Fall Bag Theory

If last season was about Celine luggage and the PS briefcase this one is about their respective infant cousins.


Every season at fashion week the death and subsequent rise of a new accessory manifests. Three seasons ago, streets were inundated with the Proenza Schouler PS1, giving more classic silhouettes a run for their utility. The following fashion week, Celine’s luggage tote and the newly launched to US consumers, Cambridge Satchel infiltrated the arms and then photos of many a show-goer. The latter came in a fairly offensive and yet utterly covetable array of neon. So long traditional black, we thought.

Last season may have seen the excess use of Celine’s Trapeze and Proenza Schouler’s PS11, knocking out the previous PS1 and luggage in a simple week’s time.

Before the new season rolls around and we can make any authoritative decisions over what will stay, what will go, I suppose it’s time we draw attention to a different couple of leather leaders, ones that can appreciate the art of packing in small, enter Givenchy’s requisite Obsedia (above,) and Valentino’s Va Va Voom (look down.)

If not because the macro-studded handle on the rectangular small purse, which could give Chanel’s 2.5MM a run for it’s chain, is particularly in tune with your aesthetic, than at the very least because it’s called the Va Va Voom and in my humble opinion that is probably the accessory equivalent to Carrie Bradshaw’s Sex and The City-built idea of tza tza tzu: fireworks at first sight. It’ll grow on you, trust. In any case, it’s silly to actually identify a bag as dead or alive–for one thing they don’t have respiratory systems–and for another, it’s offensive to assume that short seasons after dropping loads of one of these bags, it has potential to render “out.”

Should you, however, find yourself in the market for something new, why not actually try something new? There’s nothing like cultivating your own brand of it-anything.


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