Bikini & The City

Like no other short you’ve ever seen, abrupt end point et al.


Like the Da Vinci code, but more flamingo-centric. Friday’s post and a manstagram update last night should have alluded to the content you will be smacked with on this fine Monday morning, but in the event it didn’t, it’s important to convey one thing before we proceed: dancing is the key to happiness. That said, enjoy a video loosely directed and finely produced solely for your viewing pleasure. Lean del Ra is not back, but Flamingo Pete is.

Plage means beach and flab is chic, but you already knew that. Should you find yourself somewhat slow on the uptake, this video is a real life, true story: I produce low budget videos in various New York City locales summoning. All I want in life (this month) is for someone to come to the beach with me and not even the token East End pigeon or senior couple likely older than most buildings in the neighborhood are interested. Seemingly, marriage is neither where the perennial companionship starts nor where the repelling stops. Quite the contrary, in fact: various bodily hair stays un-shaved even longer and final adherence to the code of dental retainer laws abolish the notion of physical morning interaction. Now, after all that effort, I’m going to ask one more time, do you want to go to the mother-effing plage with me?

Video shot and edited by Superstar Shon, music by Crystal Fighters as discovered by Handsome Haim. Marysia Swim bathing suit, Ermanno Scervino jacket, MR. Dannijo necklace, My Little Pony Goes Drag Christian Louboutin heels.

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  • Anna

    You’re insane! I love it!

  • herpersona

    loving the shoes and funny vid lol at the girl running away

  • Omy Deb

    I love that video!!! 最高です!!!素晴らしい!!!

  • Natali Karppinen

    WRAHAHAHAHA, this video is just hilarious and your moves are 
    priceless!! 😀

  • you are such a fabulous FREAK!

  • Caroteigne

    You should be in America’s Best Dance Crew: you and Pete. 

  • Oh my God. You just took chic to the next fuckin’ lev!

  • Mariposa

    hahaha you are crazy!!! I love it…
    Very good
    xxx from germany!!/BlogMariposa

  • ahhhahha I like it so much :o)))



  • vittoria gallacci

    Such a great and funny video! I really love that 🙂 

  • Reptilia

    you’re soooo so funny!!!! Love this bikini, i want it!


  • Natalie Hughes


  • Haha, the best fashion blogger ever. U are insane and so very funny! Lovelovelove it.

  • the stunning look

    If another blogger would have done this, it would have been totally ridiculous, but you can pull this off! Nice video 

  • Katchatiger

    Girl runs from you! Ha ha ha!
    Love your moxy!

  • Krisss_9


  • Mari P

    haha! HILARE!!! you ‘re just the best. and those loubs… helloooo whore shoes!!

  • VotreAmie

    THIS IS AMAZING!!! Ahhh, made my morning!

  • Dictionaryoffashion

    Crazy video 🙂
    I loooove your shoes <3

  • xxx

    ahahahahahahahahahahah you are such a weirdo!! that’s why I like you! <3

  • love it!! we should all be like you!! love you!!!

  • Shauna McCurdy

    marry me.

  • Fun!  More!

  • Hahaha- you make me laugh!

  • María Belén Acosta Meana

    Amazing! You’re the only blogger who can actually do something like this and don’t look awkward at all. That’s just you!

  • Alexia Mickens

    Your too cute.
    XX, alexia in the meantime

  • Pip

    This seriously just made my morning!  Love this and you!!!  xx  Pip

  • Paolas Closet

    I will come any time!!!

  • Carmo

    AHAHAHAH! perfect video! loved it!

  • Love it!!!! Tienes Cojones!!!! LOVE!!!!

  • Lateybirdy

    your bod is amazing but b you’re crazy!

  • Juliete Has A Gun

    your shoes are amazing!!! speechless

  • Celine

    This is some epic video ! love it haha you’re the best ! xx

  • Kirbybee

    Killer moves Man Repeller, how that pigeon resisted you I’ll never know!!


  • Dancing is the key to happiness !! SO true !! your awesome Leandra !!

  • StyleEye

    This mad my monday!! Get it gurl!

  • guillemot.julia

    Génial !!!

  • DooleyNotedStyle

    This is brilliant – love it & love those shoes, coat & bikini – BRAVO!

  • niki

    you’re a major hottie!

  • Made my Monday, faux sho! 

  • you are a nut!  so much fun – and hell yeah, je vais aller a la plage avec vous!
    ♥ ThankFifi

  • Oh no you didn’t!!!!!! Best vid EVEEER.

  • Haha awesome, just awesome – kudos!!

    xo Sarah

  • abigail lind

    this just made my monday!  and that frenchie was so excited for the plage he had to be straight up restrained.


  • Tiffany

    Love it!!

  • Deb

    I would deffinetly go to the plage with you!

  • Elby

    Thats why I love you so!

  • Skaff

    You are so weird, I love you!

  • Katy

    I think this is the BEST thing I’ve ever seen. 

  • oh my god. this. this. this.

  • Sigrid

    Funny as hell 😀 a true repeller..haha 🙂

  • Guest

    I’m in, leggo.

  • Jasmin

    your posts make me laugh as always

  • Lilylovelock

    Haha you’re crazy but I love you for it 🙂 Heels are insanely epic as usual! 


  • Precious Formals

    Love the pose! Oh, and those shoes are amazing.

  • Marthe

    Hahaa, you’re crazy! Man Repeller for president!


  • Fashionerande
  • This is why you are the best fashion blogger (in my opinion) …you’re not afraid to be crazy and real! 


  • This is the Nirvanna of your videos. YES! I want to go to the beach with you.

  • Laurenashd

    AWESOME!!! its so great to see someone have so much fun with fashion. Keep up the good post’s!


  • so fucking cute! love

  • MKP

    hahahaha – the best part is how much you look like you’re enjoying freaking people out

  • Ana from Brazil

    hahahahahh great!
    Ana from Brazil

  • Suse

    crazy but great 🙂

  • OMG you ought to be certified, I am at my desk, laughing tears. 


    This is just TOO FUNNY hahahaha

    XO C

  • Cynthia

    Love the bathing suit! So retro and cute with the heels! 

  • Belén cavas
  • Pieldelcosmos

    Love the video, so funny haha (: 

  • Cate

    You are the best. Seriously, made me cry from laughing.

  • the coattail effect

    haha you look like a bat in that picture…but the video is crazy. you’re living the life

  • This is just too good! The girl running away from you, man you must have been terrifying! 


  • Prudent Fashionista

    Lol, very cute and funny! Cute bikini too! 

  • Glad to see Petes back….Boom shakalala shake it.

  • ioannaperaki


  • Luna

    Oh. my. god. This was just what I needed. You know… you made my Monday just like that. Can I propose a weekly Monday video of something of that sorts? I’d love to start every Monday with a big laugh. Think about it. 😉


  • boo

    no shame. loving it

  • Raya_bozhkova

    haha honestly I would love to go out that way in the city, it would be so fun ;p

  • Coteprive

    Awww….ditto- ing previous comment but you made my morning!    nothing like smiling while reading your posts!  Fashionable AND funny…..

  • You. Are. Hilarious!

  • Fleurdebraaf

    AHHh you are so amazing <3

  • Nuit Hernandez

    you are amazing, LOVE THE MOVES chica!!! xxoox {poor pigeon LOLs}

  • Imsimplyalice

    oui, je vais aller à la plage avec vous!!!


  • Francesca maria

    And next on the man repeller, how to make your feet look like “peni” in a luscious garden of flowers. Along with a nice blouse, that assures you have no lady parts under there, and that somehow resembles a vagina, probably couture. Don’t forget the classic slight dropped crotch pant, you know they are successful when you sit down, it should look like you have a boner. Side note: a silk foulard tied around your neck in a way that it pushes your fat rolls up, and results in a double/triple chin is always a plus.

  • Sandra C Camp

    that is SO fabulous! made my day!

  • Rachel

    This is simply awesome.  

  • Genie

    Those shoes are epic, same goes with that jacket. You are hilarious, I couldn’t stop laughing! If I were one of those people that you happened to shimmy around, I’d probably start dancing with you, I mean what was up with those seniors, don’t they know that you’re THE Man Repeller? Jeez, some peeps now a days. Thanks for bring Pete back, I was starting to get worried that you had left him in Greece or something. 

  • Isobelle Zee

    That’s amazingly hilarious! You just made my day.

    Iszy x

  • BAHAHAHAHAHAHA god i love you

  • Eva Kraaijeveld

    This is so awesome! The heels rock and that jacket, wow~! 

  • duuuudeeeeeeee so fricken HILARIOUS!!!! You are seriously one of my fave bloggers because you dont give a F8CK and I LOVE THAT! Stay real… that is exactly how I treat my blog… this is me take it or leave it hahaah!

  • Phylis315

    you are too funny!  I’ll go to the beach with you, or you can come with me.  I have a house on the beach, and having you as a guest would be fun.
    let me know when you want to come

  • Pete must have been seriously attracted to those feathers. Bad girl bird on the top, good girl bird on the toes. 


    oh WOW those shoes are so CUTE!!!! I love the bikini, too! You’re hilarious!

    love, polly

  • i love you.  thank your for making my  monday so much better!! 

  • CJ

    I love those shoes!  Such a creative idea to make a video.  I think I’m going to do something to the same effect soon.  First I have to find myself a hot street corner to film on and an old couple to creep out.  Crossing my fingers!


  • laurenmichellejohnson

    1. you are my other half. 
    2. thanks for the good music
    3. dancing pants

  • You have so much courage, I would love to have some of it.

  • Nrd218

    this made my day 

  • nesko

    Dont have words, you are so amazing !!!! 😀

  • Aj


  • Shitcunt

    Rottweiler face meets flacid penis the sequel 

  • LJC

    seriously you’re so fuuny! ahaha

  • oddandold

    bloody brilliant
    …  ***

  • Chrissy

    Absolutely hilarious! I love the videos. xx    


  • Juliana

    My friend told me about your blog. You’re the best ever, this video is simply hilariuos! Best regards from Brasil!!!   

  • Hannah

    You’re crazy! But oh man I wish I had that confidence…love it!

  • Laurence

    love it you’re so original 🙂

  • OMG…that was totally hilarious, thankyou! Definitely made my Monday 😉 And the shoes are gorge x

  • marymary

    what have i just seen

  • loveandgreatshoes

    u r crazy… i love u>>:):)

  • LOL you are too funny. Loved it!!! Gonna watch it again.

  • I am seriously late to this BBQ but after discovering what I thought was your video debut with Rebecca Minkoff (in a fabulous take on Call Me MAYBE!) I came here.  Little did I know you were “somebody.”  But a question that has caused me to miss out on sleep, or I suppose it could have been the cup of coffee I drank at 10:30 pm, but nonetheless the question remains “Who the fuck are you?”  No sarcastic undertones implied, but seriously who are you?  The bigger question is why is this senior citizen, yes I’m 50, woman from podunk America (and I shit you not this is podunkville if I’ve ever seen it), reading your blog, getting an utter kick out of it and NOW wanting to know about the author, yes you.  Other than you have some amazing style, kick ass shoes, a plucky flamingo side kick and some pretty cool admirers….what makes someone a Man Repeller?  Ya ya I get the clothes aspect of it, but while man repelling is a gift I was blessed with long ago (any tips on people repellant because I’m not much of a “people” person and I’d….I digress) I’m wondering what makes you a repeller?  Oh and I am so buying that Dannijo necklace.  Bravo.

  • Sammy

    I’ve been crying all evening because my boyfriend left me. Your video just made me laugh out love. Stay crazy beautiful <3

  • Sammy

    * loud

  • Clare

    I’ll go to the Plage with you! You are bloody gas!! 

  • h cao

    You are a very interesting person. Really…oh and I wish I could dance like you.

  • ShareenaShaharruddin

    Love it! Makes my day! 

  • kate

    you are hilarious! brilliant.

  • Nahidnoori1

    Now your parents can’t ever OFFICIALLY show their face at temple…hahahaha!!!! This was awesome. 

  • Nyerie Adourian

    This was hilarious. You’re great.

  • Style-Squared by Z&M
  • You are hilarious and crazy. My new beautiful hero.

  • So good! And Pete, what a star!! 

    P.S. did you know that girl? I laughed out loud at you chasing her. 

  • LMAO! U r mentally ill and I LOVE IT!!!

  • cleo

    rock that bikini in the city 

  • Jane Stouffer

    Gotta love a kooky, fearless girl!

  • This is greatness on so many levels. 

  • Deelyp Law

    Just another standard morning in NYC then? 😀

    Cutting some seriously mad shapes, loving the video!

  • Seven

    I’d say the full moon has caused lunar madness in you but somehow I think not. You made my effing day!


  • OMG you have no fear. I sincerely hope you’re man is as funny as you cause you are a lifetime of funny.  

  • WNY

    Haha! You are soo cool! Xo

  • Nikki

    how refreshingly flapper 2012!!! true fashion passion right there! 😉 

  • Thu Hang

    Oh la la!!! You’re gorgeously funny!!!! Thank you for being so man repelling ^_

  • Lucia


  • juan.


  • Svet

    girl crush solidified.

    Pretty crazy and I love it! 

  • this is why you’re my favorite bloggger. amazing.

  • Witek3legs

    LOVING IT. Especially how you freaked that hipster girl out. And I’m impressed how you can actually run around in this insanly high heels. 

  • Fkxoxo

    This is awkwardly funny XD

  • Cecile

    hahahaha you are great!!!!!!!!!

  • You’re such a great dancer, love your moves! And the outfit is so smashing ..  I adore you 😀

    – Lydia /

  • Sara

    Man, if I had legs and an ass like yours I’d be wearing a bikini downtown as well.

  • Gita Bončina

    Well that’s awesome :D!


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    to the beach with you, what fur, girl!

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    You are crazy but I love it!



  • YYYES i do wnat to go to the plage with yaa 😀
    man you are a crazy nut – i love it!

  • nicole

    This video makes me smile… You´re so funny! 🙂

    and those amazing shoes…. ahhhh! 

  • Joey

    OMG I love the dog that had a cameo. Do you know that dog personally? 

  • Ceciliaff08

    I hadn’t laughed all day – until I saw ur vid!  ROFLOL!! Lovin every minit of it!

  • So totally crazy, but you must have been happy when you were done. I like the idea that you show off something very traditional and people get totally scared! Would they react the same with a modern bikini?

  • Franzi333

    I think I love you!!!

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    Made my day! You are fantastically whacked.

  • You’re so crazy ! 

    I really like your blog. When  I read it, I always enjoy it. 🙂

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    You are just hilarious! Love it!

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    hahaha, brilliant, classic, you’re madly cool! 

  • So funny, cute, crazy..
    thanks for making me laugh!

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    sure, let’s go to the beach. i live in brooklyn. they have fireworks every friday at coney island. see you there!! 

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    Haha, i totally adore your sense of humor! Youre great!

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  • Aleksandra Paszkowska

    The video was so much inspiration! I’m really motivated to do something with hobos, exhibitionists or those weird people that go to supermarkets in the most bizarre clothing, in which they look like they lost a bet to someone cruel, yet they actually picked out the outfit themselves.

    I can hardly think of any outfits inspired by these, but I know that if you showed it, they must be the new thing for July. Perhaps a trench coat onto a naked body and a glued on mustache will suffice? Or should I stop showering? And perhaps actually lose a bet to someone who will make me wear a fishnet bodysuit?

    Ah, fashion dilemmas. All I know is that you did it right. Now, can I?

  • Celia

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  • You should be the new president of Mexico!!!

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    Note to self: don’t drink before watching videos on this blog.  I just sprayed apple juice on my key board thanks to the Peewee Herman’esque moves your had goin’ on!  

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    You are my ALL TIME favourite blogger! 
    Seriously, you just make my day.

  • creepy mc creepster! we should have a drink together, seriously.

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    Is it wrong to love that?!? I loved it!!! Mostly because I’ve always wanted to do it myself… maybe now I will hahaha

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  • The Lint Roller
  • You are, in fact, my hero. I love that the girl just ran away from you. I don’t think you’re that scary, come on now!

  • Thefashioninformer

    Thanks for making me laugh out loud. Repeatedly. I heart anyone who doesn’t take themselves – or life – too seriously. Kudos on both counts.

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    My flamingo Serge wants to go to the beach with Pete. Kudos to your fabulosity

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    Thanks for the big laugh on this crappy day. You’re simply yet crazily great.

  • LOOOVE the Insanity.  Hilarious.

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    Oh man you crack me up! 

    P.S I think you’ve been stealing some of my dance moves 😉

  • Fie Andreassen

    Hahah, you got to be the weirdest and coolest blogger out here! Love it! And you’re right: dancing is indeed the key to happiness.
    Kisses from Norway

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    You’re freaking fantastically awesome with a side of awesome sauce!!= D

  • You are 1 crazy girl, with a pair of awesome shoes!! 😀

  • Mrs ‘ite

    good grief penfold, after the worst day at work ever at my dullsville office job this was so badly what I needed – excellent work MaRep (as I like to call you)

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    Haha, you are so funny! I love this movie 😀

  • OMG. I have a new found respect and will now stalk you, well not really stalk but follow…
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  • Haha, I love love love this video. Emma Louise Layla Xx

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    xxx Jocelina

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    I agree with ‘the stunning look! No one else would be able to pull this off – the video is fab!

  • this is hilarious!

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    This is so cute! Love the idea! Crazy.


  • Greer Clarke



    Hehehe…So awesome. I hate to contribute to the “twerking” revolution that’s going on right now because I’m so over it, but the first thing I thought about was all of the twerking videos that are out right now. “Twerking by trash can…twerking by the elderly”. Ha!

  • Sonal Goel

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