Fall Forward

Not backward, that would be foolish.


In line with yesterday’s subtly enthusiastic salute to fall (see: lambskin and lingerie,) and maybe more prominently the nature of our ambiguous climate (one reader suggested that bi-polar weather is precisely the climate fashion needs to go ahead with its “looks,”) find here a peek at some of the offerings my loins enjoy to watch surface, despite what seems like the perennial sweat drops induced by the barbaric heat, falling from above my lip and even so often into my mouth.

It’s salty and hot, that’s not metaphoric.

From left: Zoe Karssen batman sweater. Sweatshirts will be great with pencil skirts and variations of fancy pants, I just know it. See, in fact: the sheer embroidered, 3.1 Phillip Lim peplum pants at bottom right. Outfit magic, yo.

Stella McCartney multi-colored intarsia sweater, though I’d wait for the inevitable Zara version: a nice dose of color for your otherwise dreary wardrobe. I find that colder months permit less creative license in the color department and not because we’re letting it fuck us. Our sensory glands just seem wired differently. Me thinks that red pencil skirt, just above it at right, will match famously despite not even one single common hue.

I’ve enjoyed watching those R-13 denim/leather hybrid pants sell out on Shopbop almost instantaneously with their initial appearances and it got me thinking, at $675, they’ve got to be providing something delightfully special. Right? On the one hand, an almost entire leather pant, seductively accompanied by a familiar denim hip line. On the other, comfort. And on a circus laden third hand: jodphurs on steroids. Won’t they look sick @$$ with a black and blue plaid shirt from Topshop? This one is womens, but I bet the mens offerings will shit on it.

Back in line with that pencil skirt, which I believe is Valentino but can easily be found at say, J. Crew or Club Monaco, how about the t-shirt at top right? It’s Markus Lupfer and underscores a red sequined ribbon that reads, “#1.”

That to me, is a ranking not even the Olympics could knight.

And finally, in matters of the feet: Chloe motorcycle boots that lend a little leeway to the overtly conspicuous nature of the studded version that continously sells out. They are so cool but just might read even more extensive fashion victim than Isabel Marant sneakers do. The quilted version are more understated and thus perhaps provide more longevity. Where the boots are white and black: Nicholas Kirkwood. They’re the kind of shoes that make you think, “What?” and then upon further inspection something further along the lines of, “hubba, hubba, drool.” Wear with socks, maybe a pencil skirt too. The sunglasses are Moo.

With the 11 items previewed above, I’ve already developed 30 hypothetical outfits. This leads me to suppose that this could make for a really interesting and if executed properly, even cost efficient fall-wardrobe challenge. What do you think?

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