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My Maje window. I never let a collaboration go un-recapped.


In partnership with Maje.

On Monday of this week I assumed creative control over the window at Maje, the store of one of my favorite newly-transplanted to New York by way o’France brands. Interest in said brand commenced a ripe three years ago during a semester abroad in Paris when I noted the effortless french nature of the clothes, married to a sort of party girl aesthetic. Neither of the former am I but sure does make for one smoking collection. I wondered why it didn’t exist in New York but figured that maybe the grass is just always greener on the French side. Such was not the case though, someone somewhere far more powerful noted the void in our market too and so at last: fast forward three years, four months, two weeks and five days (but whose counting,) where I find myself on my knees–not Lewinsking but rather, taping astro-turf to and sprinkling green glitter on a white cement platform, installing a genuine Weber grill (equipped with obligatory cupcakes,) in a Soho storefront, recreating the quintessential New York barbecue where the clothes are cool and refreshments insatiable.

An unveiling party was had the following evening where Chelsea Leyland brought the tunes. Naturally, I had brought the flamingos and named them Alexa Chung (similar leg mass) and Elton Smith–we gave him a glitter mohawk and concluded he looked something like the love child of a certain Fresh Prince combined with the king o’montage tunes, Elton John. See here.

Ultimately, I decided to model a fall window after an ostensibly summer-exclusive activity simply to salute the idea of mixing nuts and more importantly to remind you assholes that come September if you’re planning to have a BBQ but not sure if anyone will come, I can assure you that I am so there. Also, I wanted you to walk by Spring Street and think: why the shit wasn’t I invited to this party? and then seek solace in recognizing that the store is open and thus you were in fact invited, prompting you to walk on in and enjoy what Maje has to offer. Some pretty decent sale squandering is still waiting to be had.

Maje blouse, Maje shorts, Charlotte Olympia heels. She sold me seashells but we weren’t by a shore. You can also watch my curly ass hair the entire takeover right here.

A special thanks to Charlotte Superstar Fassler for taping the feet of both Alexa Chung and Elton Smith to the astro-laden ground. Flamingos are actually pretty high maintenance.

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  • Xx

    I’d love to see you put together an outfit with nothing that costs over $50.  Give us people with normal incomes hope.

    • Leandra

       ask and ye shall receive.

      • Torocyn127

        oh my – this is exciting! great window btw 🙂

        • I will also be very excited to see this – perhaps it will be entirely made from plastic flamingos???
          ♥ ThankFifi

      • patricegentile

        leandra is gonna bring it. and it’s gonna be the shit. looking forward.

    • Law Moda

      i second Xx’s suggestion. i’m also of the normal income constituency.

    • PLEASE 

  • Awesome blossom. I’m in Paris now, and I stop at Sandro & The Kooples regularly for some much needed fabric molestation myself. 

    Don’t think I’ve walked in Maje yet, but obviously that period of abstinence is now over. Did you ever go into Le Marais and go vintage shopping? I’m beyond beyond obsessed. I could seriously go every day and never get sick of it. It’s a poor person’s dream. 

    You should do a little post on recommendations of affordable (or not) places to go in Paris. Le Bon Marche is everything I’ve ever dreamed I could own all bundled up in one store. But I actually feel pain when I walk in. 

    Great post. Great window styling. Doing the glass proud. 


    • Leandra

       I actually have a great story about the “coiffeur” vintage shop on Rue de Rosiers. Stay tuned!

      • Was in there today – can’t wait to hear. 

  •  Love your hard work and collaborations, shows a strong business side to you which balances you out with both party and business. awesome outfit that still man repels and stays true to you.

    P.S. I mentioned you and your blog in my most recent post and has linked your title to your webpage. Just so you know 😉

    xx nathan.niche

  • lulukapoopoo

    those topshop ads to the right are going to throw me into an epileptic fit. jeeeeez.

  • Reptilia

    Love your Maje window!! And you look is cool


  • rhodawong

    that looks pretty awesome!

  • Maria Onorio



    Maria Onorio

  • susank

    The jacket the DJ is wearing – who is it by? love it!

    • Leandra


  • Jenaly Enns

    that is awesome. I love the outfit you are wearing here!!! 

  • Natali Karppinen

    How fabulous is this?? Congratulations.

  • maje–estic display of omnipotent fashion power.. tres-amaze balls!!!!

  • VotreAmie

    Love the urban bbq theme!! Faboosh as always

  • Lisa Daniels
  • Delfina Savoretti

    Congrats! Everything looks so cool, I wish I could be there!

  • Belén cavas
  • Contactcoralie

    Yeah I like Maje, but like your said it’s the “effortless french nature” : sometimes boring. I guess my style isn’t french after all haha – FRENCH FASHION BLOG

  • Amber Lucas

    That DJ looks like you with blonde hair.

  • Karina Magomedova

    cute  look)

  • The old school Christmas tinsel glittering wigs are a great touch.  I wish I could attend such a cool BBQ.

  • Bugai Irina

    You look fantastic! If I could raid only one famous person closet I would definitely choose Carries Bradshaw and if not it would be Man Repeller’s closet!

  • Alice Wilson

    Oh my…this is my favourite shop in Paris! Im very jealous!!

    Please take a look at my fashion illlustrations and art:


  • Sydney

    super aweomse!! love it!


  • Emilie

    I love maje and Sandro. Its nice to see that these talented French designers are doing so well. Would love to own the jacket the DJ is wearing. The French definitely have the best style!

  • Marissa Joy

    Stumbled past the store in Soho yesterday- the window looks so cool! Congrats!

  • Lou’Ana

    So so coolos ! I love Maje, I must check it out !

  • Jj

    I’d love to see you put together an outfit with nothing that costs over $50.  Give us people with normal incomes hope.
    me too!

  • Annie Markantonatou

    lovely storefront! great heels C. olympia

  • Cassandra Gustafson

    That looks like so much fun. Definitely makes me miss my old job doing window displays.

  • Love the heels!

  • Girlhuntingcatherineandgreer

    This is type of thing you do in one bloody weekend is what most of us dream of! Its what blogger dreams I made of Leandra, I tell ya, some may say you’re a genius…. 

  • Brijetblog

    BBQ’s all year round here in Australia. I feel a connection to with window display. 

  • Feelgoodlookcute

    I love Maje! I love their designs and the high quality of their clothes.

  • tres cool+++

  • Man, I don’t think you can’t go wrong. You have a rockin’ crazy style. Love it!!!

    Karen, xx

  • Jocelina

    Congratz with this creative new project! Hope there will be many more to come

    xx Jocelina

  • Great to see this! Congrats!

  • Muna Coolture

    Cool outfit girl! Lovely as usual 😉

  • Crystal Taylor


  • nataluya85

    you look hot girl!!!!! you legs are just as enviable as chung’s!


  • Madrilicious

    Love maje it’s the best outside France French boutique. It’s a mix of French and Scandinavian Style to affordable prices during sales.

  • varisakase

    the collaboration with A.C is barely recapped:-P just love to see a bit more. probably how a repeller like u attracted him! (hope im not invading your personal life too much:3)

  • arttrendsandcolors

    Maje is a french brand, i would love to have have your pieces in Paris!!   

  • arttrendsandcolors

    Maje is a french brand, I would love to have some of your pieces in Paris! 

  • Damn girl get in that window cause you look as fly as your mannequins/flamingoes! Great job on the window, you really nailed the perfect summer BBQ vibe!


  • love maje- awesome windows.  more maje >

    TLR X

  • dreykker

    the window is soo boring….based on your site i think you could have done so much better!!!

  • I am OBSESSED with MAJE. Check out the sickkk SAMY jacket in my latest post >>> It’s all about the leather and jacquard mix baby.