Shoesday Fairytale

No glass slipper here, pal


Or is it a fairyfail? There are shoes and then there are shoes. Last night while I was working on a second volume to Best in Sale, I stumbled upon a link that led me to a remote page on featuring the above. Meadham Kirchoff, I thought. Of course. And it wasn’t until that moment that I was absolutely certain I’d come from a place that subscribes to the “I never met a shoe (give or take a croc or two,) I didn’t like,” school of thought. Not necessarily because I love these in the I’d-compromise-dinner-for-a-month sense of the emotion–I wouldn’t–but because these are being made, and stocked, and that makes me smile. This is escapism fashion and not just fashion, internal style, art, in some instances, probably even a really nifty bed, cue: pink metallic multi-dust ruffles, glitter body.

I think this is Kirchoff’s interpretation of the ubiquitous fairy tale. Can you imagine how different our childhoods could have been if the animated princesses we loved aesthetically catered to the pictured? Maybe, just maybe, we’d have had a better shot growing up to become Lynn Yaeger minions. Or maybe we wouldn’t. The fact of the matter is, this is the sort of shoe that isn’t just a shoe. It gets your mind working, wondering about the motivation, saluting the notion that it even exists and perhaps most importantly, reminding us that first and foremost: fashion is fun.

Motha fucka.

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  • They are so nice ! I would love wear them with a little couture dress Valentino white or pink, I don’t know. Which one, can you tell me ?

  • Jennifer D.

    They remind me of those shoes that come with a carnaval princess costume, you know, in a small size… for children. Thinking these do exist in real life is just too overwhelming.

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  • My Scrambled Style

    Wow, there so high. I would be a giant wearing these.




  • I love pink.  I love ruffles.  I love satin.  I love feathers.  But I don’t think I could do it.  

  • Law Moda

    makes me want to wear a disney-princess nighty

  • neatfrances

    Um, not today…

  • Lia

    wow those shoes are nuts. hahah


    of Fashion


  • Cassandra Gustafson

    These totally fall into the category of tacky things that we become enamored with. I find these shoes so amazingly tacky, and yet I want to prance around in them like a pretty, pretty princess so badly. 

  • Anna

    sorry, but this is one gross shoe. meh.

  • Precious Formals

    These are absolutely out-there type of gorgeous! It wouldn’t matter if you paired them with an oversized white tee and that’s all – they speak for themselves. Honestly, these are more fairytale princess than those new Louboutin glass slippers!

  • Maria Onorio


  • LoesWhite

    oh wow! these might even be better than the furry blue sergio rossi shoes! x 

  • katie

    :O these are incredible! Not quite sure where I’d wear them or
    if I could pull em off, but I’d like to see you try 😛




  • jstella1492

    i love this. it’s important to remind ourselves, every now and then, that fashion is fun, it’s an art form that we are lucky enough to possess and wear on our otherwise nude bodies. these shoes, while a tadddd flamboyant, remind us of the creativity and thought that goes into fashion. these are not just shoes. they’re an art form in their own right. #girlpower – #shoepower

  • I don’t think I’d wear them, but I’d sure sleep in them. 

  • nope sorry, pass me a bucket
    ♥ ThankFifi

  • Cynthia Ratto

    this is amazing for the mere fact that a shoe has inspired me to let loose just a little bit more. the only rule in fashion is that there are nO rUlEz

  • Laura

    No, no, no ,  I love your style, but this reminds me of a carpet peeing dog..  
    Still i love your style and blog! 🙂

  • MKP

    Love them, but not very practical in rainy england – greyish brownish and puddle stained wouldn’t be a good look for these bad boys!

  • Abbymacc

    Just awful looking shoes. Really.

  • Those shoes are horrendous!

  • Hells no. Those are ugly as f*ck.

  • I totally agree with you. I’m not in love with them because I’d wear them necessarily, but by the mere fact that they exist in this grey world filled with sweatpants and sensible brown lace-ups. 

  • Nataliechristina

    I really think they are ugly (-: but they are interesting and very fun! I loooove them!

  • Style-Squared by Z&M


  • Sydney

    Those shoes are soo fun! I feel like they’re… fairy shoes <3


  • I have to admit, that’s pushing it a bit for me, but they do make me think of Baby Spice, and what I might wear if Iwas aiming to channel her during an especially interesting evening. 🙂 

  • I think every 40 – 50 – 60 year old fashion hotty should own and WEAR those! By the way I found the blue puff ball sergio rossi shoes selling at DSW. Now that’s one shoe we ALL should own. I don’t care how old you are! LOL

  • While I find them all sorts of Crazy Horrible, they still make me smile. And hey, isn’t that what fashion is all about? Swoon. 


  • Lizzy L.

    Jem (truly outrageous) got drunk with Barbie then threw up all over My Little Pony = these shoes. xoxo

  • eva

    Those shoes are so amazing! I want to cry just looking at them because they are so beautiful and perfect! Meadham Kirchhoff is one of my favorite designer labels. Everything they make is just perfect! I am still so in love with their monster fur coats. I want one so bad!

    Love your blog!!
    xx Eva

  • Amber Lucas

    Yes! Fashion IS fun!

  • Caroteigne

    I’m sure it would have been great with you wedding outfit! 

  • These shoes made my day!

  • Eva Kraaijeveld

    I love them in a strange way 😀

  • VotreAmie

    These shoes are so fantastically whack-a-lack, they belong in every girls closet. End of story.

  • These shoes are so wrong yet so right at the same time.

  • Monroe Steele

    this shoe is all kinds of ridiculous

    xxMonroe Steele
    Fashion Steele NYC

  • This is what would happen if you turned Tinkerbell’s bed into a pair of shoes. I would definitely wear these if I had any balance at all.

    • Leandra

       OR if you turned tinkerbell’s shoes into a pair of beds.

  • Clare

    I feel like I’ve eaten too many cupcakes… 

  • Really interested by this post. Just got back from a dinner during which I was lambasted with continual assurances by a (male) companion that “fashion is all about sex”. 

    I actually brought up your blog in a counter argument, saying that the things I love to wear most never attract men – but sort of intimidate them in this weird way. He wasn’t having it. Haute Couture, he said, is art – the rest is just to make ourselves attractive. 

    The fact that these shoes sell is I think one that proves him wrong. Fashion IS fun – and when it suits are personality, I think it’s more than an attempt to attract, it’s like a necessary part of our being. 

    Also interesting, because my dad just commented on the fact that he’d never seen me get as annoyed as I did when I saw 2 girls wearing neon crocs in the middle of Paris. I said it was insulting – and I RARELY (and by that I mean never) think fashion has limits … so …

    I agree with your croc sentiment. 
    Unless, of course, they’re “part of your being”, in which case, croc-on. 


  • Karalyn Rae

    I would buy those. But only wear them the house. Best slippers ever.


  • CookieAtEnvynde

    I’d have to say that I have always been a nonjudgmental fashionista; mostly because fashion is subjective and it means different things to the wearer.  But reading this post made me consider, for the first time in my life… that it would be good for me to step outside of the boundaries I set for myself because an open mind is an artist’s playground.  GAWD THIS BLOG IS THE MUTHER FLIPPIN GREATEST!!!

  • Elisa Zampieri

    Some of the ugliest but funniest shoes, love your interpretation 🙂


  • cracked me up when my 5 year old cousin said:” I love it, I would wear this to a ball with my prince”…

  • Unterhosen

    Cake. Great big slices of wedding cake.
    Skirted with off cuts from the marital bed sheets.
    Crowned with girl Wookies.
    Ordered these for Grayson Perry and the girls from My Big Fat Gipsy Wedding.

  • Guest

    fairy fail but i titally appreciate what you mean

  • maneater

    ya fackin kidding?


    Glitter, platform, excessive, ugly design. Definitely our kind of shoe!

  • Aleksandra Paszkowska

    You know how science fiction and fantasy geeks sometimes build imaginary characters by merging features of existing characters in a very random and unreasonable manner?
    Example:  “What if there was a superhero who had… like… the same superhuman strength as Superman, but then he wore Batman’s costume, since it’s way cooler, and then he could, like, transform… into a big giant bulky creature when he is infuriated, and he could breath fire, and walk on water, and had a whole stable full of dragons?”

    So. This shoe is a fashion princess’ version of a game like this. The description proves it.

    pink sparkle platform sandals + pom pom detail on the front + an ankle strap with buckle fastening + a pleated pink detail on the platform + a round open toe + a glitter sparkle heel = shoe superhero

  • Brijetblog

    I saw these on Nicholas Kirkwood a billion years ago when I was trying to stalk down somewhere in Australia that sold the Peter Pilotto heels. My initial reaction was ‘ke$ha shit out a fucking shoe’ but after viewing them many more times on my scroll to the bottom of the page to ogle the NK x PP, that I never managed to get my hands on (tear), I started to appreciate that Meadham Kirkchoff is one of those truly unique/bat-shit-crazy designers that remind us that fashion doesn’t have to be practical or understood because it is an art form, and art is free of any restraints. 

  • They are so unusual and so pretty! Probably very difficult to pull off but they are certainly adorable!

  • Belén cavas
  • molly_maureen

    I gotta say…I’m just not a fan. They’re way too glittery, pink, and high (something I never thought I’d say.) They look really tacky and cheap, although I’m sure there is a hefty price tag on these babies. But they would definitely scare away any species of the opposite sex – which I don’t need any help doing 🙂 

  • Good as a conversation piece… Bad as a shoe. 

  • Michellemishkin

    I love you leandra

  • It’s like Tinkerbell’s bed was turned into a pair of shoes. (is Tinkerbell still a reference when it comes to famous chihuahuas though?)

  • Ruthie Thier

    Nothing is truer

  • I feel that Norma Desmond (sunset boulevard) or Sherri Ann Cabot (best in show) would have liked to have worn these shoes at breakfast…..:)

  • Sam

    Not sure how i feel about these. 

  • Nina Im Wunderland

    i looooove theses shoes. 

  • vittoria gallacci
  • Noelle L

    I picture them on the feet of that Russian Barbie chick. She could pose on a beautiful chase lounge and, well that’s about it.

  • Purrsforshewz

    this shoe reminds me of the high school float we made and I rode on it in the parade….doing the queenly wave of course