In the Details, Vol. 67

Or 68, I may have lost count.


This is a photograph my pal Mark Iantosca took for Refinery 29 when we ran into each other on Spring Street last week. I was dressed in a true pajama blouse–one I had slept in the night before (but had hailed from Zara just six months earlier,) and Poupette beach shorts. These, most typically unappreciated on the Streets of New York. Since that hadn’t stopped me before though, it wouldn’t now either. A pair of gold Supergas polished off the look next to this Valentino purse and some offensive red nails that hadn’t been applied willingly.

My friend Rachel and I were talking about the death of the it-bag, noting how far footwear had come in the last decade and recognizing that in the grand scheme of accessories, it was rare to see a dynamic handbag collection come to fruition. With the exception of household names like Valextra and Goyard, most handbag labels had either percolated through big fashion houses, or supplemented footwear brands with purses, (see: Jimmy Choo, Christian Louboutin, Charlotte Olympia et al.)

What is it about shoes vs. bags that make them more desirable? Personally, I’ve never been one toward handbags if it meant sacrificing footwear. Shoes just seem a far more palpable vehicle to suspend real life.

Pun intended.

I step into a pair of 6-inch heels with seashells adorning the front and all the sudden, I’m a mermaid vixen. Strap a purse across my shoulder and…I’m effectively still me. The power implications just aren’t the same.

On the day this photo was taken though, I hadn’t opted for “a style splash” (stab me for saying that) in any capacity other than my signature “arm party”–a term even I myself, the culprit, am growing weary to use, and a bad-ass purse with motives that extend beyond the obvious knuckle smack down.

The disconnect I was trying to fulfill: utter-to-the-point-of obnoxious comfort but still somewhat sophisticated could not be achieved without the kiss of a pretentious accessory.

So maybe the “it-bag,” isn’t dying. Maybe it just can’t be equated to it-shoes. It’s kind of like comparing a computer to a cellphone. They’re two different things, with two different purposes that fall under the same umbrella but aren’t conclusively trying to compete with one another. As a matter of fact, they even sort of need each other.

In this instance, the humility brought forward by sheer comfort and the pretension brought forward by handbag come together to create a really seamless marriage. One that rarely needs counseling, or children, or shoes. And sometimes, that’s enough.

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  • victoria

    Well said!

  • Lily Violet

    hey lady,
    errbody knows you’re married. enough already with the hiding of the ring and the turning over of the big ol rock.
    We all want to see it!
    why not flaunt it with the rest of your parties? 

    • Leandra

      Ha, that’s just a diamond band!

  • rhodawong

    i love everything about this photo!

  • Tripsandtreasuresblog

    I’m definitely more of a bag person , but of course a girl needs both ! and I do feel there still are a lot of it-bags, they just seem to last longer than the it shoes ( which definitely is  a good thing)
    new outfit post

  • elisaeymery

    So I think I disagree with you on this one, well I agree that shoes have the power to transform you, but call me confident but I don’t really want to transform myself, I just want to be a better version of myself, and for me a handbag can totally do that. It sets the bar and the tone on what person you’re trying to be, and can say a lot about someone’s personality. Too many people rely on (sh-)it bags and that’s really a weak style point for me.

    Wandering Minds fashion

    • Leandra

       I love this.

  • katie

    Always been a shoe person, never been a bag person. Not sure
    that’ll ever change. I know what you mean by how shoes seem to transform how
    you feel about yourself and a purse does not. Although, I think if I had that
    Valentino purse in my hand, I’d feel pretty effing cool. Ugggggh, I love all
    the shit in your closet.

    Oh, and I agree with the comment above….show us the ring already!

  • Pip

    I am obsessed with that purse!  It is so cool!  Your nails look perfect too!!  xx  Pip

  • Kcomekarolina

    great photo! stunning!!!

    xoxo from rome

  • marinacasapu

    I took a moment to think what would I sacrifice between shoes and bags…..definately bags!

  • Haha…I love this post. Well put!

  • I love that purse!




  • Belén cavas

    Perfect, fresh color combination. Love this nice bag!!!

    big kisses from warm Spain.

  • abigail lind

    i love how a pajama shirt and hot pink shorts is minimalist dressing for you, probably why you’re everyone’s hero these days!  i love this paired down look.  it really lets your it bag shine, with a supporting role from that amazing slave chain bracelet!


  • really good post. 

  • elizabeth leong

    Where is that bracelet-connected-ring from?!!

  • Grat bag! Love that you wore the shirt the night before so funny! Shop
    Beautiful Day Dresses Online at CopperEtiquette

  • Lana

    I absolutely LOVE your rosegold hand-finger watchamacallit. That purse is to die for!

  • What really caught my eye here were your nails! they look perfect. 

  • Oppositelipstick
  • Kaitlin

    Loved your Glamour article. You’re the tits, girl–a total inspiration.

  • Eva Kraaijeveld

    I’m a bag and a shoe person and I’m not complete when I’m missing one of those items!

  • I love that you are writing more in your posts, it truly shows how much you think as I feel like you are the type of person that thinks all the time, even in your dreams you are thinking. Great comparison to shoes and bags, it is definitely something I’ve never thought to compare but it is so true. 

  • Elena

    Love your blog! Where did you find the perfect bracelet&ring??

  • guest

    from where is the bracelet (the one that is a ring too) ? 

    • Leandra

       It’s Mark Henry!

  • Carmen Stephens

    I love your jewelry in this photo 🙂


  • I agree with the shoes over handbags bit. But since I don’t use handbags – unless the occasional murse counts? – my opinion seems lacking. Moral: I’d rather look at 6 inches of transparent glass heel any day. Ps. Ever thought about writing a “What if I was a man, who repelled men? A man man-repelling man repeller. What would I wear?” post? Question mark, question mark. 

  • monkeyshines

    gorgeous bag!


  • Silvia_citterio

    shoes are on your feets, are parte of your body, heels make you taller than a model, make your legs skinny… bags are good, well made, they means you are rich and well talented girl.. but they are only accessorize

  • Diana
  • Seekingstyleblog

    I love reading your articles 🙂

    xo Jennifer

  • kateveronica

    i agree with everyone about the jewelry! where on earth is that bracelet/ring from? gorgeous

  • read the WWD article and praised heaven when you mentioned your disdain for leopard print anything. please keep being you.. I know you are “nobody’s hero” (cc: tattoo) however, not only do you have a cult following within the fashion realm and among us ordinary, working girls who are willing to skip a months worth of grocery shopping just to get our hands on Margielas (guilty..but worth it).. teen girls look up to you, they are learning that it’s ok to be silly, unwaxed or unpedicured.. this is the core of why you are so loved.

  • Izabela

    This is perfection! Adore the colour of your nail varnish.


  • sometimes you lose me girl.  but i still love reading your witty dialogue even if i’m thoroughly confused.  yeh, everyone is copying you on the arm party description, and i agree, it is a wee bit tired at this point. but still a cute look none the less.

  • Ritika Mahendru

    Very well said lady! Btw those nails are perfect!

  • tanya_caines

    If I had to pick one it would be shoes!

  • Fkxoxo

    beautiful bag 🙂

  • Lotus Blossomdesign

    Although I love both a great bag and a divine pair of shoes, you can’t always have both.  I often have to take turns in my “gotta have” compulsive shopping  problem.  I’d buy that desired pocketbook before the shoes. (Yes, I said pocketbook)  Ohhhh if money weren’t an issue!  Love reading your posts like this.   

  • love the details from the bag…and the ring-bracelet is so cute…


  • Dictionaryoffashion
  • The Provoker

    NOW THIS IS ONE WELL WRITTEN PIECE! put THIS in your book babes. I actually was thinking about it too, when it came to it bags and it shoes, I prefer it bags but couldn’t put it in print as well as you did. My most recent post I featured the new PROENZA SCHOULER textured leather forest green fw12 PS11 which made me think about ‘it’ bags as I noticed other bloggers (see susiebubble and style salvage that kindly mentioned me) who coined my bag as an ‘it’ bag too and my strong inclination to bags over shoes but not as eloquently saidyou did dear.

    xx nathan.niche

  • Christine Kim

    I love seeing how far things have come whether it’s technology, shoes, bags or even cars! It’s so awesome to reminisce!

    I’ve started a new blog! It’d be cool if you would check it out :)

  • Guest

    great sotry! love that u r writing more!

  • Blue5732

    Where is your lovely delicate evil eye bracelet from? (Just above the Mark Henry bracelet — which I also love!) LOVE this pic.

  • I guess it just depends on individuals. For me, I am more concerned about my handbag compared to my shoes.

  • S Conroyiglesias

    Love the purse, nails and ring! Very cool ring!!

  • Sayraht

    But seriously wear the ring…

  • Lovely diamond band!

  • I am totally agree with you… A beautiful pair of Shoes makes me feel Very special ….

  • Sara

    where is the bracelet with the ring attached to it from please?

  • I am still into the pajama trend, probably because I have a whole J.Crew outfit that includes a pajama bottom that I have yet to wear. Yes let us see your big ring!!


  • I used to be a bag person, but now im definitely all about the shoes!
    Love all of the details in this photo, your nails are perfect.

  • fpepper

    I’m with you; I’ve always been a shoe girl. Although having said that, I am always finding that I need more bags. Hmm. x

  • 48.

    love the nail color. And of course that diamond band.

  • Marinke CIFC
  • Namrata

    I feel like with shoes, there is a possibility of having many ‘it’ shoes. Whereas with bags, there are just those few! That said, I agree that they do need each other to some extent.

    p.s- love the Valentino purse


  • Guest

    great article! xo

  • Francesca Db

    Stunning!! 😉
    I love your blog!!
    Visit mine on

  • Christina

    Such deep contemplation on the relationship between shoes and bags! I’ll simply say I’m a shoe lady all the way.. plus, it just sounds better than bag lady 🙂


  • Fashion Cherry
  • LabellaLuxe Boutique

    Love the handbag and jewelry!

  • Cams

    I love shoes. Let me just say that first, lol. But I get much more attached to bags, I have several pairs of shoes that look amazing with a select few bags. I have to LOVE a bag to purchase it. And once I do, I’m a bit obsessed with it. Everything must look good with it, and the best thing to me is the resurrection of an old bag. Then comes the shoe replay, for me those go hand in hand, but I do think that visually, shoes have more transformation power than bags.