Tweet Dreams

Actualizing the inner sub-conscience can be clever as shit.


I have found in my ripe dreaming career that the most effective way to functionally remember the unusual subsequent midnight trains of thought is through twitter. In projecting the ideas of my inner sub-conscience onto the open forum of free expression I accomplish two things: on the one hand, adding a little dimension to your conversation–it’s not everyday you can factually discuss the books written on toilet seats, prayers made of avocado and naked construction workers that are inundating your feed, and another: the condensation of said dreams function as a sort of training process to teach my mind how to successfully cut what feels like a full lifetime’s worth of bizarre into 140 characters.  A minuscule victory in your minds eye, perhaps, but a pretty big feat for me.

Cool, right? Well, today in diversions that are less fashion oriented but may make your hot ass mother week feel a little bit cooler: here’s Tweet Dream. A new tumblr account dedicated to illustrating the chronicles of your odd twitter dispensed dreams. Words are great but pictures are worth thousands of them so imagine the outcome. You dream it, they draw it. And in a market even more over-saturated than the cereal industry it takes something special like the notion of offering a service that includes sketches of mind constructed dreams to make you stop and think, “fuck, this rocks.”

Click us, click us: more funny to mull over just below, happy Tuesday.

More of the illustrator’s work here.

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  • nataluya85

    i love these illustrations!!! your dreams must be so awesome! thanks for sharing this!


  • Oppositelipstick
  • Lucidanne6

    HOW do i get involved?!

  • Haha, that’s hilarious!

  • Guest


  • H’amazing.

  • Rita

    Actually kind of like that this isn’t fashion! You should do these more

  • the coattail effect

    haha this is what i needed! i had a dream last night where this old woman was slowly cruisin down the aisles of Harris Teeter in a pickup truck. and this other old lady hitched a ride on the back.

  • abigail lind

    that killer shower head dream is a gem.  must be a low pressure shower head by the looks of it (ba-dum-cha!).


  • Maria Onorio

    ahahhaha !!! 

  • Ellen Beall Dubreuil

    Thanks for the plug and the great material!! I’m the illustrator behind the dreams Greg Kubin collects, if people care to check out non-dream stuff I have more illustrations and comics at

    • Kari

      Hi!! I was cruising through old Man Repeller Archives and ended up on the tweetdreams tumblr. There was a drawing you did there of a blue skiing octopus eating the glitter that used to be the dreamer haha. Anyway, I thought it was beautiful and printed the pic out at work and it’s taped to my office wall 🙂 I hope that’s ok!! …if not I’ll shred it if you want me too 🙁

  • Skaank

    Hahaha, how cool!

  • ashleigh @ Jolie Jouel

    That is hilarious! Love finding stuff like this.

    My jewelry blog:

  • LOL! Kinda Awesome.

  • Laura

    Have you seen the hip zip bracelet?  its all the craze!!!  like on fb  bunkjunk  or twitter @bunk_junk:disqus