Poolside Shearling

Is there any other sort of shearling?


If the temperamental nature of recent seasonal changes are confirmation of anything, it is that mother-nature truly is bi-polar. And not just that, often bitchy (menstruation woes) too, depleting our sun of its good vitamins and what have you. Leaving only what can be described as Cancer Light. Harsh, I know, but the truth compromises for no one. And despite a particularly sweltering summer, when global warming is in question, the best we can expect is a sunny hot-100 followed immediately by 25 and snow. Those numbers are representative of degrees in case that wasn’t clear. What will September and October even act as this season? In light of such ambiguities: a picture to depict the utter ridiculousness that has seemingly unapologetically become our climate.

Ultimately, few things can say “ridiculous” more aptly than an over-sized motorcycle coat–not jacket–lingerie shorts, caged open toe calf boots constructed appropriately for virtually no time of year, and a t-shirt with 3-D coconut trees on it. Should I jump in? Sit on that chair? Continue posing by the sideline? Take down my thumb? Put another one up? These are the caliber of pointless questions that the combination of heat and lambskin instigate.

Are you wondering what it felt like to stand 36 stories high on a 90 degree morning? Not bad. And between the two of us, worth it for the test drive. I’m not all that against the outfit I put together even though it was done ironically. I would wear this if weather permitted, which I believe it might quite soon. This is the kind of jacket, I learned, that has the power to complete an entire season’s wardrobe. Old jeans and some sneakers, that’s all else you’ll need. Or maybe boots. A sweater perhaps, too, but that’s optional because bare chests are legal and as such should be celebrated.

Moral: decrease your carbon footprint, consider a motorcycle, run when necessary.

Acne jacket, Tsumori Chisato t shirt, Stella McCartney shorts, Alaia shoes, photos by Charlotte Fassler.

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