Oh My Palazzo



On the other end of resort’s spectrum, where pencil skirts are not welcome but floating bodies are still relevant: pants are short, skirts are pants, minds are blown, and we are dancer. Today on TMR, a salutation to pant’s new length. Behold a cropped silhouette made for ladies who love their fupas enough to modestly preserve them–that shit isn’t for everybody’s eyes–and their ankles enough to show them off, flashy flashy. It’s a pant that celebrates space, roominess, freedom. Freedom. Freedom. Freedom. Free-dumb and the future is into it. Above you’ll see from left a brocade metallic suit that kind of looks like a fanny-pack–use your most innovative eye–by Marc Jacobs, a multi-dimensional printed bit in motion courtesy of Celine and finally, the token 70s kickback a la Gucci. Note the purse, burnt orange, subtle makeup and that these are not reminiscent of the early 2k inexplicable phenomenon, gaucho pants. Below you’ll see me.

Looking saucy while exercising my oral muscles. This is actually a strapless jumpsuit that digs into my nether regions and produces pretty severe camel toe, it’s not unlike the fupa in that it enjoys preservation and thus not blind you in the eye courtesy of the previously stated roominess. The jacket of all jackets makes a cameo too and perhaps suggests another sort of thematic repelling: formal affair.

I’m never one to sit out the potential test driving of a trend so before I could even plausibly ask myself: would I wear this, do I want to wear this? I did wear it. Reactions ran the gamut: One woman said, “nice dress.” It’s not a dress. Another said, “you would wear that.” I sure would. And one straight man asked me if that was a sache around my waist to which I replied, “do you drink skim cappucinos?” The shocking bit of it all is that no one so much as second questioned the jacket and I’ll have to admit I’m a bit disappointed. Somehow, it feels like a fabric flu shot: no matter the intensity of illness (ruffle) going around, everyone just seems immune.

I knew I should have gone with livestock.

Thayer navy jumpsuit, Junya Watanabe jacket, 3.1 Phillip Lim cinder-no-fella (see: this) sandals, Z Spoke clutch. Photos by Naomi Shon.

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  • Elisa

    Let’s start with the jacket: outrageous. But I do love this roomy pants trend, it is quite lovely and I’m all for freedom-inspired trends. And the colour burnt-orange.


    Wandering Minds fashion

  • Your jacket is really gorgeous! Great outfit!

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  • Natali Karppinen

    Oh wow!! This outfit is so inspirational!! Love your style 🙂 


  • rachel.4

    With each post I love you more. Bravo.

    Rachelle xo


  • Jasmine Alvarez

    I am obsessed with that jacket. Help, as a petite woman how can I find the perfect palazzo pant??

  • I totally love this suit and the jacket – both are immense.  Also I couldn’t be happier about this new trouser shape and have already jumped on it and got some (you can see them here if you like – http://www.thankfifi.com/2012/07/style-compare-challenge/ – would love to know your ever truthful thoughts!)
    In conclusion – you look awesome.

    ♥ ThankFifi

  • Maria Onorio

    without words !!!! THAT JACKET WITH BLU BIG PANTS ARE W O N D E R F  U L !!!!

    Maria Onorio

  • Great!!!!!!!! 😉 

  • Actually I really like your shoes.

  • More floating ladies! Anyway, it’s interesting people don’t react to you bad-ass jacket as much as other things. You look surrounded by black rose pedals.


  • I’m still in search of the perfect palazzo pant for me!


  • VotreAmie

    LOVE me the loose freedom some palazzo pant creates! And that jacket is BEYOOOOOND cool

  • outrageously appealing, the jacket is heavenly

  • Beautiful look as usual!!

  • So nice jacket ! I think that more outfits for cruise are short better it is.


  • I LOVE that jacket, but don’t think I could pull it off. The onsie jumper on the other hand, I’d wear that in a heartbeat and love every second of it…well, that’s a lie, maybe not love the camel toe seconds 😉 haha.

  • love the jacket!!! 

  • Leire1989

    WOWWWW !!! Love your look!!!

  • Prudent Fashionista

    Love the navy jumpsuit and the fierce red toenails, looks stellar in those translucent shoes!


  • Emilie

    Love the ruffled biker jacket – it looks awesome! 🙂


  • Skaff

    I love everything about this look except the lucite heels. I just can’t seem to get into those! 

  • Sydney

    I want that jacket so bad! I’ve been eyeballin it for awhile now! LUCKY!


  • the coattail effect

    there’s nothing more dramatic and divine than a palazzo pant. we really do need enough room to fit elephant trunks if we want to make a statement


  • MKP

    That jacket never ceases to amaze me, and I am unsure of how you are managing to pull of that jumpsuit con camel toe 


  • Love the jumpsuit and your catchy lingo

  • The Stunning Look

    Perfect styling! I am also currently obsessed with palazzo pants!

  • aaah LOVE this look, you look so fab! gorgeous colour on the pants too 🙂 


  • That jacket is incredible and stands out for all the right reasons. I love the ruffles!

  • Style-Squared by Z&M


  • chrissy

    I really do love that jacket and can see why no one second guessed it.


  • Kira

    I have similar color onsie, but not as wide leg though. What color shoes would go with it? I love yours but they are nowhere to be found :/

  • Mady

    the pants of the jumpsuit are amazing!



  • Jessicagemmell
  • Oppositelipstick
  • monkeyshines

    stunning jacekt!


  • Elle

    i cannot express how Friggin Awesome i thought your wedding outfit was, it has left me feeling so inspired! It was a different take on what a bride ‘should’ wear on her wedding day. I would describe it as individual, personal and EDGY.  Congratulations to you and your beloved! What a memory!

  • coolest lady ever

  • Chelsea

    That jacket is a work of art!

  • love the junya 

    TLR x

  • Patriciaru_80


  • Christine Kim

    This is the raddest onesie ever!

    Giftcard giveaway!!www.2fashionfed.blogspot.com

  • rwvalente

    What a jacket! =)  funky and gorgeous!

  • Izabela

    haha i LOVE reading what you write, just as much as i love your brilliant outfits. killer jacekt!

  • Izabela

    haha i LOVE reading what you write, just as much as i love your brilliant outfits. killer jacekt! 


  • daniel leinfelder

    This might be a bit much for me…I like palazzo pants, and I like floral leather jackets, but I don’t think I like two voluminous things paired together. Just sayin’


  • Rhoda

    i seriously am in love with that jumpsuit! it looks so cool on!


  • Alimoresco

    Love this! So voluminous!  I love how the textures balance out!


  • CJ

    I think I should wear those pants just so I could hide treasures inside like various breads, pots, televisions, flowers, cars, etc.


  • Dutt

    Aren’t you hot? It has been like 85 degrees and up here in NY.

  • Wearmint

    That jacket is amazing!


  • Jane Stouffer

    I remember calling those wide-legged cropped pants “gauchos” back in the late ’70’s/early ’80’s.

  • Diana

    Can i just say it – i want to be you)) You look fabulous!


  • elen

    absolutelly adore palazzo pants! they are so flattering and comfortable… 


  • Pauline C

    I love it ! !!
    You know, i was cleaning my closet “Dead fleurette” style. I started planning my wardrobe, looking for timeless clothes when I went shopping during the sales….
    And then, I read your blog. And I remember. I remember why The Man repeller is in my TopSite. Because you never forget to HaVE FUN !!!
    So I was like “omg i’ve been so stupid all week !!”
    The answer is that i want my style to be between Dead Fleurette (quality pieces, no more H&M that you throw away), Brigitte Bardot (the charming je ne sais quoi, the girl who walk barefoot, and don’t care), and YOU (have fun, look the way you WANT to, don’t dress up for the others, but for YOU)

    That is NOT gonna be easy.

  • It’s always about how to represent and support your outfit! and you do a great job!

    Xeni from Stylelovewww.stylelove.gr

  • Devi

    I love your navy jumpsuit! EDGYYY!

    xx Devi

  • mathilda Fidge

     The  jacket is perfect with the dress. I like it. XOXO from France

  • fashionplatenotdinnerplate

    Your a fashion trooper!!!! And your in NY for Gawdsake try that kind of fashion statement here they may think I’m ready for the white jacket!

    L.O.V.E IT L.O.V.E YOU!

  • Nadia Auton



  • M

    I love the palazzo, and how at ease you are in that insane jacket!


    Really big everything. 


  • Nini Nguyen

    Love those clear shoes!!


  • Blame Jayne

    Hot and all the right kinds of ugly. Atta girl. 


  • abigail lind

    i’ve tried so many times to get into palazzo pants but i always feel like i’m being swallowed by bolts of fabric.  thanks for the inspiration to give it another try!


  • Brijetblog

    Honey- if you wanted comments on the jacket then I’ve got plenty. It’s the best goddamn thing my retinas have ever experienced. And I do recall you saying I could lend it in an IG comment when you first got it. I’m holding you to that, bitch! I’ve just gotta drop 4 sizes and get to NYC.

  • Guest


  • Sam

    I absolutely ridiculously love this outfit. That deep blue is beautiful. 


  • Lola Reggy

    I really really like the Gucci one!! That is just awesome if I could afford it I would buy and wear it in a heartbeat, and of course lady I love your shoes once again as always, hahaha!



  • Fun, bold and there’s nothing better than observing people as they react to such attire… 🙂  

  • dany

    great volume in this outfit, love! xxo, dany


  • Alyssa Tomasic

    I absolutely love the jacket, it is outrageous in the best way!


  • Ryan21

    Awesome outfits… Very trendy stuff

  • Callia Hargrove

    Just did a feature on my blog on Palazzo Pants too. Such a great summer pick.



  • vittoria gallacci

    The jumpsuit is wonderful and the jacket is even more!!


  • elysesweets

    Oh my! I was standing in front of Barney’s waiting for the bus and took a pix of a girl with boots that looked like that jacket. I said, I must have a pix of these way out boots, as I have never seen anything like it, and up pops you in that jacket. Back to the photo at hand, love palazzo pants, love the outfit and the shoes are fabulous! Keep up the entertainment! I can’t wait to see what you have on next!

  • Zainab

    Love that jacket but love your writing even more! xx http://theempressclothes.blogspot.com.au/