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Pants in the Park

And as the great Billy Madison once put it, “back to school, back to school, to prove to daddy that I’m not a fool.”


In partnership with Urban Outfitters.

Though back to school is a concept pioneered to get students out of their summer daze and back in the piratical groove of education, the fact of the matter is, “going back to school” is universally applicable. Whether or not you’ll find yourself head back in the books come September 1, there’s an undeniably eerie feeling that comes along with kissing summer so long. Short Fridays come to an end, office inappropriate wears that were once immediately vindicated with a simple, “sir it’s 167 degrees outside, what should I have worn?” become unmistakably inappropriate and casual day drinking stops registering so casual, perhaps in fact even becomes worrisome. So whats a clown to do?

In light of the damper I’ve just put on your Thursday, see below the pseudo culmination of the entirety of this week’s Urban Outfitter denim challenge, highlighting the denim and such that might just make the transition a bit more seamless. Because being faced with the notion of real life is only as bearable as how…imaginary you can make it.

Seeing as it is, after all, a back to school story, we figured shooting the selects would make perfect sense in Washington Square Park.

Ah, the intergalactic high waist jeans. Essentially, they work as a neutral, the same way leopard print once did and speak volumes to the emerging trends of the looming Fall/Winter, see: Balenciaga, Christopher Kane, my banner, the Star Wars team at large. Poles were climbed to get this shot, so.

Hey, how about a lightweight Mickey sweatshirt equipped with obligatory gold scripture to hang out by the slides and monkey bars with your really, really young friends. I have a couple theories about gold and this season and most of them end in, buy now: wear later. On an unrelated to gold but still important graphic note: some of the additional transition muscle tanks and tees online are pretty rad.

And then there were the geometric eighties party in denim formation. Seamlessly photographed hanging from a tree because if you don’t find yourself doing the same, you can at the very least seek solace in knowing should you sit under the tree, reading books and shit, your ass will not get dirty. Or, maybe it will, but it won’t make much a difference in the grand scheme of this print.

Photographed at top: BDG feather jeans, Jeffrey Campbell heels.

Though highlighted here are a slew of printed jeans, the torn and distressed offerings–my heart is with these and additional muted colored jeans in solid varieties are a pretty easy and effective transition back into the jungle. Also, clear backpacks. What are you thinking?

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  • Elasticpantcity

    I just bought the intergalactic jeans and I love them. I especially love that they are high waisted and don’t show my butt when I bend over. Jeans that work for moms = awesome.

  • I love all these looks. Can’t get enough of the jeans.

  • I’d kill for that first pair of jeans.

  • Kcomekarolina

    fantastic style! stunning!!!

    xoxo from rome

  • K Bernatovic

    grdeat photos. love the first pants <3

  • Cassandra Liu

    Love all the jeans, the fun patterns and prints can easily bright up any outfits! I’m ready to purchase more fun jeans for Fall! Great post!

  • Would love to own the first pair of jeans!

  • Liz

    so good! love these pics!

  • monkeyshines

    fantastic pieces!


  • Rhiannon Lorenzo

    i have those intergalactic ones, love them!

  • back to school does apply to us all, even if we are not actually hitting the playground or eating cafeteria style.  although, both sound pretty easy breezy as compared to my current life of caring for 3 little ones under 6 (not that i would have it any other way mind you:).  i will always be an u.o. supporter and wearer, even if i am mid 30’s with kids.  the brand keeps me feeling spunky.

  • I’m thinking that “Because being faced with the notion of real life is only as bearable as how…imaginary you can make it.” is the best thing you’ve said on this blog to date. 

  • oh, you made my p.m. This concept of “back to school” is as daunting for us adults as is for children. The feather, intergalactic & patch print jeans are reminiscent of all the fun we still have to look forward to, so cheerful (even the little boy looked happy). you are like a Dalai lama of style. cool

  • Very cute article, it makes me crave new pants but the small problem is the lack of money sitting in my wallet.

  • Woman girl

    Something about grey, red and black reads a little “80s car interior”. So get some grey leather on with that last pair, and call yourself “Peugeot 106.”

  • Fashionablecollections

    Def getting that Mickey sweatshirt.


  • Xeana

    Intergalactic high waist jeans looks fantastic. It is all pretty.


  • The Provoker

    Haha, loving the concept and writing of this piece, it’s once again ever so articulate dear you can never put a damper on my day lol
    xx nathan.niche

  • Haha, this is hilarious! Love it. xx

    Kate {Modette}

  • I love the last pants!




  • Eva Kraaijeveld

    Awesome jeans! Especially the first one is to die for!

  • Seekingstyleblog

    What a fun post!

    xo Jennifer

  • However did you get those pants on that lamp post? Lol Amazing selection and great photos!!

  • Girlie Blogger

    Super cool post. Love how you hung all those fashion. I’d like to try high waisted jeans after baby is born and when my body goes back to normal.
    Mom Fitness Journal | Beauty and Fashion in Seattle | Cheap Makeup Reviews

  • =^..^=

    Just a sartorial reminder: 

    The Brits use the word “pants” to refer to a woman’s underwear (what we Yanks call “panties”).   “Trousers” is the Britsh word for, well, the clothing items described in this post.

    So, Might want to re-think writing about hanging pairs of “pants” from lightpoles & trees. 😀


  • You are funny.

  • Nat

    Bringing it all back to Urban Outfitters, my BDG jeans are honestly some of my best fitting denim. I’m so glad that they are offering wild and unexpected prints in their classic cuts!


  • Style-Squared by Z&M

    hehe, you weirdo…!::love the first pair!

  • Belén cavas

    Love the outfit on the first picture, i´m impacient for see u with it.

  • Lucia
  • I might possibly try to DIY the galactic jeans…

  • LOL how do you even come up with these things?! What those kids were probably thinking…


  • haha this is so fun! love the pictures. And the first pair of pants are adorable. xx

  • I love all of those jeans, funky bold jeans are the best for fall and winter!


    Hey! why don’t you invest in some better hangers? eeeugh!

  • nataluya85

    that mickey sweater creeps me out…not sure why.


  • Gorgeous intergalactic pants! 

    _________________________________ || “behind the scenes of a fashion-tech startup” 

  • Hilary

    The intergalactic jeans are fantastic!

  • Guest

    Fun !!!

  • Angelfas1

    What is that shoe in the pants in the park pic??? LOvE

  • If I were the kind of person who wears pants, I would definitely want to rock the ones in this post. Also, I just can’t get over galactic stuff, no matter how cheesy and/or lame it is.

  • Christina

    Is it scary that everything you wrote made sense when I was reading (a.k.a. being sucked into TMR world), but now.. not so much. All I can say is, I’m so glad I’m done with college and don’t have to go back next week! Summer prevails.. for at least a couple more weeks.


  • BigTimeShopper

    I recently saw Leandra on a video on how to wear the statement pants (the outnet). Doese any one know the brand name of the pants she is wearing in the video. Thanks!!