Poolside Shearling

Is there any other sort of shearling?


If the temperamental nature of recent seasonal changes are confirmation of anything, it is that mother-nature truly is bi-polar. And not just that, often bitchy (menstruation woes) too, depleting our sun of its good vitamins and what have you. Leaving only what can be described as Cancer Light. Harsh, I know, but the truth compromises for no one. And despite a particularly sweltering summer, when global warming is in question, the best we can expect is a sunny hot-100 followed immediately by 25 and snow. Those numbers are representative of degrees in case that wasn’t clear. What will September and October even act as this season? In light of such ambiguities: a picture to depict the utter ridiculousness that has seemingly unapologetically become our climate.

Ultimately, few things can say “ridiculous” more aptly than an over-sized motorcycle coat–not jacket–lingerie shorts, caged open toe calf boots constructed appropriately for virtually no time of year, and a t-shirt with 3-D coconut trees on it. Should I jump in? Sit on that chair? Continue posing by the sideline? Take down my thumb? Put another one up? These are the caliber of pointless questions that the combination of heat and lambskin instigate.

Are you wondering what it felt like to stand 36 stories high on a 90 degree morning? Not bad. And between the two of us, worth it for the test drive. I’m not all that against the outfit I put together even though it was done ironically. I would wear this if weather permitted, which I believe it might quite soon. This is the kind of jacket, I learned, that has the power to complete an entire season’s wardrobe. Old jeans and some sneakers, that’s all else you’ll need. Or maybe boots. A sweater perhaps, too, but that’s optional because bare chests are legal and as such should be celebrated.

Moral: decrease your carbon footprint, consider a motorcycle, run when necessary.

Acne jacket, Tsumori Chisato t shirt, Stella McCartney shorts, Alaia shoes, photos by Charlotte Fassler.

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  • Shearling… Well, it’s too hot to even think about it but hey, ACNE is always worth the cause! 

  • rhiannon

    you are amazing. these photos are killing me.


  • Alda Ca

    Those are the best shoes. ever. So much love for your shooessss.


  • Have to Have

    Dying for that shearling jacket and for you in that heat, OY!  Acne is seriously killer though

  • Natali Karppinen

    Love your shoes and shorts!


  • I love this contradictory outfit 🙂 And you look awesome as ALWAYSSSSS

  • Bri Wang

    Haha, love the photos. Acne does some really great jackets.
    And props for lasting that long in the heat with that jacket.



  • HerInfernalMajesty

    The jacket reminds me of what Bane was wearing throughout ‘The Dark Knight Rises.” I remember thinking, “man, I would rock that even in this sub-tropical schizophrenic summer weather we’re having.”  Clearly, you are either a) Secretly living in my house or b) In my head. 

  • Haha,brilliant.  Major props for hanging around in that outfit in the heat and still making it look cool.



  • love the shoes!  isn’t too hot for that coat or it’s just my city where is freaking hot?!



  • monkeyshines

    gorgeous heels!


  • This jacket is great, but this post makes me feel so many emotions at the one time:

    1. Happiness, that I live in Ireland, where 90-degree mornings are the stuff of summer fairytales.

    2. Sadness, that I live in Ireland, where rooftop pools are the stuff of summer fairytales.

    3. Confusion, that Ireland has not yet learned to create buildings taller than 10 storeys (almost true story; our highest building is a tower in Co Cork that is a staggering 17 (or 19, reports vary) storeys tall.

    4. Envy, that you have friends willing to accompany you on these seemingly pointless excursions.

    And, lastly

    5. Hunger. For no particular reason but, there it is, in the pit of my stomach. Maybe it’s the shearling? Mmmm, lamb …

  • fpepper

    Haha, love it! Those boots/shoes/things are wonderful!


  • Zakiyahamelsmith

    i love your style 

  • marinacasapu
  • What a great post and love the photos. Also you look amazing and love your shoes 🙂 xoxox

  • Elisa

    This really is a beautiful jacket, I’m not as crazy as you  so I would probably just wear it with a black mini and black tights or nice jeans.

    Wandering Minds fashion

  • This is such a Dude, as in the Dude, as in the Big Lebowski, type of jacket and needless to say, I love it!! Having made this analogy, I would like to take it further by a serendipitous epiphany that I have just had. The Dude is Man Repeller’s male doppelganger in that he fully embodies the spirit of repelling members of the opposite sex (except for wearing couture items that look like the reproductive organs of the opposite sex) while being utterly loveable.

    I love you Leandra, I love you as much as I love the Dude!!!


  • Thelittleworldoffashion

    Ok so those shoes are crazy, I’m in love 🙂

  • Luna

    Oh man. You rock. I love, love those shoes!

    xx,Lunatheredtrousers.comWhite gold peacock necklace giveaway: http://www.theredtrousers.com/2012/07/prints-genies-gladiators-and-giveaway.html

  • I love that jacket!






  • Jolien Van Daele

    This made me laugh out loud. Especially combined with Rosemary’s comment. Lovely!
    Here in Belgium summer’s started messy: lots of rain and grey skies. But! On my birthday (end of July), the sun started participating in the festivities celebrating my decay (1/4 century and counting). Maybe climate is ironic as well. So yes why not participate? Like you did for example. Right now, still in Belgium, the weather is kind of normal for the time of the year, even though the weather around the end of March and mid May was normal for this time of the year… So, no we cannot trust seasons anymore. But what to do? Maybe we can all start participating in veggie Thursdays? For good old Mother Nature’s sake?Love,Julianahttp://julianaandthedaydream.blogspot.be

  • Jenaly Enns
  • Théa Unknown

    Funny photographies!

    Théa Unknownhttp://theaisunknown.blogspot.fr/

  • Kcomekarolina

    cool style! i love it!!!

    xoxo from rome

  • Pauline T

    You killed me! Taking a dip in your long-sleeves velvet swimsuit, much?! 😉

  • THOSE shoes…they’re amazing…

  • You look great! Those shoes <3

  • get those shoes AWAY from the water!
    ♥ ThankFifi

  • That jacket is the shit dreams are made of! 

  • Oh and I also think that top photo might qualify as modern art. Print that shit baby! 

  • Madrilicious

    crazy, stupid, love – could you make a remake? love your humor, I am waiting for autumn wearing my summer clothes and craving for the winter ones! http://madrilicious.com

  • Amanda Reyes

    love coming on your blog! your so whimsical its great <3
    Love the post & the outfit

    -Amanda Reyes


  • Love the whole outfit… the jacket is beaut. Too bad its 90 degrees, roll on October!


  • KE.influence

    Agreed! ACNE is always, ALWAYS worth the cause! 🙂 

  • MKP

    Oh god, the weather is driving me mad. This is a good comeback to mother nature, those boots kill it!


  • that jacket is absolute perfection. awesome shots


  • Anna

    You are totally insane but that’s the reason I love you.

  • J’adore Leandra <3

    http://www.aidylpaidyl.blogg.no – 

  • K Bernatovic
  • Fkh

    I love your shoes! They are a work of art!


  • Seekingstyleblog

    The temp is certainly not bipolar here. It’s pissed off and making it 107 daily for us! haha

    xo Jennifer


  • Love everything about your absolutely mega stunning outfit!!


  • Marta Fragateiro

    How I love those Alia’s… :((

  • Eva Kraaijeveld

    Working on the motorcycle 😉 Awesome photos and outfit!


  • Doni Brown

    Wow  I would have been a little nervous up there, but the scenery is great! 


  • Mary-Alice Bowman

    You’ve got  a lot of guts to wear something so heavy as that jacket! It’s incredibly hot over here, and I’m trying to stay creative with my outfits. Good luck to you!

    Visit my blog at:


  • Marcia

    Girl(because no one is ever too old to be called a girl), I salute you for wearing lambswool in this weather. On the other hand, I hate you for having easy access to a rooftop pool. The closet swimming pool to my apartment is at my gym, and by the time I get that I already melted into a puddle that resembles the Wicked Witch of West. But that’s just Brooklyn for you. To be honest, I expected this summer to be a lot hotter than usual, like 40-degrees minimum, so it’ll probably be a lot colder than usual. 


  • Daisy Pena

    The shoes are killer – great post 😉

  • Caroline J

    These pictures are genius ! Amazing shoes 

  • Elle

    I freaking love you, MR. Keep repelling, gurllll.

  • Isabelle

    Your shoes make my vagina happy. 

  • LOVE the coat! and cool scenery


  • Sandrafreckled

    beautiful blog!!! 

  • Sandrafreckled
  • That Acne jacket is amazing. I can see why you’d want to wear it straight away even though it is summer!

  • abigail lind

    that jacket is all kinds of perfect!  if it looks that good poolside over some tap shorts i can’t wait to see it really shine in it’s natural autumnal surroundings!


  • sara urraza

    you’re so lovely crazy!!!i looove your blog and posts but…i even love more thoese sandals!!W-O-N-D-E-R-F-U-L!!!


  • Dictionaryoffashion
  • Roser Lou

    Ahahahahaah cool pictures!!! these Alaia shoes are PERFECT!!!! 

    Besos from BARCELONA!


  • Theinklingblog

    that jacket lives in my dreams daily…
    ahh sighs
    Acne is always killing it! 

  • The Provoker

    Yes Acne for the win babes! their coats and shoes are the best! omg you have to come to LFW to see their show!!! 😀 Oh, and hurry and enter my BIG giveaway which is an Alexander McQueen silk-chiffon skull print scarf, check it out.

    xx nathan.niche


  • Leslie

    o god.. seeing the alaias so close to the chlorinated water makes me tremble

  • CharlotteK_93

    amazing pictures 🙂


  • Miss_brumley

    Reminds me of the scene from Sex and the City where Samantha and Richard had their pool dance 🙂 Looks very familiar!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cj

    Oh my gosh, I’m sweating just looking at you in that coat.  Still, it looks great and beautiful and you look great and beautiful so whatever.  Those heels are super chic.  Chic as shit.


  • Lourdes_ardenghi

    love the jacket  it’s so cool

  • Howtobefancy

    That coat is delicious. The heat you’re wearing it in? Bless you! 


  • Citra Ariani

    THAT CITY VIEW! I loooooveeee it! and your outfit and your silly face expression of course. The coolest!


  • Taylah Murphy

    that jacket is gorgeous x


  • italianchick

    Yes, this weather of ours is very much bi-polar but at the end it mathces us and our fashion.
    At times we can find our self very happy and ready to take over the world, and a second later we might be on the floor crying because we failed at our first atempt to the first step of taking over.
    Just like our fashion, the mix matching of prints and textures, it can become a bit art of bi-polarness (I dont think thats a word).
    So in conlusion this whole mixture of things might result in something unexpect and suprisently beautiful.

  • touchkajal

    oh, your shoes are so beautiful!!!
    xoxo TouchKajal.blogspot.com

  • Girlhuntingcatherineandgreer

    Motorcycle sheep and lingerie panties. Only you, Leandra.


  • Dusty Petals

    I love reading your blog so much! You have such an honest and witty style of writing. You and your style ROCK!!! 

  • I agree with the final message, this weather is freaking me out. I’ve been oscilating between barely dressed and wearing a cardigan and a hoodie at the same time. I used to be pretty heat-resistant, but all these changes have broken my thermostat.

  • SCOUT fanzine

    Love sunshine, love pool!

    SCOUT fanzine


  • Nadia Cohen
  • -_- really? 

  • Liz

    Love the jacket. I am thinking of purchasing it in black!  What size did you purchase?!

  • Ray

    Wish I could afford to ACNE, the’r clothes are beautiful.


  • Omg who in NYC has a pool on their rooftop!??!?!? JEALOUS. Just one ?- weren’t you a tad hot?


  • Breakfastatcindis

    Only you can look so fabulous in like 80+ degree weather with those amazing shoes.



  • Alyssa Tomasic

    I love your quirky pictures and your comical writing style!

  • Liz

    You’re so funny! I love it!!


    Check it out!

  • Love the jacket.

  • Fashioncontainer

    Supercool pics, love your outfit!


  • venicakalambay

    A Fashionista Wears Her Best & Deals With The Weather Later!

  • segredosdeglamour

    Beautiful, just discover your blog. Now following u*

  • Woman, you crack me up!

  • Capuchino Beauty

    Love the look!  The Alaia shoes are to die for. Sexy. ~CBeauty

  • Beth

    That jacket is to die for !