More Metal

…Lics. Wow, shiny, wow.


Today in more photographic proof that shiny pants are greater than normal pants, behold: Sinclar. A brand of denim pioneers that understand the female necessity to literally reflect whenever possible. Upon further silver pant investigation, I concluded quite quickly that it’s silly to imagine most women will want to invest any more than say, $20 in a pair of pants of the silver variety, much less if they clock in at upward of $1000 which is why in rebuttal to my own “Silver Slivers,” I introduce this to you. Sinclair will still not accomplish feeding your urge to spend twenty dollars only but will conversely only cost 10% of the aforementioned leather. In matters of the post per wear, I summon you to look down.

Utility, practicality, standing pigeon toed, about to urinate. Here, my outfit hopefully reflects–hehe, get it–the omnipresent girl next door, only sprinkled with a few more interesting quirks like round framed pink shades and a shiny ass bracelet to perfectly compliment a denim upper half. Also, mules. Mules that look like your grandfather’s bed slippers but are not your grandfather’s bed slippers. No, they’re your walking shoes. And they pinch your heels, no matter how hard and try as you may to break them in. But it’s a small price to pay.

This is just another example of the above portrayed. White walls seem to enable personality blossoming, don’t you think? Madewell blouse, Sinclair jeans, Jenni Kayne flats, Ralph Lauren shades, Dannijo bracelet, Aurelie Bidermann necklace.

Figure that an everyday outfit-fit for even the least conscious Repeller. And if that’s what that is, it’s fairly obvious that what this is, is word salad the night version, clad in the same shiny pant. Utilizing an eyelet tank that all but begs masking from an over-pixel-ated houndstooth print cropped vest achieves conventional “quirk.” Right? You can’t see it here but I’m using the infamous lips choker as a bow-tie of sorts. Open toe clear oxford heel bootie things seemed the only plausible footwear compliment. It’s hard to look at these now though, without begging that you call me, maybe.

And in case the outfit didn’t accomplish what I hoped it might, figure this an evening appropriate look because this is the dance move that defines a night out. And that, the face of a very drunk young lad(y.) Know what I mean? No? Oh. Well, bye. Balenciaga vest, By Malene Birger tank, Sinclair jeans, Oscar de la Renta heels.

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