Straight and Wavy

That’s how I describe my hair among other cryptic things.


Hey! It’s a two-for-one deal, this is a post about hair but what you see above is the small little baby fetus of a cameo I made in the ASOS September issue. “September issue.” This page is about suiting and eventhough what you see is neat (get it?), try to focus on the hair because this week in answers to questions often posed, seldom replied, overtly narcissistic: the way in which I get my mane squeeze to look like it has essentially been dipped tips first into a toilet bowl, brushed with a five finger stroke and then forced to air dry. The fact of the matter is, I’ve tried that and the fact of that matter is, toilet bowl hair is not particularly interesting. I gave it a try in the regular shower too but for a mane so patently Jewish, one that falls victim to the natural shape of an ’80s horror flick that is not horrific because of the plot but rather because of characters’ hair, the dip and dry just won’t cut it. I thought that maybe my hair would never be able to look voluminous, messy and yet still kissed by a polished groomer that appeals to poodles–of the apricot variety in particular–that I would have to rely on a trusty hair iron until the end of my days. Between you and me, I don’t know how to use a blow dryer.

Enter some products that changed the course of the previous internal battle and inadvertently: my life. My life. I am most often resilient to trust anyone who says they know how to defeat my frizz, for a while it seemed not even keratin could overcome the mountain of fly aways that reside above my head and I just couldn’t understand why normal girls get to come out of the ocean looking like Kate Bosworth ca. Blue Crush while I, the freak in white rimmed Jeremy Scott shades is stuck looking like her eleven year old unedited self, anxiously awaiting the ceremony that will turn her into a woman. I’ve learned in my life that it’s not the Bat Mitzvah that allows you growth, oh no. It’s the way in which you teach yourself to manage your hair. So one time I used Amino Acid shampoo because it came in a gift bag. When I got out of the shower though, it was like my hair had all the sudden aced the shit out of Intro to Chemistry–a class I very impressively almost had to take three times–and I was queen, sorry, kWeEn of the world.

Once I started, I couldn’t stop and now it seems time to pass on the torch. If you, like me, want your hair to look “wavy but straight” –only a very good hair stylist will ever understand what this sentiment means, I suggest you give a try to the Bumble and Bumble products photographed above. I’ve grazed lightly upon the magical way in which Surf Spray works but before the spray, comes the grooming creme and before the creme comes the straight lotion. I love the idea of putting lotion in my hair, it just feels so saucy. The fact of the matter is, we probably won’t ever look like Alexa Chung but maybe that’s a good thing. Maybe it’s time we look to ourselves for inspiration. So, look to yourself. Do it. Get in front of a mirror and say, “who the fuck am I?” Then put grooming creme in your hair and say, “Oh, wow! So soft.” I for one, feel like a bowl of spaghetti every time I get out of the shower but maybe I should dedicate that sentiment to something else, another time.

Delfina Delettrez bumblebee earrings thrown in for good measure and a couple haha’s, not included, but available here.

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  • I love BB Surf Spray.  i have more of it in my house, than water.  necessity indeeed

  • Brittany

    Josie Maran Bohemian Waves [sea salta nd argan oil spray] is even better than the Bumble and Bumble. Serious. Try it. 

  • Julie

    Love those products and great cameo!

  • Highland Fashionista

    You may have just provided me with THE product that will change my thick, mangy bird’s nest into a sleek steely salt and pepper waterfall of glory. Advanced chemistry, there’s a new sherif in town….amino acid shampoo, here I come.

  • debbie

    It may sound a little bit naive, but are you using everyday so much of hair product girls? Ok it’s maybe because of the fact that my curly hair need a good shampoo and good conditioner once a while *evil laugh goes perfectly here*

     In Whirl of Inspiration

    • Leandra

       I only wash my hair 2x a week!

      • Once a week! LOL, it’s not gross cause my hair actually needs oils. 

      • sasquatch (not really)

         I wish so greatly that I could do this. My hair is just too oily. So I can only shave my legs about once a month, because I spend all my time washing my hair. True story.

        • that makes perfect sense. Its not like leg hair gets oily and honestly who shaves legs nowadays? real talk.

          • Leandra

            I think the last time I shaved my legs I still had braces.

          • Sheena

            Well if you have a good chance of braids and bushes on your leg Im sure u would do it often… (keeping it real)

      • Visioncouture

         I wash my hair 2x a week as well, thick/full wavy frizzy hair takes a lot to manage, blow dry, curl with flat iron and Moroccan Oil seems to do the trick, love Kiehl’s products, will defo try this shampoo.

  • ashleigh @ Jolie Jouel

    Thanks so much for sharing! I feel the same way about my hair – it takes a lot to get the wavy/straight look that I so desire. And it means using my flat iron everyday like a third appendage. I am going to try your tips and products!

    My jewelry blog:

  • Me Gusta o No Me Gusta

    I seriously love u ♥
    Love that blue suit!

  • eelisabeth

    im addicted to the keihls amino acid shampoo and conditioner. its probably the best thing ever

  • You’re looking fabulous as always! Congrats on being featured!

  • nataluya85

    i have yet to try the surf spray but the other two are amazing!!! def gonna try the ss for more chung-like waves.


  • Guest

    i want to make love to your words.

  • Maqui

    I love Kiehl´s products. Really a good quality 

  • Olga Montserrat

    I like this. All of it.

  • gaowmichelle

    yup yup. BB Surfspray is the shit.

  • MsDenbi

    My hair still can’t decide if it’s curly or wavy. But when it’s humid it knows this: it’s puffy and frizzy.
    I haven’t tried any of the bumble and bumble products, but I’ve heard to much about them that I’ll just have to  go and get some.

  • Elizabeth Rodriguez

    Those ASOS shoes are a MUST!


  • Joy Jin

    Love the clothing picks!

  • MKP

    Saw the ASOS spread yesterday, love it. Also nice to know it’s not just me suffering with outrageous frizz

  • Doni Brown

    Congrats on the feature! I think I may try some of these products!

  • Ana

    Hi Leandra,I met you in Paris last summer and i did a post about you on my blog,check it out,hope you like it!
    bisous de Paris

  • Chelsie M

    ohh bumble and bumble. always tempting as hell.

  • So after discovering that you use the surf and spray on your hair (being the man-repeller-obsessee that I am), I went out to get hand on one. Here is what I learn, my hair is naturally wavy so I didn’t really need it but it created enough texture for my hair to stand up on its own without the need of moose,gel or pomade. 

    Now that I know of the other products you used on your hair, I just may run to the nearest Sephora just to try the products on myself — by try, I mean to become you.

  • I have used the amino acid one since boarding school (over a decade now… yyyyykes!) and the surf spray just does wonders. 

  • Alimoresco

     I love Kiehls! Amazing stuff! I love the fact that you did a beauty post! So helpful!

  • monkeyshines

     fabulous look!


  • I’ve been thinking of trying the Bumble and Bumble surf spray for a while. I think you’ve just made my mind up for me!

  • Jenaly Enns

    i want to try these products. 

  • The bumble & bumble spray is amahhhhzing ! 

  • “i’ve never seen you with wet hair before!”



  • Diana

    Kiehl’s is the brand I use at my equinox gym!

  • 에린 이

    Use the same shampoo as yours and about to dress to prom like man-repeller style. 
    Can we be friends? 

  • Gloria Quiroga

    I love how you look with a little bit of make up :). 

  • I bought the surf spray and another BB product at a salon the other day just because of you, and I now praise you for that. Surf spray is amazing. I am never looking back.


  • Have you tried the Moroccan Oil Styling Cream? That shit works wonders for those of us who suffer from FrIiiZzz

  • abigail lind

    so surf spray is officially the secret of all great hair.  it’s about time i make like a mermaid and get on board!


  • Marissa Joy

    You look great- love the look!

  • I am a Bumble & Bumble loyalist, nothing beats the Surf Spray.  Great editorial, congrats!

  • Angelahoff

    Alright…I never comment but I feel i need to. I tried the surf spray and unless i’m a total spazz, my hair was just a mess and got dry…really dry. Do you air dry your hair or blow dry it?? and if you wash it only 2x a week…do you put the products in only when you wash?? Seriously…i need help here.

  • You look BETTA than ALexa Chung! 

  • Emily Correale

    do you blow dry it after this or let it air dry?


       air dry!

  • wallmuse woods

    BB Surf Spray is the bomb. 
    ps. You’re not looking very man repellent lately

  • Susie

    Love your posts. But alas this advice is for girls with wavy hair. Can you tell me how to get curly hair to look like yours

  • BelleOnEarth

    really a nice blog

  • Helen

    Very interesting artikle. Thank you!

  • Doesn’t all that goo make your hair heavy and/or sticky? That’s what usually happens if I use too much produce on my hair before straightening it.

     I feel like we’re hair soulmates, because my uncontrolable jewfro will only become wavy when in contact with the hair iron.
    Despite all the organic anti-frizz shenanigans I rub on my mane, it’s never even close to soft in the end. In fact, if I brush my hair lightly over someone’s face it feels like torture and makes them sneeze.
    I am currently considering getting one of those japanese straightening treatments or whatever at the hair salon. I don’t like getting out of the shower looking like Lionel Richie 🙁

    • thehairstylist

      Hey, just so you know the products will only get your hair gooey if used in excess. Less is more. Second, hair like yours will do best if you use a leave in conditioner and a lightweight smoothing serum.

  • Noora

    After this you just air dry? 

  • Belén cavas

    I´m completaly fan Kiel´s, i love the lip balsam.

  • Tonje Nicolaisen


  • Théa Unknown

    Great cameo!

    Théa Unknown

  • Rocktheoutfit

    nice advaces!!!!


    nice post about how to do your hair. hope the girls are insprired


  • werrk it gurl. xx

  • Kat

    I swear by “Shea Moisture”  products. Not only affordable but beats B&B by far

  • I read your BoF article, congrats on all the success. I’m a longtime fan and fellow blogger – just a quick follow up question to the article. What moment made you realize, ‘shit yeah, this is the real deal’? And how did you get that moment to happen? 


       I think the “a-ha” moment came last September when AdWeek named me to single most powerful voice in Digital Fashion. I thought they were April foolsing my ass but it was five months too soon.

  • Alejandra Martinez

    My hair always makes such a big deal when humidity joins us.. And I’m like what the flip is all the fuzz about?! So I can’t wait to try the productzzzzz

  • ne1

    is the amino acid shampoo/conditioner  okay to use if you dye your hair? 

  • Damaris Chamorro

    I understand that feeling! I´ll try them asap.


  • Girls…. Be happy if you have wavy hair! Cause you can do what you want with it! Straight, curly or wavy… I can’t believe if women are unhappy with her waves. And yes, you need a lot of products, and no, you don’t need so much time to do hair. It’s a trick to do hair with a lot of product, without that it looks like. Assuming it is the right product.
    Leandra,… I like your hair 😉

  • You have to try Nectar Thermique – Kèrastase!
    It’s magic…

  • Love the ASOS artical, some great picks!
    I really dont get bumble surf spray… it never works on my hair. I wish it would!

  • sharlene ahmed

    i had no idea you were going to be in the september issue and once i opened it up and seen you gleaming at me and i had such a spazz! its so cool 😀 xxxx

  • Ana Znidarsic

    I just love your blog and style. I’m still new with this whole blogging world and the world of fashion so I would really appreciate if you could visit my blog and give me some tips.

  • Ana Znidarsic

    I just love your blog and style. I’m still new with this whole blogging world and the world of fashion so I was wondering if you could visit my blog and give me some tips how to get better. I would really appreciate your help. Thank you.

  • Zoe Arevalo King

    I just recieved the asos issue here in the UK, and I was thrilled to see you in there! Great styling, as always.

  • Samantha

    the way in which I get my mane squeeze to look like it has essentially been dipped tips first into a toilet bowl, brushed with a five finger stroke and then forced to air dry

    I don’t know how to use a blow dryer. 


  • Paulina

    I think you meant “resistant” rather than “resilient”.

  • Jasmin

    haha this is exactly what i use everyday. Although keihls has a new cream that gives surf spray a run for its money!

  • Fashionablecollections

    love the feature with you.

    Sheinside GIVEAWAY 

  • Great feature in ASOS – the sweatshirt/shorts combo was gorgeous.

  • Amanda Reyes

    love your style! 
    been following you since your collaboration with RR <3

    -Amanda Reyes

  • Sian

    I may have screammed ‘Man Repeller!’ when I opened my ASOS magazine…loved your feature! xx

  • Gosh, we have so much in common! Untamable hair on our heads and too much hair on our legs (in my defense I have blond leg hair and it’s super soft!) The only time I ever love my hair is after a Brazilian, otherwise its in a top knot. I will have to finally jump the band wagon and try the BB surf spray. I’ve learned to not spend much on hair products bc they never work, but this I will try.

  • goldwaffle

    guys – I have the same hair: 

    DITCH THE SHAMPOO! Srsly, just do the no-poo thang or the curly girl method. Give it some time, buy some dry shampoo, and DIY some surf spray (it’s just salt and a wee bit of conditioner in water, y’all), and never deal with too much poof again!

  • Tasteslikegeometry

    Oh, goody. Hair talk. I’m black/white biracial, so I suffer from a silly ass halfro. It’s as active curl-wise as possible, but with a white-girl texture. Here in Tokyo’s persistent 80-90% humidity, I walk around with stars and squiggles over my head, much like Pig-pen from peanuts.

    My recipe is kiehl’s silk groom, and then blow it out straight. After a day or so, I’m guess the sweat gives the roots some body, and day by day it gets only more kicky fabulous. When it starts to look a little tore up, I rub some Moroccan oil in the lower half.

    I wash as infrequently as my body odor will allow, so in the summer two to three weeks. I’ve been doing this for the last year, and have never been so happy with my wavy straight cocktail.

    Note that this only works of you ain’t got much oil on your pretty head.

  • Natalia Oh

    Please write a book! You are my fuckin Oprah!

    • lisahart


  • Isabel

    Are both the lotions as well as the surf spray applied to damp hair? Thanks!

  • Kate Flanagin

    When i went to get a hair cut I printed a pic of you and Alexa Chung so you are just as fucking fab! Thanks so much!

  • CGStyleBlog

    I need to try out some of these products! My hair does absolutely nothing so maybe these products will help!

  • xy71

    Book: Curly Girl Method by Lorraine Massey, Products: Devacurl
    It’s all about no shampoo, and LOTS of moisture. Try it, it worked wonders for me.

  • lisahart

    You rock so hard!