In for fall: glorified hearing aids.


Hybrid words just aren’t what they used to be but interesting things are happening g-lobe-ally.

I hate myself for instigating that pun, more so for executing it.

Photographed above, Alexandra Spencer of 4th and Bleecker–among other novel things–putting two of her seemingly conventional piercings to innovative use with two respective chandel-earrings layered in perfect Man Repeller spirit. While an homage to this brand of ear accoutrement has already been delivered, see: last week’s Dolce & Gabbana-centric post, this is less about the dangle, more about the vision.

Doesn’t it just feel like we’ve exhausted so many of our other limbs? See: arm party, the death of arm party, the resuscitation of arm party, necks, ankles, nipples, tongues–and while earrings are certainly no radically new trend, the interesting use of a layered two hole, or the incorporation of cuffs, atypical earring shapes and the notion of mix-n-match studs feels, I don’t know, refreshing.

I really enjoyed a post that Elizabeth Monson of Move Slightly published a couple weeks ago about studs with interesting ear backs see: the Givenchy tusk, Pamela Love’s five pointer, the two Delfina Delettrez lip and skull bits complimented by lonesome pearls at lobe.

In addition to those, some ear cuffs–the ones at bottom left and right are both indigenous to Topshop. That spiked one at center is by Annelise Michelson.

The various bars are Jennifer Meyer. The micro-letters (I couldn’t help it, stab me,) are by Jacquie Aiche–who also supplied the bar from this post, and the stud with corresponding cuff at top right hails from ASOS.

Conclusion: are we eliminating the necessity for statement necklaces and in effect ridding ourselves to opportunity to write heather grey gym t-shirts off as intentional formal wear? Or, are we just innocently endorsing the development of glorified, usless hearing aids?

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  • Elisa

    The statement necklace can go die! Thank you for putting words/pictures on a trend I’ve been loving for a few months: asymmetric, non-matching, crazy, triple earrings. It doesn’t work on everyone, I think you have to be blonde and a bit grungy in order not to look like a christmas tree on something illegal. Just my humble opinion.

    Elisa – Wandering Minds fashion

  • rhiannon
  • Candy

    I love all of these! Been a fan of ear cuffs for a while now! So much cooler than regular old studs!


    Only a couple days left to enter my Lock Hardware Necklace GIVEAWAY!!

  • ADJ

    I am loving the large, chunky jewels…

  • 😀 Earring layering? Looks totally awesome! And I have yet to pierce mine…

  • dany

    absolutely love the spiked cuff look on ears

    xxo, dany

  • disqus_XoSAAC5ogf

    Not a fan of earrings. But I fully endorse your pun 🙂

  • ClosetCravings

    I absolutely love Jacquie Aiche and Jennifer Meyer’s jewelry. Loooove.
    Satisfy Your Cravings For Celebrity Style and All Things Stylish and Sweet

  • Rebecka Persson

    All of them look fab!

  • Sara Howard

    I love the idea of two statement earrings on one ear totally man repeller approved you ears our going to become super saggy and might add ten years to your age but what are you going to say man repeller

  • I have a feeling you’re going to make a commission off of me today.

    Your instagram intrigued me, the post has me hooked.

  • This trend initially felt very “girl with the dragon tattoo” to me, especially the givenchy and noir iterations of it — like, gauged ears without the pain and ick factor of actually stretching your lobes out to accommodate massive tusk jewelry. i like that it’s taking a lot of other forms. now i just need to feel better about wearing my hair up so i can show off my fancy earrings.

  • Good riddance to statement necklaces, in my opinion!

  • I love all the jewelry ! The’re so nice !!

  • Audrey

    I wore multi largish earrings in my multi-holed ears during the 80’s “baroque period”. I loved the look, but ladies, please note that your earlobes WILL stretch under the weight of the earrings. Mine, after all these years, are a little longer than I would like. Darn Baroque Period! 😉

  • Hannah

    I never thought of using earrings as a layering piece, yet I have been dying to get a second piercing. Maybe that whole thought process you just mentioned has been running through my mind subconsciously? Anyways, now I have an awesome new excuse to convince my mom to let me get second holes!


  • I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to say goodbye to the statement necklace but I could use a pair of those Jennifer Myer’s.

    Mossypants | Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

  • Hannah

    I have been dying to get a second piercing for a while now, maybe I was thinking the thought process you just described subconsciously? This gives me even more of an incentive to convince my mom to let me get another piercing.


  • Putri Soe

    haha i just love how you explain about fashion fads!

  • liz

    love! wish earrings didn’t irritate my ears! or should I say earitate! Yes, I am that big of a dork!

  • PinkCheetahVintage

    Love all the ear hardware. Looks most awesome with short hair. Time for a haircut!

  • monkeyshines

    stunning pieces!


  • Christina

    I love what Alexandra’s done her. At a quick first glance, it looks like the mother of all chandelier earrings, but upon further investigation, it just looks ingenious.


  • Stefany

    in major agreement here, as I was recently looking at photos of Edie Sedgwick (for hair inspiration mostly) but came across all these photos of her amazing giant clip on earrings and thought to myself “it’s fucking time to wear earrings again, and do it up right” so yes… fuck those ears up I say

  • Morgan Liti

    Sigh. I wish I could wear fabulous earrings, but unfortunately earrings+curly hair do not mesh well (unless my hair is up, which is not often). What a wonderful lobe-party though.



  • Domonique

    I need to try this out, I’ve tired of the statement necklace, definitely ready for a fresh approach 🙂


  • Namrata Kedar

    Your posts always make me think. And I like that.
    And now that i see this pic, i have two piercings just like that..and i am loving how this is looking. Maybe its i should try it.


  • T.

    I love earrings (and puns) but I don’t see the point in two on one ear!

  • for ladies whose ears are not pierced (me) or pierced only once (many), clip-on costume jewelry would make this trend easy…….

    • Leandra Medine

      The givenchys are magnetic!

  • Théa Unknown

    Great pieces!

    Théa Unknown

  • Clark_cat

    If Pamela Love would hide a real hearing aid in a faux pile up of ear decorating jewels I would love them forever #GapInTheMarket

  • B.

    Cool photos ! the earrings make her look so glamourous
    new outfit post

  • Adeola Naomi Aderemi

    I looove her earrings!!!

  • nataliechristina

    i loove topshop earrings, they’re always so cool and original.

  • XeanaFashion

    Earrings with fang and the skull look slightly scary. But it fashion!


  • Nat

    I love miss-matched studs in monogram initials (i.e. your featured ‘M’ & ‘R’ stunners). I’m not super daring when in comes to my earrings, but now…


  • I love the letters earings.

  • My Grandmother would go mad for those.

  • Creative Dossier

    I really like the Delfina pieces, especially with the pearls. The lips are interesting too…. Very clever placement.

  • Little Red Book

    I’m really starting to like ear cuffs…

  • its all very Billy Idol to me

  • Ah, jewelry – such a creative outlet for the female human heart.

    Visit my blog at:

  • Happy As Larry

    Great post! In the spirit of hybrid words, “Love the lay-earring!” And, contrary to what the image shows, you don’t have to be blonde or grungy to wear multiple earrings that are this gawdy and gorgeous. You don’t even have to be brunette or raven-haired to carry off this look. Just find the combination of earrings that suit your face-shape, hair-style and lifestyle. You only have to look at the women in remote villages such as in India, in Nepal or Tibet, to realise that lay-earring has been around for a whole lot longer than we think… and there’s absolutely nothing grungy about these women – just happy, open smiles, no make-up (save for some strong traditional eyeliner at most) and a quiet confidence and unselfconsciousness that is so incredibly appealing… and none of them wear designer duds. The only time you obviously can’t wear this look too successfully in its super-dangly form is, in a law/medical/accountancy practice/any place where you are required to wear suits… or maybe you could put your reputation on the line and try layering a few really tiny, delicate earrings. The four earrings sitting in my left ear and three earrings (all seven of them mismatched) in my right ear have earned me the honour of being called, “bogan”, “hippie”, “out there” for most of my teenage and adult life… but it’s all good, because I’m always happy as Larry 🙂

  • kirbybee

    While I’m a fan of the old ear candy, I’ve been wearing mismatched earrings for a while (mostly out of necessity due to my bizarre habit of loosing just one earring), surely you jest that the statement necklace has hit a sartorial roadblock?? It will forever live on in my wardrobe, right next to my mismatched collection of ear candy!


  • Daniela Macsim

    Statement earrings!!!Love it!

  • Aleksandra Paszkowska

    Yeah, how does one grow just a couple more ears, like, I don’t know, six, seven copies?

    As far as I’m concerned, they could sprout on my elbows or back, doesn’t matter. It’s the decorative purposes that count. Or at least maybe I should make an attempt at ear workout, so that my regular ones could take the weight of all these adornments.

  • ImportKT

    Damn, does that mean layering earrings with studs in the same holes as hoops or chandel-ears is a no- no? Cause I’ll stop doing that when I’m like 90, possibly. Depends on whether or not I’m still in control of my fashion choices then. Bring on the Ear Magic

  • Marta

    I wear 2 chandelle-earrings too sometimes

  • Um Blog Fashion

    I love the idea of ​​using 2 statement earrings in the same ear. The skull piercing is so cool :))

  • Love to layer and cuff my ears, am thinking about going for a third piercing so I can weigh them down even more, until then I’m pinching my grans clip-ons x

  • Earrings are totally like hearing aids haha! They can be so crazy and out there, but are just another fabulous accessory.


  • no need for eliminating the necklace, this is just a nice way to punctuate the statement. thanks to your lead we’re up to our ears in layers now (ha!) and i say bring it on, the more the merrier baby!


  • WhiteCloset

    Yeah, for a bold and stylish outfit! 🙂

    WhiteCloset Fashion BlogTwitterFacebook

  • Haha! No I think we do it up really big and pile on the statement necklace with this. lol. And maybe a statement bracelet to take it over the tops!

  • Rama singh

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