“Sups Hein”

I know you know where this is going.


Today in videos that you may have already seen but are also probably worth a second viewing because pronouncing Facebook, “fa-chay-book,” is a revolutionary pronunciation manipulation that deserves over-exposure in the same way that calling Target, “tar-jay” does and because subconsciously finding yourself saying something like “that is sups hein,” may cause whatever human life surrounds you to contemplate suicide and if the aforementioned human life is really stinky that could be an interesting test in perfecting the art of second degree murder: Shit Fashion Girls Say [On the Internet,] featuring none other than Friday’s very own Rebecca Black, female alien, P’trique and one particular Fupa’s favorite: me. I think more than anything, I am really good at run-on sentences. Oh, and also, I was totally invited to that Stella party, just saying. I’m like, a really, really, good actress.

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