Italian Heads

Certainly, a deceiving title.


You know, I couldn’t quite pin point what it was about flower crowns that could resonate so well even after the quintessential and devastatingly discernible style cues of Coachella had passed. But while working on a story about gold accents last week, I fell upon the familiar images of Dolce & Gabbana’s F/W 2012 collection and it hit me: it’s not about the crown, it’s about what the crown does. Which is to say, sits on your head in 3D formation and makes you look like Lily Donaldson if she lived in Seville (Cortina?) and treated every day like Easter Sunday was right around the corner. Maybe.

This was by landslide, one of the more favorable collections of last season–and not because of the elaborate white tulle, token bloomers and powerful sheer silhouettes. What else should one expect from Stefano and Domenico? Don’t be fooled by the absence of formality in my using their first names, on a personal level I don’t know them at all. Unless you consider unusual dreams about canoes and bananas to be barriers that break the unknown.

I digress.

Note the accessory purge. Such a detailed collection doesn’t really need all that much accoutrement-age but when it appears and is executed well, the old contradictory adage, “more is more,” really gains some horsepower.

In lieu of the vertical headband, long earring (et hem, chandel-ear) collab-o-lab, here’s a collage-o-lage to mull over should you too find yourself ready to emulate a very distant wing of modern churchmanship. What?

It’s a good look, one with a shelf life that extends beyond August.

From top left: Eddera Laurier headband, Tuleste Market star spangled earrings, multi-color Dannijo rhinestone specks, Soo Ihn Kim gold knots. Deepa Gurnani headband followed by two of the Dauphines of New York Variety just next to some flowers. Both from Asos. And these speak well to the porcelain sunglasses and accents from the aforementioned collection. In the right corner, mint colored earrings from Etsy and some gold Aurelie Bidermann medallion ones. Goal-d.

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