Slim Skirting

Business casual, my aunt fanny.


Hey, floating women, cool! It would be unfair to call a resurgence of the pencil skirt a “comeback,” for they didn’t go anywhere far enough to warrant a comeback. In fact, the four separate images depicted above run the periodical gamut, dating back as far as five years which doesn’t seem all that long on a grand scale but for the purposes of a trend story speaking for the immediate now, we’re practically without wireless. This silhouette is precisely the sort of timelessness I so often speak of–relevant no matter the decade, era, genre–choose your time-scape, it’s all the same. And yet, there is something to be said about the high volume of slim skirting seen present alongside the ubiquitous F/W 2012 peplum and its subsequent spill-over into a most recent Resort.

See what I mean? Hey, more floating ladies, cool! From left: Prabal Gurung, Peter Pilotto, Balmain, Suno, Altuzarra. The whole resurgence got me thinking about my style psyche and the direction in which it’s headed. Over vacation last month, I heard myself saying, “maybe I should be dressing more maturely.” It was awkward, uncomfortable and I took it back right away but I knew what I was getting at: pencil skirts are starting to feel relevant on my labia too. And this is something I swore even harder than maxi skirts ca. Yeshiva era I would never endorse. Alas though, I find myself mocking up various outfits that hit close to home to compliment the capital P-Pencil skirt. Below find for yourself three renditions of the look utilizing absolutely the purveyor of business casual: J. Crew.

Look one at left: Markus Lupfer lips t-shirt, Miu Miu skirt shown as peplum, J. Crew pink tweed pencil skirt. Dannijo and Baublebar bracelets, rag & bone booties. Consider this one the whole heart Man Repeller approved version. And in look number two, a little sauce. Topshop bustier to endorse the continuation of an exposed midriff–real bras are a bitch so I will support any sort of garment that preaches their end, with a white denim (Altuzarra x) J. Crew pencil skirt. Necklaces by Vivienne Westwood and Iosseliani, Tabitha Simmons heels. And finally, for the freak with prints on her mind: Vince striped tee, J. Crew polka pencil skirt, a MR. Dannijo eyeball necklace, Peter Pilotto x Nicholas Kirkwood heels and suspenders on skirts shit on suspenders with pants, so try that too.

Okay now, what do you think? With me? Will you try it out?

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  • dany

    i love your speak, tmr.

    xxo, dany


  • Vronique

    always always always a wearer and proponent of pencil skirts 😉 this post is more man getter than man repeller! LOL 😛  

  • Kesly

    Who knew pencil skirts could be so versatile? I mean, you can turn it from man-getter to a man-repeller!  Amazing post and I’d totally want to see THE Man Repeller in a pencil skirt!

  • I really love pencil skirt actually, it gives such a nice silhouette, and it’s always a good go to. Except when you ate too much and look three months pregnant 😉

  • moiminnie

    i really enjoy your writing, great post!
    xx, minnie

  • Law Moda

    I love how you’ve completely under-dressed each of these pencil skirts. And I can’t help but crack up at that crotch pocket!

  • Rothaaries Träumelinchen

    So pretty!

  • Maria Onorio

    great post! now i’m wearing a “pencil skirt” ;)))

    Maria Onorio

  • Belén cavas

    ohhh my alaia lace up sandals, i love them. Could someone tell me where I can get them, I’m really obsessed with them ;). Thanks a million.

  • And the best part is…I can wear them to school without getting dress-coded! Not that I have school in the summer, but come fall, I will be rocking these. That Markus Lupfer lips shirt is awesome by the way.


  • Jenaly Enns
  • Ireneccloset

    I love this kinda skirt 🙂


  • Love the man repelling aspect of a sexy pencil skirt!

  • sure why not?!  I’s also like to be trying out those simmons heels please…

    ♥ ThankFifi

  • Romina Ch

    What you write is always much fun and interesting to read. I love pencil skirt. I just know it won’t suite me cause you need to be slim and have a slender silhouette, too bad for me. 
    x Romi

  • Carlen

    Yes! Looking forward to see more beautiful pencil skirts on the street!

  • Yes!  I am with you!  My love for the pencil skirt never wavered!

  • Clare

    I’m all in favour of the pencil only my arse is too wide and I often look like I’m carrying a food baby! Perhaps the peplum is the solution in my case… 

  • Sydneyreed

    I really really really love the lips t-shirt with the peplum skirt. LOVE! <3 and I love reading your articles, they really are yours/ 🙂

    :F Sydney

  • I LOVE these looks.  And I love that they involve J. Crew, but still scream Leandra.  Personally, I’m most drawn to the last one (something about polka dots and stripes takes the seriousness out of the pencil skirt combo, which is nice).  I’d do it sans suspenders, however, because suspenders make me think of clowns and Larry King.  All 3 of your shoe picks rock!!  

  • Style-Squared by Z&M


  • Eva Kraaijeveld

    Love these skirt, but you’ve got to have the right figure! Love the third look you styled

  • abigail lind

    i love the one for the print obsessed freak.  i don’t even care what that says about me, i’ll take it!


  • Sarah

    Great post, I love this! I love reading your posts!

  • OctoberSong

    ok totally off topic but have you seen the celine f/w campaign?? flamingo pete is so in!!:-)

  • Wrench50
  • VotreAmie

    SNAAAP! I dig it – A pencil skirt with some flare is my kind of outfit!

  • hannah

    love the third look! i love the way you style outfits that seem like you’ve just thrown together whatever the fuck you feel like and you always manage to make it work and look so good! so jealous of that.

  • So cool!

  • the stunning look

    Slimskirts are super sexy, but hard to walk in them :)) 

  • I’ve never felt comfy in a pencil skirt- makes me feel short and stubby. Maybe I’m wearing the wrong shoes:)

  • A_rose_byanyothername

    I adore pencil skirts!! I couldn’t survive without them!

  • You ever notice how hot it gets down there in knee hugging pencil skirts? It’s like a labia sauna!! Pencil skirts are chic forever and always. Taylor is so fucking chic!! No labia sauna in that YSL skirt. All breeze. Me likey!

  • Jasmin
  • Pencil skirts are a classic piece, they won’t go anywhere. It’s simple to match and looks good in almost everybody. 

  • Philosophy Professor

    The desire to be restrained in a pencil skirt is simply a way to add to the foot-binding allure already begged for in those ultra-absurd ridiculous  outsized heels.  together they scream out masochistic self-mutilation.

  • Kaye A.

    Really love that type of skirt 🙂

    Kaye AwatinBlog: http://www.thestyleflux.blogspot.comTwitter: @thestyleflux

  • devine!

  • Beatrzharoglz

    True that 

  • Alexa

    I want that Peter Pilotto skirt really, really badly – but not badly enough to start dressing maturely. That scares me. And I want Peter Pilotto everything anyway (see also: those Peter Pilotto x Nicholas Kirkwood heels), so it doesn’t have to count. Right? Heh. Great post, thank you!

  • the coattail effect

    yeah, dont you know that pencil skirts are what draw in the guys at the office to fetch you more toner? i’m talking more like flowy maxi skirts to your ankles. now that’s more like man repelling

  • Malin

    I love how a pencil skirt can be worn in different ways, I am a law student and the formal dress code is the only thing that makes me dread my future job as a corporate bitch. Problem solved. Btw Céline FW12 campaign feat. flamingos! TMR 4 life

  • Sorry these are defiantly too out there for my look, I am just adventurist enough.

  • Guest


  • Hannahfile

    So many great ways to wear a pencil skirt! Awesome!!

  • CookieAtEnvynde

    I think you put into words what I’ve always felt and didn’t know how to say.  Pencil skirts are the beeee’s kneees!  I have this black and white tweed CAbi skirt that I wear everywhere!  

    With a tank and mid calf boot I’m ready for fashion mixers; with a blazer and pumps I’m ready for a job interview; with flats and a button up blouse I’m ready for work.  You would think by this comment I only have one skirt :-D!!!

  • Prudent Fashionista

    I love the snake skin printed pencil skirt. Very edgy!

  • Kate

    really like how the pencil skirt looks, but I guess I am too short and maybe too young to wear it:) 
    xx Kate

  • cassie dzienny

    I fricken love the black and white skirt in first photo on none other than a redhead! Need that!

  • Alimoresco

    Love the looks you put together! And that mouth tshirt is killer!

  • yevy

    such great inspo. ps. i loved bikini in the city

  • Angie

    There is nothing sexier than a pencil skirt….well may Ryan Gosling?

  • Emmie Pacheco

    except suspenders on skirts pull that shit up to your armpits, i’ve tried it:/
    but i guess that will scare any normal human away, soo human repeller ftw.

  • LOVE it! Always loved a good pencil – never for the sake of “mature dressing” though. love love love YOU

  • Fkxoxo

    i would totally try the 2nd outfit 🙂


  • Nice skirts ! It’s the new trend of this summer !

  • Lisa Daniels

    I will for sure try it out! I’m loving these looks!

    xoxo-Lisa Simone

  • vittoria gallacci

    I love the skirts, but ?i’m afraid I could look older! 🙁

  • A Few Goody Gumdrops

    Great for hips and tight butt if you are lucky enough to have one! I used to wear my pencil skirts with very high shoes and a very fitted jacket! Still love them but can’t wear those oh so fashionable high heels. Age!!!!

    Betsy Brown

  • Stefanie Weber95

    I’ve always loved those kind of skirts and I will definitely keep on wearing them.

  • Stefanie

    I’ve always loved those kind of skirts and I will keep on wearing them.

  • YES! 🙂

  • mcgintylauren

    Huge fan of the pencil skirt. You can dress it up so many different ways and always look sexy and cool as shit.

  • I always love the pencil skirt

  • When I was younger I could do the pencil skirt with style, today my hips say NO WAY.

  • Labia relevance.

  • JB

    I’m pretty excited about the resurgence of the pencil skirt, actually. I’ve always found them to be really flattering to my shape. I’m also excited that python print is making a come-back. I’ve seen it on beautiful, slender women like the one pictured above, to underground rappers – it’s everywhere.

    The whole peplum trend is amazing. I like any garment that I can wear that allows me to sit down and eat a full meal and then proceeds to covers up my food baby afterwards. I plan to buy one before my Vegas trip in a few weeks, to which then, of course, it will be covering my vodka/tonic baby.

    I’ve seen you pumping the Dannijo jewelry a lot on your instagram, very beautiful stuff.

    I’m surprised you didn’t comment on how the Altuzarra skirt looked a whole lot like a ladies nether regions, ha ha.

    Last but not least, the Balmain. I love the streety yet
    sophisticated elegance. If I was filthy rich I’d have a closet fully loaded with
    Balmain. He recently had that green devoré-velvet mini dress that was ridiculously sexy. Balmain, you shall be mine someday!

  • KK

    I LOVE this come back! It’s always flattering on the female body. I’m actually really glad I found the Man Repeller through  !!

  • Zakiyahamelsmith

    love your spin on a pencil skirt it’s so me

  • Ariel

    The face that you put a Batman quote in there (and now for the freak with bats on the mind…) I love you even more…

  • Great post, Leandra! I’m a constant reader of your blog,love it!
    Just wanted to ask you- I know you’re working on Apple Mac,what apps do you use for photo editing? I’m an artist and I need it for collage-making;)
    Vagina power,
    Sophie V

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  • Jessica

    i love this blog ! very informative and fashionable !