Thematic Repelling: Wedding Day

Here is where real shit starts.


Some said it was impossible, I said: please pass the Vogue. Some said the repelling might end where the altar would start, I said: have you ever gotten your period in bed next to your companion? How about diarrhea? Some said the white dress may render too simple for a complex freak like the you or the me. I said: accoutrements, baby.

You asked, here it is: a photo unfiltered by Instagram of the big ass dress I wore to my, gasp, first wedding. I would imagine by now you’re well aware that I am a (wo)man who appreciates, nay, celebrates shock value and not just shock value, sHoCk VaLuE. So while you were likely expecting a proper flotation device that would allow no space for party guests to enter the room in which I would get hitch(ed,) my traditional white dress decision was actually in line with an effort to continue you know, surprising both myself and you.

As for the technical fowls: Marchesa dress, a custom motorcycle jacket by Rebecca Minkoff and my intellectual property, fresh to death and literally just plain fresh as in new flowers-Flower Crown by Tantawan Bloom (the bridesbutts wore Cult Gaia), Dannijo Siamese cuff bracelets, copious gold neck-chains from my grandma. Consider them my something borrowed and also the vehicle that allowed me to look like Mr. T.

I am wearing huge fake lashes. Wedding isn’t code for vanilla ice cream in the proverbial sense of that phrase. Wear what you want, be who you want, refrain from sex as long as you want. Marriage is about being able to wear your retainers at night, that’s all.

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  • MKP

    You look unbelievably beautiful/ happy. My boyfriend just said to me; “I hope you look that cool if we get married.” 
    And so do I.

  • Natali Karppinen

    Oh wow!! You look breathtaking, the most coolest bride ever!! 
    Congratulations, I love your last two sentences, you’re so right about that 🙂

  • Filipa Ferreira da Silva

    you know…you don’t have to do everything that shows up on ‘Girls’!! You look absolutely non-repelling, in a good way 🙂 Congrats!

  • wow girl!! you look beautiful!!! I adore you dress!!! congrats!!!

  • Olivia Vo

    Congrats!!! Love the touch of the motorcycle jacket!!

  • Mariaa Onorio


    Maria Onorio

  • nataluya85

    amazing!!!!! really you look awesome as per usual but you totally out-did yoself foo!


  • Eva Kraaijeveld

    You looked absolutely gorgeous and you are the coolest bride I’ve ever seen! Congratulations!!!

  • Aww I was waiting to see a full shot, you look beautiful on your special day. Normally i’d want to type something raunchy haha, but I’ll leave this as it is!  Congrats again! 

  • LeahS.

    You got married! What?! I truly thought that man repelling meant …ugh never having a man, but you managed to swing both ways. Nice work. Happiest of days ahead for you and your man.

  • Definitely the coolest bride around! The motorcycle jacket is awesome…and so is the flower crown! 
    Congratulations again!


  • Valerie

    Ah! I love it! And you. I love you’re last sentence. Couldn’t be more spot-on. Congratulations!

  • So beautiful.  Congratulations! xxx

  • Bee

    You’re a nut!  But you look absolutely stunning.  Congrats lady!  Now keep repelling all other men.

  • Zayda_bbw

    OMG You look fabulous. Congratulations. And yes marriage is more than how you look on the wedding day.

  • ashleigh @ Jolie Jouel

    Oh wow, you look beautiful! And quirky in your MR way. A perfect mix.

    My jewelry blog:

  • dany

    great photo, many congrats!

    xxo, dany

  • nadezda kordulup

    WOW, you are the coolest bride ever! And sorry, but  you looked beautiful, not repelling at all.

  • Congratulation! You look amazing and very true to your style 🙂

  • Katharina Dix

    Congratulations! This is awesome. Honestly, I couldn’t imagine you in a classy wedding dress, but you look so stunning. A gorgeous dress and this all is still you! Great! I love this!

  • Anna

    The dress is dreamlike!

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE! You look gawwwwwgeous! 

  • Laura

    Congratulations! You look stunning, and very happy! 

  • Nik

    It’s like if Carrie Bradshaw had gotten married 20 years earlier – congrats 

  • Alexia Mickens


  • Anna

    you look beautiful!!! love it. and congratulations!!

  • katie

    you look absolutely stunning! and no, i am not sure how you managed to pull off an extravagant organza gown with a motorcycle jacket and a flower crown, but in all honesty, it works and it looks incredible! 

    congratulations on your wedding!! 🙂

    – katie 

  • Lauren@Styleseer

    When do we get to see the un-Repelled man?

    • Dani

      if you follow her blog/manstagrams she has several pics of him up!!

  • I love that you were totally Y-O-U on your wedding day.  And no one could have anticipated exactly what that would look like.  “Wear what you want, be who you want…” That could be the tag line of your whole blog.  You’re a true original.  A lifetime of happiness to you and your man (who you obviously did not repel).  

  • Congratulations, Leanna!

  • Pip

    Wow!  Congrats honey on your big day!  YOu look unbelievably gorgeous!  This dress was so you!  Best wishes! xx  Pip

  • Um Blog Fashion

    You look so beautiful and cool! I love the idea of the biker!


  • You NAILED this, you look gorgeous and yet maintained your style, which is so rare with wedding gear. Congratulations!

  • fashionista


  • oh congratulations! repelling and love can in fact coexist, thanks for showing how the two don’t have to be mutually exclusive! xx

  • Michelle Bolwede

    Holy man repeller. I just love this. Just the fact that you’re wearing a swedish “midsommarkrans” on your head. Well, you look amazing!

    Love // Michelle in Sweden

  • Diana mah

    PERFECT!  Can we please see the bridesmaids??


  • TeuntjeVDW

    You are a beautiful bride! Congrats!!! xx.

  • Congratulations!! You look so beautiful!!

  • Congratulations! You look beautiful!

  • Katie

    this is so beautiful, I don´t even have words to describe how much I love that dress with jacket! rockstar bride!

  • Daisy Roadster and Coco

    Your rocking this dress with the white Perfecto !

  • You are the most awesome bride ever!

  • Amazing! You looked fantastic.
    Congratulations and all the best! xx

  • BEYOND my expectations. ShOcKeD TO THE MAX!

  • Rocking it!More is always merrier:)!!Mazal tov!

  • Andrea Weigmann

    woooow…!you look amazing!!!congratulations (kind of didn’t notice that you’re about to get married…) I hope you had an awesome day….!

  • Jenaly Enns

    haha. this is great. but you look absolutely amazing. you know how to make a wedding dress look nice without looking like every bride. the flowers and the leather jacket totally work. 

  • LC

    okay, i actually love (not that i don`t love your normal wear) this! i`m so glad you stuck to your true self and did something unique! congratulations!!

  • love the cascading waterfalls of chiffon; so much potential to burrow and nest and give shelter to tiny endangered species.

    best of luck! and congratulations to your man.

  • Congratulation! It looks fenomenal, I have adoring feeling like when I watch Carrie Bradshaw’s wedding dress

  • You look AMAZING. We need MORE photos. See, you’ve got me all CAPSLOCKED.

  • Mariajuditearez

    Just so beautiful!!!!!!!!!

  • Gloriaquiroga

    Ohhh repella you look adorable.

  • Lonely Greenshoe

    The coolest bride I’ve ever seen. Congratulations!!!

  • Spanish Parisienne

    Perfet, you are cool and beautiful!

  • Lisa Daniels

    Wauw! I did see some photo’s of your wedding dress already, but this is just s t u n n i n g . Congrats congrats. loving the writing! 


  • Mary

    Oh Leandra you look beautiful… Congratulations!

  • Alexis

    Amazing wedding attire! Congratulations! So far my marriage has been filled with repellent episodes. He loves me still… May you and your husband enjoy a lifetime of unconditional love! x

  • Alexis

    Would love to see more pics by the way! x

  • Ashley

    Beautiful. Congratulations! xoxox

  • Michaela


  • Wow this is AMAZING!!! You look STUNNING!!! Of course you would wear that on your wedding day. I aspire to be like you when I am older.


  • VotreAmie

    Stunning, Milady, you look absolutely stunning and your creative individuality makes you shine in this pic, well, it may be that or that you’re steps away from getting hitched 🙂 

  • june


  • Loretta Stone

    You look so gorgeous! Stunning! And I’m about to quote you on twitter right…. now.

  • Erin_LS

    Shock value indeed! Hubby must be loaded. 

  • Kate Neary

    Awwww thank you for sharing this.  You look perfect.


  • Law Moda

    oh man! i thought i had a lot of ruffles on my wedding dress!! i love this look so much. the words Cool, Princess, and Flower Child come to mind — and i gotta say i do love all 3 (4?) of those words

  • Franceta

    You are perfection in every fucking god damn way.

  • Jessicarp91

    Congratulations!! hahaha u r so funny and girl, you look AMAZING!!!

  • abigail lind

    uh-mazing!  you are bar none the dopest bride of all time.  hope you had the most amazing wedding and honeymoon and i have no doubt whatsoever that you’ll keep on repelling all the way up to your golden anniversary!


  • ian wojcik

    Congrats, Leandra! That’s so amazing! + the dress is stunning + you’re stunning + I guess your HUSBAND is so amazing. I mean come on, ordinary people don’t get a chance to marry the one and only Man Repeller 😀

  • Addicted to Fashion

    BEAUTIFUL and so unique – you  never disappoint! congrats <3

  • Skaff

    Freaking amazing. 

  • You know you found a good man when he’s still there after all the man-repelling all day e’rryday. CONGRATS!

  • Johanna

    Mazeltov!  Wishing you a lifetime of happiness.

  • Helena

    you are fabuluous!

  • Congratulations! You look soooo pretty and I love how you made the traditional white dress idea your own!


  • tarebear

    You look amazing. Keep on repellin’.

  • chelsea spears

    congratulations, you look awesome

  • Karalyn Rae

    That wedding ensemble beats watching Say Yes to the Dress any day! I love the flower crown.

  • Sugarlaneblog

    It’s soooo u!

  • Soledad


    Xoxo from Peru 

  • dd dd

    Mazal Tov! Harbei Osher v Briut!

  • Oppositelipstick
  • CJ

    Whoa whoa whoaaaaa, you look beautiful.  Better than my mom did on her fourth wedding day (oops).  I love the vest and the flower crown!  Stay bootyful and enjoy your marriage.  What am I saying?  I’m 17.  I know nothing about marriage.


  • Golf

    Gorgeous 🙂

  • Kimberly A

    You’re like my role model. Serious shit.

  • I LOVE your dress and headpiece! You look stunning! (Is that a word I can use on you? – LOL) And the jacket is so you! Congrats! Post a pic of your shoes please!! xoxo

  • Stefany Pham

    Congrats! You look amazingly beautiful. Love how much you put your own style into that whole wedding look! You are incredible!

  • Lindsay @ Me, Ed and Pea

    Beautiful.  It’s perfect

  • Hannahfile

    WOW! That’s all I can say! I love the head piece…& the dress has left me speechless!

  • Isabel Nazaré

    You look incredible…as always! And surprising which is even better 🙂

  • Fig1200

    perfection. stunning happy bride. congratulations!!! 

  • GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS!!! Love the dress and the head piece.

  • Kathryn

    Way to rock it, sister friend. Rock out with your…bod dressed in the finest, vaginaesque tulle money can buy. But for reals, you look fan-freakin-tastic. And great lipstick shade, too!

  • I love the text you’ve written and the wedding dress is one of the most beautiful wedding dresses I’ve ever seen! (Awesome styling as well – of course). Wow, I think I love you .. Keep up the good work and congratulations to you and your un repelled man <3

    – Lydia //

  • Gorgeous!!!

  • Kimberly Ho @ S I N F U L L Y


  • You’re so  beautiful! 

  • such a refreshing take on the marriage stance.  and you look damn good in makeup girrrrll.

  • LEANDRAAA.leandra . fucking congrats !!!

  • Asmila

    You are a bride’s role model: For not looking like the guest to your own party… beautiful. Gasp. Congratulations and very happy marriage!

  • guest

    wow! definitely shock value here.. congratulations! you look fab  !!

  • susieq_

    I mean..I get that your blog isn’t about you and your shit necessarily..BUT you know we would all like to see more and being the devoted readers that we are I feel that we deserve to see more. Specifically: the bridesmaids attire, behind-the-scenes action (you girls getting ready blah blah), some decor, some reception fun, more fun and ya know just some la li la la. kthanxbye. 

    PS I have never posted a comment before so I must tell you that I enjoy your constant hilarity and CONGRATS on your union andddd well of course your steez is the bomb baby the bomb baby.    

  • elf

    wow, you look so beautiful but still so effortlessly cool! 

  • Silvana Felix

    Many congratulations to you and yours! You wear your gown beautifully!

  • nmq

    Congratulations, the most original stylish bride ever!

  • drop dead gorgeous!

  • you are beautiful and yet still wholeheartedly you through and through – congratulations again
    ♥ ThankFifi

  • Style-Squared by Z&M


  • Sofieborella

    Congratulations! OMG, you are beautiful. I think you are amazing!

    I wrote a post about you on my blog: <3

  • Kim

    Congratulations 🙂
    And you look like a million bucks dear.

  • Ajda

    Marvelous, darling!

  • giamportones

    I totally adore you! Sos lo massssss! Your last video was the funniest thing ever. xoxo from Buenos Aires.

  • Cortnebonilla

    i think you look SO beautiful and what looks so beautiful about you is your honesty, your wear your repellent like a badge and you never try to hard it, you except who you are- quirks and flaws in all its perfection. It should be embraced and applauded because youre not a downtrotting hopeless loser. Everybody grows and evolves and youre proof of that and I wait to see your further evolution and impeccable style. I say kudos! Its a good look, holla. 

  • that crown is ridiculously amazing… i think you should rotate that into a “regular” outfit.


  • You look amazing. I love how you stuck to your identity and truth of who you are as a person, even on your wedding. ManRepelling for life!!!

  • GORGEOUS! Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful moment with us xx

  • who cares what people say, it’s your life so live it! (even if it means wearing a white dress on your wedding day)
    you look freakin spectacular… the coolest bride i ever did see!

    congratulations from your #1 fan 🙂

  • Myblissisthisway

    you totally made this wedding dress / styled it true to yourself.. and you look gorgeous.  i absolutely adore this post and i can’t wait to see another one with more photos from your wedding!!! Congratulations!


  • Silvia

    Congrats! You are so stylish as always, but on your face I can see the sweetest smile that you  ever done on all your blog!  Love your dress, jacket, flowers in the hair, and that bouquet is the same I had on my mariage! So happy for you, and, lucky boy, isn’t he?

  • Ashadeofblack

    Awww congratulations you look beautiful x

  • you look absolutely stunning!  your dress is beautiful and ahh that jacket is amazing!! xoxo

  • omnia

    congratulation ,hope happiness to you forever,and forever to inspire me.

  • Wow, I don’t have word to describe this dress. lol. but it’s really good indeed. 

  • Congrats!!


  • Izabela

    wow wow wow! amazingly beautiful! i really dont know what else to say, congrats! xx


  • Michelle Moy

    congrats man!

  • Sydneyreed

    Super Cute! love all the poof! <3


  • LW

    Mazels mazels!!!!! You look amazing!! Can we have some more pics?

  • Sarah

    why do you always use the same words? proverbial is getting old

  • Sarah

    oh and sartorial 

  • Katrine Elena

    Never seen anything like it – you look stunning!

  • Alimoresco

    You look GORGEOUS….I love this whole look! You don’t even look like  a man repeller  so you can’t even say that!

  • via [The Life Stylist]

    congrats, you man repeller you!! so happy for you… 

  • I think you look beautiful and original and I wouldn’t expect less! Even though I never comment, I had to this time!

    I’m glad I clicked on most of the links left here because I found so many awesome blogs I didn’t know 🙂 

  • I love this. By this I mean the look, the feeling and the writing. Best wishes on your marriage and for knowing the difference between a wedding and a marriage.  Chin Chin!

  • Purple Paparazzi

    I am absolutely DYING over the stuff you wrote…effing love it….especially the last line ” Marriage is about being able to wear your retainers at night, that’s all” hahah DYING!

  • Yuka Lou

    congrats!! lets see your hubbie!!!

  • Congratulations, you look gorgeous! x

  • HMM

    holy crap MR!!!! congrats. you look beautiful, he’s a lucky one

  • Vicki

    You look Marvelous darling……

  • You look gorgeous! and hilarious as always! Congratulations 


  • Marissa Joy

    Congratulations! You look beautiful and insanely cool!

  • Love it! Congratulations!

  • OH GOSH, you look AMAZING! This dress is UNBELIEVABLY BEAUTIFUL! Really lovely, and really repeller! hahaha

  • Ploy

    Congratulations Leandra! I am so HAPPY for you! Don’t think manrepellers stop repelling men after they get hitched 😉

  • CONGRATULATIONS!!! You make on kick ass, cool as fuck bride. It’s stupid hot!
    Much love and best wishes to you & your man 🙂

    Fox&Minx (Jules & Aran)

  • Seekingstyleblog

    You look amazing! Congratulations!

    xo Jennifer

  • You look insanely beautiful. Congrats xoxo

  • diaryofambitions

    wow! hands down the most unique bride ever! congrats 🙂

  • Francine Thompson

    You look so so so stunning. And the best part is that you look effortless. I absolutely love this photo. Congratulations Leandra!

  • Elasticpantcity

    You look gorgeous! 

  • You look beautiful!! The dress is truly spectacular!

  • Sarahi7493

    Wow I can say I’m a fan of yours. I admire your confidence and, of course, the way you dress . I don’t think you’re a man repeller at all, you’re pretty and, I mean, I don’t know you, but your personality seems to be quite espontaneous and fun and I think that man love that, Congrats on your big day! 
    Enjoy it 

  • Prudent Fashionista

    Wow! You look stunning, this is an amazing combination! 

  • Cristián Pavez Díaz

    Congratulations!! You look just lovely for such a life milestone. There’s nothing better than being married or partnered.
    Greetings from Santiago, Chile.
    Twitter: @cristianpavezd

  • You look absolutely beautiful!
    Why not wear a leather jacket over your wedding dress if its white and looks damn cool too?
    Loving the flower crown. 
    I hope your day was magical.

  • Simply, beautiful ! 

  • Raphaella

    I have never commented but must now. I was disgusted that when you first announced your engagement there was such backlash – I hope you mentally kicked their asses all over NYC (Yes that is an SATC reference there, what of it!) Don’t listen to peoples shit – you’re readers love to hear about you life behind the blog and YOU LOOK STUNNING. Mazel tov and the highest of happiness to you and your partner in crime.

    • Raphaella

      Dear GOD! I spelt the wrong you’re/your…I’ll forever be a social outcast. I apologize. 

      • WhatWhat

        Dear GOD! You’re trying way too hard to sound intelligent.

  • Brijetblog

    this. you. what. yes. fuck. boner. Leandra- honestly, this couldn’t be anymore superb!

  • Belén cavas

    Wonderfull you are the most coolest bride o never saw!!! You look really, really beautifull. Congrats!!!

    So cool, stylish and fresh 😉 

  • Kat – rocknrollbride

    OMG you looks GORGEOUS! id love to feature you on my wedding blog 😀

  • Paulasa73


  • Ramalhoni

    Many Many Congrats, and you nailed the look yet again! Happy ever After

  • Eva

    You’re beautiful!

  • Fantastic blog post! you look drop dead gorgeous! Congrats! x 

  • Anne

    Leandra! You look absolutely stunnig. I WOULD MARRY YOU!!! So beautiful, so cool, so cute, so happy, so unique…i would do anything to look just half as perfect on my wedding one day…all the best to you!!!!!!!

  • Fabulous look!! Congrats!

  • Jennifer D.

    Dude, or girl, whatever, however man repelling you wished to look or would like to have looked (yeah, I don’t speak English, you mind? 🙂 ), you don’t, you look stunning, beautiful, and I hope you had the time of your life. Would have loved to been there, but I guess the second wedding is good enough… just kidding!


    fellow readers: you can win some THOMAS SABO arm candy if you’re lucky! yes, a giveaway…

  • Couldn’t have summed up those last two sentences better if I tried. You look stunning and so so happy. Congratulations!

  • Kate

    OH MY LORD. I AM OBSESSED. I will be taking cues from you on my wedding day, shall it ever come! 
    Congratulations Leandra!!

  • circafashion

    Super Congrats! Best wishes to you and your hubby

  • you look really great. congratulations!

  • Vivian Fan

    That’s a lot of dress, but then again, do what you do girl!  Congratulations!


  • mf

    Took my breathe away the second I saw you. As an engaged repeller myself, I look up to you in a way that pushes my wardrobe to the limit as well as my self-luvin tude. Life is about being yourself and finding someone to love you for it <3

  • Tami Von Zalez

    You look positively gorgeous – please, please show us more photos from the Big Day.  Ah, and marriage is so much more than retainer wearing, but you’ll figure that out all on your own.

  • Betsy
  • If I ever get my Vegas wedding with pretend-Elvis, doughnuts and tommy guns like I’ve always dreamed of, I plan on being a funky casual bride. Like this but with less tulle because I’m a clumsy mofo.

  • Yvonleung

    You look SO beautiful!  Love your flower crown!!!

  • The Lint Roller

  • fpepper

    GORGEOUS dress, super congrats!!! xx

  • Julia

    glorious!  Embrace being girly for a minute love!

  • I literally die for your wedding look. Absolutely stunning!

  • Franceskuhn

    Congratulations – you look beautiful! xoxo

  • Kathleen Dittmar

    Congratulations gorgeous.  xx

  • the coattail effect

    man repelling til the end 🙂 congrats and amen to wearing retainers at night when he kisses you goodnight

  • I worship at your gloriousness.

  • “Wedding isn’t code for vanilla ice cream in the proverbial sense of that phrase. Wear what you want, be who you want, refrain from sex as long as you want. Marriage is about being able to wear your retainers at night, that’s all.” 
    Damn that’s deep. SRSLY! Congratulations!

  • Littlecreamysoda
  • vanessa

    Wow you look amazing! Congratulations!

    – Vanessa

  • Oh my gosh I need to follow you on more forms of social media!!! You look absolutely beautiful and completely you! Will you please add more photos of your wedding! I get married in August and love all forms of inspiration! 

  • Rachel Eisen

    you’re dress is unbelievably amazing!!!! You look lovely and congrats!!


  • Mónica Cardoso

    I wish you all the best. Love your wedding outfit 😉

  • LolitaintheMix

    Perfect, totally love this style!

    xoxo lorena

  • Théa Unknown

    Wow, you’re look amazing! Congrats!

    Théa Unknown

  • Beautifuul! 

  • blackcatwildfox

    Congratulations! You look gorgeous and cool and that dress is amazinggg.

  • Shelbybennett

    You are officially my favorite person ever. 

  • Albeit a bit late but congratulations to the two of  you, now miss cohen!

  • Pame Mellafe

    You look great!! i love the mix of textures, happiness and the total look.


  • B.

    You look amazing! CONGRATS! You deserve it!

  • Nina

    Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so happy for you!!!!!!!!!!! You show that there is hope for people who like to dress a MR!!!!!!!!

  • Alyssa

    I am so surprised! I didn’t even know you were engaged. I love Marchesa, and that dress is no exception. It looks absolutely stunning on you. Congratulations and don’t forget, you’re still a man repeller. Only now, it’s a good thing, because you’re married and your husband won’t have to keep batting them away. 

    Shop Studded Shorts!

  • Winta Beyene

    Okay you TRULY look amazing! You’re so gorgeous into your properly wedding dress! OH I really love the motorcylce jacket from Rebecca Minkoff! 


  • Marianne


  • TM

    You rock!  I want to marry you in that outfit!

  • Marierhanna

    You look amazing…  Lovely dress!!  Congratzzz so happy for u! 🙂 And all the statement are so correct love everything u write on your blog..   So unpretentious and transparent indeed..  And about your style!! Love ya!!!!

  • Fashiioncarpet

    Ooooh woooooow <3 <3 How amazing is this dress!!!!!
    You look stunning!!!

  • Fashionhorrors
  • Brontski

    Pure genious!!! Yo are a confection!!!

  • Alicia

    oh wow, beautiful.

  • Stephanie Feeley

    This look is absolutely stunning. I love the flower crown and moto jacket combo. Your husband is a lucky guy to have such a confident, creative, gorgeous and witty new bride! And about that last bit, everybody loves straight teeth. My English boyfriend revels in the fact that I am responsible enough to even BOTHER wearing my retainer ever…and thinks there’s hope for our future toothy, ginger children. Best wishes to you on the rest of your wedded life!

    I just discovered your blog due to an “Everybody Is Ugly” article on Chictopia and I will be reading it forevermore! If ‘repelling’ anyone was the intention, your efforts missed me, because I am ANYTHING but repelled by your posts. 🙂

  • Sooo beautiful! I think it’s the perfect touch of whimsy for the big day. You definitely stayed true to your taste while incorporating classic elements (all white, tulle.) LOVE the flower crown and leather jacket. They are so you 🙂

  • CJ

    Okay, so I’m basically happy that you’re married because I guess a union bound together by love and shit is good and great and awesome, but I’m also sad because I feel like you didn’t really repel in the long run.  Whatever.  I still love you more than most of the other bloggers combined because you actually have a pulse and a personality.  Mehhhhhhhhh.  I always write long comments on here.  Sorry.


  • Christine

    ohh so was greece your honeymoon? i think you definitely need to post more pictures of the dress.

  • Adayinthesandbox

    Love the styling, and Wow that Marchesa gown is BREATHTAKING! .. Spunky meets graceful bride… CONGRATS <3 !

    Maha & Amal

    Authors of:

  • Beth Ferreira

    Congratulations! Not only you are a great writer and stylist, but you’re a great example of how a woman of these times should be. Love your blog and your looks, specially the writing. 

  • Castro Rayh

    You look prettier than any other pic that you posted.

  • Cynthia

    Wow! You’re  so beautiful and your gown is so glamorous! I love the motorcycle jacket! It’s the perfect finishing touch.

  • wooow, GORGEOUS!
    the best wedding dress i’ve ever seen!
    congratz babe!!!

  • Alicia Marie

    I love what you’re wearing! You look gorgeous. Congratulations!

  • cee

    lovely! thanks for the inspiration.

  • Bugai Irina

    Congrats! You look amazing!

  • Waiffwisps

    I’m shedding a tear of joy for you girl!

  • GlitterNinja

    Spectacular!!  Congratulations!




  • You take the cake for being the most badass bride I’ve ever seen (or will see for that matter). Leandra, you’re the shit. Bye

  • Ludmi

    Congratulations! You looked  repellingly lovely =)

  • Creatzza01

     Congrats! you are wonderful as always!!!

  • Style mish mash

    Love it!!!!

  • Clare
  • Brenda

    I heard your wedding was sickk.

  • DooleyNotedStyle

    beautiful dress – I loved the bracelets you wore too – congratulations on your wedding!

  • The wedding dress is absolutely fabulous!

  • Kayleigh Jean

    Congratualtions,and what a way to style such a beautiful dress,simply stunning and super cool,love your floral headpiece absolutely beautiful.

  • perfection.. Carrie Cradshaw meets Lana Del Rey

  • Wale

    May your life be full of blessings and happy days! congrats!!!!

  • You look super pretty in your dress. And badass. Conratulations!

  • CW

    you looked beautiful !

  • You are not repelling anyone here. You look fucking beautiful. Thanks for some future wedding dress inspiration… and I am being serious.

  • Tatiana Melo

    So You!!!! I mean, ORIGINAL!
     Happiness for both of you. 😉

  • Aleksandra Paszkowska

    First, I’d like to point out that today is July 18th, almost a 2 weeks from when I saw your post.  Second, I’d like to let everyone know that I’ve been thinking about the news of your wedding every day for the aforementioned two weeks.

    Now, I have a dream.

    And, of course, good luck, Leandra! Mazel tov! (Or whatever you Hebrews say…)

  • Katarzyna F.

    Congratulations 🙂 And you look great 🙂

  • just read this and it brought to mind how different and terrifying it was for me when I got married. If there is a second time around, I’ll promise myself to reread this and let it be my day, instead of the audiences. thanks Leandra. you are superb and strong


    marriage!! how could you? utter betrayal… just kidding congratulations you man repeller you. =)

  • Lois Kelly

    Awww congratulations! I’m gonna say it though – you look beautiful!!! xx

  • The coolest bride evs man! So beautiful too!

  • tanya_caines

    That dress is stunning and you look so happy 🙂 love the flowers in your hair. Must have been a spectacular day!

  • Congratulations! You look beautiful.

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  • Karen Yuan

    You look amazing in the white tulle dress, AMAZING.
    The flower crown is the perfect alternative to the traditional crown.
    Coolest bride ever!


  • angel gibbs

    I love the whole look!  pure awesomeness..I will definitely be  a one-off bride for my  ..the leather took it to whole new level of hell yeah.

  • Ilayze Contact

    un look trop trop cool pour une mariee, bravo!! j adore 

  • Lydia Oyetunji

    Your wedding ensemble is very New York chic…….I Love it!!! Congratulations!!! I just married this summer in a beautiful dress with more traditional flavor. It was the best dress I saw, everything else was blah…..boring, plain or undesirable. If I saw the dress you are wearing……OMG!!! It would have been snatched up quickly!!!


    you’re so cool! <3

  • so unique

  • Emily Jayne Lewis

    I’m in love with the little jacket go with the dress! Very beautiful!

    Emily Jayne Lewis


    You’re so brave. What I love most is that you’re a risk taker…we all hope to only get married once and choosing a wedding dress/look that’s unconventional is a big risk…but you pulled it off. Taking my hat off to you girl!


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