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A Monologue.


Wow! Colors! Fun! Neat! Today in ways to keep endorsing The Outnet (see: Shoe Sale, Holy Grail,) because discounted designer fashion from the trenches of Net-A-Porter is practically my middle name if it were hyphened approximately nine times and I actually had a middle name, the happiest charm bracelets and necklaces on planet earth. Strange things are happening. In the last couple of months I have found my interest levels in previously dubbed uninteresting things at an all time…interesting. Here is a short list featuring some of the more generic.

1. Thumb rings. And even though Kris Jenner agrees, this more prevalently comes to demonstrate how deep a footprint Jordan Catalano planted in the soil of our souls.

2. Tuna sandwiches. One time I had a bad one and then said, “never again,” but last week I was really hungry and so ate one and said “why did I ever stop eating these?” Yesterday I bought one from a shop on University Place and upon taking my first bite, felt something really hard nearly crack my molar. I pulled it out of my mouth and found that it was a neon yellow bottle cap. “Cool,” I thought even though the consistency of a chunk of mayonnaise laden tuna fish and a similar chunk of plastic isn’t my particular idea of the ideal lunch. This could have theoretically put tuna sandwich back on the list of disinterest but consuming neon is somewhat fun.

3. Storing shoes I don’t particularly love in my fridge. I guess it’s unfair to call this previously uninteresting because I’d never really thought about. Why store my shoes in my fridge, you ask? Because I don’t have a lot of space and also hope that maybe putting them in my fridge will, you know, make them cooler. Ba da ba, chhhh. [Crickets, crickets,] Anyone? [Crickets.] You have no sense of humor, internet.

4. Athletic sneakers for non-athletic purposes. Isabel Marant is really revolutionizing the way in which the females of our generation walk. I bought a pair of Nike Frees last week which don’t have wedges but are colorful, because I was going to go where no Repeller had gone before: the gym, but after not actually doing that, noted that they would look great with leather pants and a black pea coat the following Fall. I wasn’t going to tell anyone that.

5. Zygote sized purses. I don’t want to carry around anything, much less the shit I don’t need. Except maybe my cell-phone which leads me to think that both purses and wallets can be replaced by nifty iPhone holders and glitter money clips, or little tiny yellow python boxes.

6. Red lipstick. After being called Front Row Frieda at a fashion show last season I figured that maybe red wasn’t my lip’s hue but then I woke up one morning last month and said, “why was looking like Frieda Kahlo ever self-classified as problematic?” Now I look like a Mexican painter nearly everyday. Especially when I do that flower crown thing. My eyebrows are so bushy, head hair so thick, thank you genetic fiber.

7. And finally: charms. Remember when they were stupid and loud and reminiscent of only sterling silver sweet-sixteen gifts? Not anymore. On necklaces, on bracelets, on rings, on pubic hair. Initially, I’d been drawn to charms like this one, of the Jennifer Fisher variety but when I saw the slew of Venessa Arizaga bright, kitchy statement stuff, which included little stars, skulls, turtles, lockets, hands, hearts, fruit, outside the confines of a full priced Opening Ceremony and on the pages where slashes reign, I was just like: “hey, I want to introduce you to someone I think you will get along with great,” I was referring to my neck. I was right, too. They hit it off and it was that point that they came together in blissful matrimonia. This guy is pretty awesome too, I do enjoy a good smiley face. But you knew that.

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  • Elisa

    Ha! Interesting, you’ve made me rethink one things or two on this list, but oh dear, not the tuna sandwich thing… But are charms really back? And congrats on the Frieda Kahlo thing, such an icon!

    Wandering Minds fashion

  • monkeyshines

    gorgeous pieces!


  • Donna

    Hahah love number 3 on your list, I couldn’t tell if you were being serious or not!


  • Mady

    the necklaces are amazing!



  • Maria Onorio

    All beautiful !

    Maria Onorio

  • With your penchant for colourful beading, I think a trip to India should be in your future. I think we the colours, and the prints, and the fabrics and jewels, you would go a little nuts. A lot nuts. 🙂


  • My Scrambled Style
  • yes! finally, I was wondering what the hell you were gonna do with those blue free runs

  • Charms remind me of boarding school days (circa 2005), and overdosing on Marc Jacobs bracelets… ah the good old days. 

    PS. seriously with the Marant sneakers… I actually feel weird in normal sneakers now (no elongating properties humph…)



  • Flavia

    Have you already checked out the new boutique of Dodo by Pomellato on Madison?
    YOU should!!! it’s all about charms… and messages!

  • =^..^=

    HOORAY!!! !!!    Thanks for going back to your old format!

    Less Clicky = More Lovey !!!


  • =^..^=

    AAARGH.  i take that back.  i clicked on this post via Twitter — which displayed the entire text.

    now that i look at your site, youre still using that SAD-ASS “VIEW MORE” click function.

    BOOOOO ….. : (

  • Absolutely love your reason for storing shoes in the fridge. I’m also running out of shoe space and was wondering where else I should keep them. I think I might try your idea…

  • Potentially one of my fav posts by you.  Tuna sandwiches wouldn’t be tuna sandwiches to me unless they went off and on my list on the regs.  Keep it up, Frida.



  • Haha, these charms are awesome, I love the colors, summer perfect!

  • Vlemmons

    Never really got into the whole charms thing, but i’m reconsidering! Great pieces!


    Run With the HuntedRun With the Hunted

  • Rhya Johnston-Wallace

    Your writing always makes me smile.
    Also, charm bracelets: I was wondering when the fashion world would okay me to dig up my pre-teen accessories. Looks like the time has come.


  • I’m addicted to bracelets!!!!

  • They’re all ‘delicious’ – I wouldn choose all of them. 

  • Pauline

    Great list !! You always stay open for new things, that’s amazing. I mean, come on, CHARMS ! who tough charm could be sometimes awesome ?! Sometimes, I said sometimes. I’m personally not ready for charms yet.

    The running shoes thing I love it, but there’s too many asian tourists in Paris who already do that.

    And also I would LOVE to wear red lipstick without feeling…. wrong. Every time I have red lipstick on I don’t feel like a woman, I feel like a little girl who wants to feel like a woman. so sad…

    • Leandra

      But if it feels wrong IT LOOKS RIGHT!

  • so biutiful i forgot hot to spell beautiful



  • Love your writing, your humour is refreshing!
    I had a similar experience with a bad tuna sandwich… that was in NYC too. Probably my own fault for choosing to eat in a restaurant too close to Times Square. I learnt my lesson….

    On another note, the charm bracelets are beaut, cant decide which one I like best.


  • Stefany

    I love the bright colours and the mix of chains.

  • I love your shopping collage so much.
    Kisses from Italy
    Fashion is the new blog

  • Brooke Michie

    Lovely post. And I’d take Frieda Kahlo’s look any day.


  • Confraria do estilo

    Oh how amazing is your blog! We just love the great idea you had. 
    We love to use bracelets, a lot of!
    Especially with charms, do you like Pandora?


    Confraria do Estilo


  • JB

    These are all really, really cute to look at. But I don’t know how women can wear charm bracelets. There’s nothing more irritating to me than having crap dangling all over my hands while I’m trying to type or eat or whatever. On the other hand, if I HAD to wear one, I’d sport the green one that’s left and center; that shit is cute, but I might want to punch somebody after dealing with it jingling all over me all day.

    I’m actually eating a tuna sandwich right now, sans the neon bottle cap. I also abandoned the big tuna for several years and recently rediscovered them; Tuna sandwiches are damned good.

    I seriously cannot understand why we ever abandoned red lipstick. This look is definitely a man propeller and not repeller! I love the matte red lipstick from MAC. I wear it when my husband and I go out and he loves it!

    I still don’t know if I can get in to the Isabel Marant’s. Sneakers are cool, but I’m usually only willing to wear them when I seriously need to be in something comfortable. Since the Marant’s have a hidden wedge in them, I don’t think I could do it. Jesus, I can only imagine wearing those Marant’s AND the damn charm bracelet…I’d probably go 51/50.

    Anyway, cool post, as usual. Man Repeller, you are awesome.

  • Unterhosen

    Definitely think you have a psychological disturbance now. These fritteries are awful. They are awful because they are over. They are over because they are done to death.
    Please do something interesting.

  • Claire R-M

    the fruits and stars are tugging at my soul!!!


  • Claire R-M

    the fruits and stars are tugging at my sole!!!


  • Helena

    I am so happy right now. Thank you. My So-Called Life is my favorite show ever. 

  • Natalia

    like! <3

    Natalia, my-crazy-idea.blogspot.com

  • Marion

    these are really amazing, ahahah and i love the way you write you definitely are the funniest person ever! 

  • Jessica

    I store my shoes in the freezer to keep them


    No but seriously, so glad charms are coming back

    The Lovelorn

  • CJ

    I remember when I was around 8 years old and my sisters always made charm bracelets and I was the jealous little boy bitch who wasn’t allowed to make jewelry.  Now that I’m a little older and I give a whole lot less of a fuck, I’m going to decorate my arms in cheesy charms. Ughhhh I love you more than my mom loves plastic surgery, Leandra. Sometimes I wonder if Leandra ever reads my comments and wishes we were best friends.  I’m pretty sure she does.


  • Anni Alb

    Adore the small one, with the smiley and the melon 🙂


  • Krisztina Williams

    Lol! I LOVE this post, because I’ve found myself obsessed w/charm bracelets lately, despite how much I’ve always disliked them. I associate them w/soccer moms and children who where BFF necklaces, but now I love them!!

  • Style-Squared by Z&M



  • Love the shoes in the fridge.  I am drowning of clothes and going to sell some lol but never thought to store them in the fridge! hmmm

  • Guest

    write more!!!

  • Luisa Cativo

    I got a giant gummy bear chain the other day, makes me feel like a candy gangsta. It’s kinda heavy for my chicken neck, but what the hell, it’s gummy bears on a big ass chain!


  • Eva Kraaijeveld

    I still need a pair of Nike Free’s and the idea of putting your shoes in the freezer isn’t that bad when you have no space around, haha. Somehow I think my husband is a little surprised when he opens up the freezer and finds my shoe collection there being cool 😛


  • For some reason all these pieces remind me of a Mexican fiesta. They just have those bright colors that stand out. Totally fun!



  • Tennie

    Love the story…and loving all the self promotions in the comments 😉

  • Fashionablecollections

    LOVE these bracelets.

    Sheinside GIVEAWAY 

  • CheersCharlie

    So true! I remember distinctly last year, I said I would never wear pink. Ya…that totally changed. Love your blog and I did laugh at your fridge and shoes joke 🙂


  • molly_maureen

    Love your sense of humor! If Holly Golightly keeps her shoes in the fridge, then Man Repeller can too. Also, glad to hear Nikes can be incorporated into fall trends.

  • Sara

    Hi! My name is Sara, I´m from Seville, Spain, and I love your blog. these supplements are very beautiful. I made bracelets, rings, necklaces, earrings…

  • YUEN!


  • Guest


  • Batty

    I love your creativeness, but be creative with your body too! You are beautifull and you have a  face that screams for make up. Be creative with your hair too! It just hangs down all the time; you can do much better!

  • Tory

    Oh my gosh most amazing selection ever….


  • Love the stars necklace!  

  • So fun !!! Love the bracelets! Here are mine: http://www.etsy.com/shop/lebenslustiger?ref=manrepeller
    xo, Anette