Damp Pondering

Consider it a put me down. Just kidding: pick me up. I would never put you down.


Did you read the previous page teaser? I would never put you down, people. You’re like the sisters I never had, the brothers I never wanted and the shoes I’d always dreamt about that never actually fit. See, that’s a relationship that no actualizing could ever compete with. Today in shitty happenings: inklings of global warming defeat what could be a very shiny Summer Friday. From a lemons making lemonade point o’view though, it’s probably quite good that we find ourselves reminded of the layer-laden days that lay ahead and what better way to do just that than with a little teaser brought to you straight from the trenches of Alexander Wang’s most inner sub-conscience. Well, not actually, but I do imagine shit probably happens in black and white deep down there, which is fitting. Behold: a small look into the Fall RTW campaign shot by David Sims brought to you by the internet. Because while everyone on here is trying tirelessly to make their voices heard far and wide, all he projects is an absolute shut the fuck up. Vive le fabric muzzle.

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