Gone Skiing

Just kidding.


Is this, you think, what having three sisters either close in age or of the quadruplet variety would feel like? Never mind for the girls, who would seemingly have to share an identity in quarter portions or at the very least several facial features which ultimately function on a very superficial level as the incubator of the former. But what about the mother? Are her daughters particular about their pants? Will they settle for nothing less than Acne stardust? And hyper mullet tees? Also Acne? What about the father? Can he afford such cravings? I don’t know. I might never. But today on TMR, vision is vital where the wild pants are. It feels just like yesterday that enchantment fell over me during Acne’s S/S 2012 show when the pants with the glitter stars–glitter, people, shiny shit–came walking by with an Alexa Chung haircut and some really good ombre. I even so much as disregarded the mucus yellow cocoon in favor of ‘dem interesting patches.

Fast forward some eight months now when like a mailman with angel qualities from the sky watching over me and listening to my every word, somebody with an important union job dropped these crazy pants (crazy pants?) at my doorstep. Elton John ignited moto-cross, I thought to myself upon first sight before continuing to think: you know I should just buy all the mens clothes that is categorically designed for gay men going forward. This is a digression. But when I picked them up, the truth unveiled itself: dysfunctional ski pants. Dysfunctional because you can’t ski in leather, much less when it’s cropped. Ski pants because they’re stiff and rigid and beg for nothing less than a colorful dainty shoe. And maybe a Gif.

Not because they don’t like snow but because they have no choice. Also, not exceptionally good pants if you are the type of person that likes movement. Walking is more or less out of the question, obviously then so is walking up stairs or doing lunges–typical pant behavior. In matters of the gif though, a little insight: I’m just like, “give me reflective lenses!” My arm is like, “nope.” My face is like, “Man Repeller,” and my neck is like, “where can we find more lips?”

Moral of the story, there is no moral. Happy Monday, drink some beer. Proenza Schouler tee, Acne pants, Pucci shoes, Rag & Bone shades. Photos by Naomi Shon.

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  • I just think it’s unfair that you can pull off everything, even those pants!

  • Elizabeth Lim

    Nice, you actually bought them!


  • I am so loving this outfit specially those heels!


  • Eleni

    I was wondering when you were going to get the Acne pants!!! Love.

  • You are exceptional!  Love the look!  LOL

  • rhiannon
  • Spalmer_60640

    The pants in the post today tie into a question I wanted to ask re: shoes.  I was shopping with friends yesterday in Chicago and was becoming frustrated when they refused to consider any shoe they did not feel was a functional walking shoe.  Ok, so living in a city you have to do a fair amount of walking.  But, would you agree, that not every shoe has to fill the purpose of walking?  I’m not talking foot binding – I’m talking that at times you may want to rock some platform sandals and perhaps are not going to walk 2 miles to the grocery.  So, yes, pants that do not allow for knee bending but would look really great on a bar stool solving the world’s problems with an IPA have their place too correct?  Look at men – they have shoes for basketball, golf, running – so why do some women think that all shoes have to be comfy walking shoes?  Can’t they be comfy “look how great my legs look shoes?”.  And, yes, maybe I find some new shoe shopping partners in crime.  Or go alone and think “what would MR do?”.  

    • I know you’re not asking me but I will say that not every shoes is made for walking. I have shoes that are literalyl curb to car/cab shoes, I wear them to complete certain outfits and I know  I better not plain on walking long distances in them, then i have some beautiful shoes that i can can literally dance my ass off in all freaking night and they are still amazing shoes.  I think you need to start taking application for new shoe buddies. 

  • I can’t lie i’ve been waiting to see these pants since you posted the stars on instagram, I had no idea there was all this other cool stuff going down on these pants! 

  • rhodawong

    i love your leather pants!


  • You rock those pants!





  • Ana

    I, I follow, I follow youDeep sea baby, I follow youI, I follow, I follow youDark room honey, I follow you…
    Will you follow me?


  • Citra

    Arghh I wanna steal your tee right now. Perfect printed tee!

  • Mariposa

    great look!
    I love your pants!
    xoxo from germany

  • Beth Addis

    Wow, I love your pants!  I don’t think I could pull them off, but damn on you they’re hot!  xx  Pip


  • Anna

    These pants are women repelling, men love them I bet!

  • Agirlcrush

    Love the shades. 


  • NatashaNot

    The crotch area is just not right 

  • Natali Karppinen

    You rock in this outfit!! Kick ass style 🙂


  • Awesome pants!

  • Stephaniemlarosa

    Hope this isn’t TOO off topic, but, your hair looks GREAT in this post. Also, maybe i’m blind but what’s the graphic on your tee?

  • Alexa Curtis

    Dayum those pants are sick. Of course you pulled it off to look insanely fabulous with those shoes. That are BTW also insanely amazing!!


  • monkeyshines
  • VotreAmie

    Your witty rhetoric slays me yet again! You’ve got one helluva shexy pant collection going on, and I’m loving every pair (functional or not!)

  • love the shoes!  love the way you pulled this outfit!



  • Tripsandtreasuresblog

    Love your shoes !
    I would never buy those pants though, wondering how often you’ll actually wear them and the shape is unflattering 


  • Jenaly Enns

    love love love this!!!


  • Harleigh

    What the fuck did I just read? I have been a fan of the blog since the beginning and, honestly, the content has gotten progressively worse. You attempt to make every photograph a justifiable “blog entry” by writing lengthy pointless descriptions, but in reality it is just a vehicle for you to include links to earn money. Why does every photograph have to be in front of the same white wall? Where is the creativity? If this is your full time job then I would take a little more pride in it. 

    • Hi lovely 
      like your comments 
      would love if you could critic my blog that way
      I love a woman with no filters


    • Kathryn

      What the fuck are you so angry about? No one is asking you to read this blog and if you’re going to attack her photo style say something about that weird small terrace. The white wall is new.

    • jcbraddock

       I don’t know why I feel compelled to respond to this.  I’m sort of glad you mentioned something about the copy in these blog entries.  Everyone has their own writing style and it would be boring if everyone said the same thing.  However, (and maybe it’s because I’m forty?) I don’t understand half of what is written here.  I’m all for wordplay and double entendre, but some of this is beyond incoherent.  And we’re really tuning in for the pictures anyway.  Right? 

  • oh, i really love these sunglasses


  • The Provoker

    omg seriously those stardst acne’s are amazing! the leather and detail and asymmetry is gorgeous! how is it you look good in pants that most people can’t pull off let alone dream about being in them? sighhh lol

    xx nathan.niche

  • Eva Kraaijeveld

    You can seriously wear everything, you rock!


  • Jasmine Alvarez

    Maybe its just me, but Acne can do no wrong! I want dysfunctional ski pants 🙂

  • The pants are to die for!

  • well…time for me to step my pant game up!


  • Coco Powell

    Jazz Pants! http://cocopowell.tumblr.com/post/28849070731/today-we-talk-about-jazzy-pants-an-outstanding

  • Keinfluence

    I LOVE those Acne leather trousers! Stars!

  • lifeonthesquares

    Love the mirrored shades and killer shoes!

    Enter to win a TBags Los Angeles Maxi Dress valued at $200 on my blog here: Life on the Squares Giveaway


    Life on the Squares

  • Republikimaging

    wow. Normally you can pull most everything off. Those however are some real ugly uncomfortable looking pants. Not cute…sorry:(

  • Dc

    mens balenciaga is also amazing for women…some of my best peices are for “him”

  • marinacasapu
  • Those pants are amazing! But what really takes the prize are the shoes! HOT

  • Courtney Dwyer

    Your style never ceases to amaze me. Those shoes couldn’t look any better with those pants. An unlikely but perfect combination! 


  • Tania

    It’s the manta ray fupa dance I’m digging, came up as dogging but that’s a whole nother story, your shoes make me happy. Thinking about raiding a gents motorcylette shop and grabbing some boys leathers and getting a Tippex pen – sorry that’s in London think you call it Whiteout!? and a star stencil… You rock TMP don’t stop jiggin

  • Krugie

    Luvn’ your goofballness

  • CJ

    I would definitely wear those pants to a dinner party if I knew republicans would be there because republicans obviously love patriotism but they also dislike men in high-waisted leather pants which is what I would be.


  • You really are soo cute!

    Stay fab,


  • danpinkevich

    shoes ok, looks cool
    I shop here and save big

  • Jazzmiin182

    i want your sun glasses !


  • Jll123

    are you bitches blind? those pants are so incredibly ill-fitting. 

    • Guest

      Which would make them a man repeler…..

  • Ummm, ya, no.

  • Hannah

    “Elton John ignited moto-cross” sums this up perfectly

  • Mary-Alice Bowman

    Craaaazy pants! They definitely make a statement. 😉 I feel some inspiration coming on…

    Visit my blog at:

    And….. I love the shoes.

  • I simply love your shoes!

  • Natalia

    amazing pants!

    Natalia, http://my-crazy-idea.blogspot.com

  • Totally agree with Nora here: everyone would look absolutely absurd in those… But not you (and the model)… ACNE is always incredible, though!

  • I just love those heel shoes….those look fantastic….

  • Those leather trousers are amazing, although not many people could pull them off as well as you do!

  • Jewish Pride 🙂 Awesome style! 

  • those shoes!

  • those shoes!

  • Belén cavas

    Love the look and loveeeee the sandals!!!. Do you want to spend with me one second in Ibiza??? Visit my blog. 😉


  • nataluya85

    yo love that tshirt!!!!! and that gif!


  • Any and all American insignia is really having a moment. 

  • Guest

    I so enjoy this, Leandra.

  • thanks for sharing.

  • lucy ramos

    on the pretend family anecdote…
    maybe dad doesn’t have to afford them because the mom and/or their daughters can buy them their-damn-selves!

  • Nicole Blonder

    I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!