Silver Slivers

If slivers were chunks. And why? Because it’s 2012, mo’frika.


I wasn’t trying to negate all the good things you probably assumed about my styling capabilities at the end of last week but I imagine such will be the case when you scroll down in a few moments and find yourself faced with a story that could have been called, [White] Gold Member. Do remember that this is a blog about commitment though and so when I foreshadow sentiments like “tin shit,” I will often if not always execute a plan that leaves me saying what I said I’d so, being who I said I’d be. Today, it’s in monochromatic dressing formation that pays homage to hues of the metallic variety. Call it a salute to the now omnipresent aluminum sneakers or just a closer look at the true capabilities of a leather silver pant–singular, one leg.

I do enjoying bopping my head and creating the illusion of a neck-less kitchen supply which I suppose makes good sense: kitchen supplies don’t have necks. Hey, does anyone even read this? Yesterday I likened my post-shower spirit to a bowl of spaghetti and no one so much as flinched. Today, a neck-less kitchen supply. On to the pants: It’s weird to consider a fairly thick and cropped silhouette with sneakers. Initially, I thought stilettos and mens crew neck sweater but I wanted to try something thematic. It works too, I reckon. If not because it actually looks good than because it is an exemplary negation of one of fiction’s greatest theories: that Tin Men don’t have hearts.

You see, I have a heart, and am a woman, and it is beating and it loves you. Don’t you just want to pull my hair out of that jacket?

Rag & Bone jacket, Club Monaco tank, Theyskens Theory pants, Superga sneakers. Dannijo bracelets, MR. Dannijo necklace. Photos by Naomi Shon.

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