Hookas in Paris

A look into the scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elite. Just kidding, I’m totally kidding. This is about street style at Vagina Couture Week.


Look, I love a couture showing just as much as the next guy. Vaginas be everywhere, see: Valentino, and Raf Simons be stirring irregular heart beats universally, see: Dior. This season though, I say instead of dwell on the priceless made-to-order fancy strutting down runways subtly suggesting sentiments like, “hey friends, I am the price of a loft in Tribeca, do you want to buy me? I get it if you’re not interested but here’s a steal: you can also just buy the gloves for the price of a Ferrari!” …let’s look back to the streets, where trendforecasts are, per usual, manifesting too. And while sure, it may not include floral appliques made from porcelain that is particular to a very small and inaccessible region in Russia, there are reflective lenses. And you know what they say about reflective lenses, right? Mirror into the soul, people. The soul. See below and give a hearty thanks to Tommy Ton who never gives up on the good times, ever. Man, I love Paris.

Exhibit A features the exuberant arm parties: this one is a swanky jewel meets vintage tee tale as old as time. Cigarettes are bad but that minaudiere is not.

And then she was like, I’m the poster child for Isabel Marant but always make room for an Hermes wrist sized dog collar. Again, cigarettes are bad but sponge blouses are not. See: this.

Here we have some transparency which is necessary, albeit vital on the streets of Paris during a week like this. Chainy wirst, chainy shoulder–hey, is that shampoo? I can appreciate travel-sized high-test hygiene.

Exhibit B: Friendship. Here we have Anna dello Russo toting around her minaudiere (file this one under an unspecified exhibit C,) talking to Michelle Harper about, well, I don’t know, alpha-A-game? Naturally, if I had to pick a favorite I would by a landslide run, not walk, to the cobalt tent.

And then Candace and Hanneli were not like let’s look at each others pictures but were instead all, “hey, I’ll trade you Stella for Celine? Celine for Stella?”

Friendship with self counts in this bracket too and I’ll tell you what else, no one is having as much fun as she and her python Prada sandals are. No one. Except me.

Ah, there she is. Mira, Mira, fo Fira. This season sporting her cool new messy bob and what look like geometric prints that could put a ruler out of business for days. I wish there was a function on this site that allowed you to throw tomatoes at me every time my jokes were as bad as the aforejoked. Onto trend C.

Which is the perfect tail-end to a parlay. Hey again! Feathered panama hats. This one is a stand alone. I hope Pete doesn’t see this and start begging for one. I have limited funds to allocate to his obnoxious habits, he is, after all, a plastic flamingo.

And then there was Exhibit D: over-sized clutches. And more cigarettes.

And even some cigarettes on over-sized clutches. This is rich: rich in content, fiber, morale, everything, people. Todos. Prada.

Holy eye-ball! Do you see what I see? I should explain what I see because it is isn’t the obvious reaction to a ring with an eye on it. It is, hey! Go buy what is behind this link, now.

Another over-sized clutch, yes, but let’s look at what’s important: see, those are shoes.

And finally, I promised you reflective lenses so is here one of four sightings. I don’t know if you remember this but I already exploited the soul mirroring vehicle just after Australian Fashion Week and then proceeded to collage a bunch of dope pairs that stood under $50. Refreshers here n’ here but now I must say good-bye. This was the street style trend recap that lasted forever it seems, I love spending time with you. All images are via Style.com and there is more where this came from, baby.

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  • this is so funky i love it!

  • those white puffy harlem pants are fabulous!

    ~ http://www.Tinacious.Me ~

  • cs

    haha it’s not shampoo, it’s “Avene Eau Thermale” (I use it all the time to calm skin in hot weather)

  • Sorelle in Style

    Sponge blouses forever! And I seriously need to get my eyes behind a pair of those mirrored lenses..

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  • Mickey Lynn Jewelry

    That was hilarious, refreshing, and now I want reflective lenses and an over-sized clutch!

  • All Around Her

    Those are great pics! Looks like a lot of fun!!

  • Emilie

    Lovely streetstyle photography! Great style inspiration!


  • Omg the Eyeball girl is Yoon of Ambush Designs in Tokyo! Next to you she is my other favorite married man repeller, totes amaze! 

  • Ummmm those platform shoes with the fun platform need to be in my CLOSET! I live for Flatforms.

  • Julia

    love the photos ! inspiring !


  • I looooove these pictures. They made me smile!

  • escargot

    Eye on the ring is O.K. but what is this golden claw-like thing on her other hand?

  • VotreAmie

    Street style is the effing best part of fashion week shenanigans. Nice round up of the best of the best of the best – Booyah!

  • Alexia Mickens

    Lovely shots!!

    xx, alexia in the meantime

  • Brittany

    I could read your blog all day. You are a brilliant wordsmith with a fantastic eye! 

  • mile end val

    thank you for your humour, i had a shiity morning ,and now im all smile and shit…

  • abigail lind

    that is inspiration for days.  i need those isabel marant bracelets yesterday and as bad as smoking is that prada clutch is oh so good.  and that vintage tee chick is doing a pretty good impression of you!


  • Lilylovelock

    Not entirely sure what’s more epic the styling or your commentary 🙂

    Happy Friday lovely!


  • MKP

    Oversized clutches look good but so impractical if you’ve got shit to do, like get on a bus or look for teething gel for a screaming baby. Perfect for standing about looking hot and smoking though! 

  • lovely!!!

  • “Now those are
    shoes”,  abso-f*cking-lutely.

    Dude, this is a really great one, I am inspired and energized. Go figure. Kuddos to you 🙂


  • Cassandra Too
  • Kate

    great selection of pictures! I love the see through Chanel bag, need it badly!:) 
    xx Kate 


  • Perfect streetstyle pictures!

    But I really hate it that so many people smoke, it’s bad for you and it stinks…


  • Maria Onorio


    Maria Onorio

  • Eva Kraaijeveld

    These photos are awesome and love your comments 😀


  • Abigail Henderson

    I love the eye jewellery!

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    Amazing photos!

    See my new post about love: http://www.juliemitzie.com

  • Mara

    In simply adore your post. They are so diffrent from the others blogs.
    Keep up the good work 🙂



  • I was actually here for this (a Paris) and it was pretty insane. dello Russo blowin’ minds, per usual. Got the courage to walk up to Candace and Hanneli in the (un)coolest ways of possible to declare my devoted fandom. Not weird or stalkerish at all. Obviously they were thrilled to get to talk to me. 

    Took some fun pics, but hardly got any of the outfits you reblogged here! Pretty bummed I didn’t get to see some of these winners. It’s interesting, because most of the stuff here is weird, but wearable weird, not unfathomable weird. Colorful flatforms and last pic may be my faves, but they’re all pretty stellar. 

    Thanks for picking your favs, I always like to see what you pick out of the abyss. 


  • Alice Bergmann

    Love everything, except the cigarettes! Yes, they are addictive, and that is excactly why I´ll never ever start smoking. So far.

  • Krugie

    Fuckn’ Faboo

  • Mariposa

    Great pics!!!
    xoxo from germany!!!

  • Reetstar

    So much fun – where can I get Mira Mira fo Fira’s outfit? Love the mini clutch too …

  • The Lint Roller
  • wow, guess the Parisians haven’t gotten the memo about how horrible smoking is for you.  kinda ruins their cute get ups….

  • I’ve been here for a week…staying all of July…already know I never want to leave.



  • Unterhosen

    Thanks. Enjoyed the piece

  • Love your selection!

  • Coolsario

    Loving this post, pure gold!

  • Incredible…. There’s definitely just as much (if not more) vibrant style and texture on the streets than on the runway! How I wish I was in Paris right now!

    ardena rose

  • The Lint Roller

    good old Tommy. 


    TLR x

  • 2fashionfed

    Love these pictures! I love your sense of humor… my favorite 🙂


  • Brijetblog

    Fuck me! Seriously, the girls are pulling out all the stops for couture week! Im taking up smoking b tee dub.

  • Style-Squared by Z&M



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    i looove all those outfits!


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    Love the photographs. so rich in colors.

  • I do love a view to the soul

    ♥ ThankFifi

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    Great photos. Everything you post inspires me

  • loove the pink uterque oversized clutch !

  • Oppositelipstick
  • LOVE the cobalt tent. So many smoking! I thought that texting had replaced smoking for the “looking busy” activity outside of fashion shows …I guess some are still kickin’ it old school. For Mira’s closet, I would be willing to start smoking…

  • Anbetisa

    Selezione fabolosa!!! great selection!!!
    nice weekend

  • mcgintylauren

    Yowza, those were some crazy looks. Fun fashion again


  • Alexa Kovachevich

    Lol’d so hard at the Gossip Girl ref. (I’ve been watching way too much on netflix). I only wish you would have signed your post: You know you love me. xoxo M.R.

  • Great blog!
    Love your pics so much!

    Fashion is the new blog

  • Olga M485

    The jewel of the First picture is made by Shourouk, she is an amazing designer, I work for her last year, it was so cool!! her blog http://shouroukcravesandsassiness.blogspot.fr/

  • flowertopf.blogspot.com

    You have an eye for people with style ;D



  • Thanks for providing us with some very visually appealing inspiration! I love your comments on each photo too!

  • I do love a good arm party!

  • very funky interesting

  • Alyssa

    I love all of these photos! I think it’s hilarious that everyone is smoking their cigarettes, and then there’s that oversized clutch with a cigarette on it. Lovely. Don’t these girls know smoking is not just hazardous to their health, it’s bad for their beauty? Maybe if they put that on the cigarette packs girls would stop buying them.

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    I absolutely ADORE the way you write!

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  • Fab & Colorful pics.

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    You forgot the xoxo Gossip Girl in the caption lol
    It must be nice seeing all those stylish people in one place;)


  • jane

    I absolutely love this post. It is different from your usual style in the way that it focuses on a more bohemian-vintage look, which has come back into style but is being misused, even by me, and I love seeing this pictures to refer to. Thanks MR! 

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    Amazingly beautiful pictures, lady!

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  • Smokers Anonymous

    Gorgeous and fun as always. I wonder: maybe we could disconnect fashion to smoking, as fashion is something aspirational, fun, whimsical and smoking is none of those things…. just a thought 🙂

  • love the contrasting of the woman with the cigarette and her Prada cigarette clutch! cool post!

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  • Anna

    The shoes in the second last picture!! I WANT THEM … 

  • awesome awesome awesome, that guy takes the most er, awesome pics ever! Also, loving your piece in ASOS mag today 🙂


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    artistic.That really is some amazing modeling and she does your jewellery
    justice. amazingly beautiful photos! congrats, how lucky you are, this involves
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  • I love all these prints and patterns!! I spy Mira Duma in one of those 🙂 She’s my favorite besides y’all!
    Great outfit inspiration pictures!!

    Lexicon of Style by Alexandra Dieck