Lesson in Layering: Summer Dress

File this one under sub par tutorials for the man repelling cause.


Mom, dad, uncle Frank, I’m home, and today TMR tackles an ongoing problem: mini dresses. Not just mini, in fact: one shoulder and clad in blocks of mesh that infiltrate what can be best described as a hostile environment for bras. This in turn means the eye will have no choice but to indulge in or squeal at the sight of a–singular–naked breast. Sometimes this will be good, but often, it will be bad. Cue: the often present, rarely acknowledged whisker. To eliminate ultimate discovery of such, below find a lesson in layering that likely fails to fit the man-getter-to-repeller bill but will certainly promise an aesthetic mixed bag of nuts, set of sweaty arm pits and general dose of somewhat cool.

Layer one: a Stella McCartney one shoulder three tone mini dress. No shoes, particularly frizzy fly-aways and arm cross because that’s what cool people do: cross their arms. You know, when I bought this dress it never so much as crossed my mind that I could or would under any circumstance wear it without at the very least, an additional two layers. This sight I believe just further validates my subconscious tendencies.

This is better, and a little 90s representative. Tee beneath dress instead of over eliminates the prospect of dividing the dress into a two piece and gives the mesh something else to rest against. Bare skin, I have learned, often makes for a very boring background. But so do awkward smiles, so.

And in matters of the white skirt, why not a white leather vest. This is the one Veda’s Lyndsey Butler made for my nuptials and quickly became the easiest summer layering device my closet knows. Sweaty, yes, but worth while. Now, while we’re talking layers and  motorcycle silhouettes, here’s an unnatural and abrupt segue into the following step.

Layering moto jackets, boom! Wearing two jackets of the leather variety will likely exhaust your body and perhaps even kill you but these are pretty light weight and peforation does count for something. In the event the former does happen though, at least you went down layering biker coats.

Detail shot: black and silver, white and gold, cha-ching. And finally: the accoutrements.

I know what you’re thinking: what about all that exposed thigh? Consider this though I haven’t shaved my thighs since April 2011. Body whiskers rock. As for the credits, the necklace here is Dannijo, hat is from a small shop in Greece, just kidding, it’s J. Crew, my sandals are Isabel Marant and that’s that.

Also, this is my new house: do you like my white wall? Photos by Naomi Shon

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  • great layering! Not sure I like the long sleeve under the dress, but everything else is phenomenal styling!
    ~ http://www.Tinacious.Me

    • Lucidanne6

      Ummmmm that’s the best part.

  • Maria Onorio

    SIMPLY P E R F E C T !!!!

    Maria Onorio

  • Style-Squared by Z&M



  • Maria Onorio

     ps. I love your humor!! You’re the best fashion bloggers.!

  • Zareenhelaly

    can’t way to see how you manrepeller your apartment!!! give us home decor!

  • Janet Okunola

    I really lovethe outcome of this look, wasn’t too sure when you got to the two jackets, but I def love the look and colors… and your new white wall ha ha.

  • Miranda Mu

    i love it all. you are too funny. too too funny.
    definitely going to layer up on the motos!

  • Jamiealysonfeldman

    you’re really a nut if you think going out in two leather jackets is ‘dressing for summer. Alas, it’s still a great look.

  • Diana

    great lesson! and i love that dress so much)


  • Love, love this!


  • Guest

    1st and third look are nice. 

  • The two jackets look good, but I like the white one alone, just because I’m a big fan of those sleeves and it’s currently hot as hades right now in DC. So I can’t say the word leather until September, any way the Stella dress is amazing at the bottom! 

  • Johanne M.

    That wall is simply awesome, and so is your outfit.

  • Doni Brown

    I love this! Your layering is always superb! 


  • Brookewise

    amazeballs!!!! wondering where the long sleeve is from though! 
    the double leather looks incredible, i would die for a jacket ready made like that!


    • Vicky

      I think the long sleeve top is  Prabal Gurung

  • VotreAmie

    You look FLY! It never even crossed my mind to layer two moto jackets, but it is seriously badass! I love this. I love it in so many ways that I want to kick my legs up Molly Shannon style, a la SNL, and scream, “I luvit, I luvit, I luvit!!!”

  • Emilie

    That necklace is amazing! Love the white vest too 🙂

  • Mushkid

    Your legs are amazing! Do you spray tan?

  • Not only do I love your style and layering I also love the way you write! Definitely my favourite blogger 🙂

  • The Stunning Look

    Amazing outfit, but it’s impossible to wear it on a hot summer day! :)) 

  • Cassandra Gustafson

    Lovin’ it. Also, show us more of the new place! At least some little peeks beyond a white wall with the unavoidable power outlet (I’m an interior designer, these things will always bug me. Why can’t lamps just run on wishes?)

    • Leandra

       Or wifi!

  • I don’t know how you do it…but you do it. I was worried about that shirt, but it actually looks good once you get the other layers on! Very nice. 

  • Cynthia Bagué

    Amazing as alwayssss

  • Aryncarz

    I don’t know how you come up with these things but WOW the whole look is so perfect!!! I love this….you are one of the few people who pull this look off SO well!


  • Nadia Auton

    love the jacket over jacket going on there!
    I’ll try to pullmake THAT happend!


  • Meelena L

    this dress is sooo beautiful !!


  • My Scrambled Style
  • Eva Kraaijeveld

    What an amazing dress and you layered it so cool!!


  • AMVoina

    AMAAZING! You make it look soo easy!


  • Natali Karppinen

    Well look at that! How awesome is this post/ layering?! LOVE IT!


  • You look like a badass pimp. Sweet. 

  • Angels of the Night

    Dang girl you are the sh!!!!!zzzzitttt!!!!  aka Carol D. Durante

  • llara

    Gawd, if I had those thighs I’d get ’em out too. I’d braid them for all I cared and I’d be like ‘Yo. World. Checkout out my toned bronze pleated thighs.’ And the world would like it.

  • Jasmine Alvarez

    haha I do not feel so bad for rocking my body whiskers now. I feel pretty badass now.

  • Laura

    So cool! Looove the “detail shot”!!!


  • rwvalente

    wow it turned out amazing! You’re very creative Leandra. ^^

  • monkeyshines
  • Sarah

    Love this outfit, love the shoes, hat and dress!!
    You look gorgeous!

  • Fashionablecollections
  • absolutely necessary. as usual. xoxo

  • Perfection! You look incredible. I love every single piece.
    Well Done!

  • Bugai Irina

    Amazing! Fun and flirty!

  • andreacheong

    That is definitely genius!!

  • your new house is beautiful 😉  double leather layering – looks good, bet it’s uncomfortable but who cares – you’d be all set for a scottish summer believe me!

    ♥ ThankFifi

  • Reptilia

    Love it! Th result is amazing!


  • haha, I low how you started with the “almost bare” minimum and loaded on the layers! Makes for an interesting scroll-down!

  • Oppositelipstick
  • Sonji Bent


  • Katie Košútová

    you are the queen of layering! and really funny! 🙂

  • Skaff

    Love your new home (wall), it’s so chic and minimalist. Completely unlike you. I also absolutely adore this look. 

  • I think I like your bland floring better. This outfit is fun, mainly thanks to the genious hemline. 

    Material Fixations

  • Mariana

    So very nice! And your white wall too. I think that the electric plugs between your legs are amazing… eh eh. 😉

  • The final result is a bit surprising, turned out cool! Even, I would need tight.

  • abigail lind

    love the white wall, and that socket is all kinds of shocking!  great outfit, pretty brave for the summer months, but a great outfit nonetheless!


  • you rock the shit out of mc jackets. dopeness

  • It takes cojones to layer moto on moto with this heat and humidity, bravo. Love the wall’s electrical accoutrement in between your legs on the last photo. The tee beneath the dress layer was brilliant. I might buy a one shoulder dress due to this post.  
    Take care.
    P.S. You missed an r in perforation. 

  • kuti

    waow awesome.. great, i love it so much

  • yuka

    i love the way you layer! this outfit just turned 10000x better with all the layers!

  • CJ

    Love the Stella.  Makes me want to buy that skirt and just crawl in it and shit like that.  GAWD.  I’m also into the necklace and would love to wear it to the airport just to piss TSA off.

  • Michelle Moy

    how do you manage the heat with this amazing layering?

  • Chelsea

    Nice!! I’m loving your necklace and hat. 

  • Nathan Niche

    omg how is it that ur writing still never ceases to amaze and amuse me! ur brilliant mind is worthy of my constant revisit, and i understand the one boob exposed action can be good or bad depending on how u try to pull it off. the double layering of biker is a smart move, as well as the hat choice. btw u’re actually quite tall no? 5’8” 5’9”? a lil jeal i must say-

    xx nathan.niche

    check out my new coveted GIVENCHY A/W NOSE RING 🙂


  • Unterhosen

    How the hell you gonna repel in that outfit m’dear?
    Obviously, almost flashing your tuppence will never fail to undermine the cause.
    Far too gorgeous. Get some clumpy shoes or boots on please.

  • Sofia aparici

    Love your look, your personality. You are fantastic. 
    Check out my blog:) You are one of my inspiration!

  • Love this. The humor behind it all is what makes it worth the read. By the way – what color is your nail polish? I”m adoring the contrast of the light blue against tan skin. 

  • Mariposa

    very good style!
    I love it..
    xoxo from germany

  • You are cray cray, making me look cray cray too 

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  • WOW! 😀

  • CiCi

    I agree with the other comment- I want to see how repulsive to men your house is- go home decor!

  • Jacqueline

    yeah, you look cool as always! Keep on inspiring!!!

    love, 0941 fashion

    Check our 0941 blog if you wanna

  • Georgina

    The leather skirt is definitely a winner!


  • Martina Buttini

    You are the one and only who can make a tee under dress layering 90’s nostalgia and still make it look damn cool . LET ME LOVE YOU !!!

  • Elizabeth Lim

    Love the Dannijo necklace, and the unique cut on the dress!


  • zay

    I was saying WTF while scrolling down looking at all the layers… but that final picture is amazing! i love it!


  • Brijetblog

    I was ever so doubtful at the 3/4 top under the dress but god knows why- you’ve never failed me. White under black motocycle jackets..this has been the high point in our relationship, I must say. I absolutely die..like, dramatic soap opera DIE for the Stella McCartney dresses with the baroque detailed hems and the navy/white..especially the ones in print. Superb as always, and congrats on launching from the ‘rents house into what I can only assume is your new grown-up’s love nest. 

  • Absolutely love the dress and the jackets, seriously…

  • The (un?)social butterfly

    I didn´t think you were going to make it right up till the final layer — surprise, surprise, the look ends up being awesome. Congrats. Also for the new wall 😀

  • DooleyNotedStyle

    You rock that dress – if I had your legs I would wear it everyday!

  • emmaattheedit

    SUCH an awesome look. Probably one of your most inspiring posts, I think! I love to see how you layer, and create your outfit from scratch. Thanks Man Repeller!

    xxx the edit xxx


  • Jiayi

    I just freaking love your style! I give you an A++

  • Brita

    i looooove the dress with the shirt underneath!


  • Amazing! Love it

  • Stunning!

  • oh sh!t Repeller! This is HOT & i mean hot in two different ways : 1. it looks GrEAT (hot) and 2. HOT as in, i will sweat my leathered layered ass off. 
    Truth is, I’m satisfied if i look TWICE as HOT!  Can I hear a “Hell yeah! fuckn right! ” @manrepeller 

  • Isabella Russell

    where is your tee from? i love it!
    love the dress and layering too 🙂

  • How about some man repellin’ home decor?

  • You’re such the queen of layering!!

  • Lili

    whitout the hat, please! 

  • Gloria Quiroga

    You are so cute! But my favorite shooting location it’s still the balcony!

  • Vanessa

    I swear you are just one of the coolest blogger ever!  I love this post! 



  • Myblissisthisway

    you always are styled perfectly and have a crazy good knack for layering.  i would never in a million years be able to pull off a look like this (i think being short has something to do with it).. but as always you look gorgeous!


  • Jennifer Booth

    Not so much loving the tee under the dress – maybe a white long sleeve one for contrast, as opposed an elbow length printed one that looks a bit random? But you’re the expert, and otherwise… The moto vest and jacket layered together might just be the coolest thing I have ever seen. Ever. Seriously.

    I stand in awe of your man repelling brilliance.


  • Loving the layers!…. and the necklace!
    A sleeveless biker is definitely going to the top of my wish list now.


  • blair dowis

    are you referring to nipple whiskers in the first paragraph?? am i taking crazy pills?

  • Alexis

    Dig it. I need to get myself a leather vest.


  • Gabriela

    good floor!

  • Belén cavas
  • Lou’Ana

    Such a genius layering ! x


  • Um Blog Fashion

    I love the vest under your jacket! And the Dannijo necklace is so gorgeous!!!



  • wild chilc ; )Love your layers darling 

    Carly J

  • Lilian Marcelino

    Fantástica e divertida, como sempre. Você arrasa! Beijocas! http://acessorizesse.blogspot.com

  • Laura Ink

    Girl you need a tailor, lots o’ bunching at the waist. 

  • BobbieAustin27

    I love the cut and color of that Stella dress
    she really outdid herself with that one
    I love how you dressed it down

  • xs

    the double biker layering is genius.  it almost makes possible fatality worth it.

  • Jasmine Johnson

    You have amazing legs!

  • Maria

    that’s awesome Pella, but you are going to sweat your balls off!

  • You are the best. You truly are 😀


  • Nini Nguyen

    OMG… Those legs. 



  • nice style!

  • I just found your blog and I am loving it. Gosh I haven’t laughed this hard at a blog….. ever! Thanks!

  • Ok I also mean laugh at your blog like laughing because you are so funny. I could see that turning ugly. 

  • Sisi Tsoi

    Loving that post. I often wonder how to give advice on fashion in a effortless way, thanks!

  • heyheyy

    isnt it too hot for layering? anyway you look tres chic!

  • Very cool look. Love the layered vest and jacket and dying for a hat like that of my own!


  • mara

    Love the necklace and the shoes. Actually I love the whole outfit 😀


  • Sofie Hindborg

    Amazing style, love your blog btw! 

    Love Soffe


  • Djwindsor

    I just love the hem on this dress its so feminine but edgy! Stella please let me join your design team 😉

  • Maria

    What nailpolish are you wearing?

  • Brisa

    This is puuurfection!!

  • tanya_caines

    Your writings with your photos are so honest a funny. No wonder your blog is so popular. I think i just found my new fav xx

  • Biola

    You are too funny but I think that dress is kinda ugly. The whole look comes together well tho.

  • vittoria gallacci

    I really like the dress and the sandals!

  • LAW

    Seriously, you are beyond amazing! x

  • boyrepeller

    your the best at layering!!

  • Grace Adoe


  • after you put it together it does lk interesting. but i’d have passed out eventually on the sweaty stinky subway. u scared me a little w/the t-shirt under the one shoulder number, but i got over it quickly.

  • Miss Kelci Anne

    Oh my goodness that dress rocks!

  • i just love your style …..

  • wilddarts.com

    such great layering!

  • Oblivion
  • Jen

    Loving this layering concept, but LOVE that dress even more!! Can you share where the under shirt is from? Thanks!