Bikini Outtakes

Ready or not, here it comes.


It’s not my style to let a good thing go un-exhausted so here you will find the less attractive step-sister to early last week’s already somewhat unattractive Bikini and The City. Call it the footage you didn’t see. Sally, my fupa, was not amused by her lack of presence in the previous, more editred version of this video, which in my opinion is pretty selfish but I guess I won’t involve you in our arguments. Ultimately, this is where the real is: Pete, Sally and me: jungle gyming around New York City to music from The Artist, living life blissfully unaware of most things, period. Per usual, cheers to Naomi Shon. How’s this for a weekstart pick-me-up?

…If only because I have scoliosis and you probably don’t. The end.

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  • Aryncarz

    Love this video! You have the best personality…and look so confident and beautiful in the bikini! 

  • Emilia vD

    You’re crazy! And I love it.

    P.S. I actually do have scoliosis

  • hahahahaah ♥

  • Elise and Margot

    that was so funny 🙂
    x For Happy Days

  • Maria Onorio

     why did you deleted my comment! It was a compliment!Maria Onorio.

    • Leandra

       I did no such thing!

      • Maria Onorio

         Ok …. hahahah I don’t see my comment! XD
        I said you’re completely right and crazy!♥

    •  mine is gone too! we’re too cool for this comment system…

  • happy monday indeed – love to pete

    ♥ ThankFifi

  • nataluya85

    hahahaha so awesome!


  • Samantha

    Adorable bikini


  • Jo

    Ahahahah you are so crazy
    By the way, love you bikini, is so cute
    An your little pink friend!

    Kiss kiss.*Jo

  • You’re so funny! I love how confident you are. It really rubs off on other people!


  • My Scrambled Style

    Nice video. I love your shoes! They are gorgeous!!

    Xo from a chilly Holland

  • Hahahahaha! Its amazing!

  • marina miouprincess

    so cool!can’t believe you actually walked on the street wearing heels,a jacket and a bikini!! you totally rock! not man-repelling at all I should add,on the contrary! :))

  • OMG I couldn’t stop laughing!! You are hysterical!! Next time sing ‘call me, maybe’ to Mr Pink Flamingo. LOL. You rock! In my mind we’re good friends. Hope to meet you someday!

  • Nikita

    I seriously love you! you’re the coolest person EVER!!! kisses from denmark.

  • Genie

    Lol, I’m pretty sure Pete had an AMAZING time being chucked around all over the place. You’re hilarious!


  • Stephanie

    LMAO you’re fun!

  • Love you!!! 

  • rwvalente

    Omg! If I bumped into you dressing like that I would probably… I don’t know, stand and laugh hard! kkkk You’re an inspiration girl! =)

  • TeuntjeVDW

    You are so hilarious haha! xx.

  • Miami

    The dog. That is all!

  • Ashley Walker

    Hilarious! I cracked up when the dog decided to cop a squat. Happy Monday!

  • oh my god i’m dying. well done, well done. xx

  • AMAZING!!!

  • remi

    That bikini will really stand out on the beach,in a good way though 😉
    Funny video 😀 

  • This video might be just as good as the other. Especially the part where that man backed away – that’s some classic man repelling shit right there. You should be proud!!

  • Simply awesome.  I look forward to your posts every day!

  • hahahaha, youre so amazing! make me laugh to death 😀

  • Inês Marçal

    You are H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S!!! Really! So funny. Kisses from Portugal

  • Best thing I’ve ever seen.  You’re hilarious.

  • Eva Kraaijeveld

    Hahahahaha, you are so totally crazy! But also brilliant though 😉 Love your bikini and heels bye the way!

  • ahaha you’re crazy! i love you!


  • MKP


  • This. Is. Hilarious!

  • Sheenat19

    please more videos!!! love you

  • Oppositelipstick
  • Leaanne Robertson

    Love! Who makes the bikini? 

  • hahaha legend

  • Emilie

    You’re hilarious! Love reading your blog 🙂

  • chrissy

    You are too funny!

  • Lia

    The video is great & the bikini totally rocks it…

  • You’re amazing! 😀

  • Let’s be friends. Best friends! – 

  • The Pink Flamingo in my yard (his name is Barney) said thanks for the flamingo porn (ya, he thought the bikini shot was porn – he lives a very PG13 life).  He was having a time of it because the dog ate his leg last week.  Barney seems better now.  Go figure.

  • Chelsea

    LOL, this was a great mid afternoon pick me up!!

  • dina shrestha

    I’m going to be in NY next week..should I be scared?

  • VotreAmie

    AH-MAZ-ING!!!!!!! Yes, yes you most definitely make my Monday!

  • Diana

    Hahaha, only you could do that!!! Love it

  • NCog55

    I wish I could wear your shoes!

  • Sydney

    HAHA love your personality!

    ^- check it out! it’s awesome!

  • Sam

    AWESOME fashion/streetstyle blog

  • Fkxoxo

    LOL This is freaking hilarious!


  • when i thought i couldn’t love you anymore…thanks for making my day! xoxo

  • the coattail effect

    you would have made my day if i saw you running around like that

  • yevy
  • Nororre nororre
  • Style-Squared by Z&M


  • hahahha you’re crazy !!! gorgeous !

  • lafilledanvers

    You’re totally nuts. And gosh I like it.

  • hahahaha! OMG I think I’m in love with you! What an awesome clip altogether…u, the background music, the crazy concept…love. Marry me! xx 

  • The dog gets me every time. And damn, you have some big cojones.

  • Um Blog Fashion

    Ahahaha! You’re incredible crazy!


  • Effoni

    Ahahahhaha I laughed so hard with the flamingo flights! Huraaaaaaaaay! 

  • Christine Kim

    This was way too good! I love when the dog peed ahahahh!

    Giftcard giveaway on my blog!

  • monkeyshines



  • CookieAtEnvynde

    YOU ARE TRULY MAD!!!  And kudos on staying vertical during that hop-n-a-skip number you did at the end.  All of my out takes would be of me on the floor laughing at myself for nose diving in the pavement.

  • This is amazing! Although slightly crazy.
    Awesome shoes!

  • Frankieandpearl

    Classic.. loving the FUPA.

  • Aishwarya Khanna


  • A bikini that can make a dog pee on demand!! Where can I find such a bikini in Scotland??

  • Léa

    Leandra, tu es mon idole ! 

  • DooleyNotedStyle

    love the out takes!

  • Denise Cuevas

    love it !  this made my day !

  • LJC

    i can’t get enough of your videos!! loool!


  • Valentina

    Your crazy jajajjajaj you always make me laugh

  • Sarahshirley

    love this video so fab!! check out my blog

  • rita

    you are a funny girl!love the bikini

  • Girl you’re tatally crazy and i really loveeeee youuuu!!!!


  • Alimoresco

    This is hysterical! Leandra you’re the best! I love you haha!

  • I love you Pella!!!  YOu rock our bikinis everytime and you make me laugh so hard my tampon shot out!

  • The dog peeing is the biggest winner in this video, what a star!

  • m etric

    This is the greatest post I’ve seen in such a long time… you are so funny and cute and may I just say that you walk in those heels like nobody’s business, lady!  You have such a beautiful stride in those, no hobble in sight.  Work of genius!

  • Frick’n hysterical!  Cute Bikini btw, I love the flamenco, he was really cute. I think it’s aways interesting to see how public reacts when doing anything creative on public streets. Looked like fun.

    Angel’s Point of View

  • Great humour.

  • vittoria gallacci

    Ahah such a funny video 🙂 You are great walking in NY with a swimsuit 🙂 

  • Ann

    Too funny!  And I like the bikini, shoes and flamingo.

  • mylifeandwhatiwore

    Absolutely loved this video! Daring, fearless, made me smile! Wrote a little review to bring themanrepeller to my friends in Aus xx

  • mylifeandwhatiwore