Best in Sale Vol. II

Another look at expensive things that are still expensive but not as expensive as they were before


Summer sales are to women what children are to mothers: always on the mind when they’re around, kind of pesky and definitely anxiety inducing but then before you know it, they’re gone, with the wind, with your money, with your heart. And there you are: left with only memories of what you could have, should have, didn’t do.

I was never all that good at analogies but the fact of the matter is–in conjunction with the latter–they came, they repelled, and now they’re going. Before these sales slip away though, here’s the second and last volume in Best in Sale, likely directed at the same female whose heart so much as fluttered at Cinderella’s nightmare yesterday. Starting with a boutique dedicated to cool people who like cool things like transparent boots and bright plexi-visors…

Here’s LN-CC. From top left: Junya Watanabe jacket, PAM utility green garbage dress, Mary Ping silver pants–and really, what’s a woman without silver trousers–Givenchy orange visor, Toga two tone sweater, Pedro Laurenco sheer tank, Junya Watanabe combat boots, Margiela transparent boots, Fleet Ilya clutch. Toga sheer midi skirt with patent leather panel–are you picking up on the theme?–Ann Demeulemeester beige draw string shorts, Givenchy layered blouse, and the money piece: Haider Ackermann purple blazer.

Meanwhile, on mytheresa: Proenza Schouler three tone dress and green button adorned mini skirt, Aurelie Bidermann mother of pearl charms, Salvatore Ferragamo glitter clutch, Stella McCartney tote, Fendi perforated heels. Rag & Bone pajama blouse alongside floral Suno tank. Etoile Isabel Marant linen-denim blend shorts, Charlotte Olympia heels and a YSL anchor, for your neck.

And finally, on FarFetch: lookin for a wedding down? How about one that’s vintage and Balenciaga? Ching ching. McQueen skull ring, Moschino yellow multi-print dress, Dolce and Gabbanna fruit print mini hooker, high waist denim Chloe shorts, Ermanno Scervino denim clad in white lace detailing, FIX design floral mini and Valentino RED lace tap shorts. For tap dancing, obviously. On the shoe front: gold YSL, lucite Sergio Rossi, red rose or period stricken, whatever Lanvin flats. Hey, cool clutch. And that’s it, that’s my final discount plea. Do you feel safe?

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  • muscat

    Now, this is some PURRRFECT SHIT.


  • How could I have gone this long without knowing of LN-CC?

    – creature of design

  • I agree all of it is rad, except for the orange visor.  I just can’t do visors….ever.  I’m not even sure little people like my ultra cute 4 year old can pull off one – just seems way dorky:)

  • CookieAtEnvynde

    Oh Proenza Schouler… you’ve stolen my heart again.  I’ve never felt such an urgency to buy stuff!

  • abigail lind

    ok that wedding dress is amazing as is everything else!  this post is making me lament: 1. that i can’t even afford to shop these sales.  2. that summer is halfway over.  


  • Pip

    I so love the green garbage bag dress!  That is so hot!  xx  Pip

  • Sales are amazingly awesome and super dangerous. Impulse buying to the MAX. The worst is always the Opening Ceremony sales…words can’t describe. I walk in drooling. That place is basically my heaven.

  • Dear Lilith

    The collared blouse is my favorite

  • PopCult_Junky

    The YSL anchor necklace is amazing!

  • Eva Kraaijeveld

     Totally agree with you, it’s so hard to resist the sale! These items are awesome!

  • UUUUH great finds!

  • Style-Squared by Z&M

    not too bad!i only like 3 pieces so i m safe this time around…:)

  • There is pretty things I just come to remember I should take them. So hard when you have to protect yourself from the sun while you love it.

  • Sorry, Manedine, I usually got nothing but absurd amounts of love for you, but this page view, when you have to click into separate posts to be able to read them – kind of annoying. 

    /an equally annoying reader who already regrets this comment

    • Leandra

       GOOD TO KNOW. Thanks man.

  • nataluya85

    always good picks!!! love the first set the best!


  • monkeyshines

    fantastic picks!


  • The gold sandals are a must for my summer wardrobe!  The Charlotte Olympia and Fendi heels are also awesome!  Sorry, I can’t do the clothes, I’m a big girl!!!

  • The Balenciaga almost makes me want to get married (again).  Almost!!

  • Théa Unknown

    Great pieces!

    Théa Unknown

  • Theblondebohemian

    We have some serious corns and bunions, so those mesh Margielas wouldn’t look too, too right on us.

  • Sydney

    love they yellow dress in the last pic and all the shorts! super cute! Great Finds!


  • looove the charlotte olympia heels!!

  • OMG! is that a wedding dress?!!

  • Um Blog Fashion

    So fantastic things!!! I love the orange visor and 
    Stella McCartney tote. And McQueen skull ring is awesome 🙂


  • Love all of these pictures especially the black ankle boots!

  • moschino dress for me please – sadly still out of budget but meh, I’ll find something else

    ♥ ThankFifi

  • CJ

    Love that orange visor.  Can it be on top of my head, please?  Yes? Thanks. I also want that skull ring more than Paula Abdul wants her vicodin.


  • Diana

    Need that Junya Watanabe jacket!!

  • I feel i need all of the above in my wardrobe now! Your picks are stunning. you clearly have a great sense of style! I reeeeeally want the sunnies from the first set of pictures. Beautiful.

  • Belén cavas

    I’m not lucky in sales, i never found that i looking for :(.

  • Keir


  • These Lanvin sandals are amazing!

  • Excellent choices!

  • Alimoresco
  • Catalina

    THOSE JUNYA BOOTS. Dead. Whyyyyyyy whyyyy do they exist in a sale in sizes other than mine.

  • Love this collection. It is too awesome and catchy. 

  • Sam
  • JB


    Oh man, Jeffrey Campbell did a horrendously ugly version of
    those transparent Margiela boots. I don’t really understand how those can be
    comfortable. After years of “Jelly” shoes destroying my feet, I just
    don’t see how they could ever be worth the price.

    I love all of Mcqueen’s skull jewelry. I think it’s been
    knocked off by just about every other designer under the sun. I know that’s
    just the fashion industry, but good God, some of these brands just have no
    shame to their game.

    That Haider Ackerman Blazer… I needed to take a moment of
    silence after seeing that thing – what a beauty. Everything about that blazer
    is so on point: the color, the construction, the fabric.

    The Plexi Visor reminds me of my raving days; fist pumping
    in fur pants with a pacifier in my mouth.  A lot has changed since the raver days of yore
    – thank God.  I didn’t see anywhere in
    the article as to who the visor was by, although I’m sure it’s several hundred
    dollars more than my last one.

    The Salvatore Ferragamo “Glitter Clutch” reminds me a bit of
    something I could find at Claire’s, but what the hell do I know?

  • vittoria gallacci

    Love the flats with the red flowers!