Easy Rider

When inspiration rears its head in the most unusual of places.


At last, the arm party that begs the question: why the fuck wasn’t I invited, attached to a body that is as cool as the preceding appendage and not in the, well that’s couture and you are making shit happen because it is fashion week sense of the word. This is raw and unedited, easy to attain and only heightened by the prospect of uncovering green walls in say, a five foot radius. Doesn’t it just make you want to abandon whatever innovative silhouettes you thought were “so you,” and just live life in the denim lane? Kelly from The Glamourai spit out a pretty good denim cut-off DIY last week–it seems exposed inner pocket was the important ingredient people may have been neglecting. So simple to obtain sheer coolness with few enough items to count on one hand. The above jacket is Balenciaga but one from Topshop should do. A Supreme t-shirt may be hard to come by but an equally easy one by Phillip Lim will not be. I’m a firm believer that investing in good t-shirts will take you far. Round frames run free on the pages of Asos, and an almost identical belt is just sitting at Madewell, waiting patiently for your hip to be like, get on me. Maybe less really is more.

Just kidding I never said that. Photo by Tommy Ton

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