amazing. Although on the crazy meter you might be a 9.5 out of 10 in the last pic, I would say taking off the hat would bring you down to a solid 5.

  • nataluya85

    love googily eyes!!!


  • monkeyshines

    fantastic pants!




  • ReneeO

    I do love your style!! Never a dull moment.

  • Andrea

    the sunnies are awesome!


  • XeanaFashion

    Beautiful sunglasses. Funny photo with a bag in the oven.

    From http://www.xeanafashion.com

  • seaandswank

    what an absurdly awesome idea. the tee is rad!

    Sea and Swank

  • melissa blake

    Lovely! It’s so bright and cheery!

  • I would give you a ten but this is genius. I would buy a shirt and sunglasses with googly eyes in a heartbeat.


  • All eyes on you. Love the sheer pant.

  • Eva Kraaijeveld

    I say totally you and perfect with a smile 😉


  • ClosetCravings

    The world is a lot more interesting – and fun – through the perspective of googly eyes. P.S. – Lovin’ the Isabel Marant pants.
    Satisfy Your Cravings For Celebrity Style and All Things Stylish and Sweet

  • Laurie Gay

    If I had a dime for every time I loved each of those googly eyes, I’d have like SO many dimes.

    Is it the 100 Monkey effect that my husband has started putting googly eyes on his bare body? Also, is that an over share? This pass time so Man Repelling that it broadens my horizons as to who can be a Man Repeller…

    A straight male Man Repeller = a riddle worthy of the googly eyed Sphinx.

  • 914

    I always thin k myself is trendy and creative; however, I cant agree myself anymore if you name yourself #2. You are the most chic and stylest blogger and lady I have been watching in our era. Keep setting the trend for what calling “retro”, no you make the trend. Thank you.

  • Sharon

    The smiley bag is super cute!



  • The Provoker

    LOL I never love a DIY bedazzled project as much as this before, the shirt one actually is cute! and the heck with caring about the rest, it’s just fun, so walk out the door biatch and strut and repel those men! ;D

    xx nathan.niche

  • Francine

    You’re hilarious! Never thought googly eyes are for adults, but when done right (like the white tee), it’s pretty cool. Thanks for sharing.

  • http://www.jennysuemakeup.com

    You and your googly eyes are too much, but seriously you brightened my dreary day.

  • Silvia

    I love your imagination! Really, one of the best. Kisses from Galicia – Spain.

  • Ann

    Well, laughter is the best medicine and thanks to you I’ve laughed a bunch today. The shirt is very cute and sunglasses, too. I especially like the staging of the purse in the oven. Insanity scale; a 10 for sure, and that’s a complement. As a 40 y/o mom living in the woods of northern WI, you are quite the inspiration, escape from the ordinary, and best of all hilarious. Thanks for it all and keep on man repelling!

  • jamiegillingham

    Eye love it! I especially love that if I look hard enough I can see your man repeller.


  • JPH

    Oh, girl, I didn’t know you actually bought that hat at Duane! You’re too cute.

  • You look amazing and I love all of your posts.


  • laima hareer

    totally cool outfit, the top is rad



  • LAS

    Credit where credit is due. Who knew Christopher Walken was such a fashion visionary?


    • Hannah

      best shit everrrr

  • gaowmichelle

    okay. you look ridiculous. totally living up to your man-repelling. bravo. I went on a gay limo cruise through weho wearing a pair of glasses i bedecked in googley eyes. it was a fun time.


  • aprettynest

    Love the purse in the oven !

  • Georgina Escalada

    Sos una genia!!!!!

  • sketch42

    OK, I freaking love this. I thought you were about to quote Sartre, which I’ve done in posts before. All together you look like A-Wild-Thornberry-comes-to-Manhattan , but the shirt is genius, the first picture of the sunglasses should be printed and framed as modern art in your apartment, and then the purse, its just really witty. Good job.

  • Haley

    All my dreams have just come true <3 Made my week 🙂

  • I know you hear this everyday from like 10 trillion adoring Instagram/Facebook/Twitter friends followers likers lovers thumber-uppers, but,
    I really really want to be your friend.
    I also need clothes to be fun again. You’re helping.


  • I LOVE GOOGLY EYES! such a great idea! I can see how once you start ploppin’ these little guys down it might be hard to stop 🙂 ADORE IT!


  • Sara Eckert

    I am going to all the craft stores in the area and am going to buy all the eye balls. done! done deal!

    I want to buy the outfit off of you L!

  • Karyn Wisselink

    You are such a genius.

  • Namrata Kedar

    On a scale of one to ten, you would most definitely be ten! I love the googly eyes..totally insane!


  • I wish my oven was so clean I could take pictures of it.

  • great

  • the t-shirt looks amazing, the rest looks a little kindercore but i don’t hate it!


  • A Couple’s Gallery

    Hahaha- love it, that you don’t take things toooo seriously!
    L-o-v-e the shoes.


  • Christina

    This is beyond words…

    Christina, bohemianwild.blogspot.com

  • Vanessa Castro

    You should probably check out this British designer who also likes to put eyes on her clothes (including fanny packs)!

  • Alaina

    Great title, nice pants.

  • Dina

    I love the googly purse in the oven. Genius.

  • NastaziaQ

    Regarding the repel-o-meter then, I would say if not a 10, then a fairly 9 would do the honors 😉


  • Sofia Pires

    It’s so easy to do! Great tips! I love, love, love your blog! It’s so funny!
    Check out mine please : http://confrariadoestilo.wordpress.com/2012/08/29/easy-emma/

  • www.colettefreedman.com

    Everyone should have a Charlotte in their life!

  • twoparter

    this bag is so amazing!!! Love your outfit!


  • Leandra, Tell me this was meant as a Laura Mulvey reference and I’ll smile???

  • Mirona

    I’ve just learned by accident (eBaying something very different) that Mulberry made googly eye T-shirts! Fruity, too 🙂 http://www.ebay.com/itm/300768604653#ht_933wt_1373. So you’re in good company.


  • You look sick! Those pants are insane and so are those shoes. Incredible.



  • This googly eyes idea is bad ass cool. I need them in my life!

  • A lady gave me a googly eye ring today and I told her about this post

  • Bladyblahblah

    I would pay you a large sum of money to go up to some random person on the street and say i can see you with my boob! and then gallop away.

  • Emily Fann

    put to big ones on my iphone case best decsion ever made! thank you

  • Kevin Polizzotto

    instagram – follow @googlygram — @googlygram is on hiatus and preparing to make the country of Turkey get googly on Sept. 15!

  • anneyork

    It sort of looks like a cute and curious alien entity has taken over your wardrobe and is peeking out without you knowing.. It’s the secret power of googly eyes, there’s so many in a bag you’ll always start asking yourself where you could put some more..

  • conspiracy theorist

    imitation is suicide man repeller!