In Which I Interview

…myself. And subsequently dodge most of the questions that I am asking me.


…Myself. And subsequently dodge most of the questions that I am asking myself. This video was created by and first aired on Imagine Fashion, the new window into window fashion, yesterday. Clothing credits as follows–on Man Repeller: Junya Watanabe jacket, Kain tank, Aurelie Bidermann, MR. Dannijo, Vivienne Westwood and Iosseliani necklaces, Acne jeans, Rag & Bone sunglasses. There are furry shoes too but you can’t see them, it’s tragic. On Leandra: 3.1 Phillip Lim blouse, Rag & Bone pants, Jenni Kayne flats, Warby Parker eyeglasses and it must be said: conjuring this particular outfit was no easy feat. Interesting to think how individual one’s comfort zone can be. In this case: horse hair > white cotton. That’s a fashematical problem.

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  • Suzanne

    Very funny!

  • Donna

    Hahaha what a great video, could not stop laughing!

  • rwvalente

    “Do you want touch my leg?” kkkkkkk you are so creative and outstanding, I loved the video! An inspiration. 

  • Kirbybee

    I literally LOL’d Man Repeller, absolute gold.


  • Lia

    haha great video!


    of Fashion


  • Skaank

    Haha! I love the interview, you’re so funny and creative.

  • Alexa Kovachevich


  • My question is, why aren’t you doing stand-up??

  • conversations with myself are usually the most entertaining.

  • lafemmealamode

    Hahaha, so funny! You really should start thinking about a career as an actress! 😀

  • You are fresh and unique. fashion, passsion with a a funny twist, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Brilliant video!

  • Alexlorenx

    just… thank you! 
    greetings from spain! =)

  • Sarah Glaser

    Um, you are awesome for interviewing yourself.  You definitely have the creativity down, girl.  Keep it up, I love your blog.  Swoon!

  • Funny video. “Call me, maybe?”

  • Hahaha! This is awesome! 😀

  • Maria Onorio

     You have character! hahah i love u!Maria Onorio

  • I’ll touch your legs if it’ll make you feel better?

    ♥ ThankFifi
    this is hilarious – thanks for sharing 🙂

  • petitececile

    I really think you are crazy, in the best way so I dare you to use a  straitjacket!! I bet you’ll pull it off like no one! Besos! 

  • Ale

    ummm… you’re hilarious. My favorite is your face when Leandra says she could wear your shoes if you ever collaborate with Nicholas Kirwood…


  • abigail lind

    i can’t believe that bitch wouldn’t touch your leg.


  • Carol Torres

    hahahahah LOVED the “I get a lot of women from Brazil stop me in New York”! We love you here! Come down for are Fashion Week! 

  • Daisy Roadster and Coco

    Cette fille est complètement barrée mais elle est géniale !

  • CT

    Haha seriously brilliant!

  • Rachel

    Do you really have a book coming out in 2013? If so, can’t wait to read it!

  • You are crazy funny!

  • Mary-Alice Bowman

    I am now a fan. So witty and creative! I love it.


  • Lauramedine5

    I laughed so hard … my stomach is hurting

  • katie

    lols. this was a good one. i think the person who works in the cubicle next to me thinks i’m crazy for laughing to myself…at work…on a wednesday…hungover. 


  • “if it feels wrong, it looks right.” yes, yes, and above all YESSSSSSSSSS!!


  • Chelsie M


  • Umellio7

    I am positive you and Sarah Silverman should be best friends. and I want to hang out.

  • You are hylarious.

  • Veronique

    Ahahha most hilarious video ever. I love it especially the vigina and couture part ahahahah


  • funny and interesting video. Keep going on !

  • loved the video!!!!

  • Adelina

    U r just awesome! Very witty and funny! I wish we were friends! I think u would be a great one:)

  • Hmmm you lost your period.  Hmmmm menopause… Hmmmm just got married.  Hmmmm pregnant? Hmmmm.

  • MsDenbi

    This was way too funny! I love the ending: “You sure you don’t wanna touch my leg?”

  • Oppositelipstick

  • hahaha 

  • Hysterical!

  • Haha, I did the same thing a while ago! Definately much iMovie’ing, but funny tho 😀

    – L

  • If I were Leandra, I would definitely touch your leg, funny!

  • hahahah, soooo you! omg, i’d jst laugh to death. i love you!!

    hug from a norwegian leg, haha

  • Ursula Braeger

    I have to say that you kill me. You have such a fresh and funny take on fashion and our business. So many people pretend to be something they are not and you are so real. Thank you!

  • JFotang

    lol! God i love you! …and i love your sprinkler! haha priceless
    aannnnddd i’m definitly going to use those quotes:
    “if it feels wrong, it looks right”
    “if it looks like a vagina, it’s probably couture”
    …that is so special. hahahah
    waay to go girl! You have lead a whole cult of man repellers!

  • Law Moda

    ridiculous. love it.

  • china_eyez1

    So funny…Don’t worry I’ll touch your leg! Also the way you describe the jeans….genius!

  • VotreAmie

    Damn you, you SLAY ME! That was fan-effing-tabulous. Incredible awkward pauses and spectacularly witty banter between you and yourself. Brava! “Labial-folds” may be my favorite comment in there, but I can’t commit to a favorite just yet. 

  • Guest

    I am not exaggerating even the tinniest bit when I say that this video totally made my day. If you’re actually reading this comment and the deep, deep wants of your die-hard fans means anything to you, you should show more of Leandra. That is of course if Man Repeller’s ego would allow to share the spotlight.

    • Leandra

       It’s a hard life we live, me and Man Repeller. Always fighting for attention and shit.

  • I have never laughed so hard! You are TOO stinkin hilarious…..

  • Omg, this just made my day. Again!


  • All I see is a blue screen.  Is this video meant to be conceptual? 🙁

  • Unterhosen

    Oh for God’s sake, we’ll touch your leg…or at least the hem of your muff!

  • June

    do you want to touch my leg?

  • Margarida Reis

    hahaha. so funny!

  • Carlyanne

    Oh my goodness could not stop laughing!! You are the BEST.

  • Just had a really good laugh on that. I love your take on fashion and humor!

  • Vanessa Hong

     you are like the georgia o’keeffe of fashion. YOU. IN. A. NUT. SHELL.

    • Leandra

       I want to take this and frame it

  • It is definitely the best (self)interview video I’ve seen in a long, long time! Great work. Also, I really liked your non-comfort zone look. It’s quite close to my own aesthetics. I imagine I’d feel so weird in Junya Watanabe’s jacket (no matter how awesome and cool and hip and awesome again it looks on you)…. 🙂 Hello from London!

  • Cristina

    If you really did publish essays about periods and virginity, then I really am gonna love it. That shit is gold.

    • Leandra

       validation nation

  • Mariana Guillen

    This was hilarious! 

    I love the hair pin touch on Leandra. Seriously, why aren’t you on TV yet?

  • Gloria Quiroga

    How come she didn’t want to touch your leg!!

  • you need your own tv show. that was the most enjoyable 6 minutes of my day. you’re a young bethenny frankel

  • ashleigh @ Jolie Jouel

    That was hilarious. Request for more videos!

    My jewelry blog:

  • marialandia

    I was watching this in the same room where my hubby and sister-in-law were watching TV and reading online respectively, and at one moment both of them asked me: “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU WATCHING?”. Hahaha!

  • I  nerver  see that awkward face on you! So funny! XD

  • Luckyrae22

    I laughed throughout the whole thing. Lost your period… pregnant? 

  • Cj

    I feel like I talk to myself all the time but it’s not for the purpose of entertainment.  Whatever, it’s not a big deal. Yes it is.  No it isn’t. Yes it is.  


  • Abbey

    I’m still laughing. And it’s been 5 minutes since I watched it. I vote for the Man Repeller reality show. All in favor say “touch my leg.”

    Along Abbey Road

  • Helena

    Love you. My dad was watching a video about dinosaurs, and he was like “what the hell are you laughing at?!.” “If it looks like a vagina, it’s probably couture.”

  • 2010295

    DID SOMEONE SAY JESUS MARY AND/OR JOSEPH?!  ill buy that book the second it hits stores.. SLASH i love yoiur bi polar its magnifique as the french say.. 

  • Naomi

    So hilarious !!

    (Thanks to you, I’m getting so much better in English.)

  • Celine Arbuah

    hahahha way too funny !!! I love these kind of videos. 

  • Celine

    hahahah way too funny ! love these kind of videos.

  • Brijetblog

    I missed everything after ‘create a shoe with nicholas kirkwood’. If that happened I could quite possibly shit twice and die. 

  • HAHAH! “are you sure you don’t want to touch my leg?” 

  • I can see your next career movement. you are incredible. thank you for existing!

  • Rachel

    Legitimately spat OJ all over my desk at the sprinkler line. I love you.

  • Guest.

    I love the glasses, that the interviewer is wearing, What are they called?
    Btw, you are a fucking genius, “if it looks like a vigina it’s probably couture.”
    I wan’t to marry you !!  

  • Ha, this was hilarious. Loved it!


    I almost peed my pants listening to this, what a gift!

  • Azraa


  • Great!

  • It’s always interesting watching someone do an interview with themselves. 
    What the hell-o would I ask myself? Everyone’s bi-polar.KUDOS on the woman empowerment tip#MILAtaughtme x“Intuition Workout Plan” what you are for fashion, I’m pushing for in the colour-your-face world man better love me in drag — and most importantly, the MORNING AFTER a rough night.

    you’re frickin hilarious
    do more of these videos!

    mila, mannnn!!!
    London, UK

  • Lauren Gabrielle

    this video is awesome!

    Δ lauren gabrielle

  • OMG!!! THIS IS SOOO FUNNY! you seriously need to do this more! please!

  • these blank stares that you are giving yourself are hilarious..

  • “If it looks like a vagina it’s probably couture” – f-ing amazing!

  • Shy


  • Mariposa

    xoxo from germany!

  • Mafe

    you’re amazing! i think this will open doors into acting 😉

  • Great vid, so funny!

  • Ddot

    your so ugly and dirty looking

  • Kayla

    Hehehe- I love this idea! I’m cracking up over here!

    xo Kayla

    • Kayla

       LOL- Furry shoes to match our furry legs. HAHA!

  • Ashley Alan

     That was amazing. Thank you. Please do more of this.

  • ha you crack me up

  • so fucking perfect. I’d totally steal your book from Shakespeare & Co.

  • Lucidanne6

    Completely hilarballs.

  • Daulbee

    Best interview (yet!) Glad to see you at Maje xD 

  • Sasha

    The look into the viewer’s eyes after the word “menopause” is priceless. Thanks for the laugh, I look forward to reading your essays.

  • Danielmalamis


  • Michelle

    So funny! Menopause LOL!

  • The Mrs.

    I must know- which Warby Parkers are these? Amazing. Love the video. Hysterical!

  • Adriana Soto

    you sure know how to grab attention to your blog… u r so creative! very nice….

  • Lareina

    Leandra, i can’t say it enough. I love you. I don’t know you but I love you.

    Congrats on the new home office & marital bliss!

  • Afroza

    You’re so funny and adorable!! 🙂

  • Hahaha, hilarious! I had never heard your voice before and it really suits you! That’s great! 

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  • Haha Good stuff! 

  • love this…TOTES  made me laugh. do you want to touch my leg…

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  • Taylor Van Wey


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    I’ve never seen a video of you and I have to say I’m liking it

  • Deborah

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  • Kate

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  • Renatabrito1691

    TV SHOW NOW PLEASE. But not like reality crap, one where you interview people like yourself. kinda what you just did. yeah.

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    You are a genius!

  • Very nice, lol ^___^

  • Misa


  • You’re so crazy. I really love your blog 🙂

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    Leandra you are a star. Truly unique and utterly inspiring, as well as smart and absolutely hilarious!

  • Sketch42

    Now which one is the real you?

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    Ladies from Brasil!!! 🙂 You crack me out Leandra! Love your job!

  • This is genius =D

  • This is genius!

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